As I passed through the guard gate I can only imagine the look on her face when I knock on her door. What will she say when she sees me at her door in a black leather trench coat and nothing on up under it. I have fantized about this moment for months since we first met a few years ago. I can no longer hide the sexual passion I feel for her inside of me anymore. I know we are friends and things may change if we cross that line. But what do i do? People say a man and woman can’t be friends, I guess this is what they were talking about, even as a friend she’s unresistable. To lose her friendship would be devastating. But I have had this burning desire in me for some time and then when I look at her in the eyes I can see she has something going in her mind as well.
I can’t find the words to tell her so I am going to unleash my feelings and lust for her as I knock on her door. As I go up the staircase I feel the thought of what will happen if she is not home? What will happen if she doesn’t feel the same way? I can feel my heart start to beat faster and faster as I make my way up the stairs. I start to fantize about being with her and holding her in my arms. The smell of her perfume is fresh in my mind from the last time we saw each other. I can feel myself getting aroused as I reach the door. As I extend my arm to knock on the door I feel a lump in my throat and start to get scared and for the first time I start to think twice about what I am getting ready to do. But from the moment I saw her walk into that office with that glowing skin and big smile, the way she said “Hello” “my name is Karen” her seductive voice as if she was one of those ladies at
the other end of one of those 1-900 numbers she would make a fortune.
As I knocked on the door I hear a voice say who’s there? It’s Major I reply. She opens the door slowly and peeks out and smiles. Sorry for coming over unannounced but I had to see you. How did you get thru the gate without me knowing she replied? Well I gave the guard a few bucks and he let me thru. Is it okay? Well yes she said as she opened the door up more and invited me in. As she closed the door behind me I could smell the candles burning from the back room. Let me take your coat she said as she reaches out for it.
I took her hand and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply on the lips. She pulled away in awe of what had just happened. I hope I didn’t offend you by that, No she replied but it would have been nice to know it was coming, she asked me to have a seat without remembering that I still had on my coat. As I sat down I asked her if i had interrupted her, not really I was just about to get in the tub and read a book. I could feel my body starting to twitch as the thought of her in the tub with candles burning all around. I could feel myself getting aroused again. So what brought you over she asked, I just wanted to see my friend and spend time with her. Is that right she said? yes I replied, as a matter of fact go ahead and take your bath and I will wait for you and then we can sit and talk, okay she said but why don’t you take off your coat and get comfortable, Not yet I said to myself , I will make it quick she said, okay.
As she walked into her bedroom and closed the door I started to imagine her naked in the bath tub, how beautiful she is when steps into the tub and sits down in the water. As she lets the water fall over her breasts, and rubs them with a towel. Still aroused I can feel myself starting to get an erection, as I think about going into the bathroom and taking my coat off and joining her.
Why is he here she thought as she sat in the tub of hot water, he is hot she thought. But we are friends we can’t cross that line. I don’t want to ruin a good friendship. But we are both adults. Boy what a kiss, he has never kissed me like that before, only a peck on the cheek and a hug good bye.
I knew a few weeks ago something had changed between us, because of the way he would stare into my eyes when we talked. I don’t want to be in a committed relationship, too much drama and I am just not the type to jump into bed with anyone, I have always told him that when he would ask why I am not dating anyone. Don’t let our friendship get in the way of you meeting someone he would say. You’re like a s****r to me. Well I hope he don’t kiss her like that, dam it felt good. But we have been friends for over 2 years now. But these feelings have never been there or have they she thought .Maybe just always in the back of her mind besides he brought some hoochie to the company party last month. But he did tell me she was just eye candy and he did send her home in a cab. Well hell I could have been his eye candy but he is always trying to keep it professional at work. Still she was a hoochie. As she started to bathe she started thinking more about Major.
Those big powerful arms and bulging neck muscles, how I would like to have him wrap them around me. Closing her eyes and letting the heat from the water steam up her face, she started to think about him being in the tub with her, and slowly caressing her breast. She started to get aroused as she kept wandering what it would feel like if he was there in the tub with her. She started to slowly slide her hand down her breast and into the water and started to massage her clit. As the steam from the hot water and the feeling from her massaging her clit started to overcome her she heard a noise at the door. She looked up and Major was entering the bathroom, what are you doing she asked?
As I entered the door to the bath room she looked up but wasn’t startled, would you like me to leave? No she replied, the bathroom was hot and steamy from hot bath water, the candles were burning on the counter, how good they smelled. As I closed the door behind me she asked why you didn’t take your coat off. I said because I wanted to wait for the right time. Is this the right time she asked, yes as I undid the buttons and let it drop to the floor “.Oh my she replied “As I stood there with a rock hard erection, she reaches her hand out to invite me into the tub with her. As I stepped into the tub it was if all my fantasies were about to come true. She sat in front of me and I massaged her breast with the warm water from the tub and I could hear her starting to sigh. I continued to rub her neck and arms and she rested her head on my chest. She took my hands and guided them over and over her breast time after time. And her nipples were rock hard. I massaged her shoulders and neck ever so gently, while still taking the time to stroke her nice firm breast. I don’t know if it was the passion our heat from the water but boy was I sweating. My erection had grown so hard an intense I could feel it throbbing, as she sat up and faced me in the tub; she said it was time to get out. As I stood up my dick was at full erection and she was still kneeling in the water and she took her hand and started to massage it back and forth. Oh how it felt so good, as she rinsed the foam from the bubble bath away from my cock she pulled me closer to her and took her tongue and started to lick the head of my dick and asked if it felt good. Yes it does please don’t stop I asked, as I said that she opened her lips and engulfed it all the way to the base, and slowly stared to slid it back and forth inside her mouth ,oh how good it felt , I could feel my knees getting weak from it. After a few minutes she pulled away and asked me to step out of the tub, as we got out the tub she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. She told me she has thought about me the way that i had about her and she was very happy I came over. As we stood there dripping water on the carpet she came close to me and whispered in my ear and said I want you as you want me. She sat on the bed and pulled me closer and started to suck me more. Once again she had me hard as a rock, she then played back on the bed, as I knelt down she raised her legs and I could see her smooth shaved pussy. As I started rubbing her inner thighs she stared to sigh and moan.
