Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 7 – Ma

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 7 – Margie’s New Bikini
Saturday, September 8, 1985
Saturday morning I woke early and managed to sneak out of bed without waking the girls. I put on some shorts and went to the beach where I jogged the full length of the beach and back. It was still early and getting light, but I went ahead and stripped and took about a 20 minute swim on the ocean. When I got back to the beach, there was a couple walking a ways down the beach, so I grabbed my shorts and trotted over to our bungalow and snuck in and jumped in the shower.
Before I finished showering, I was joined by the two most beautiful ladies in the whole world. We had a great time soaping each other and then drying each other off. We got dressed and headed off to breakfast. As usual, we were the first ones there, but Chuck and Margie weren’t far behind us. I stood, hugged and kissed Margie, shook Chuck’s hand and asked how they were doing. Margie said she was doing good and looking forward to the day and Chuck echoed her response. Then Margie leaned forward so as not to be overheard, and asked if I really liked having sex with her and I told her I honestly did. I loved being inside her and watching her breasts bounce to our movements. Chuck turned to her and said he told her so and then told us that she thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, but still found it hard to believe that Dennis and I found her to be desirable and that Dennis was just being polite is saying he wanted to have sex with her again. I told her that I asked Dennis that very question last night and he said he thought she was pretty and sexy and that he really did want her again and then I added that I did also. She smiled and said thank you.
Dennis and Valerie arrived and we all got our breakfast. While eating, Margie leaned into Dennis and asked him to tell her honestly if he really wanted to have sex with her later today or not. Dennis immediately told her he did and that she shouldn’t be so self-conscious because she was still a beautiful and sexy woman. She put her hand on his and thanked him and said she would be looking forward to it later today and Dennis said he would also.
After breakfast, Miguel and another young man pulled up in the jeeps and drove us into town at the usual place by all the shops. We asked him to pick us up around 2pm and he drove away. The ladies quickly spied a shop they wanted to look at, so the 3 of us men headed in the opposite direction.
About half way down the street we saw a small jewelry store. It wasn’t anything elaborate on the outside, but inside was something else. It sparkled and shined so much that it almost blinded you. An older Mexican lady approached and asked if she could help us. Her English was very good, which made for a very enjoyable experience. I told her that we were looking for something like a necklace for our wives as a memento of our visit here.
She asked if we wanted them all alike and we looked at each other and said that would be great and then I told her we would need four of them. She looked confused and I just said we needed one for another very special lady and she smiled and said okay. She disappeared to the back and finally showed up several minutes later. In her hand she held 4 necklaces, each containing a similar shaped piece of turquoise that was mined in the area. The stones were mounted in both silver and gold wires that were intertwined with each other. They were very pretty and we decided to get them. I asked if they came with a box and she smiled and said of course they do and she even had a variety of gift cards that could go with them. We found the perfect cards and each of us signed all of them, thinking that would help with the memories every time they wore them. The shop owner put the cards in with each necklace in a box and tied a ribbon around them. I have no idea how she did it but the bows on the ribbons formed a perfect heart, making the boxes look really special. We thanked her and headed out for the next part of our quest.
We looked to see if we could see the girls, but they were nowhere in sight, so we headed further down towards a dress shop. We looked around but couldn’t find anything like we wanted so we headed back out and down the street. Then Dennis spied a shop across the street so we headed in that direction. Inside, a very pretty Mexican girl about my age asked us in very broken English if she could help us find something. I tried to explain to her that we were looking for some sexy tops or sundresses for our wives, but she didn’t seem to fully grasp what I was asking for. Chuck spoke Spanish and found it easier to communicate with her that way. She told him to follow her, and then she led us to a rack of white lacey tops. They were very pretty and when she put her hand inside the top we realized that you could see through parts of it. We all agreed that they were perfect and then Chuck told her what sizes we needed. She looked through the rack and found one in Margie’s size and one in Valerie’s size, but not smaller ones for Pepper and Ginger. Chuck asked her to check in the back and she did, but did not have any.
