Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 8 – Se

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 8 – Seiichi and Emiko
Sunday, September 9, 1985
I woke early Sunday morning and managed to slip out of bed without waking the wives. It was barely starting to get light out so I grabbed my swim suit and headed to the beach for some much needed exercise. After stretching and warming up, I began jogging on the beach.
As I approached the far end of the beach away from our bungalow, I spied a young couple lying on the sand. It appeared that they had passed out while having sex. He was laying nude on the sand and she had obviously been riding his cock when she also passed out backwards. There was a nearly empty bottle of Tequila lying next to them.
I approached to make sure that they were still breathing as I knew of people who had died from drinking too much alcohol at one time. They were both breathing and I took a moment to take in the gentle rise and lowering of her breasts as she breathed in her d***ken state. She was extremely pretty with shoulder length jet black hair, thick jet black pubic hair. I guessed her height to be about 5 ft 5 in with a narrow waist, C cup breasts with puffy nipples. She looked Italian, but there was no way to tell.
He also had an Italian appearance. He was slim but quite muscular with jet black hair. I guessed he was about 5 ft. 10 in. They both had well defined tan lines and I noticed their swimsuits lying a couple feet away from his head.
I thought of reaching down and touching her breasts, but figured I better not. After several minutes of taking in the erotic sight, I continued on my morning jog. On my fourth lap of the beach, I saw Ginger sitting on the beach waiting for me. The sun was just rising above the distant edge of the ocean and its first rays of the morning caught Ginger’s hair and made her glow with radiance. As I approached, she asked if I was done or if I wanted company and I told her I wanted to do a couple more laps of the beach, so she joined me.
While heading down the beach I told her about the young couple passed out on the beach and they were still there as we approached. We stopped so Ginger could see them and she thought the sight to be both comical and very sensuous. She agreed that the girl was very pretty and she told me the guy was nicely built and attractive also. As we jogged away, I asked her why she thought it was comical and she said that they would probably be quite embarrassed when they awoke in the daylight and discovered that they were naked on the beach with no idea how many people had seen them.
We finished our jogging and took a cool off swim. While out in the water, Ginger wrapped herself around me and told me how much she loved me and how much she wanted me in her. I asked if seeing the couple naked on the beach had anything to do with it and she said it did but that she always wants me in her. We kissed passionately and I loved the feel of her breasts pressing against my chest and untied the strap around her neck to let her top to fall and then held her close again. Ginger had her legs wrapped around me and I knew she could feel my erection.
Standing in water that was chest deep, I slid my swimsuit down and untied one side of her bikini bottoms. She reached down and guided my cock into her wanting pussy and it slid all the way in. I just stood and held her tight, feeling her pussy around my cock. We kissed and I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock and then her whole body as an orgasm cascaded through her body. She looked into my eyes and I saw her eyes sparkling as she told me that she really wanted me. We began kissing again as I began to pump her pussy.
From the way she had her legs wrapped around me, my cock was sliding along her clit and she came again very quickly. The look in her eyes was one of pure passion and fire and she told me to fill her with my cum so I continued on for another couple of minutes. Her pussy started getting tighter again and I knew she was about to orgasm again and the feel of her contracting pussy was enough to cause me to begin to fill her. As she felt my seed pumping into her she orgasmed for the third time. We just stood there embracing each other, kissing and losing ourselves in the moment. Eventually I shrank and fell out of her so we rinsed ourselves off in the saltwater and headed to shore.
As we turned to swim in to the beach, we saw Pepper sitting there waving at us with a big grin on her face. She told us that we looked so sexy having sex in the ocean in the early morning sun. I asked if it was that obvious and she said it was and Ginger said she didn’t care who saw or knew what we were doing. Pepper asked if a saved anything for her and I assured her there was. I asked if she wanted to go for a swim and she said she wanted to go back to the bungalow and cuddle in bed and make love so we headed in. I quickly showered off the saltwater and sand, both girls toweled me down and we headed to the bed.
Pepper laid down, spread her legs and begged me to plant my cock as deep into her as possible. She was wet and ready and as I sunk deep into her, she told me that she got very turned on watching Ginger and I and knew that she wanted me also. Pepper asked Ginger to lie next to us as she was part of all of this also, so she did. Ginger played with Pepper’s nipples and I slid in an out of her. It wasn’t even a minute before she had her first orgasm. Knowing what her s****r likes, Ginger began sucking and gently chewing on Pepper’s nipples as I continued to pump her. This was enough to send Pepper into a second orgasm.
