My First Threesome

So I thought I’d related the one and, so far, only time I hooked up with a couple I met online. It was years ago, we may have met via AOL, if that was any indication. They lived not far from us. And after a few sessions chatting and flirting, the asked if I wanted to come over. I was off work that day and the wife wasn’ I said, “Why not?”

I was increasingly nervous as I drove over, and I wasn’t entirely reassured when I met them. He was perhaps slightly older than I was at the time – early to mid thirties - a little bit redneck, but strangely charismatic in a slightly creepy sort of way (ever see the old Brad Pitt/David Duchovny movie “Kalifornia?”). She was young -around 20 - blonde and oddly innocent (the fact that she didn’t seem all that bright probably contributed. But she was cute, with a sunny disposition and perky breasts, so I wasn’t about to point that out).

They invited me in and we sat in their kitchen for a while, drinking cheap wine, making small talk about chatting with people online, sexual fantasies and such. He asked most of the questions, most variations on “what’s the wildest thing you ever done?” But I don’t know that my answers were all that impressive – unlike them, I’d never hooked up with anyone I’d met online before (I’d met up with a couple people, even carried on an extended flirtation with a married woman I’d met online, only to chicken out at the last minute).

But then, in the midst of our conversation, perhaps frustrated by how timid and indecisive I’m sure I was (I was only half listening to them anyway, caught up as I was in a vigorous “am I really going to do this?” debate inside my own head) he decided it was time to move things along...

“You want to watch me shave her?” he suddenly asked.

“Yes,” I stammered, the question of whether I was really going to do this apparently settled. We adjourned to the bathroom where she stripped off her shorts and underwear before kneeling in the tub while he filled it with a few inches of water. She was surprisingly nonchalant as he proceeded to lather her up and ply the razor, smiling at me the whole time like we were still sitting around the table having a chat.

Once she was nice and smooth, we all moved into the living room. She never bothered to put her pants back on and her top didn’t last long either, once he put some bad seventies guitar rock on the stereo and they started to make out. Unsure what to do, I sat on the couch while she dropped to her knees, unzipped his jeans and proceeded to go down on him. He was bigger than me, and she was lovely: her skin fair and flawless and her breasts every bit as perky as I expected. Soon he had shucked off his remaining clothes and pushed her back onto the carpet, going down in her in turn while she smiled up at me.

After awhile, he rose up and guided her onto her knees, turning her so she could face me. Then while she continued to give me that enigmatic smile, he entered her from behind. I was a little self-conscious with them both watching me as I watched them, but my cock was rock hard and my boxers soaked. I was literally dripping. And, aching as I was, I couldn’t help rubbing it through my jeans.

That apparently got his attention. He leaned down while he was fucking her and whispered something in her ear. I couldn’t hear what it was, or her reply. But it wasn’t hard to guess...

“Go ahead, take it out,” he ordered as she grinned at me wickedly.

I didn’t have to be told twice. And within moments, I was stroking my cock, already slick of its own accord as my fist pumped up and down.

He speed up the tempo of his strokes to match my own, grunting a little with the effort. She was gasping as well, head lolling in ecstasy. And I suspect I was groaning a good bit, too. I wasn’t going to last long at that rate, my cock was so sloppy wet, my excitement peaking as I watched them fuck.

He must have sensed it. “Do you want her to suck you?” he asked.

I’m not sure I actually said anything in reply, or simply stood up. Either way, within moments, he was lying on his back on the floor, she was riding him and I was standing over him, my pants sagging off my waist and my feet straddling his head as I slid my almost bursting cock into her waiting mouth.

Oh. My. God. It was phenomenal. So hot...and such suction (well, her screen name did contain the word “hoover’). And, just as expected, It was over quickly. I’d barely slipped inside her before I moaned that I was going to cum and she reach up and grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper into that amazing, eager mouth of hers, my hips bucking wildly as I shot jet after hot, white jet down her honeyed throat.

I was shaking by the time she let me go and I staggered back to collapse onto the couch.

He must have been watching the whole thing from below. Because, no sooner had I sat down, he was on his feet, his long, wet cock in her gasping mouth, chasing my cum with a load of his own, which she swallowed down eagerly...

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3 months ago
now imagine it was your wife!!!
1 year ago
Hot stuff
1 year ago
Very nice..did you ever hook up again?