Lingerie Shopping With the Wives

Lingerie Shopping With the Wives
This past week, I had to spend a couple of days in Washington DC for some meetings and I took Ginger and Pepper with me. We had a day to spare before flying home and I promised them I would take them shopping. They decided that they wanted to go lingerie shopping for some sexy see through nighties for themselves, their s****r Rosemary and the six daughters between. (Three of the daughters are 26 and the other three are 24 and they all look just like their moms.)
Ginger and Pepper had mapped out several posh stores they wanted to shop at so after breakfast off we went. At the first store, they found several nighties and asked if they could try them on. The lady behind the counter took them to the back of the store and unlocked the dressing rooms. Other than the three of us, the only others in the store were the two sales ladies. Pepper came out of the dressing room wearing a nightie with nothing on underneath. She was zipper busting beautiful and sexy if you guys know what I mean. A moment later, Ginger stepped out in her nightie to show what it looked like and to get my opinion. She was also a zipper buster as the two s****rs look like identical twins, even though they are 2 years apart. Their pert breasts were clearly visible as was their red haired bushes. They turned to show me the back as well and it was great seeing those two sexy asses there in the store.
I noticed the saleslady who unlocked the dressing room doors watching the girls and then say something to the young clerk working with her. The looks on their faces were hard to read, but it was obvious that they weren’t used to seeing customers walking out into the store wearing anything that sheer and revealing.
Both girls returned to their dressing rooms and changed into another nightie and came back out to show me the other nighties. I had to be honest and tell Pepper that I liked the first nightie she tried on better than the current one, but the one Ginger was now wearing was better than the first one she tried on. The girls went back in and put their clothes back on.
They went to the counter and asked the sales lady if they had any more in the same sizes. She checked and only had 1 more in the style that Pepper tried on and no more like the one that Ginger tried on, so we bought those 3. As we were about to leave the store, the younger clerk told the girls that she enjoyed their little show and Pepper smiled back and said so had she.
Then we proceeded to the second store which looked more high class then the first one. The moment we entered, a lady close to our age (mid-50s) approached and asked if she could help. Pepper told her that we were looking for some sheer sexy nighties or teddies. The sales lady looked them both up and down and then said to follow her. She led us to the far side of the store, towards the rear and told the girls that this was all they had and to let her know if they needed any assistance.
After she walked away, the girls looked at each and to me and said that was one stuck up lady who obviously looked down on us because we were dresses casually instead of formally as were the several other ladies shopping in the store. Pepper and Ginger looked through the lingerie and found two teddies that looked cute but they weren’t sure if they were what they wanted. Pepper went to the sales lady and asked if they could try them on and the clerk got very indignant and said their customers don’t try things on, they know what they want and in what size and then they buy it.
I knew by the way the sales lady spoke down to Pepper that this was not going to be a pleasant scene. Pepper told her that she wanted to try the teddy on and if they didn’t have a fitting room she would just have to try it on right there in the store. The sales lady said, ‘Well, I never’ and Pepper said she was right that she obviously never had experienced a lot of things. I thought the shock of Pepper’s statement was going to cause the clerk to pass out. When she regained a little composure, the clerk said that their store did not cater to lower class trash like us and that we probably couldn’t afford their prices anyway.
Pepper proudly informed her that I was the holder of nearly 80 patents, had just been offered a high ranking position in the Energy Department and that I was worth over $100 million. Then Pepper told her that just because we don’t dress up in starched girdles and steel reinf***ed bras doesn’t mean we are low class trash as she indicated. Then Pepper got in the ladies face and told her that what she really needed was a man who knew what to do with his cock to fuck her brains out till she learned how to be a real woman and not just a stuck up sexless bitch.
That’s when I thought the clerk was really going to pass out as she was gasping for air and fanning her face with her hands, completely lost for words. Pepper and Ginger dropped the teddies on the floor in front of the clerk and we left the store. Pepper was steaming for a while and I thought it best to wait before heading to the next store, so we found a restaurant and had some coffee. When Pepper calmed down, we then headed to the next store on their list.
