Claiming Dee

[This story was written by request for and about a very wonderful fan. I mean every word of it. Hope you enjoy, babe.]

I met Dee in a little pub near my office. I'd just popped in for a drink on my way home, and was sitting at the bar trying to unwind, when my eyes lit on her. Her friends were gone and had left their empties and tips on the table, but she still had half a cooler and a bored look in her eye.

She was about 5'5, dark of skin, hair and eye, and the neckline of her shirt dipped low enough to show a gorgeous valley between two huge breasts. But not, like, porno-fake-huge. That natural huge that a curvy girl gets when the Gods smile on her development. Much like my wife.

Speaking of, I quickly sent her a text. "Having some drinks with the boys, home late," it said. I muted my phone - her response didn't much matter - and flagged down the bartender, buying another cooler like the one this dark, lonely beauty already had.

I scooped it up, picked up my own drink, and strode over to the table. Placing the fresh, cold bottle next to her warming one, I smiled down at her. Damn, the view was nice standing over her, too. I made a note to enjoy it more later on. "You looked thirsty," I said, flashing a charismatic smile. "Friends left you all alone?"

"Yeah, they all got work in the morning," she said. "I got tomorrow off, though."

"Me too," I said, sitting in the chair next to her. She had a slightly surprised look on her face, but didn't challenge me. Good. "Jim," I said, sticking out my hand. "Dee," she replied, taking it in a gentle shake. Her grip was soft and warm, I noted. Good.

I grinned, taking a sip of my drink. She did the same, although with far less caution for how fast she was drinking. Not that she was a lush, mind, but I had decided I wanted to be sober for this.

We chatted amiably as she finished her drink and started in on the one I'd brought her. Names, jobs, likes and dislikes, all that meaningless bullshit people talk about together. I said something funny andwhile she was laughing, I reached over under the table to pat her thigh, all friendly-like. Mm, I thought, nice, warm, thick legs, soft but not fat... very nice. I left my hand there and took another sip of my drink, shifting a little closer.

Dee was wearing a skirt under the table, and my fingertips picked at the edge of it as we chatted about world events or sports or some other meaningless crap. After it became obvious that she wasn't in an objecting state of mind, however, I lifted the skirt and slid my hand underneath it and up her thigh.

Her voice caught a little as she spoke, telling me some story about her cousin or something, but she didn't pull away. I moved my hand higher, feeling bold, pushing her skirt up out of my way and dipping my fingers down into her panties.

I felt past a soft tuft of hair and quickly found what I was looking for. Her pussy was warm and already moist for me. So, I thought, maybe you're not as clueless about this situation as I thought. Good girl. I smiled at her, enjoying the slightly nervous look on her face as I touched, teased, and finally slipped two fingers into her pussy.

She bit her lip, steeling herself to enjoy a nice sneaky fingering, and I pulled my hand back. The disappointment washing across her face was just perfect. "Finish your drink," I commanded. Her hand quivered as she brought the bottle to her lips, eyes on mine, and drank it down. It was half-full still, and the head rush made her blush. I tossed some cash on the table. "Let's go," I said, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet.

The pub shared a parking lot with a motel, and I was friends with the guy who worked the night shift. I'd texted him earlier to open a room for me, and his response had been a number. I'd pay him later in cash, and he'd write it off as a guest who'd switched rooms so the cleaners wouldn't be suspicious. An old trick, but a good one.

I led Dee to room 21, shoving the door open ahead of us. My friend had left it propped ajar for me. I kicked the little rock out of the door and let it close, then turned to admire my new toy. She was even better-looking now that I could see her in the light without a table in the way. "Turn around," I told her, and she did, slowly, wiggling her big round ass at me before coming round to face me again.

I stepped toward her and ran my hands up her thighs and sides, drawing her closer. My cock stiffened as she pressed against it through our clothing. She tilted her head up and closed her eyes, expecting me to kiss her and make her feel pretty.

Fuck that, though. Not tonight. I moved my hands up to her shoulders and shoved her down, her knees hitting the carpet hard. She made a hurt little sound and opened her mouth to protest, which was exactly what I had planned. I unzipped my pants.

She got as far as saying "Hey, be gent-mmph!" Her voice was cut off as I shoved my cock into her mouth. One hand guided it in and the other held the back of her head. I took it to the edge of her comfort and grinned wolfishly down at her, but said nothing.

She looked indignant at first, but it didn't last. I laced my hand into her hair to hold her still and started to fuck her mouth slow and deep, moaning a little at the warm, soft feeling of her lips and tongue. It felt even better after a few strokes when she gave in and started sucking. I smiled at her, but still said nothing.

