Dirty s****r rides again!!!

I woke up and made my sandwiches my mother asked me if I wanted a lift to work I said no has I was being picked up at half past! She picked up her keys and left for work. During the last few month my dad had been layed off from work and my s****r lazy cow has never worked! My mother is a cleaner and I work in a call center! Money has been tight lately so me and mom take all the overtime we can get.I brushed my teeth and set off for work! When we arrived at work I realised my sandwiches was on the side at home and I had no cash on me I asked my friend if I could borrow his car has my house was only ten mins away and set off home at lunch. When I arrived the door was unlocked but no one seemed to be there which is unusual because my s****r lazy cow never goes anywhere and dad should be in. I went upstairs too go to the toilet and heard moaning cumming from mom and dads room. I peeped through the crack in the door and saw my dad on top of another women. I watched my dad fuck this women and has I looked on my dad got off her and started too head fuck her I opened the door a little bit to get a better view and has my dad cum on her face and made her swallow I relised it was my own s****r! I went back down stairs picked my sandwiches up and went back to work. I couldn't get thought of my dad cumming down my s****rs throat I replayed over and over in my head . The day after was Saturday and mom and dad go shopping at the weekend. Me and my s****r have never got on and we fight like cats and dogs usually she wins being daddys girl but I know they dirty secret now! I tell my s****r what I have seen and she runs off to the bathroom crying! Five mins later she comes rushing out of the bathroom yelling you can't tell mom I say why not and what's in it for me? It best be good not often I have info like this! She says you can't tell her and looks at me with her puppy eyes and pleads she bends down unzips me and takes me into her mouth. I couldn't believe it my own s****r sucking my cock the slut I took my phone and started to record what she was doing she stopped and said no! I said its only for me and whome am I going to show(x hamster) and if she doesn't let me record her fucking and sucking me off id tell mom! I don't like my s****r but a blow job is a blow job and it felt wrong but good I bent her over and I cum in her taking some good videos n photos! My dad has moved out now because Mom caught him in bed with her best friend if only she knew! I now have all the evidence I need and I cum down my s****rs throat most mornings or when ever I want ! I still don't like my s****r but she swallows my cum now !
81% (14/3)
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1 year ago
very good not long enough
2 years ago
well now she can earn her keep as she likes to be on her back all the time
2 years ago
Very good,but be very careful she could hold you on something as well,,thanks for posting,,