Naughty Slaves Chapter 3

Chapter 3


The next morning I awoke with the taste of his cum still in my mouth. I wanted to vomit! Suddenly, two guards appeared.

"We have been ordered to take you down to the bath house. Your not going to give us any trouble are you?"

I shook my head reluctantly. The severe pain in my head preventing any thought of rebellion. They unhooked my chains from the wall but kept my hands firmly cuffed behind my back. They had to half carry me down a long hall into the bathing room. There I was tossed into a small pool of water where other sex slaves waited to wash me.

They scrubbed me down from head to foot with a soapy sponge and then scrubbed my mouth out vigorously with a horse hair brush. I was happy to finally get that taste of the Punishers cum out of my mouth.

When they were done cleaning me they began to oil my cock and my pubic hairs. They applied a lot of oil and began to stroke my cock until it came to life. The guards pulled my out of the pool and d**g me down a long narrow hallway that opened up to the public square....

A large crowed had gathered around a wooden stage which was placed strategically in the center of the square. The sun shown so brightly that I could barely see that a woman had been bound, hands and feet to a vertically mounted wooden fixture in the shape of an 'X'. She had been stripped completely naked and was surrounded by three naked male slaves.

The two guards e****ted me up on to the stage. There were 5 large wooden phalluses nailed to the stage floor in a semi arch in front of the bound woman.

I was guided to the center phallus and f***ed to kneel as the guards guided it into my rectum. My hands were unbound and the guards took their position behind me. Their clubs ready for me to make the slightest move.

Four more slaves were brought in and lined up beside me, two males and two females. They too were f***ed to kneel upon the phalluses.

I knew what was to come next for I had participated in this public showing before. There would be a live sex show for the entertainment of the townsfolk and the kneeled slaves would be f***ed to watch and masturbate for the further enjoyment of the audience.

The noon day sun beat heavily down upon us. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the intense brightness, I looked up to see the bound slave. My heart skipped as I realized that it was her, the beautiful slave that had stolen my heart.

Judy was staring down at me, her beautiful dark curly hair shining in the sun light. Her eyes glistened with tears.

Her body had been well oiled and small metallic shavings had been spread across her skin so that the sunlight glistened off of her making her appear almost angelic. Her Delicious breasts rising and falling with every breath and her pussy had been freshly shaved. From my view point I could see perfectly her glistening pussy lips. I knew that it was wetting it self, preparing for the young hard cocks that were about to abuse it mercilessly.

My mouth began to water and my cock became much harder. A small smile crossed her lips as our eyes made contact as if to say "everything will be alright".

So this was to be our punishment. She was to be r**ed repeatedly in front of the large crowd and I would be f***ed to watch helplessly. Even worse, I had to make myself cum on the stage or risk being beaten ferociously.

Cumming wasn't the hard part... it was getting the timing right. As the show climaxed, the other kneeled slaves and I were expected to cum at the same time, a perfect explosion of sexual juices all at the same time like the grand finally at a fireworks show.

They wasted no time in starting the show. It was a hot day and the audience was growing impatient. A tall thin man dressed in a black robe stepped up to the middle of the stage.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen. We have an incredible show lined up for you today. This beautiful slave has been a very, very bad girl and deserves to be severely punished. Her good master has so graciously decided to let you all witness!"

The square came to life with the sounds of clapping and cheers. The sound was so loud that it felt like a thousand drums were painfully playing in my, each drum beat carried with it a dagger of pain.

The pain caused my cock to go limp which the guards had noticed immediately. They were ready for this. One of them ran foreword with a hand full of oil and began to stroke my cock until it came to life again.

As he stroked it, he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. His tongue entered my mouth and I pulled back quickly and head butted him as hard as I could in the nose. I knew I would pay for it later but not now. Not during the show...

"Today you will witness this beautiful slave being mercilessly fucked by three young slaves. Her master has given these boys permission to do as they wish. Can her body handle the worst these three studs can offer!"

