sl**p-over at johnny's: pt 2(after we sl**pt)

"oh my gawd"..."my son is gay" "but .." i try 2 say... "dont talk to me...MAYRA!!..." "wat?" "guess wat.. ur son and my son are gay..nd their little friend is to."
they both started cryin and screamin at us. it made me sick ..dat my own mother is not acceptin my bi-sexuality.
"dats it.. ur goin to military skool". "fuck no, i aint goin nowhere!"
me and joe left johnny's house and went to buy some clothes.
"joe im sorry", "why da hell r u apologizin?".."i dont kno". ahaha... then thats wen it happend, 12 years of friendship(and a night of sex) and he asked me to be his boyfrend.."omg im so happy!!"..."Wait till tonight".
so we got to dis huge hotel!..da lobby is bigger than my house..lolz..and we checked in...he then blindfolded me. "watdafuck are u doin?".."its a surprise"
so he open the door and i unblinded ma self nd there it was........
a king sized bed. i looked at him. and started kissin him deeply......woah, woah, woah. my momz iz callin....phuck her nd her life.. i want u and we culd run away and...."jan, were to young to run away.."...."but im not to yung to suck dick" i got down unzipped his zipper. nd i slurped dat dick,,deepthroat it. licked his nutz we even he sucked my dick...he dont kno how tu do i f***ed my dick down his throat. he was cryin nd chokin...i broke my heart to c him cry. but o well. he then stopped nd turn me around..grabbed his dick and started pushin it in my lube. no condom. i screamed lik a bitch. nd then he started humpin and thrustin. and he fuckin me hard...wen my fone goes of. its popote. my s****rs ex boyfrend.i didnt pick up and he sent me a text.
but since i was in the middle of sumthin..ahem. i didnt joe is bout tuo squirt..he den pulled out nd nutted all over ma ass then turned me over fast nd nutted in my face.

3 1/2 hours later
i go to the bathroom nd nd i responded da text.
-yo were yuh at?=mind yo...
-cum sukk ma dikk=fuck busy ...bye

i went bakk to bed were me and joe hugged nd fell asl**p...till johnny called me 30 seconds later.........................
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4 years ago
Your language needs some work but your story is first rate thanks