Having just putting a load of seed in Ginger, it took longer before I was ready to blow my load for a second time. By that time, Pepper had 2 more orgasms and was breathing hard and heavy. As I began to cum, I slammed myself harder into her and then held it as deep inside her as I could. Ginger moved out of the way as Pepper reached up to hold me, draw me down to her and began kissing me. She told me how much she loved me and her s****r and we all said the same thing. I told the two of them that there is no better way to start a day than to make love to the 2 most beautiful and sexy women in the world and they agreed.
Realizing that we had a breakfast date with Chuck and Margie before they left, we showered, dressed and headed to the resort restaurant. They were already there and waiting. Dennis and Valerie joined us a few minutes later. Margie told us over and over how much she appreciated everything we did for her. Chuck added that she was also thankful for everything we did to her and we all laughed. We all promised to stay in tough after we returned home.
After breakfast, I went to the resort desk to ask Rafaelo about chartering a fishing boat, but found out he was off on Sundays. The girl at the desk was very pretty and said her name was Graciela. She must have stood about 5 ft 6 inches with a very shapely figure. Her long black hair trailed down off her shoulders and her dark brown eyes sparkled when she spoke.
Graciela said she had an uncle who takes tourists our fishing and asked what kind of fishing we were interested in. I told her nothing large like marlin or sailfish, but smaller fish that would be easier for the girls to reel in. She asked when we wanted to go and I told her Tuesday or Wednesday. Picking up the phone, she called her uncle and spoke with him. She asked me if Tuesday would be okay and I said sure. After speaking with her uncle again, she asked if 7am was too early and I said not at all. Graciela finished the call and told us that she would pick us up here Tuesday morning at 7am. We thanked her and then headed back to our bungalow.
We had no real plans for Sunday and decided to get a ride into town and just walk the streets, see the sights and maybe do a little shopping. Arriving in town, we were surprised to find many of the shops closed. Many others didn’t open until noon. We found a bakery that was open and the smell of the bread beckoned us to check it out. The couple working the shop were very friendly and gave us samples of several of their different breads and pastries. We couldn’t make up our mind which type of bread we liked best, so we bought several different types to take back with us. We asked if there was a shop that sold cheese and they directed across the street and down several doors, so we thanked them and headed for the cheese shop.
In the cheese shop, there were two good looking Mexican men behind the counter. I could tell that the girls liked the looks of the guys by the way they looked at them and then at each other. Pepper and Ginger were wearing the Mexican sun dresses without any bra or panties and looked very sexy in them. One of the men spoke some English and he also gave us some small samples of different cheeses to try. We found a couple that we really liked and bought some to take back with the bread. While they were waiting on us, both men were openly staring at the girls and it was obvious that they were hoping to catch a glimpse of their breasts. The more I watched this interaction the more I anticipated what the girls, especially Pepper, would do and I didn’t have to wait too long.
After paying for our cheese, Pepper told the men thank you and then dropped the top part of her dress to show them her breasts. The men looked surprised and she told them that she could tell they wanted to see them so she was granting their wish. The one man said thank you very much. Then Pepper stepped forward and told him that he could touch them if he liked and his grin grew larger and he carefully reached out and gently cradled her breast in his hand. Then Pepper motioned to the other man to join him and he eagerly stepped up and took her other breast in his hand.
Ginger was not going to be outdone, so she stepped closer to the men and lifted her dress, exposing her red bush and told the men they could touch her also. The man closest to her kept one hand on Pepper’s breast and reached down with his other hand and began to feel Ginger’s pussy. He was grinning ear to ear. Figuring his apron was hiding his hardon; Ginger reached behind his apron and grabbed his cock through his pants. I heard the sound of a zipper and saw Ginger working her hand under the apron. Then I could tell that she was stroking his cock and the look on his face was priceless.
Pepper followed suit and reached under the apron of the other man, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and start stroking it. The man in response reached under her dress with his other hand and started feeling her pussy. I just stood there and watched hoping that no one else would enter the shop as my wives were stroking off these two Mexican men who were feeling and rubbing their pussies. Ginger began to moan, breathe heavily and her body shook as she orgasmed. When caught her breath, she knelt down, moved the apron out of the way and began sucking on the man’s cock. In less than a minute he began to shoot his load into Ginger’s mouth and she swallowed every bit of. About that time, Pepper was having an orgasm and she likewise knelt down afterwards and sucked the man off and swallowed his load.
