It was a long morning at work and I had just come down from checking the morning deliveries in the warehouse. I stop to speak to the guys on the dock about this chick I had met a few weeks ago at the club when we had all went out. One of the guys was asking me if I had seen her since that night. Yeah a few times I told him but we suppose to get together later tonight. She was hot that night I met her. I was so horny that night and she knew it and teased me the whole time. Man all I been doing was thinking about what she would look like naked. The few times we had already gone out she wore these very low cut blouse and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her tits. She kept telling me “Hey you look at me and not them” then she would laugh and say” your mother know you that mannish?” Then I would laugh to. Well I better get back to the office I told the guys. As I got to my office and sat down I answered a few e-mails and signed off on some paper work. Then my office phone rang and it was one of the administrative assistants up front. “This is James! James security is calling you she said. Okay put them thru! What could they want I thought? Mr. Williams? Yes this is he! You have a guest visiting you for lunch! Okay I will be right up. Who could this be I thought, probably some vendor trying to sell me something.
What the hell am I thinking doing something like this? What if he doesn’t like my body, he may not be attracted to me once this is over. Well what the hell I get a chance to satisfy my couristy and wow is he something. His dark chocolate body is so smooth and “oh my he has no hair over his entire body, that’s very sexy, he has these large thighs, and big arms, looks as though he may have worked out back in the day and he is in good shape if I say so. I can’t take my eyes off him. Just like he can’t stop looking at my breast all the time.”LOL LOL”
As I approach the desk and see who it is I start to smile it’s her Shelia! Is she wearing a raincoat, and red stiletto high heels and fishnet stocking then I noticed the cleavage! Omg no she didn't! I thought to myself as I reached the security desk. I reached out to her and scooped her into my arms and kiss her, while grabbing her by the hand, and leading her away from the desk. As we walk without talking she starts to lead me toward the elevator corridor .We go into the elevator and as the door closes I open her coat to see her breasts in a red Lacey bra ,as the elevator goes up I kiss and suck on her nipples while my hands explore the thong she has on. Oh how wonderful it feels to have your hands all over my body she says, but I'm here for you and your lunch! She reaches down and grabs my dick through my work pants......mmmmmmmm how hard it is she whispers, I just have to have it. Ooops the elevator opens on the top floor but no one gets in. We must have forgotten to push the button. As the door closes she starts takes my dick out and starts to suck it. Mmmmmmmm tastes so good she whispers, as she twirls the tip of it with her tongue. Up and down, up and down mmmmmmmm just not enough time in this elevator she said. I must have been thinking the same thing because I immediately pushed 4 and pulled her up to her feet just in time, as the elevator doors opened and we walked together to my truck. When we reached the truck I opened the back door and had her crawl in first .As she laid down the coat opened and I noticed,OMG! No crotch in the thong! Mmmmmmmm I moaned and shut the door. What are you doing she asked? Oh I see she said as I opened the other door and crawled in on top of her and omg ,here we are in the 69! I positioned myself so my still hard cock fell right in her mouth! Then....... O god o god. ... She moaned as I placed my mouth over the opening in her thong. Oh god! I can't focus on your cock cuz your sucking my clit she moaned! It’s so hard and wet so I helped her focus by pumping my hips gently cuz I didn’t want her to gag' mmmmmmmm my clit is exploding with joy she whispered! I can hardly breathe! She begins to squeeze my balls and my cheeks, mmmmmmm it doesn't get any better than this or does it? Then mmmmmmm I feel my balls tighten up mmmmmmm it's time but I pull out and stop to keep myself from coming! She asked me why and I told her, I am saving it for tonight. As he opened the door and kissed me upside down! I thought I was going to come again! I love your mouth! Then I helped her out the truck and walked her to her car. Before I let her go I opened the raincoat for another look! Mmmmmm DAM! DAM! I said, that’s a keeper “she laughed as I started suck each nipple, and kissed her goodbye! Man I can’t believe what just happened I thought to myself, as I walked back to my office from the garage. I must be out of my mind. I been wanting her since I met her and she pull some crazy exciting shit like this. Man oh Man I can’t wait until this evening. It want be no stopping tonight when she comes over. Smiling all the way to the office. I sent her a text when I got back to my office and told her I was looking forward to tonight and to look into her coat pocket because I had placed something there.
After I got home I was in total shock of what we had done and all I could do was laugh about it. As I took off my coat I felt something in the pocket and I pulled it out. It was a set of keys to his place. I wonder what he has in store for us tonight. He has been patiently waiting for me to give him a taste and I could not hold back any longer. Oh I have a text from him. ‘Please meet me at my place for drinks and the end to what you started today” I laughed out loud after I read it. Oh yeah baby you don’t have to ask me twice but I’m the one that’s going to be finishing up things I mumbled.”LOL”.