He then asked her if she had anything close to these and she thought for a moment and then took us several racks down to a display of tops that were also lacey and semi see-through. They were turquoise and yellow and I said they would go perfect with the necklaces. Chuck asked about the sizes and this time we scored on all four tops. Then Chuck asked the salesgirl is she had matching skirts to go with the tops and she did. Again we were lucky to find the four we needed. We had her put each one in a separate box tied with a ribbon. Again, we all signed each gift card.
Since we had accomplished our mission, we decided to go find the ladies. Not knowing where they were, we slowly worked our way back to where we had left them, checking most shops along the way. Suddenly Dennis spied Valerie just inside a shop across the street from us, so we crossed the street to join them. The girls instantly noticed the bags in our hands and wanted to know what was in them and we said it would have to wait until we were back at the resort this afternoon. Then we asked about the bags that each of the ladies were carrying and they told us it would have to wait until this afternoon also. So I asked what they were looking at and they said just looking and killing time. We all laughed and walked outside to figure out what to do next.
I looked at my watch and saw that it was 11:30 so I suggested we find someplace to eat lunch, my treat, so down the street we went. Pepper spotted a place several doors down and as we approached, we could smell beef and tortillas and it smelled absolutely delicious. None of the people in there spoke English, so Chuck did all of our talking for us. With his help we ordered a variety of items so that everyone could get a taste. The lunch was great and the conversation centered on Chuck and Margie heading home the next day. Dennis and Valerie had arrived the day before us and were here for 2 weeks also. We all promised to make this afternoon and evening memorable for Margie and everyone else.
After lunch, we went back to the pickup spot and waited for Miguel to show up. While waiting the ladies went into a nearby shop and picked up a few things. Upon returning to the resort, I asked Miguel if he could deliver some drinks to our bungalow and he said he would be happy to. Everyone headed to their own bungalow first to freshen up and change and then they all came over to our bungalow. By the time they got there, the first round of drinks had been delivered.
Pepper and Ginger made me leave the room when they changed so I figured they had something special planned. When they came out, they were wearing halter tops and shorts and I could detect something underneath that looked like a new bikini. Dennis and Valerie were first to arrive and she was also wearing a halter top and shorts with what looked like a bikini underneath. A few moments later Chuck and Margie arrived and like the other ladies, she was also wearing a halter top and shorts over a bikini.
I handed everyone their drinks and the ladies began complimenting each other on their outfits. Dennis said that they all looked nice but it would be nicer if they stripped down to just their bathing suits so they did. Before this time, Margie had only owned a very modest old lady style bathing suit, but when she took off her halter top and shorts, she looked great and I told her so. Dennis also noticed and complimented her, telling her how sexy she looked and how much he looked forward to taking the bikini off of her, causing Margie to blush. I didn’t ignore Valerie and told her how good she looked also.
Then I signaled to the guys that it was time for our gifts and we all handed them the boxes with the tops and skirts. They eagerly unwrapped them and held them up. They all loved them and we told them to put them on and thankfully they all fit. Only after they had them on did they notice that they were all the same. None of them had noticed the cards in the boxes and Chuck suggested they look for something else in the box. They were surprised to see that each card was signed by the three of us men. Dennis told them it was so they would always remember the few days we spent together. Then I said that the outfits looked like they were needing something to make them complete, so we handed them the jewelry boxes with the necklaces and they loved them. Each necklace looked very similar to the others, but each was just a slightly different shape due to the different pieces of turquoise in them. The girls danced around in the middle of the room, showing off their new outfits and telling how much they loved them.
I told them to take a close look at the tops and that we wondered what they would look like without their bikini tops on underneath. In no time, they took the bikini tops off and revealed a very sexy look. You could see skin through the lace, but you couldn’t see any detail as far at the nipple and aureole went. I told them how beautiful and sexy they all looked and that they should show off their new outfits. Margie instantly looked at me, wondering what I meant. I said we should all go over to the bar at the resort center and get another round of drinks. She thought for a moment and then said why not, so we all headed over for some drinks.
