Watching wife with older men

My wife was hot for older men. She was 29 with a great body and good looking. We agreed she would have sex with older men and I would watch. We started with our 65yr old landlord. He lived alone so We payed him a visit on night after a few drinks at the local bar. He had always flirted with her so we thought he would be easy pray for her. when he opened the door he was in his robe as he had been in bed watching tv. After letting us in it was not long at all before my wife reached in his robe and felt his naked cock. my wife filled him in about what we were there for and he was surprised at first but had no problem with it. He took my wifes had of his cock and led her to his bedroom and I followed. they kiss and rubbed awhile then he sat my wife on the bed and opened up his robe letting my wife view his thick hard naked old cock. my wife sucked the hell out of his cock and I loved watching it. she had his 65yr old cock hard as a rock and ready to fuck. he got on top of her and fucked the hell out of her. after a couple hours we left and she had sex with him many times after that.
The next guy we found online. He was 62 and black. We hooked up thru a sex dating site. He turned out to be a great guy with a huge black cock. My wife loved sucking him off and just playing with his big black cock. It was a long drive for him so he would spend the night sometimes. He was married so it was always at our place. It was so hot watching them fuck. One night I slept on the sofa and they slept in the bed together. I awoke at 5am and headed to the bathroom. the bedroom door was open slightly and saw they were awake and fucking. He was at the end of the bed standing fucking her doggie style. I pulled my cock out and jerk off twice watching them. she was moaning and loving his big black cock fucking her. He was by far the best.
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1 year ago
I agree, there are several old men I'd love to watch my wife get on her knees for and please.
2 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
there are several men on here who i would love to watch my wife with.
3 years ago
its to bad theoldog lives so far away! he would be great to have next door. would love to watch my wife suck his big mature cock.
3 years ago
pity so short
3 years ago
it sure is lovely to see an old man use the cunt of a young woman. I have let a numnber of old men do things to my gfs over the years; I love to see the excitement of a pensioner as he gets the chance to enjoy a young pussy
3 years ago
It's very nice of you to share your wife....lucky wife!
3 years ago
Love to have my old cock in your hot cock sucking wifes are welcome to watch and jerk off as she sucks me dry...
3 years ago
Good story. I'm one of those 'old men' and ready anytime she is.
3 years ago
There are a lot of old men your cum slut wife could be pleasing. She better keep the store open late.
3 years ago
3 years ago
good but short