My wife a seat cover store owner

I worked in a business that was adjacent to seek cover company separated by a chain-link fence I was able to observe everything going in there parking lot. One day I observed the owner feeling up one of the ladies customers we were good friends I said nothing to him. One day we were talking he asked me if I can come over to his home take a look at his washing machine my wife and I arrived it is very lavish home which he was quite proud of. He wanted to give us a tour the downstairs anyone of us to go see his bedroom my wife one of first he followed behind I told him to take my wife so she could hear it I stayed downstairs they came down about two hours later. No one said anything to anyone about anything. But the next day and work he came over to our shop told me I had one hell of a hot wife which I already knew I told him he can have her any time he wanted and to let his friends know about her.

About two weeks later he told me he was out of the party at his house on the weekend Saturday afternoon I should be there with my wife about one o'clock we arrived at his house he let us out to the back patio there was for a five-minute drinking beers he would've made six. As my wife and I were walking out he grabbed my wife started making out with her feeling her up in front of his friends that got the ball rolling. They all had a real good time with my wife which I really enjoyed.
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