On the way over, Chuck kept telling Margie how beautiful and sexy she looked and how proud of her he was. She said a week ago she would never have dressed like this and would definitely never considered going out in public without a bra and wearing something semi see-through like this. Chuck said she had come a long way in only a few days and that he was so happy for her. Valerie admitted that she would never have gone out in public wearing anything like this but it made her feel feminine and sexy and she liked the feeling. Dennis smiled and said so did he.
There were a few people in the bar when we entered and heads did turn in our direction, but I think it was more the fact that the girls were all dressed alike than it was the lacey see-through. The bartender recognized us and told the ladies how lovely they looked. We could tell that his eyes were straining to make out their nipples through the lace. After we left, Margie said it made her very self-conscious at first but the more he stared the more turned on and wet she became, which was a new experience for her.
After finishing our drinks, I asked the bartender to send another round over to our bungalow in about an hour and then we headed back to our place. Instead of going inside, I suggested that we take a stroll on the beach and perhaps the girls could try out their new bikinis. They said that sounded good and I figured they forgot that their bikini tops were back in our bungalow.
Like normal, there wasn’t anyone really close to our far end of the beach so I asked the ladies to model their new bikinis for us. Pepper and Ginger didn’t hesitate to strip off the new top and skirt, leaving them only in their bikini bottoms. Valerie hesitated for a moment and then followed suit. Margie seemed more hesitant and then Chuck nodded to her to go ahead and she then stripped down to just her bikini bottoms. Dennis said he wanted them to stand next to each other and they did. Pepper was at one end, then Margie, Valerie and Ginger held up the other end. They truly were a sight to behold.
Then Dennis looked around and still no one what terribly close so he asked if the ladies could lose their bottoms and this time Margie didn’t hesitate. They all stood next to each like before and now it was truly a zipper busting sight. Then I grabbed all of their clothes and ran towards our bungalow and told them they had to come and get them. I don’t think Margie ever ran that fast in her life and she was definitely out of breath by the time she stumbled through our door.
After the girls came in, the three of us guys stripped down before we all sat and relaxed. Everyone was laughing about me grabbing all of their clothes and running. Margie told me that was cruel and I asked her how it really made her feel and she took my hand and put it to her pussy so that I could feel just how wet she was. She was the only one that ran after me. Valerie, Pepper and Ginger casually walked naked back to our bungalow and Valerie said she noticed a couple of others watching them and that it turned her on knowing they were seeing her naked. Ginger told that now she knew how they felt and why they enjoyed flashing and being seen. Valerie said it was a lot of fun and hoped that she and Dennis would find opportunities to do more flashing after they got home.
Then I told Margie that we had been talking about her and she began to look really nervous. I reminded her that she had promised Dennis that he could have sex with her again today before she and Chuck had to leave in the morning and she said yes she remembered and was looking forward to it. Then I told her that we came up with a plan to actually have all seven of us involved in the same sex act at the same time. She looked at me and asked how. Chuck was also rather curious so I began to explain.
Dennis would lay on the floor and Margie would mount him. The man of Margie’s choice was straddle Dennis and Margie would suck his cock. Then one of the other wives would sit on Dennis’s face while she sucked the cock of the third husband. The other two wives would be on either side of Margie and she would finger fuck them all at the same time.
Margie’s eyes were wide and her mouth seemed frozen open as she sat there trying to comprehend what she had just heard. I said if there were no objections, let’s start getting in place. So Dennis laid on the floor and Margie faced away from him as she sat on his cock. She chose me to stand in front of her so she could suck my cock. Pepper drew the honor of sitting on Dennis’ face so he could suck on her pussy and then Chuck stood in front of her so she could suck his cock. Then Ginger and Valerie positioned themselves on each side of Margie where she began to finger their pussies.
In no time there were moans emanating from both the guys and girls in the carefully choreographed orgy. Margie was the first to cum, followed shortly by Pepper, then Valerie and then Ginger. Our bodies were flexing and convulsing to the orgasms when the door opened and in stepped Miguel with a tray full of drinks. He stopped, looked at us, smiled and told us to continue and he would set the drinks down and go. Ginger told him to come closer and when he did, she undid his pants, pulled out his cock and began sucking it. Miguel reached down and began fondling Ginger’s breasts as she sucked on his cock.