Thankfully, this shop didn’t look as highbrow as the last one and the clerks were much friendlier. There were three clerks working the sales floor and they all seemed to be about the same age as our daughters, and all three were very pretty. Ginger told them what they were looking for and one of the clerks, named Kelly led them to the lingerie area which, like the other stores was closer to the back of the store than the front. She helped the girls find several sexy and sheer nighties and teddies and asked if they wanted to try the on. She led us to the dressing rooms and told us to call her if they needed anything.
Pepper and Ginger each had two different items to try on. It didn’t take them long to undress and slip on their nighties and come out to show me. Kelly came back to the girls and told them how nice and sexy they looked in their nighties. Her eyes went from staring at the girls’ breasts to their red bushes. Ginger noticed and asked her if she’s ever seen a red bush before and Kelly’s face got real red and embarrassed and she started to apologize. Ginger stopped her and said it was okay and she knows that most people are surprised when they see a red bush and with that, she lifted up the nightie and pulled down the sheer panty to give Kelly a clear view.
Kelly looked back to see if anyone was watching and fortunately they weren’t. Then she stammered out that both girls looked really great in their outfits and that their husbands will love them and she looked at me. Pepper said that their husband, emphasizing the singular, already does like them. She got a confused look on her face and Ginger quickly explained that she was legally married to me and that her s****r was informally married to me also, but since it wasn’t a legal marriage we aren’t breaking any laws. Kelly stepped back, looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and told her I have two extremely beautiful and sexy wives and that our grown daughters look just like them.
I don’t know what got into me, but as the girls turned to go try on the second nightie, I told Kelly that if she tried one on for me that I would pay for it and she could keep it. She looked surprised and said that she couldn’t do that. Then I told her that I would give her $100 plus pay for the nightie if she tried it on for me. She looked shocked and not sure what to say. She told me to wait here and she went and told one of the other clerks that she had to assist the ladies in the dressing rooms and she returned, holding a sheer teddy and held out her hand. I gave her $200 and told her to keep the change. She disappeared into the dressing rooms.
A few moments later, Pepper and Ginger both came out with their second outfits and when I mentioned nighties they informed me that these were teddies. They were very pretty and very sheer and left little to the imagination. They were slightly different styles and they both looked great. I loved it when they turned around and I could see the profile of their breasts and then I got a good look at their butts.
Just as Pepper and Ginger were about to return to dressing room, Kelly opened up a door and stepped out in a sheer white teddy. Her tan lines were clearly evident through the nearly invisible fabric and as I stared at her I noticed that her puffy nipples grew to erection. She was clean shaven below and her lips were clearly visible through the sheer panties. I asked her to turn around and she did. She was very pretty and had a great body. I thanked her for trying it on for us and then she went back in and got dressed. Pepper and Ginger had gotten dressed just before her and waiting when Kelly emerged. She said thank you for the gift and I said thank you for the show and her face turned red.
Pepper and Ginger asked about numbers in the same size and managed to get enough of the four different teddies so that all 9 ladies in the house would have one to wear. As Kelly was working with the girls, she mentioned that she was a struggling student and really appreciated the extra cash I gave her. They asked her what she was studying and she said she was studying career counseling and human resources because she wanted to help other people get jobs. Ginger told her that I was starting a foundation to help people get trained and skilled in various areas so that they could get jobs that would provide for their families. She got real excited when we told her, so I invited back to our hotel room that night for a job interview and gave her our contact information. We paid for the teddies and told Kelly we would see her later and she promised to be there.
