Naughty Slaves Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I have no way of knowing how long I was out I awoke to two guards unchaining my hands and feet from the wall mounts. They f***ed me to my knees and chained my wrists to a ring which was mounted lower on the wall. There was an intense shooting pain in my head and I felt extremely sick to my stomach.

Then I heard a voice in front of me. At first, the words were garbled but as I focused I began to understand what was being said.

"You have been a very naughty slave haven’t you? I could have her head for this!". It was the Punisher. We had met before… on more than one occasion. I had always been a stubborn slave but this was by far my worst offence.

My judgment was badly affected by my anger and pain, I replied "Then take it man! If you think you can. But don’t be a pussy. Unshackle me first."

He began to laugh and replied "You have a lot of spirit for a slave. I would much rather see you broken first." And with that, he approached me and pulled his leather pants down. His cock was fully erect and he shoved it toward my mouth. "Now suck it slave! Or I will have you whipped within an inch of her life!"

As his cock came closer to my mouth I exclaimed "One inch closer and I'll bite that miserable excuse for a cock right ..." Before I could finish my sentence I was struck with a tremendous blow to the side of my skull.

The bl**d poured freely once again, taking with it every last ounce of fight I had in me….

I opened my mouth to accept his cock being unable to take another blow to the head. He began to work it in and out. The head of his cock going deeper into my throat with every thrust. His salty pre-cum filled my mouth.

Finally he unleashed his full load down my throat. It wasn't the first time I had been f***ed to suck a cock but this was more than a head job. He was establishing his domination over me and I knew it.

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4 years ago
still should have bite it off