When it was over, the men again thanked us and then gave us some more cheese free and urged us to come back real soon. Pepper said we just might do that. We took our cheese and headed out the door. Walking down the street, the girls were talking about how good looking they were and how they both had great cocks to suck. Pepper said that the next time we go back she hoped to fuck one of them if the store wasn’t busy. Now we looked for a liquor store where we could buy some bottles of wine to take back with us. It took a little effort and walking several blocks before we found a place. It was run by an older couple that both looked like leftovers from the days of Poncho Villa. They were polite, but spoke very little English. We found a bottle of sangria, a bottle of a white dry wine and a bottle of a stout looking red wine that none of us could read the label of.
By now we were getting hungry and managed to find a small place to eat. After lunch we just kind of roamed the sidewalks looking at the few shops that were open. One shop was full of small trinkets and souvenirs. The girls found a small memento that they said they wanted to give Miguel. It was a carved wooden figure of a woman with large breasts. They bought it and we continued to stroll the streets of Tulum, making sure to avoid the main downtown modern area. We met several shop owners, but nothing special.
By the time Miguel picked us up at the appointed location, we were getting tired. He drove us on the back road that led just behind our bungalow. When we got out, Pepper asked him if he could come by the bungalow when he gets off work. He said he would be happy to, especially since his uncle Rafaelo told him it was okay with just us. We put our wine, bread and cheese away for later and then took about half an hour to rest up before dinner.
When we walked into the restaurant, we saw Dennis and Valerie sitting with another young and very attractive Asian looking couple at their table. Valerie saw us and winked at us as we went by to another table. Part way through dinner, Dennis looked over our way and slipped us a thumbs up and smiled. We weren’t sure what he meant, but the look on his face indicated that he and Valerie were making new friends with hopes of leading into some more fun. We smiled and nodded back.
As we were leaving the restaurant, Graciela told us that she would see us bright and early Tuesday morning and we said we were looking forward to it.
We went back to our bungalow, still feeling a little tired from all the walking earlier, so we decided to lie down for a short hour long nap. As I snuggled in behind Pepper, she began wiggling her butt against me, instantly making me hard. Feeling my erection, she reaches behind her, grabbed my cock and guided it inside her. I have to admit that she felt great as I was still turned on from watching her and Ginger with the two bakers this morning. She was also still turned on because she was nice and wet, making penetration easy and smooth.
I began to work in and out of her and Ginger leaned over from behind me and said she thought we were going to take a nap and Pepper said we were as soon as we were done. So Ginger reached over me and put her hand around the base of my cock as I pumped her s****r. Fucking and being stroked at the time is very erotic and it didn’t take long for both of us to cum. Ginger asked if she could clean both of us up and we obliged. Then we drifted off to sl**p and discovered when we woke that we had slept for almost 2 hours instead of one.
It was getting dark out and we decided to head out to our lonely end of the beach. We wore our bathing suits to the beach, but as the sunset behind us, the girls took advantage of the growing darkness and took their tops off. The warm looked nice and calm, with just gentle waves lapping at the sandy beach, so we decided to take a swim. Before heading out into the water, the girls decided to leave their bottoms on the beach with their tops and insisted I strip also so I did. I have to admit that swimming naked is so much more fun than wearing a swim suit. We swam out a good hundred yards from the shore, then swam parallel to the beach and then back to our end of the beach.,
As we walked out of the water to where we had left our swim suits, we saw the outlines of several people sitting near our swim suits. Getting closer, we heard Valerie’s voice say that they figured were out swimming nude and decided to wait here for you to return. Then they introduced us to the Asian couple we saw them with in the restaurant. His name was Seiichi and her name was Emiko. They were from Osaka, Japan and were on holiday.
So there we were standing stark naked in front of this young Japanese couple and I could tell she was embarrassed. I picked up my swimsuit and held it in front of me and apologized. Seiichi said they were not embarrassed as they were used to gong to the pubic baths in Japan on a regular basis where men and women bathed together. Emiko added that she wasn’t embarrassed either, but just didn’t want to be caught looking straight at me maleness and then said it was the first circumcised penis she had ever seen in real life. Pepper told her it was okay to look as we weren’t embarrassed either.
We sat down on the beach with them and talked about what we did and a little about ourselves. I explained our situation about Pepper and Ginger being s****rs and that I am legally married to Ginger and just recently unofficially married to Pepper and that we were on our honeymoon. Seiichi shook my hand told me he was proud of me for having two wives.