It was time for lunch so we found a nice place to eat and had a good meal. After lunch, they wanted to check out another store so we took off in that direction. Thank goodness for GPS. This next store was different from the others. It had both men and ladies clothes and in a variety of styles and fashions. The girls said they need to find something appropriate for Jerry and me and I thought to myself that this is not going to be good. We wormed our way through the racks of clothes until the girls found the men’s underwear section. They started giggling and whispering and that always meant trouble. After a bit, they turned and held up a men’s thong that was nothing more than an elastic band in the back and sock-like pouch in the front. The fabric was semi-sheer, but not nearly as sheer as the nighties and teddies they just bought. I started to shake my head no, but the looks on their faces told me that this was a losing battle.
I gave in and said okay, get one for me and one for Jerry, but no, that wasn’t enough. They insisted that I try it on and show them just as they had modeled their outfits for me. I told them there was no way I was going to step out of a dressing room wearing only that and again the looks on their faces told me I had no choice, so I took one of the thongs and found a dressing room. I stripped completely naked and then put the thong on. I felt very self-conscious but when I saw myself in the mirror, I knew the girls would love it. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to the dressing and took one step out to show the girls. Just then a couple of twenty-something girls walked past, looked at, whistled and kept walking. Pepper and Ginger were in hysterics laughing at me. I turned around for them just as they had done for me and then returned to the dressing room and got dressed.
Pepper and Ginger were talking with the two girls that had walked by and as I came out of the dressing room, they smiled, giggled and hurried off. I asked what that was all about and Ginger said that they were curious about me showing off to a pair a twins, so they gave them a quick explanation, which they didn’t think the girls understood. We paid for the two thongs and headed out of the store. I was happy to learn that this was the last store on their list, so we headed back to the hotel. I stopped at the desk and instructed them that I was expecting a young lady named Kelly later and to let me know when she arrives and they said they would.
By this time I was tired having just spent 10 days down with the swine flu, so I took a nap and left the girls to their own devices. A couple hours later, I woke a little refreshed and found Pepper and Ginger surfing on my computer, using Google Earth to look at our property back home. They weren’t sure if they found it or not as our house was less than a year old and all they saw was open desert. I said we had about an hour and half before Kelly arrives and asked them what they wanted to do. They looked at each other and did the rock-paper-scissors and I knew what they had in mind. Ginger won and led me back to the bedroom, pushed me down on the bed and began to such on my cock.
Her lips felt so good that I was hard instantly. I reached between her legs and discovered that she was wet. She told me she had been wet all day since the first time they stepped out of the dressing room in the nightie. Ginger then crawled on top of me and slid herself down on my shaft. I always love the feeling of when I first enter either of them and this time was no different. As I slowly began to work my cock in and out of Ginger’s pussy, Pepper moved into position over my face and lowered her pussy down to my waiting mouth. My tongue snaked out and licked the slit between her lips. I could feel a shiver like response run through her body as I did. Gradually I worked my tongue deeper into the pussy until my nose was pressed against her clit.
I felt Pepper’s body shift position enough to tell me that as I enjoyed both of them they were also enjoying each other. The s****rs loved to sit on me and face each other and kiss and fondle each other’s breasts as I fucked one and sucked the other. It was a favorite position to the three of us and one that we all greatly enjoyed. If I craned my head back far enough, I could watch both of their breasts bouncing to the rhythm of my pumping in and out of Ginger’s sweet pussy.
From licking, I moved to sucking on Pepper’s clit and then added some gentle nibbling with my teeth which always send her over the edge and this time was no different. Her well of love juices began to flow as she came in my face and lapped every bit of it up like a thirsty dog getting a well-deserved drink. With my hands on Ginger’s hips, I moved her back just enough so that my cock was rubbing against her clit and in moments she too crescendoed with an orgasm. Pepper held her in place to keep her falling off me as I continued to drive up into her time and again.
Pepper broke the silence and asked me how I liked seeing Kelly’s naked body under her teddy and the thought of her caused my balls to contract, sending my load through my groin, down my shaft and fountaining up into Ginger’s anxiously waiting pussy. Pepper knew I was cumming and said that answered her question and then she asked if I was serious about hiring her or just wanted to get her naked and fuck her. I told her both but if I thought she was a fit for the foundation, I would forgo any sex with her, at least for now.