I got to his house around 6pm and his truck wasn’t there. I was shy about letting myself in but I went on in. Nice place he has here. I had worn the same coat I had on when I went to see him for lunch but only this time with a different twist. ‘I’m totally naked this time with just black 8inch heels on. He left me hanging this afternoon now it’s time to pay the piper baby .My pussy is aching to have his dick inside of me.I want to feel his cum dripping out of my hot wet pussy when he’s done. I made my way to the kitchen and found some champagne glasses. And there was a bottle of sparkling apple cider in the frig. What no wine! Oh yeah that’s right he doesn’t drink. Well this works for me baby, sparkling apple cider it is! Just as I poured the cider into the glasses I could hear him opening the door. As he walked in I met him and the door and kissed him “welcome home baby” I said and gave him the glass of apple cider. We both drank it never taking our eyes off one another. Mmmmm that was good he said. Yes it was but it’s about to get even better I said and smiled and walk away to put the glasses down.
Why don’t you take off your coat he said! Not now she answered. Tell you what you go take a shower and I will be right here when you’re done. Yeah that sounds nice, I’ll do that. Oh and James? Yeah what is it? Baby you got to close the door the neighbors my see what’s going to happen in here this evening. ”LOL” Oh yeah the front door I forgot. Don’t get nervous on me now. Trust me I aint nervous.
I walked into my room and took off my clothes and got into the shower, man, my dick was getting hard just thinking about her in that coat. If I could jack off and get a quick one and still be ready for whatever is going down in here tonight. But I’m not .I want to enjoy every moment of this and hope it leads to many more. After I finished my shower and got out, I could smell candles burning. As I dried my face I heard her voice. Need some help with that? I looked into the mirror to see her standing there still in that dam coat. Why she still in that dam coat! She better not be teasing me tonight or I might have to take me some. And trust me fine as she is, I can do a little time for some of that. She reached and took the towel from my hands and started to dry me off. Wow this was different never had this done before. I couldn’t help but be somewhat embarrassed at the hard on I had as she reached down and dried my dick and balls. She smiled at me and licked her lips. Where’s your lotion she asked? It’s there on the counter! She grabbed it and squirted some in here hands and started to rub it on my shoulders as she stood behind me. Feels good I whispered, she walked to the front and squirted more on to her hands and started to rub my chest and stomach. Never taking her eye off mines the entire time. There she said you’re all nice and smooth. But you need a shave. Okay I said it will only take a minute. No I will shave you if you let me. AHHH AHHH you’re sure? Yes she said please let me. Okay I said. I sat on the edge of the tub as she took the shaving cream and rubbed it on my face and chin. She then took the razor and pulled the coat away from her legs and sat in my lap. I could feel that she had no panties on and my dick was rubbing against her smooth pussy. As she stared to shave me, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. Every time she moved slightly I could feel her clit rub against my dick head. After she finished shaving me she got up and the towel and wiped my face .Did you enjoy that she asked? If you only knew I said. She laughed and kissed me on the lips. Come with me she said as she took my hand and led me back into the room. Stand there she said? As I stood at the foot of the bed, she turned around with her back to me. Take my coat off please; it’s getting very hot in here. I reached around her waist and took the belt loose from her coat. Then I pulled it from her shoulders as she removed her arms from it. I let it drop to the floor. As she turned to face me it seemed like everything was in slow motion.
There we stood both naked looking at each other as if we had never seen members of the opposite sex naked before. Man she had a body that was an hour glass shaped and her breast were nice and firm and the complexion of her skin was the smoothest of mocha I had ever seen on a woman. She had the smoothest body I had ever seen. ‘Boy had I missed out at lunch time” And here we stood just looking at each other with our mouths open.
So where do we go from here I asked her? You tell me she replied? Do you like what you see she asked? Most defiantly I replied” you’re as beautiful as I had always imagined. I could see his dick starting to throb and after a few minutes it started getting even harder than it was when I sat in his lap. Well I see you are getting a little excited by all of this. She moved closer to me and took her hands and ran them across the front of my chest and back as she walked around me in a circle.