I looked over the three slaves which where waiting very impatiently to take her. They were all young, between 20 - 25 years old, and were all good looking (as were all of the sex slaves in this land).

They all had long hair, two of which were brown, the third was blond. Their cocks were rock hard and impressively large. This worried me a bit because I knew that her tight little pussy would not be their only target.

"And without further a dew, let the show begin!!" said the announcer as he left the stage.

The three assailants had been well trained and went directly to their posts. One on each breast and one, the blond, kneeled down between her legs.

The two boys sucking her breasts knew exactly what they were to do. They licked her nipples up and down then sucked her breasts into there mouths with an incredible hunger and f***e. Her nipples swelled as she savored the suction. The two slaves worked together as one, licking and sucking. Sucking and pulling.

The third boy sat on his knees in front of her. The way her knees and ankles were bound to the wooden 'X' she had no choice but to accept his hungry mouth. With long slow strokes of his tongue, he drank up all the juices her hot little pussy spilled forth. He tasted her sweet honey, the slight saltiness of her sweat. He nuzzled desperately, wetting his nose in her. Then he bent his head far back and began to use his tongue like a stiff little cock and thrust it in to her very tight, very wet pussy.

Using four fingers from each hand, he spread apart her ass cheeks and with the tip of his tongue he circled her anus. Her anal muscles spasmed, then released. He tapped quickly her tiny hole with his wet tongue. Each contact brought another squeeze, a further letting go. He played her muscle's reflexes, darting in on the release. Each venture took him further into her, until her clenching captured half his tongue.

He then placed his palms along her pussy lips and spread them wide to make her clitoris pop out. He pressed his mouth against her taut skin, encircling her hard little nub. Her pink nether lips nestled around his.

He licked upward once and she sighed deeply. He paused. He licked again, a suck, then another long slow lick. He swept her clit with quick, light strokes. Then a half a dozen smooth, sure laps, up and down, to make her groan and rouse her body. All the while, the other two slaves were suckling and massaging her breasts. Every once in awhile one would come up and kiss her passionately on the lips. Her mouth devoured their tongues in pure ecstasy. She seemed oblivious to the crowed around her.

The five of us that were lined up watching this were each stroking our sexes. My cock was as hard as it's ever been. The ridge of the artificial cock in my ass was hitting my male g-spot that many don't know exists. I began to rock up and down on the wooden cock as I stroked my own.

I could see the ecstasy in Judy’s face and knew that she was about to cum. I remembered the taste of her cum and was envious of the man licking her pussy now. I knew that what he was about to taste would make him long for her forever.

Her body began to convulse. Her hips began to gyrate trying to show this young stud where to lick. Her wispy moans (that I knew so well) were escaping her lips now. She began thrusting her hips back and forth as she came harder and harder and her sweet juices flooded into the man’s mouth. He lapped them up like a man dieing of thirst and he swallowed every drop. While doing so he began to stroke his cock. His hand moving up and down furiously, twisting slightly when he came to the swollen pink head. His cum shot out coating his hand with his salty white fluids.

The taste of her cum alone could make me cum. It was like the sweetest honey I'd ever tasted. I was addicted. I longed for that taste my every waking hour and dreamt of it in my sl**p.

The three men then lifted the cross that bound Judy and laid it horizontally on a plank in the middle of the stage.

The show was not yet half way over and already my balls had moved up to my body and my cum was building. I began to concentrate on stroking the base of my cock, avoiding the head which held most of my pleasure sensing nerves.

At the end of the show, the wealthier of the observers would have the opportunity of renting one of the masturbating slaves for the remainder of the day. If I were to cum prematurely, there would be no chance of being rented out and it would disappoint my master greatly, most likely resulting in another night in the dungeon and another beating by the Punisher.

Note from author: I will write more chapters to this story if I get enough requests so please let me know if you like it... jcg
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