Experimental Stage.. Three's a party.p

So this takes place in the spring of 2006...

I'm now 20, soon to be 21, and I'm nearing the peak of my party stage, and sexual experimentation stage. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend of nearly 5 yrs. He left me for another girl. Heartbroken and a bit vengeful, I went on a spree, sl**ping with about any guy with a nice smile.

Anyways, moving on, I was home from college (my first stint) on spring break and I had acquired a fake id while attending. I went out bar hopping with some girlfriends who were already of age. At the 2nd bar we stopped at, we ran into a couple of guys we went to high school with. We kicked back, reminisced, and had a great time. Both guys are starting to get more comfortable and start hitting on us slightly. One tells me about how he had the hots for me since 9th grade, which i found both amusing and flattering. He compliments me on the purple spaghetti string and abercrombie jean shorts im wearing. Im almost getting aroused by the comments. After all the bars began shutting down, we went to one of the guys houses for an afterparty of sorts. We began taking shots (after several cocktails throughout the night) and one of the guys lit up a party sized joint. Needless to say we're all feeling good at this point...

Its now 3:30am and my two girlfriends leave for the night because ones started to pass out in a chair much to everyones amusement. Im still pretty fucked up and not about to attempt to drive my brand new Honda Accord 20 miles home. The one guy, we'll call him, "B," continues his game on me while his buddy, who we'll call, "M," is using the restroom. I'm d***k, stoned and horny, so I'm pretty open to suggestion by now. B starts to kiss my lips and neck and rub my thighs. He points towards the bedroom, when M comes out of the bathroom. Trying to be discreet, B quickly changes the subject, but M has already caught on. M starts towards the front door when I grab his arm and pull his lips towards mine. Now B is confused and jealous, but I assure him they can both have me. I begin to kiss B's lips again when I feel M's lips kissing my neck and shoulders. They both take turns kissing my mouth, arms, and neck and M starts to massage my stomach and breasts. Im making out with B again when I feel M pull my left breast out the top of my spaghetti strap and begin to suck my nipple. B likes what he sees, and pulls my right breast out and begins to suck my other nipple. I then feel B rubbing my clit thru my shorts. I unzip my shorts and allow him to slide his hand down my pants. M is still to my left sucking my exposed nipple and kissing my neck, when I grab his erect penis and begin to stroke him. I eventually lay on my back with my head in M's lap as B starts to finger my moist vagina. M then pulls his pants down and I immediately put the tip of his penis in my mouth. My senses are going crazy now, trying to focus on giving a good blowjob while having B's tongue and finger tips stimulating my clit. Impatient, B jumps up, drops his jeans, and pulls me upright on the couch. They both stand in front of me eagerly awaiting my mouth. I giggle and stroke them off for a few seconds, when B shoves his erect penis in my mouth. I take turns on them trying to be equal but the shape and size of M's penis is much more appealing. B tells me to lick his balls but I decline, because its not my sorta thing. M begins to finger me for a few seconds and then suddenly pulls me down sideways on the couch. He begins to penetrate me and I tell them both they need to pull out when they cum, although I was still on the pill. So M's got me in some sort of half missionary with my leg over his shoulder while B is laying over me placing his penis in my mouth from the top. It is much more work than I expected. They switch and B bends me over the armrest while M stands in front and begins thrusting my mouth. This lasts for about 5 minutes then we decide to go to the bed. Dizzy and barely able to walk, M pushes me on the bed and then pulls me legs first to the edge and begins penetrating me again. I thought B was gonna jump up and have me blow him but instead he plays with my breasts (finally taking my top off completely, before my breasts were just hanging out the top) and masturbates. After about two minutes they take turns doing me missionary. I start to feel a little ashamed but I keep going. Back to doggystyle with B penetrating me and M workin my mouth. I continue to blow M when I feel B pull out and cum on my lower back/butt cheek. B leaves the room and I suck M off for a couple minutes. He asks to cum on my face but instead make him cum on my fits/stomach. After that I didn't waste time cleaning up and leaving. I was ashamed and embarrassed, d***k, stoned and wanting to go to bed. I woke up the next day feeling strangely proud and feeling like a whore...
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