As I stood in front of him again I could see his was hard as a rock and his dick was still throbbing. He reached out and started to run his fingers thru my hair and then on my face making his way to my breast. My nipples started to get hard and he smiled “so I see you are just as excited as I am. Then he started to walk around me in a circle. Once he was behind me he took his hands and ran them up and down my shoulders. Then he stood as close to I as he could and I could feel his hard dick pressing against my ass. Oh he was as warm as he wrapped his hands around my waist and started to run his face up and down my cheek. He started to grind his hips as if he was inside of me and I could feel his heart beating as he pulled me closer to him. “I want you he said “I want to make love to you until you scream my name. I tilted my head back against his shoulder and said “what makes you think you won’t scream mines first. He chuckled, because I plan on screaming yours anyway. As he said this his hands started to slide down my stomach to my crotch. Once his hands reached the top of my crotch my knees started to shake. Oh how I wanted him, since the day we first met. All I could think about was him pushing his big thick dick into my pussy and fucking me until I came. If you want me take, I said, but you must promise me one thing. What’s that he said? That you won’t stop this time until you have made me come twice. That’s sounds good to me he said. As I turned to face him I could feel his hard ridged cock poking into me. He has ready to sink that big shaft into my wet pussy right now. As I kissed him on the lips I slowly slid down to my knees kiss his nipples and stomach on the way. Once on my knees I was face to face with most gorgeous cock I had ever seen. The pre cum was dripping from the head of it so I took my tongue and ran it around the head of his dick , I could feel his body tense up as I did this .Oh yeah he is going to scream my name tonight and every night after this. Without warning I sunk my mouth around his cock and grabbed it by the base and started to pump it like I was trying to get water from a well. Oh he started to moan but not load enough so I started to suck even more and squeezing his shaft at the same time. This time he moaned even louder. Yeah that’s it baby he said softly, suck it good and hard. I started to run my tongue around the head of it and he grabbed me by the back of my head and started to gently thrust back and forth like he was fucking my mouth. Oh how good you felt in my mouth as I was sucking your cock. I wanted to taste you’re cum so bad, then I noticed how big you were and that I didn’t have all of you in my mouth. I grabbed your hips and slowed your thrusting and then I took your dick and sunk my mouth all the way to the base of it and you let a moan that was so deep that it made my heart flutter. Yes yes he said as I kept going all the way down on your hard cock until it was hitting the back of my throat. I could feel your balls hitting my chin and this seemed to excite you even more because the next thing without warning you grabbed me by the head and held my hair and let out moan even deeper than the last. Oh yeah he’s ready to explode now and explode you did. I could hardly keep up swallowing everything you had and it was nice and warm as it slid down my throat and what I couldn’t sallow dripped unto my tits. MMmmmm now that’s what I’m talking about she said as she looked up at me, my knees were shaking from cumming so hard and I was totally out of breath. It’s like she was trying to suck the life out of me. Well if it fills this good then do what you must. I motion for her to stand up and she slowly rises with her back to me again. I wrap my arms around her and gently rub and pat her on the arms and hips, when suddenly I begin to feel hmmmmm, something rising. As I stand in front of him I can feel him begin to get hard again, good I thought because now it’s my turn. So I begin to move my hips and ass! O my gosh it's poking me right at the base of my toosh. So I begin to move my hips even more.... hmmm my my it's n the perfect position to enter my awaiting wetness! I lean forward a little and as I do I push back and you begin to slide into me, but I am so tight I can’t get you all the way in, I bent over a little more, I can feel you going deeper as I push back, then just as I stopped pushing....I feel your hips begin to move and then your hands (that were holding my breast) moved and held my hips as you gently guided your dick further and further in.... Omg I.....oh my it's sooooo tight but oh how I ache to feel you deeper Oooo deeper and deeper! I have to catch my breath. You’re so big! My heart is fluttering ,oooo how good it feels to feel you Inside mister, Now you are fully inside me and I can tell cause as you start your rhythm I can feel you pull out to the tip of your dick and then a thrust all the way back in Being every so gentle as you do it. You’re taking your time and I like that because I’m so tight and I can feel the pain and the enjoyment of it at the same time. Yes that’s it fuck me with that big dick you have and loosen this pussy up. I love the pain of this, how could I not he’s so good and gentle. I bent over and grab my legs just above my ankles and “OMG” I have bent that far since yoga class. I could feel his dick so deep in my pussy and his gentle movements while holding my hips .Oh Jammeeeessssss you’re so big she whispered, Fuck me good please don’t stop, MMmmmmmm yes this feels so good to be fucked from behind like this, ‘OMG “yes rub my ass baby, yes rub my ass, MMmmmmm yes it’s so good your tearing me apart inside. I could hear him breathing heavy and he was enjoying it as much as I was. I closed my eyes and just held my legs and I was feeling so good I thought I was in another world. My head was spinning and I could feel my pussy start to twitch and my pulse getting faster. He still had his hands pulling my ass to meet his