When we were done, we showered and got dressed. I always love showering with the two girls. About 15 minutes later, the front desk rang and I told them that we would be right down. Once we got out of the elevator, we noticed that Kelly had managed to change into something more business-like. I complimented her on her outfit and asked if she was hungry. She said she hadn’t eaten as she was nervous about the interview. I told her not to worry that this was not going to be like any interview she ever had.
Next door to the hotel was a very nice restaurant so we walked over and with the help of a $50 bill, got a table with very little waiting. When Kelly saw the prices on the menu, she started to say this was too rich for her pocketbook, and I told her to relax and order whatever she wanted as I was buying. I knew she was still nervous about what to order, so when the waitress come to take our order, I started by ordering a steak for me, lobster for Ginger and Alaskan king Crab legs for Pepper. That seemed to ease Kelly’s hesitation and she ordered a steak also. I also ordered some wine.
While we were waiting for our food, I explained to Kelly who we were and what we wanted to do with our foundation. She was completely blown away and thought it sounded great and something she would like to be a part of. Then I asked her to tell us about herself. She handed me a resume and I told her I didn’t like resumes that I would rather talk to the person. Kelly told us that she was only able to afford to go to college part time because she had to work to pay for everything. Pepper asked her about her f****y and she said she didn’t have a f****y. She was orphaned at a very young age and all she knew was that her parents had both died of a poisoned batch of heroine before she turned 1. She had bounced from foster home to foster home her whole life. She was determined to make something of her life and decided she really wanted to help others.
Ginger asked her how old she was and she told us she was 25, the same age as our daughters. I asked her if she would relocate for the job and she said that it depended upon the pay on whether or not she could afford to. I told her that if I hired her that I would pay for everything. She told me she still had 8 months on the lease to her apartment and I told her I would pay that off. I impressed with how Kelly handled herself and touched by her life story. I thought to myself my parents are dead, the girls’ parents are dead and so were Jerry’s parents, so Kelly would fit right in.
I leaned across the table, and asked Kelly if I could see her hand. She held it out hesitantly and I took my pen and wrote $100,000 on her palm and told her that if she accepted the job, that is what I would start her out at. She stared blindly like a deer in the headlights. She asked if I was serious and I told her yes. She asked when and I told her that if she could pack up what she needed by tomorrow morning that she could fly back with us. She could stay in the guest house until we find her a place to live. She told us that she had almost nothing because of how tight money was and that it would take her less than an hour to pack her clothes. Ginger asked if she needed any help and she said no, but thanks. I asked her what her rent was and she told me so I wrote a check out to the apartment company for her remaining 8 months and handed it to her. I asked if she could be back at the hotel by 9am in the morning with her things and she said she would be there earlier if needed. I told then told her to meet us 7am for breakfast and she started crying. Pepper leaned over and asked what was wrong and she said nothing that no one in her entire life has ever done anything nice for her and that she was overcome with emotion of our offer.
During the rest of dinner, we explained to Kelly about our unique f****y and our open lifestyle. There are two fathers, three mothers and six daughters. Jerry and I have fathered a daughter by each of the three s****rs – Pepper, Ginger and Rosemary. We live as one big happy f****y. We also explained that we are very open in that we frequently don’t wear clothing around the house or the property. Kelly told us that she was somewhat of an exhibitionist and that when I had her try on the teddy in the store that day that she loved every minute of it and then she asked me if I liked what I saw and I told her yes, that I thought she was very pretty and very sexy. She then asked if that is why I was hiring her and I told her no, I really do need someone to help run the foundation.
After dinner and a lot of discussion, I asked Kelly if the store she worked at was still open and she said for another half an hour. She told me she was scheduled to work tomorrow so told her to call them right now and tell them she quit immediately and not to worry about what they say. She asked about getting her last check and I told her to tell them to keep it and I’ll pay her what she is owed. I pulled out my wallet and handed her a $1,000 and told her that was a signing bonus.