Oh how good he felt in my mouth she thought nice and firm and hard, please fuck me she thought to herself. As his fingers made their way to her pussy lips. He stared rubbing very gently and then she could feel his tongue running up the inside of her leg boy how this made her squirm. As his tongue started licking away at her clit she thought that she would have an orgasm right then. Each time he would press his finger deeper and deeper inside her as he licked her clit. It had been a long time since she had felt this good. After about what seemed to be 10 minutes Major felt her pussy muscles start to tighten up around his fingers and her body started to twitch and she took a deep breath and he could taste her juices starting to flow from the orgasm she was having. Don’t stop she said as I tried to lick every drop of cum from her pussy. Oh how good it feels she said as she took her hands and pushed my face harder into her clit. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! She moaned.
As I layed on top of her I could feel her warm body was the softest thing I had ever felt. With my dick throbbing ever so hard, all I could do was think about how warm her body was and warm her pussy was as I was going down on her. Oh how good she tasted, I thought, As I parted her legs and stared to enter her she whispered please be gentle, I will I said I will, as the head of my dick pushed up into her ever so slowly I could feel her body start to tense up and then relax, deeper she said so I pushed more, deeper she replied and I thrust all the way until she gasped for air. Are you okay I asked? Yes it just feels so good she replied, fuck me! fuck me please she said, she didn’t have to ask me twice as I stared to slowly move in and out her moist pussy , oh how good it felt with each thrust and how warm it felt to be inside her. As we stared to match our rhythm to each others she begin to thrust her pelvis with my every motion, don’t stop she said don’t stop, oh I had no intention of stopping at this point I wanted to cum all over her body and inside her to.
I could feel her body starting to twitch and she moaned even more , fuck me she said fuck me harder, so I started to thrust even harder, she stared to dig her nails into my back and it was painful but exciting at the same time. I could feel my balls slapping against her clit with every thrust of dick deep inside her, oh my god yes if feels so good she said, oh how good in deed I thought, then I could feel her pussy start to twitch and she started to cum all over my dick. She then pushed me over on my back and said I want to taste you in my mouth and she started to suck the tip of my head again. Oh how I wanted to cum in her mouth, it was so warm and she was driving me wild. She would bring me to the verge of exploding and then she would slow down, as if she was controlling my orgasm. “Not yet she replied, not yet” well at this point she was in total control and it felt wonderful. As she continued sucking and pumping my rock hard erection. Each time bringing me to the point of no return only to stop at the moment, boy was she good. After a few minutes she ran her tongue up my leg to my chest and started to suck my nipples then she kissed me and I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me I could feel her breast push against my chests. How nice and soft they were.
As she positioned her body over my still rock hard erection she guided it into her hot wet cum dripping pussy and pushed it deep inside her, she sat all the way down on it until it disappeared from sight, I could feel her throbbing inside, As she stared into my eyes she started to move slowly up and down and back and forth on my rock hard dick, oh how good it felt inside her. I had only imagined this moment for months, tell me how good you fell baby, is it what you imagined? Oh yes and even more I said, good she said now I want you to cum for me baby, cum for me hard as she moved her hips up and down. Oh how good it felt, to see her tits jumping up and down her face with the joy of being satisfied and satisfying me. I could feel my balls starting to twitch and I started to moan, louder and louder than after I could not take it no more I explode deep inside her wet hot pussy, oh baby she said I can feel your hot juices flowing inside, oh how good it feels. She kept thrusting away pulling every drop of cum from my balls. She kept thrusting until I could feel her body start to twitch and she was getting ready to cum again. I held on for the ride and after a few minutes she let out a loud moan and opened her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back at her. Oh how wonderful I felt at this moment. As she sat on top of me with my dick still inside her it started to grow again and she said to me” so now I will finish you off”. Finish me off what did she mean I thought. As she started to slow slide my dick from her wet pussy I could fell the cum roll down my inside leg and over my balls, oh how warm it felt. As she positioned herself she said to me now I want to taste our juices. She took my dick and placed it inside her mouth and started to slowly lick away at the juices covering it. Oh my god I replied as my head started to spin. She started sucking and pumping faster and faster, I don’t think there’s anything left in there I muttered out, oh yes there is, I will show you. She continued to suck harder and harder, give it to my baby, give it all to me! Oh yes! Yes! I replied as I could feel the pressure starting to build up again, my body felt like it was floating on air, as I felt her tongue wrap around the head of my dick, I am going to explode I thought and then she said I want to taste you now baby, At that point I exploded into her mouth and she kept sucking until every last drop had come out and my dick went limp.” Oh my I said that was great” good she replied I am glad you enjoyed it. As we lay in each other’s arms with her breasts against my chest breathing heavily from what had just happened she gently kissed me and said” I hope this doesn’t ruin a good friendship,” not at all I replied, not at all.” As we relaxed we both dozed off to sl**p.

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