About ten minutes into the conversation, Valerie asked them if it was okay if she took off her bathing suit and they said it was okay with them. Emiko said they weren’t wearing their swimsuits, but if it was okay, she would like to try a swim in the ocean naked. Ginger said it feels wonderful to swim naked and invited everyone to join us. They stood up and began to undress without any hesitation or embarrassment. I couldn’t help but get erect when I saw Emiko take off her bra and panties. She was absolutely gorgeous. She wasn’t tall, perhaps about 5 ft 4 inches and her black hair hung down several inches below her shoulders. She had a very narrow waist, C cup breasts with not sag whatsoever and perfectly shaped hips that were capped off with a patch of dark pubic hair. Emiko noticed my erection and asked if that was because of her and I said it was. She bowed in my direction and said thank for the compliment and I assured her it was my pleasure.
We all headed to the water and waded out to swimming depth. Emiko told Ginger she was right, the water felt great and it was so much better swimming without clothes. She explained that she enjoyed the public baths in Japan being in the water naked, but they have never had the chance to really swim anywhere this way and it felt so good. After about 20 minutes in the ocean, we swam back to shore, walked onto the beach and sat down. Emiko said something to her husband and he nodded affirmative and she sat down next to me and asked if she could touch and look at my penis since it was so different looking to what she was used to. I told her to go ahead and could not help getting hard as she held it in her hand and ran her fingers around the head. She giggled and said thank you again for the compliment.
Valerie took advantage of Emiko’s fascination as an excuse to touch and feel Seiichi’s cock. He leaned back as Valerie played with his foreskin, causing him to get erect. She looked up at him and told him thank you for the compliment and he chuckled and said she was very welcome. After feeling and stroking him to a full erection, Valerie leaned down and began sucking Seiichi’s cock. He laid back on the sand, closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling.
Emiko saw what was happening, looked at me and asked if I would like her to do the same and I yes, but it was up to her. She smiled, said thank you, bent down and started bobbing up and down on my cock. Before laying back and enjoying Emiko’s lips on my cock, I glanced over to see what the others were doing and saw Pepper riding Dennis’s cock and Ginger sitting on his face. With everyone being taken care of, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the blowjob that this gorgeous young woman was giving me.
I heard Pepper and Ginger cum at almost the same time. Knowing they were being pleasured and knowing that this gorgeous creature had her lips wrapped around my cock was enough to bring me to a quick orgasm. Right as I started to cum, she pulled off and stroked me the rest of the way. I’m not sure when Seiichi came in Valerie’s mouth, but when I looked, they had finished she was licking his cock clean. Emiko held her cum covered hand as if there was something wrong with it and then excused herself and went to the water’s edge to wash her hand off. I took it that she didn’t swallow and wasn’t too thrilled to have cum on her hand.
As she went to the water and walked back, I strained to watch her in the darkness. She almost disappeared when she reached the water, but as she walked back, it was like a naked goddess appearing from nowhere. I told her how beautiful she was and asked if she was a model. She said no but she has been asked that before. Emiko told us that she was a secretary for an import business. Seiichi said that he has tried to encourage her to be a model, but she doesn’t like being the center of attention or standing up in front of a lot of people.
I invited everyone back to our bungalow for cheese, bread and wine, but Seiichi and Emiko said they were tired from their traveling here. Dennis and Valerie were also tired, so we said good night and headed back to our place. We sliced some bread and cheese and poured some wine and just relaxed and talked about the first week of the honeymoon. Both Pepper and Ginger said they were loving it. Each day brought a new experience and they’ve already met a number of new friends.
Then Ginger started teasing me about how awe struck I was over Emiko. I admitted that she was a very beautiful woman, but no woman could ever take their place with me. Pepper also admitted that Emiko was very pretty and asked if was going to try to have sex with her and I said if the opportunity arises of course I would. I asked her if she had the chance would she jump on Seiichi and she said she was certainly hoping to.
Just about that time, there was a knock on the door. Pepper answered the door, not bothering to covering her naked body and found Miguel standing there smiling. She invited him in, offered him some bread, cheese and wine. He said he wanted to get comfortable first and stripped out of his clothes and then grabbed some bread, cheese and wine. Sitting down, he asked us what happened between us and his uncle to cause him to suddenly allow him to socialize with us.
Pepper started laughing and then explained how she flashed him her breast at the restaurant then told him if he wanted more to join them on the beach later that night. They were surprised he did show up. Dennis, Valerie, Chuck and Margie were with them and they all got naked and got Rafaelo naked and had sex with him on the beach. He was sucked and fucked by all four ladies. Then we asked him about his no fraternizing policy and what would his staff say if they found out what he did. Then we specifically asked him to allow you to have some fun with us or we would tell the staff what he did. Miguel was laughing and finished Pepper’s explanation by saying here he was.