Now we were an orgy of 8, all connected to each other in pure sex and it was fantastic. Hands were either roaming and fondling other bodies or holding someone in place. Everyone’s cock and pussy was being sucked or fucked. Breasts that weren’t being fondled were bouncing to the rhythm of sex. The air was filled with the unmistakable odor of pussy being satisfied. I opened my eyes long enough to take in the whole scene and then I closed them to concentrate on the lips sliding up and down on my cock, but the sound of moans and skin slapping skin was all too present.
Dennis was the first to shoot his wad, filling Margie with his seed. A moment later Miguel warned Ginger that he was about to cum and I opened my eyes and watched as my wife swallowed every drop of his cum and then made sure he was cleaned up. He bent down, kissed her on the lips, thanked her and then said he had to hurry back. Watching Ginger swallow Miguel’s cum was just what I needed to send my seed racing from my balls, up the shaft of my cock and filling Margie’s mouth. She struggled to swallow it all, but a couple of drops leaked from her lips. Her eyes opened when I came and as I finished, she looked up at me and told me with her eyes how much she enjoyed it. Finally Chuck grunted that he was about to cum and Pepper pulled her mouth off of him long enough to tell him to fill her up and then returned to sucking him. His legs quivered as he responded to her command. Pepper swallowed every bit of his seed and then licked him clean.
Then we broke the orgy chain and everyone collapsed on the floor next to someone else. We were all panting and trying to catch our breath from the ordeal. Margie was the first to speak, thanking Dennis first and then all of us for a unique and wonderful experience. Dennis told her it was his pleasure and that he was so glad he got to have her again before she left.
Chuck thanked Pepper for the blowjob, but said he would like to have Valerie’s pussy one more time and she said she would like that. He sat up on the sofa and Valerie straddled his cock facing away from him at first. Pepper moved in and began sucking on Chuck’s ball and licking the base of his cock and Valerie’s pussy. Both of them moaned loudly at her added pleasure and Valerie came very quickly. Then Chuck turned her to face him so he could play with her breasts. When he rolled her nipples in his fingers, she orgasmed again and fell forward into Chuck’s chest. He held her as he continued to pump her pussy. She orgasmed again before Chuck came, filling her pussy with his seed.
Then Margie asked if I would have sex with her and I readily responded that I would love to. I asked if she had a position in mind and she no, it was up to me. I instructed Dennis to sit on the floor and then had Margie bend down with her hands on his shoulders. Moving in behind her, I slid my cock all the way into her and held it there for about 10 seconds. The muscles in her pussy were quivering almost as if they were ready to spasm. As the quivering eased, I began to work my cock in and out of her. I leaned to the side and saw her ample breasts swaying wildly in front of Dennis’s face. He looked at me and I nodded to him as he reached out and took her breasts in his hands and fondled them and played with her nipples. This caused her to orgasm almost instantly and I continued to pump away at her and Dennis continued to play with her nipples. Margie had a second orgasm a couple minutes later that was so strong that her legs almost buckled under her. Dennis reached up to hold her and I grabbed her hips to help hold her up. Holding her hips tighter, I picked up speed and f***e until I felt myself rising to an eruption and filled her pussy with every drop I could produce. When I finished and pulled out, Margie just dropped to her knees and then to the floor. Chuck asked if she was ok and she looked up at him, smiled and said she was wonderful and they hugged and kissed.
Ginger helped me hand everyone their drinks and we sat back for a bit, talked and sipped our drinks. Chuck looked at his watch and said that it was time for dinner and that he worked up an appetite and was hungry. It sounded good to everyone and as we started to get cleaned up, Pepper said that she was just going to ear her bikini to the restaurant as she had seen others there dressed like that. Ginger said she would to and so did Valerie. Chuck looked at Margie and smiled at in a way that said he wanted her to just wear her new bikini to dinner, so she agreed. The three of us guys just wore our swim suits, no shirts and the ladies wore their bikinis with no cover-ups.
