My wife and the parts man

My wife used to bring my lunch out to me every day I noticed she was paying particular attention to our parts man. One time I heard her ask the parts guy when he was going to take her out to lunch. He had no idea that my wife was a nymphomaniac anyway after her asking him a few more times one evening she told me he was going to bingo I never thought anything of it because she did go occasionally. She started going to bingo three nights a week I found out what was going on when I opened the shop up one morning seeing my tire tracks going into the shop didn't take me long to figure out what was happening but I did not say anything to either of them.

After about two weeks of this my wife asked me if I would pick the parts guy up at a local bar which I gladly did. When I walked in the bar he looked like he did not want to be there I asked him to come with me I dropped them off at my house told him to give my wife a real good fucking which he was doing anyway.

The next day in words he came over to me to thank me and tell me he thought he was a dead man when I walked into that bar. He became a steady fuck for my wife.

We had a bad snowstorm a few weeks later one of our guys could not make it home I invited him to stay at our house so he could make it to work in the morning. My wife made supper for us after supper retired to the living room to watch TV for a while about 9:30 PM my wife told me she had to fix the couch so he could sl**p on it. Him and I went back to the second so my wife could get his bed ready about 10 min. later she said the bed was ready the TV was off and we were going to bed showed him where the couch was her and I went to a bedroom.

We were in a bed about 10 min. my wife said she had to go see if he had enough blankets she never came back he was fucking her all night.
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2 years ago
Sad.. Why would you allow that? keep your wife on leash man. :) Nice story though
3 years ago
Great Story!
3 years ago
Hubby is no good at all as he can't keep his wife
3 years ago
and batting clean up hubby the felcher.....Sweet