While still sitting there with Kelly, I called home and Rosemary and told her that we had just hired a manager to work with our foundation and that she will be coming home with us and that she will be staying in the guest house until we can help her find a place of her own. I told Rosemary Kelly’s name and instructed her to make sure she showed up with one of the large vans so that there will be plenty of room for the 4 of us and our luggage.
Then Kelly asked us if we were punking her and I assured her that this was all real. She said she sure hoped so because if she shows up in the morning and we’re not there that her life is ruined since she just quit her job. Pepper then said that we’ll prove this is for real. After dinner, we went to her apartment and helped her pack. She was right when she said had practically nothing as everything she had that was worth taking fit in three suitcases. We left her check to the apartment company on the dresser, locked the door and slid the key under the door. Then we took her back to our hotel had her stay with us in our room.
We had two king sized beds so we gave Kelly her own bed for the night. Pepper told her that we usually slept naked and didn’t bring any pajamas and asked Kelly if that was going to be a problem and she said not at all. She often slept that way in the summer, but she usually slept in a jumper with no underwear and Pepper told her that however she was comfortable. She asked if she could take a shower and I told her that I would leave the bedroom and she told me it wasn’t necessary since I had already seen her in the see through teddy. I asked her if she packed it and she said she had and asked if I would like her to wear it. I told her it was up to her and she said she would think about it.
As much as I wanted to watch her undress, I felt it more proper to leave to allow her a little privacy. I opened up the bar and fixed a drink for everyone. I knocked on the door and asked what kind of drink Kelly likes and a moment later Pepper said she likes vodka Collins if possible. I checked and found what I needed and made her drink. I opened the bedroom door just enough to find out that Kelly was still in the shower, so I went in and handed Pepper and Ginger their drinks and I gave them Kelly’s drink for when she got out of the shower.
While I was in there, Ginger told me that Kelly asked about our openness and then she asked if they knew if I had any intentions of having sex with her and the girls said that was totally up to her and that I would like to, but only if she wanted to. She asked them how they felt and they said it was fine with them and that may join in if anything happens. Then she said that as Kelly went into the bathroom to shower, she said she felt like this was all a dream and not sure what she wanted to do or how she felt. They told her that there is no pressure and they will never ask her to do anything she doesn’t want to.
We heard the shower turn off, so quickly exited the room and closed the door and waited outside in the livingroom. This was a luxury suite. About 15 minutes later, Ginger asked if I would turn down some of the lights and I did, not knowing what to expect. The bedroom door opened and the three of them walked out, all wearing their new sexy teddies. In the dimmer light it was harder to see through the fabric. Still in some shadows, Pepper told me that they had laid out something for me to change into and that I was to go and get changed. I slipped past them and into the bedroom and to my dismay, there on the bed lay the men’s thong they bought for me today. I figured what the heck, stripped down, cleaned up a little and put on the thong and tucked myself into the front pouch, took a deep breath and walked out into the darkened room.
When I first walked out in the room, they had all the lights off and the only light in the room came from the glare of the city lights filtering through the curtains. I could see three figures on the sofa and could tell by the silhouettes that Kelly was in the middle. I walked over and sat down in the chair across from the sofa and asked the girls what they had in mind. Pepper said that Kelly had something to say, but is somewhat embarrassed about saying it and wants the lights off while she does.
I told Kelly that she was free to say whatever she wanted and that I don’t want her feel pressured to say or do anything she doesn’t want to. I could hear her hesitating and both Pepper and Ginger encouraging her. Finally, she started by calling me Mr. and I told her that I’m JD and nothing more. She started again and then began to tell me how grateful she was for everything I was doing for her. She said she had no idea how she could ever repay me except to do the best job she could. I told her that’s all I can ask of her is her best. Kelly hesitated again and Ginger whispered for her to go ahead and then in a softer voice she said that she found me to be good looking and that she had gotten very turned on when she modelled the nightie for me. I told her she was very pretty and sexy and that I enjoyed it also.