About a dozen others were already in the restaurant and most of them turned and watched as we walked in. Margie stopped and Chuck was right behind her and put his hands on her waist to steady her and move her towards the tables. As the girls moved into position, I could tell that most of the eyes were watching Pepper and Ginger as they looked hotter than any other woman at the resort in their bikinis In fact the manager of the resort, Rafaelo was very attentive to our table, making sure we had everything we needed and that everything was okay. When at the table, he had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Ginger and Pepper’s bikini tops. Towards the end of the meal, Pepper caught him staring at her and she flashed him her breast and told him that if he wanted to see it that all he had to do was ask. He got very embarrassed and left, but was back a few minutes later with a free round of drinks and an apology to Pepper and the rest of us. Pepper said she was flattered, not upset and was just having fun with him. Then she told him that if he wanted to see more, to come to the beach down by our bungalow around 10pm tonight.
Margie started to ask Pepper if she was really going to go through with the beach tonight and before she could finish her question, the smile on Pepper’s face answered her question. Pepper said that indeed she planned to be there stark naked and invited the others to join her if they wanted. Valerie suggested that we all be out on the beach with our suits on and when Rafaelo comes out, if he does, we all stand up and strip in front of him and see what he does. Margie began to say that 10pm was late and they had a flight tomorrow, but Chuck said they were pretty much packed and the shuttle to the airport didn’t leave until 10 am, so he said they had plenty of time and that he would like to take part in Valerie’s plan. Margie conceded and said that it sounded like fun. As we left the restaurant, Pepper waved and Rafaelo and said she would see him later.
Margie said she was tired and wanted to take a short nap before heading to the beach to see if Rafaelo would show up, so we bid them till later. Dennis and Valerie said they wanted to relax also for a bit, so we all agreed to meet back at our place by 9:30. The 3 of us went back and decided to take a short nap also and set our alarm for 9pm. I was surprised when the girls climbed into bed with the bikinis still on, but we cuddled up to each other and quickly drifted off to sl**p.
It felt like we had just gotten to sl**p when the alarm sounded, but it had been almost 2 hours. We got up, brushed and combed our hair and waited for the others to show. While we waited, we talked about our first week at the resort and what we like best and what we still wanted to do. Pepper said that she loved Miguel’s hidden beach the best and really enjoyed our day there with all the others. Ginger agreed that was her highlight also. Then Pepper asked if we could go fishing for day to see what we could catch. I asked what type of fishing and she said not anything really big like marlin, but something smaller, so I told her I would ask Rafaelo tonight to see what could be arranged.
At almost 9L30 on the nose, the other four arrived and I was pleased to see Margie still wearing her bikini. I greeted her with a hug and squeezed both her breasts against me. She looked at me, smiled, reached down to feel my growing cock and told me she was happy to see me also. Then we all headed out to the beach, sat down and waited to see if Rafaelo would take Pepper’s invitation.
We waited for what seemed like hours, but eventually we saw a figure emerging in the dark and recognized Rafaelo’s voice saying that he wasn’t sure he would be able to find us out here in the dark. Standing up to greet him, Pepper said she wasn’t sure he would come and he admitted that he almost didn’t. Rafaelo told us that he had some reports from other guests of people being nude on the beach at night figured it was us and after what Pepper had said, his curiosity got the best of him.
Pepper told him that this is what he came out to see and she removed her bikini top and then her bottoms. Rafaelo was surprised and asked me if this was okay with me and I answered him stripping off my swim suit. Ginger was next, then Dennis, Valerie, Chuck and lastly Margie stripped down also. Pepper asked Rafaelo is he expected this and he just stood there staring and said no, he didn’t expect to see all of us naked. Pepper took a step toward him, took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Ginger moved in behind him and pressed her breasts against his back. He started to protest saying that resort staff was not allowed to fraternize with guests and that included him. Pepper then moved one of his hands down to her groin and held it against her pussy and then leaned in and kissed him. When their lips separated, she asked him if he was going to deny a bride on her honeymoon.
