Meeting my Kitten at the hotel.

The air in the hotel lobby was cool and humid. That made sense, since the whole thing was a two-story air-conditioned courtyard around an indoor pool. Despite all that, my palms felt warm with a nervous sweat. My heart was pounding as I walked past the front desk toward the room - her room.
Rationally, I knew I had nothing to fear. This had been years in coming, years of long calls and chats and covert e-mails. The love and devotion I felt was real, and it was echoed unconditionally on her end. Still, my heart pounded harder with every step as I drew near to the door, room 107, where she had told me she was staying. This was it. It was finally going to happen. I reached out and balled my quivering fingers into a fist, then rapped gently on the garishly-painted green door.

For a few seconds, nothing happened. I swallowed, listening to the rushing bl**d in my ears and the distant sound of a f****y relaxing in the pool. A tiny, terrified voice inside me told me to run, but the rest of my mind squashed that impulse. I was here now, it was all coming down to today, I was-
The door opened.

The door opened, and gods help me, there she stood, looking up at me nervously through those dark-rimmed glasses she always wore. They were kind of cliche, but somehow that worked for her. Her dark, red-tinted hair fell just past her shoulders; she'd grown it out for the occasion. She was wearing a black t-shirt with some band's logo on it, a little black pleated skirt, and stripey black-and-purple leggings. The belt that held her skirt in place matched the collar around her neck. I smiled.

"Hello, kitten," I said. She giggled, stepping back a little to let me in. "H-hi, sir," she stammered shyly. I stepped into the room, and the heavy door swung slowly closed. It was slam-proof, of course, but the latch caught with a KA-CHAK that was deafening. She flinched. So did I.
I wanted to be cool, to be calm and collected, to impress her with my casual collectedness. I'd rehearsed this moment for years, ever since the days when I'd been working the desk in this very hotel. I wiped my hands on my slacks. We stared at each other and I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry.
Fuck it, I thought suddenly. Here I am. Here she is. We've said all the words already. I realized that I was stepping forward, reaching out; my body must have started moving the moment I made the decision. I slid my palms along her cheeks, leaning in and drawing her toward me. A distant part of my mind pointed out that this was the first time my skin had touched hers. Then, firmly, our lips met.

My eyes closed on reflex as we kissed. Her lips were soft and warm, and they parted willingly. I breathed in through my nose, and her scent filled my head, sending my mind further into the haze of the moment. She smelled and tasted like sweet berries, even though I could tell she wasn't wearing lip gloss and had on only the barest hint of perfume. It felt familiar. Somehow, I'd always known this scent, this taste.

My hands slid down to her sides do draw her closer, but there was no need of that; she was as eager as I was for the contact. Her body pressed tight up against me. I could feel her heartbeat through the soft, hot flesh of her breasts, every bit as urgent and pounding as my own. I could also feel, as my arms slid round her back and drew her in tighter, that she was not wearing a bra.

I moaned in desire. So did she. The sound was heavenly to my ears, but I didn't have time to savor it. It was suddenly crucial that I focused my attention on my hands as they roamed her back, her waist, her hips, acting on their own unfathomable instinctive need to seek her skin. I felt my left hand slip under her shirt, caressing her back. She felt hot, and just a little sweaty - likely the result of the nervous hours spent awaiting my arrival.
A moment later, my right hand, growing bolder, slid down the curve of her ass and the back of her thigh, then up again, tracing that legging upward until I felt skin... and then up further, cupping her rear and squeezing. I still felt only skin.

She giggled into the kiss and bit at my bottom lip playfully as I realized how little she was actually wearing. Her hands had slid round to my shoulder-blades, and I felt her nails draw down my back. I gave her ass a hard squeeze - gods, how perfect it felt in my hand - and was rewarded with a a full-body shiver as she remembered just who belonged to whom. Her hips wriggled inadvertently against the front of my pants, and we both realized that I was sporting an erection like a slab of granite.

I had planned to draw this out, to make it special and romantic. She had probably planned something, too. It didn't matter. Fuck plans. We let go of the embrace and kissed again, harder, making little grunts of effort as I unbuckled my belt and she unzipped my pants, reaching inside to draw me free. Her fingertips were like satin, wrapping around my cock and guiding it toward her. I pressed against her body, pinning her to the wall that I'd barely noticed was there, my hand moving down to her thigh and lifting it to my waist. My knees bent a little and I felt her free hand caress my cheek. Finally, I felt something hot and moist kiss the tip of my cock, and I thrust my hips.