Kelly asked me if I really thought she was pretty and I assured her that I meant what I said. By now, my eyes were adjusting more to the dark and I could see her better, but could still not see her body under the nightie. She stood up and asked me if I would stand and let her hug me and I did as she asked. She stepped forward towards me and I caught a glimpse of the outline of her breasts in the city lights from outside. Kelly moved up against me and put her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts into my chest. The feel of them was nice and I couldn’t help but get erect. I knew she could feel my hardening against her as I felt her move back and forth against it.
With her head still on my shoulder, she whispered thank you over and over and over again. I told her that she was very welcome and that she could be our first success. She looked up at me in the dark and asked if it would be okay to kiss me and I gladly locked my lips on hers. Our tongues danced around each other for a few moments and then she pulled back asked Pepper if she could turn a light on now. The brightest was almost blinding at first, but once our eyes adjusted, Kelly stepped back and asked me if still liked her outfit. I told her that I especially liked what was in the outfit. She glanced down and couldn’t help but smirk at the site of my penis pouch thong with my penis sticking straight out. Looking back up at me she told me that if I wanted to that I could take her nightie off to get a better look and her face turned red as she did.
I reached for her nightie and gently lifted it over her head. Then I knelt down in front of her, looked up at her and asked if she was sure this was what she wanted and she whispered yes. I reached up, took the edges of her panties in my fingers and then ever so slowly slid them down off her hips to her knees and then lifted each foot out of them. When I looked back up at her, I was also looking directly into her pussy. Leaning in, I gently kissed her mound just above her pussy and felt her body quiver as I did. The next kiss was squarely on the lips of her pussy and I could tell that this young woman was melting to my attention. My kisses then worked their way around both sides of her pussy, up along her slit until I stopped with a lingering kiss on her clit. The whole time I was kissing her I held her butt in my hands and she had a great little butt.
I stood up and asked her if she liked my kissing and she told me she felt like it was an erotic dream as she had never had anyone do anything like that to her before. Pepper then told her that it was now up to her to return the favor and pointed to my thong. Kelly smiled, knelt down and eagerly pulled the thong down, freeing my cock and balls. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and asked if she was the cause of my oozing and I told her most definitely. She leaned forward and licked the drops of pre-cum from the tip of my cock and moved her tongue around in a circle over the entire head. She looked up at me as she opened her mouth and began to take my cock inside her. Her lips on my felt great and I couldn’t stop my cock from twitching several times which she thought was great.
After a few moments of sucking my cock, I lifted her to her feet and asked her if she was sure she wanted this to go any further and she said she wanted me inside her. I asked her if it was because of the job or if she really wanted to and she told me that she’s only had a few encounters with guys and that every time they only cared about their own satisfaction and not hers and that I was the first man in her life that had ever treated her like she meant something. To her, that was the biggest turn on, feeling wanted and cared for.
I took a seat on the couch between Pepper and Ginger and pulled Kelly to me. I brought her close enough so that I could kiss and suck on her nipples. She practically melted in my arms and I heard her moan as I went from one nipple to the other. Then I put my hands on her hips and helped slide her down on my shaft. Kelly’s pussy was very tight and almost made me cum just entering her. I let her just sit there on me at first to allow her adjust. She had been closed as she sat down on me and now she opened them, looked at me and told me I felt great. I told her she also felt great and began to guide her slowly up and down on my very hard cock. Pepper reached in and began fondling Kelly’s breasts and Ginger fondled Kelly’s butt and it rose and lowered on me.
In less than a minute I felt Kelly’s pussy clamp around my cock as her body shook with the f***e of her orgasm. As it ended she leaned forward against me and just said wow, that was the most intense orgasm she ever had. Pepper whispered to her that there is so much more to look forward to and Kelly looked at her as if not sure what she meant. Pepper winked at her and said that there is a lot more pleasure to be had if she wanted and she dreamily shook her head that she wanted more. Holding her hips, I moved her back just a hair so that my cock now rubbed directly against her clit. In no time she erupted with her second orgasm, again falling against me at the end of it.