After we finished our wine, I asked Miguel what he would like to do. He looked at and said if it was okay with me he would like to have sex with both of my wives. I said it was perfectly okay with me, but he had to ask the ladies. Pepper was already licking her lips and it was obvious what her answer was. We looked Ginger, she smiled and asked Miguel if he had ever done a square and he looked at her with a curious look and said no. We moved some furniture out of the way and then she and Pepper laid on the floor about five feet from each other. They were facing opposite directions and rolled on their sides facing each other. Then I laid down so that my face was at Ginger’s pussy and my cock was in Pepper’s face. Then we instructed him to lay down with his cock in Gingers face and his face in Pepper’s pussy. Pepper told him that sometimes we made a game of this to see which of the guys could hold off the longest before cumming but at the same time which lady could make the cock she was sucking on cum the soonest. The second part of the game was to see which one guy could make the pussy in his face have the most orgasms.
Once everyone was in position, the game was on. I immediately grabbed Pepper’s clit with my teeth and gave it a big suck. Then I traded off between sucking hard on her clit and nibbling on it with my teeth. I knew exactly how to make her cum and she was the first to explode. I tasted her juices as they began to flow and knew that they would make me want to cum sooner, so I did my best to concentrate on other thoughts. A minute or two later we heard Ginger cumming. I was determined to make Pepper have more orgasms so I intensified my efforts, causing her to cum a second time about minute after Ginger came. She came off of me long enough to tell Ginger that she was ahead 2-1 and then resumed sucking on my cock. A few minutes later, I heard Ginger starting to cum again and could feel Pepper also starting her third orgasm. From the sounds of the grunting and the slurping, it was obvious that Miguel was cumming in Ginger’s mouth. Once she finished swallowing Miguel’s cum, Ginger hollered out that she won and Pepper came off of me long enough to say that she won on the number of orgasms and then returned to sucking my cock. Since everyone else had finished, I could concentrated on the feel of Pepper’s lips and the taste of her juices there were still flowing from her pussy.
Miguel said that was great, but that he still wanted to feel his cock inside both of the girls’ pussies. Then Pepper and Ginger started teasing him about having to choose which one of them he would fuck first. Poor Miguel was so concerned about not wanting to hurt either’s feelings that he wasn’t sure he could make the decision. I got up, fetched one of the girls’ halter tops, made it into a blindfold and covered Miguel’s eyes. Then I mixed up the girls and told him to reach out and whichever one he touched first would be first. The girls played into the game and did their best not to be touched until Miguel stumbled and accidently grabbed Ginger on his way down to the floor.
He took off the blindfold, saw Ginger and started to apologize to Pepper and she told him there is nothing to apologize for. Miguel asked Ginger to lean over the sofa so he could mount her doggie style. I sat on the sofa under her to help hold her up and to have a good view of her swaying breasts right in front of me. Pepper stood behind Miguel and played with his butt and reached between his legs and played with his balls. The extra stimulation helped him to cum a second time. Ginger had also had another orgasm and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and playing with her breasts. When he was done, Ginger turned around and cleaned off his cock and told him how great he was and tasted.
I knew he would need a short rest before having Pepper, so I poured everyone another glass of wine and we had some more bread and cheese. About 20 minutes later, Miguel said he was ready asked Pepper to bend over the sofa. Once again, I moved into position under her to help hold her up and to play with her swaying breasts. Ginger sat on the floor between Pepper’s legs and licked and sucked on Miguel’s balls as he pumped away at wife number two. Pepper’s nipples were just begging to be twirled between my thumb and fingers and when I did, she exploded with a hard orgasm. Ginger was in place to lick up all of Pepper’s juices that flowed out of her pussy and past Miguel’s cock. As she licked up the juices, she also licked the base of his shaft as it slid in and out of her s****r’s pussy. The licking must have helped because Miguel came when Pepper was having her second orgasm which was sooner than I thought he would for a third time of the evening. Ginger was more than willing to lick him clean again.
Afterward, we enjoyed more wine, bread and cheese. Eventually, Miguel said he had to leave and thanked us all for everything. Both girls gave him a big hug, making sure they pressed their breasts against him. They shook his cock and then let him get dressed. They kissed him goodnight at the door. We cleaned up, and headed on to bed. As we climbed into bed, Pepper again said what a wonderful time she was having and how much she appreciated me giving her a honeymoon, especially one like this. She snuggled up behind me and whispered she loved me as we drifted off to sl**p.
To be continues…

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