I sank into her easily, sparing not a moment in the task of burying myself in that heat. I groaned. She squealed. I felt her passage constricting like a vice around me, but it did nothing to slow me down as my thrust carried me into her depths, pushing until I felt the grind of her hips on mine.
My left hand, still holding her thigh, slid back to cup and hold her ass, pulling her tighter as I savored this first, perfect moment - the moment we were finally one and whole. We were still kissing. She was panting, and I realized I should probably slow down and let her catch her breath. Then desire overtook me once more and I began moving my hips, out and in again an inch or two, not willing to pull back any further than that yet.

My right hand moved up between us, pushing up her shirt and grasping her breast as I found our shape, the positioning that let me move without either of us pinching or falling. I drew my hips back further and growled into her lips, then thrust home once more, our skin making a loud slap with the impact. She made another gasping squeal, but this time I was unwilling to let her get her bearings. She was mine now, and it was time to prove it.

I began pumping my hips rhythmically, pulling back further each time before slamming into her tight, throbbing passage. I felt her hands clench behind me, curled tight around fistfuls of my shirt. I broke the kiss at last, opening my eyes to take in the sight of her. She was beautiful, perfect, and graceless, her hair falling across her cheek on one side. I tore my eyes off her, growling again as I bent my neck. My lips found the base of her neck, the curve where it became her shoulder, and parted so my teeth could grasp and bite down on her.

She screamed, clenching and shaking as she came for me. I ignored it entirely, sucking and biting on the salty skin of her neck and fucking her mercilessly, pinning her back to the wall between us. It was just the first of many; my b**st was awake now, and it had plans for the mate in my hands.

I turned us and strode quickly to the bed, not bothering to pull out of her until I was close enough, then throwing her down upon it. She turned in the air, landing hard on her side, but I caught and turned her on the first bounce, dragging her hips up and back as I got on the bed behind her. Her shoulders stayed down and she gasped as I drove into her once more, but she did not resist; she had accepted her role quickly.

This time there was no hesitation, no savoring. This time, my hips slammed hard against her, then pulled back and slammed again, and again, quickly finding a rhythm. My hands gripped the gorgeous pale flesh of her hips to keep her still, and the rest of her squirmed under me. Her squeals became breathless moans and I felt her cumming around me again. Again I ignored the tightening of her already impossible snugness and drove on. She was mine now, and I aimed to use her.

Her knees buckled under my continued f***e.I leaned down further, straddling her thighs and pinning her body under mine. My teeth found her neck again, holding her skin and flesh firmly, as if I needed another way to prove my dominance to her. All the while, my hips were working, slower than before but much harder, grinding my cock into her welcoming depths. She bit down on the bedclothes, letting them muffle her cries,and I leaned forward, breathing a single word hotly across her ear.


I reared back suddenly, kneeling, still straddling her legs, and began fucking her with renewed vigor. Again and again I drove deep, forcing my way past the constrained and shaking flesh of her ass and thighs. With each thrust, she let out a desperate squealing moan, as though I were forcing the air right out of her. Maybe I was, but I was far beyond caring. Need overwhelmed me, burning away any desire to tease or please her, leaving only the need to go harder and faster.

My hips slapped her ass over and over, until the grip of yet another of her orgasms f***ed me over the edge. I groaned in ecstasy, hammering into her and shivering as the pleasure ripped through me, each thrust now accompanied by a burst of seed in her womb.

Finally I slowed, unable to take any more, grinding into her and giving her the last of it before collapsing, panting, atop her. I leaned down over her shoulder, turning her head and kissing her. My hands reached up and found hers, fingers entwining with what felt like practiced ease.
I don't know how long we lay there, still joined together, kissing and panting. I do know that when I finally sat up and pulled out of her, the sad little whining sound she made almost broke my heart. I laid back on the bed beside her and kissed her once more.

My kitten had other plans, of course. She grinned mischievously at me and lifted to her hands and knees. There was still some wobble in her limbs, but she didn't need to go far. She turned and pressed against me, moving her neck and hand, and before I had time to register what was happening, I felt the unmistakable heat of her lips and tongue on the head of my cock, sucking and parting, pulling my throbbing length into her mouth.

Her head bowed down and she took the entire length, part-softened as it was. I moaned as I felt her tongue and throat working, licking and swallowing. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch, reaching to brush back her hair and caress her cheek. She smiled around my base, and tilted her head to look at me, and in that moment I fell in love with her all over again.

What did I do to deserve this angel's devotion? She looked perfect: happy, playful, and utterly beautiful in that real-girl way that magazines and models have never understood. I smiled back at her and let my head fall back onto the pillow.
A moment later, she joined me, sliding up against me and nestling into the crook of my shoulder. I wrapped my arm round her and pulled her close, barely registering the fact that she'd finally shed her rumpled and sweaty clothing.

"I love you, kitten," I said softly.

I could feel the shiver in her shoulders at my words, and although I couldn't see it, I know her smile was wide as she laid her head on my chest. Her reply came without hesitation or reservations.

"I love you too, sir."
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