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Other great names for anal sex

1)Sin docking
2)Fecal jousting
3)Reverse deification
4)Cramming the flirt-grill
5)Spearing the chocolate starfish
6)Mud gagging
7)Pumping for Satan oil
8)Fanny frolicking
9)Plowing the fecal farm
10)Poking the rude muscle
11)Tainting the turd tunnel
12)Mangling brown booty cakes
13)Plundering the colon cavern
14)Fondling Fred
15)Surfing the feces freeway
16)Alabama Irish shave
17)Occupying the log cabin
18)Packing the mud musket
19)Playing Canadian Mounties
20)Stirring bum fudge
21)Impaling the anus
22)Agitating the winking eye
23)Defiling the Star of David
24)Rectal harpooning
25)Visiting Harlem
26)Slurring the puking gorge
27)Playing with the spoiled onion
28)Mashing the sewer hole
29)Groping the Mexican finger trap
30)Tickling the bladder
31)Bashing the flatulent tuba
32)Double-crossing the “vagina“
33)Ripping the chowder head
34)Marinating in fecal mucus
35)Buffing the big wheel
36)Playing in devil sauce
37)Fecal curdling
38)Invading Africa
39)The prison dance
40)Angering the corn dragon
41)Greek handshake
42)Danish leap frog
43)Compton drive by
44)Turnpike surprise
45)Portuguese karate punch
46)Skipping the fish dinner
47)Fishing in the yuck hole
48)San Francisco hemorrhoid massage
49)Beating the crumpled eye
50)Wearing a brown wig
51)Filling the prairie hole
Posted by jde 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Darting the butt shutter
2 years ago
hows about a mississippii mud slide
2 years ago
41) Greek handshake

32) Double-crossing the “vagina“

2 years ago
loved 32 and 39 lol
2 years ago
LOL Heres a good name for anal rape (OBAMA CARE)
2 years ago
Or "bunghole surfing"
2 years ago
"Bunghole Bounce"
2 years ago
fucking classy bro! why do i get hard over all these? lol cuz ima sick twisted perverted anal freak thats why!
2 years ago
I couldnt stop laughing after I seen "San Francisco hemorrhoid massage & Stirring Bum Fudge"

I thought I was ate up! lol.>This was just HILARIOUS!!
2 years ago
32 made me giggle , well they all did but double crossing the vagina just made me laugh.
2 years ago
This pretty much makes me never want to have anal sex again. And it's sort of my "thing." After I've thoroughly cleaned, I like to pretend none of these euphemisms really apply, thank you very much!

Also, "Visiting Harlem???" lmfao! Terrible terrible, but funny!
2 years ago
"48)San Francisco hemorrhoid massage" *lol*
2 years ago
You missed out
2 years ago
Slamming the Old Mud Hole !!
2 years ago
Pouch pounding?????
2 years ago
Kinda makes you wonder what
they call it in Australia.
2 years ago
Hmm I know
Tissue Style
2 years ago
ok, thats english you dont learn at school here on the kraut side of the world *g*.

Btw maybe some translations do work as well?
"penetrating the south"
"shifting in the back door"
"plow the muck"
"tossing the rose"
"taking the temperature"
Just because Amykiss' new coffee creamers gallery: "inside the mocha box"

Hope they are not too formal ;-)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and keep on nailing bad porn as you always did :-)
2 years ago
ok, this is english you dont learn at school here at the kraut side of the world: Thanks for sharing and keep on nailing bad porn :-)
2 years ago
Checkin the oil! :)
2 years ago
"The southern taint hookup"
"Pumpin'for puddin"
"Bakin' some brown betty"
"Havin' a Kodak moment"
"Whoops, I did it again!"
"Yodeling with the A-Train"
"Booty scoot-in boogie"

"Bung draftin"

2 years ago
And down South, they love "Playing Cornhole"
2 years ago
Traveling the Hershey Highway.