A bad day gets better.

You call me after a really bad day. I can hear the stress in your voice so I tell you I will be right over and help with some relief. I come in and give you a hug then open the bottle of wine I brought and pour you a glass. I suggest I good full body massage to help soothe you and you quickly agree. Of course my best massages are the nude hot oil type and you already know that there are magic in these fingers. You undress and lay down while I warm the oil and d**** a towel over that sexy little bottom of yours.

I pour the oil on you and begin to massage you, slowly working my way down. I get ever so close to your ass, but then skip over it to massage your legs. Down one side and up the other, then back up to your neck. You are feeling the tension leave, but it is replaced with a new sort of sexual tension you wouldn’t mind some relief for. As I massage downward again I remove the towel and begin to rub your ass and inner thighs. I get ever so close to your luscious pussy and let my fingers trail gently down the crack of your ass, never quite touching what you so desire. You actually squirm a bit as you feel the juices begin to flow between your legs. As I continue you actually try to f***e yourself against my deft fingers, but I only continue to tease you. You k**dingly tell me I am mean and I laugh and suggest a front rub, you quickly flip over and offer up your beautiful, sexy breasts.

As before I begin to rub you all over, including oiling up and massaging those magnificent tits, but my fingers only tease and gently graze your nipples, which are quickly becoming hard and erect. My hands slowly work their way down to rub your thighs and this time as I rub your inner thighs I allow my fingers to graze over your sweet pussy lips. The touch makes you tingle after so much anticipation and soon I can tell you are almost in frenzy. Finally my hands go where you so desire. I begin to firmly pinch and squeeze your nipples and breasts, while the other hand dances around your outer pussy lips. Finally I slide a finger inside as it reaches up to find your g-spot. I finger fuck you, slowly at first, then faster and faster. My hand pounds against your pussy as your hips meet every thrust until the wave of orgasm washes over you.

I tell you I want to taste you as I wipe the oil from your body. My mouth moves to your nipples and I gently suck on them while flicking the nipple with my tongue. I take the whole areola in my mouth and let my tongue do circles around the erect nipples. I could spend hours just playing with your breasts and nipples but your pussy needs my tongue. My kisses move slowly down your body until you part your legs and give me that glimpse of paradise. I begin to gently kiss around your inner thighs and pussy lips and you start to moan and squirm again. I can tell you want me to hurry, but I love to build you up and make you cum hard. As I gently kiss and nibble on your sweet pussy lips I can taste your wetness and it tastes so good. Suddenly I firmly lick your entire slit up to your clit. You gasp with joy, but then I am gentle again. Soon you can take no more, so I give you want you want. I bury my head in your hot, wet snatch and begin to lick. From your asshole all the way up to your clit, then back down. You push your pussy against my face waiting for every time my tongue hits your clit. Finally it is time for you to cum. I begin to firmly lick your clit, broad strokes with my tongue. Faster and harder my tongue massages your clit until I hear you gasp, your hips buck, and you scream with pleasure. I have to hang on to your ass so I can finish you completely.
After you catch your breath you ask what is next. I say………………….and I guess we
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2 years ago
Awesome. Then what happends?
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