I reached down and gave one of her tits a squeeze. It felt great, but it was covered by her shirt still, and a powerful bra strained under that. I shoved my hand down into the low top of her shirt and under the bra, grabbing and squeezing her flesh possessively. She moaned around my cock in response.

I pulled her breast up and out roughly, shoving myself harder into her throat to make her gag. She tried to pull back, but my hand was still holding tight behind her head. I pinched and tugged on her big, dark nipple, making her whine and look up at me.

I moaned and leaned over, pulling her face into my crotch as I reached down, pulling the back of her skirt up. Her ass was magnificent, only partly covered by a pair of black satin panties. I gave her left cheek a hard smack with my palm and was rewarded with a gagging moan from her.

I pulled her hair back to get her off my dick, but didn't let go. Instead, I walked up to the bed. She had to crawl clumsily after me to avoid being dragged. When I got to the side of the bed, I hooked a hand under her arm and pulled her up, turning and shoving her onto the bed. "Shirt," I ordered, pushing her skirt up over her hips and pulling her to the edge of the bed.

She spoke to me while she pulled the shirt up over her head. "I have a condom in my bag," she said as she fumbled to get it off. Fuck that, I thought, I'm not here to fuck a piece of rubber. I grabbed the shirt between her wrists, pinning them above her head. The fabric was blocking her view, so she couldn't see what I was doing. I pulled her panties to the side and shoved my cock into her slick, hot pussy in one firm motion.

She cried out in shock as my hips hit hers, clenching like a vice around me. I let go of her shirt, grasping at her bared breast and squeezing it greedily with one hand, the other on her hips to hold her steady. My thumb ground slowly against her clit and I started pumping my hips out and in, slow and deep. I was feeling her, mapping her, and claiming her.

"Oh... o-okay," she stammered. "Just make sure you pull out, okay?"

I grinned and lied. "Of course, baby," I said. "Wouldn't want any... accidents, would we?" I punctuated my sentence with a hard thrust that made her gasp and squirm. She shook her nead no. "Good girl," I said, patting her cheek. I leaned back and pulled up her legs, guiding her thighs around my waist. She relaxed, convinced that she was in for a nice, sweet fucking.

Her moaning sigh was my trigger. I growled and grasped her thighs, then slammed into her once more. I could feel her flinch as I banged into her cervix, but I didn't wait. Holding her by the legs, I pulled back and rammed into her again, and again, each thrust greeted by her clenching tighter around me. She panted for breath, one hand gripping at the bed, the other flailing weakly at my arm. "Please," she breathed," Not quite so- AH!"

I pushed her legs up higher, laying her ankles on my shoulders. This bitch was mine, now, to do with as I chose... and I chose to fuck the shit out of her. I reached around her thighs and yanked down her bra, freeing her other breast at least and grabbing onto both, pressing my weight down on her. The higher I pushed her legs, the tighter her pussy stretched around my cock, but she was soaking wet and couldn't slow me down.

There was so much I wanted to do to her, so much... but it could wait. I spread her legs a little, driving deeper, reaching around her thighs again, one arm elbow-to-wrist across her collarbones to pin her and keep her tits from flapping in her face, and the other reaching back to slap and grab her ass, clenching hard.

Dee started shaking under me, and I knew I'd pushed her over the edge. Her pussy clenched and her legs shook, and she caught enough breath to scream as she came. I picked up my pace, grunting in effort, and panic cut her pleasure short.

"No, wait- no!"

I ignored her cries, groaning as I buried myself in her cunt over and over, pressure building and finally bursting. My cock exploded deep inside her, and I made three more ramming thrusts down, shoving my hot cum all the way up into her womb. "Nooo," she cried pathetically, but the way her pussy milked at my shaft told me that her body loved every moment of it. I ground down against her, finally stopping, and held there, my cock throbbing and twitching inside her, making sure every last drop stayed in her.

I pulled myself off her at last, sliding out of her soaking wet slit and pulling my pants back up. "I'm not protected," she whined between panting breaths.

"Good," I said. I picked up her purse from where it'd been abandoned on the floor, pulled out her phone and made a note of the number, then put it back and tossed it onto the bed. Then, on a whim, I pulled out my own phone and took a picture of her laying half-on the bed, pouting and oozing.

"I'll be in touch," I said, heading for the door. "When I call... see that you answer."
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1 year ago
Omg!! Thank you baby for making the story for me. I would loveee more....manyyy more.
1 year ago