Kelly was gasping to catch her breath so I just sat and held her on me until she seemed better. Then I started to pump her up and down again. Pepper now started to play with both of Kelly’s nipples, rolling them in her fingers and thumbs. Ginger had moved her hands from Kelly’s butt to rubbing her mound just above her clit. All of the attention was almost overwhelming for her and it didn’t take long for her build again for her third orgasm of the night. The tightness of her pussy was too much for me to resist and as she began to ease from her orgasm, I began to shoot my cum up into her. As I filled her, she leaned forward, told me she loved me and then passionately kissed me.
Her kiss was so passionate that my cock instantly started to get hard again after deflating about half way. She felt me get hard inside her and began to move her hips around on me. I grabbed her tightly about the hips and turned her to face away from me. Then, holding her on me as tightly as possible, I managed to stand up, turn and face her to the sofa and leaned her over and took her doggie style. I leaned sideways enough to see her breasts swaying in rhythm with my pumping her and they looked so incredibly sexy as they moved. With her pussy full of my cum, she didn’t feel nearly as tight as before, but she still felt great. A couple minutes in she had her fourth orgasm of the night and I just continued to pump in and out of her. I stood up a little to f***e my cock to hit more of the roof of her pussy hoping to find the sweet spot and I could tell that I had as I felt her instantly start to build for another orgasm. As her body clenched and convulsed, her legs gave out on her and she fell forward onto the sofa.
Pepper cradled her in her arms and asked if she was okay and she said she was fantastic. She rolled over to face me and all she could do was smile as she looked up at me. My cock was dripping with our combined juices and Ginger knelt down and began cleaning cock off with her tongue. Kelly sat there and stared at what Ginger was doing. When Ginger was through with me, she turned, looked at Kelly and told her it was time to clean her off also and began licking and sucking on her pussy. By her reaction, Kelly had never had another woman do anything sexual with her and at first started to protest, but that soon gave way to pleasure as Ginger worked at cleaning her up. When Ginger was done, she moved up and kissed Kelly and let her tasted our combined juices and to Kelly’s surprise she liked the test.
I sat back in the chair opposite the sofa and asked Kelly what she meant when she said she loved me. She said it just came out in the moment, but that if it wasn’t too inappropriate, she was having very strong feelings for me. Ginger told her that she and Pepper completely understood.
The hour was getting late and we had a long travel day ahead of us the next morning so I suggested we get cleaned up and head to bed. The shower wasn’t large enough for all of us, so I showered with Kelly and Pepper and Ginger showered together. As we began to climb into bed, Kelly asked if someone would sl**p with her in the other bed. Ginger asked her who she had in mind and she said it didn’t matter; she just wanted someone to cuddle up against. Both Ginger and Pepper told me to go sl**p with her. I moved over to Kelly’s bed and cuddled up behind her, put my arm around her and we drifted off to sl**p.
In the morning, I woke with a hardon and realized that Kelly was rubbing her butt against me. I moved enough to slide into her pussy and we made love before getting up. We all showered, went down for breakfast, then returned to the hotel, gathered our luggage, checked out and headed to the airport. I had already called ahead to our charted jet that we had one more person with us for the return trip. Kelly was surprised when we board the chartered jet. She had never flown anywhere before, so she was glued to the window the entire trip. When we arrived at our airport, we introduced her to Jerry and Rosemary and headed to the house. When we pulled up to the house, Kelly’s eyes were wide with surprised and I told her welcome to your new home.
Daughters Saffron and Cinnamon greeted us naked at the door and gave us all a big hug and kiss. They showed her to the guest house and helped her get settled. Thus Kelly became our first employee of our new foundation and we look forward to seeing how she fit in with the rest of f****y.

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