Rafaelo looked at the rest of us and asked Pepper what she wanted and she knelt down in front of him, unbuttoned his shorts and slid them and his underwear down to his ankles, grabbed his erect cock and licked from his balls to the tip. Even in the dark I could see his whole body quiver from the feel of her tongue gliding up the length of his cock. Rafaelo looked down at her, she looked up at him and then swallowed his cock all the way to his balls, which wasn’t that big a feat since his cock wasn’t that big. As Pepper began sucking on his cock, he instinctively put his hands on her head and closed his eyes. Ginger was still standing behind him and reached through his legs and cradled his balls in her hand. He immediately responded, his balls drew up and he began cumming in Pepper’s mouth. She continued to suck until she was sure he was empty.
Rafaelo just said wow when it was done, but before he could catch his breath, Valerie moved in and stroked him hard again, turned around and guided his cock into her wet pussy from behind. He looked shocked and not sure what to do at first so it was up t Valerie to get them started, but a few moments later, Rafaelo emerged out of his stupor, grabbed her by the hips and began humping her like there was no tomorrow. Having just cum in Pepper’s mouth, I expected him to last longer but it didn’t take him long before he unloaded into Valerie. She barely had time for one orgasm before the resort manager filled her.
When they had finished, Ginger knelt down and licked him clean. Then she turned to Margie and asked her if she wanted to do anything with Rafaelo. She thought for a moment and then told him to lay down on the sand and when he did, she positioned herself over his face and then she leaned down and began sucking his cock. Rafaelo dove right in to licking and sucking on Margie’s pussy and in just over a minute she had her first orgasm and when she was done, she told Rafaelo not to stop. He then focused his attention on her clit and began sucking and lightly chewing on her erect bud which quickly sent Margie into her second orgasm. All the while, Margie continued to suck on Rafaelo’s cock and this time it took almost 15 minutes of sucking to get him to fountain his seed into Margie’s mouth. By that time, Margie had five orgasms, each one a little stronger than the one before. After she sucked Rafaelo dry, she rolled over on the sand absolutely exhausted.
Rafaelo stood up and began to put his pants back on when Pepper walked up to him and asked him about the resort policy of the staff not being allowed to fraternize with the guests. He said that was true and that any staff member caught would probably be discharge immediately. She asked him if he was the owner or just the manager and he said he was both. Then she asked if the policy applied to himself and he stopped and just stared at her. Then Pepper asked him what his employees would do if they had seen him and he asked us not to tell anyone. Pepper told him it was too late as Miguel had brought drinks out to us on the beach and when he saw him having sex with the guests, he turned and left. What we didn’t tell him is that we had told Miguel about it and asked him to come out about 10 minutes after his uncle and if he was having sex with us to turn and leave and we would handle the rest.
Rafaelo at first didn’t believe us and when everyone said he had come out when He was pumping away at Valerie. Pepper then told Rafaelo that she thought Miguel was cute and since Rafaelo had broken the rule, she wanted him to allow Miguel to break the rule and be able to come to their bungalow when he got off duty and have sex with us. The alternative would be that Miguel would tell the rest of the staff and then Rafaelo would have a problem to deal with. He looked at her and said he doesn’t to be blackmailed and she said it wasn’t blackmail and if he agreed to allow Miguel to fraternize with us that she would let Rafaelo have sex with her and Ginger before we leave in a week. That brought a smile to his face and he agreed and said he would go talk to Miguel right away.
Chuck and Margie said it had been a long day and they were tired and had a long trip home tomorrow so they were going to back to get some sl**p. We hugged each other and said goodbye. When Margie hugged Pepper, she again said thank you for everything. She told Pepper that it hadn’t been for her that she would be going home as the same sour puss as she’d been for years, but now she is free to be a woman and wife and for that she couldn’t thank her enough. We had already exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch. We said our goodnights to Dennis and Valerie and headed back to our bungalow. We hit the showers and headed to bed, exhausted after a long day of shopping and sex. As we cuddled up to each other, Pepper again thanked me for a wonderful honeymoon.
To be continued . . .

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