thrust and his dick was hitting the bottom of my pussy. I couldn’t stand it anymore and my whole body started to shiver , OHHHHHHH JAMMMMEEEEEESSSSS baby I ‘m cumming, I’m cumming hard baby ,Mmmmmmmm sooooooooo goooooddddd , oh yes, My head started to spin from being bent over like this and I started to raise back up slightly, Just as I did he placed his hand in the small of my back and pushed me back down and he speeded up his thrust and I could hear him panting and moaning , okay he wanted come again, Faster and faster louder and louder he got and then suddenly he thrust so hard and moaned my name so loud I thought he would stick his dick thru my cervix, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHITTTTTTT , he screamed as he thrust one last time and I could feel the cum squirting from his dick into my pussy. Yes give it to me baby give it all to me drain those balls inside me I heard her whisper. WOW I thought I have never had a woman make me come so hard before and twice at that. As she stood up I could feel my dick sliding out of her dripping wet pussy and again she was standing with her back to me and I wrapped my arms around her and held on. She whispered “that’s no fair you know“What I said? You came twice and you didn’t scream my name. Aren’t you enjoying this? Oh yes trust me I have never such intense orgasms’ before. So then tell me how can I make you scream my name? I smiled and took her by the hand and lay on the bed, then motioned for her to get on top. As she positioned herself she stopped for a minute to suck on my dick and immediately it got hard again. She then begin to lower herself onto my hard dick, Lower and lower she went go until my dick is all the way inside her, I can see her biting her lips as it slowly slides in and out OOOhhh how tight and wet it is , she started to moan out loud as her fist stared to clinch my chest, deeper she moaned, deeper James deeper yes that's it she says as I lick my lips oh it feels so good Omg it feel so....oh I gasp I feel the wave coming, oh my god James I'm coming, I’m oh oh oooooooooooooo my pussy starts to pulsate on your dick over and over and over again oooooooooooooooood over and over again ooooooooooooooooo, Mmmmmmmmm, just as I feel another wave coming and omg my clit It’s so so hard.....You grab me and while I am still coming you flip me over onto the bed so that you’re on top of me. You start to thrust and pant very heavily, oh shit I whisper he’s going to push his dick thru my pussy into ass whole, but oh how good it feels. I could feel the sweat falling from your forehead unto my breast, Oh yeah he working it now, I know he’s going scream my name this time , Get daddy yes get it , fuck this pussy and make it yours, Oh yes daddy give it to me. He started to moan, and to hear him moaning now, louder and louder he’s moaning...oh god it's a turn on to hear him moan this way! He reaches out and grabs both of my breasts then he reaches down and takes one of my legs and tosses it over his shoulder! OMG! I didn't know it was possible for you to go deeper! It almost feels like your inside my stomach! He keeps thrusting harder and faster and harder and faster, my nipples were so hard, oh how they were aching for his hands to touch them. They are erect just waiting for him! He is still thrusting omg you pinched my nipples and I cry out in ecstasy just as he starts to moan so loud aaaaaggghhhhhgh, he’s cumming and I am cummming with him! My pulsating pussy eagerly gripping and releasing as I feel him start to squirt his come inside me! But he is still thrusting! Omg I am coming she said. So hard I am moaning really loud as I call out his name Oh James! Ooooo h James ooooooo, Then it comes you scream out my name OOOHHHH SSSHHHHEEELLLIIIIAAAA, YES BABY , YESSSS and then you said something I couldn't make out and collapsed on ,top of me. Mmmmmmmm the smell of our sex, your sweaty body on mine. As I hold you tight I can feel your dick become limp inside me, even that was a wonderful feeling.....I think to myself I must be in heaven now, all is well in my world! You roll off me and pull me up to you and kissed my forehead and said Shelia I would have just screamed your name for dinner and dessert, and then you laughed. I just looked up at you and smile backed, and said, but you would have been screaming about the price of the bill, had it been dinner! Look at the money you saved because 5 star dining don’t come cheap baby. We both laughed and held each other and drifted off to sl**p.
The next morning we both awakened and got up and got into the shower together and caressed each other for a while. After we got out she dried me off again as she had that night and lotioned my body. You mad me feel wonderful last night you know she whispered, I hope you enjoyed everything yourself. Oh yes it was fabulous to me too. James she said, but there’s just one thing I don’t understand, whats that he said? You never screamed” my name” last night. Baby I did call and scream your name last night. She walked over and got one of my dress shirts from the closet and put it on then she grabbed her trench coat and put it on over it. She put on her heels and then she walked up to me and kissed me. Then as she walked away she turned back to me and said “ I don’t know who name you called out last night but it surely wasn’t mine” I just looked at her not understanding and asked her again, What are you talking about? She looked at me and said “my name’ my name is not Shelia ! as she blew me a kiss and disappeared down the hall ,and I could hear the front door close behind her. I just stood there wondering what the hell just happened. After a few minutes I heard my phone beep, I had a text, it read

I had a great time with you last night; I hope it won’t be our last. Keys are under the mat
Please call me when you are truly over SHELIA!
PS thanks for the shirt

My mouth dropped open OMG WTF did I do!

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