I was sitting alone in a small park in the Missouri Ozarks near Doniphan

enjoying the day and it was a very hot summer day I had been hiking and

taking pictures of the scenery which was incredible when I started to get

very hot as the temp that day had reached 90 degrees in nothing flat sweat

was pouring off my brow and I already had my shirt off sitting on a blanket

I had thrown under a big oak tree when it occured to me I had been here for

several hours and never saw or heard a soul it wasn't like this was a big

tourist draw just a very small nature trail off of a county road near hwy


I thought it over for awhile and decided what the hell I had not been naked

outside in nature since I was a k** and I had only did that because I was

skinny dipping in a local pond. So I decided to strip it all off I dropped

my pants and under wear and stretched out on the blanket enjoying what

little breeze was blowing thru the big old oak trees and I found myself

really enjoying this feeling of being outside under the sky and nature.

Soon I found my cock getting hard and I wasn't sure why, I guess it was

because it's that feeling that your doing something dirty like when you were

a small boy trying to spy on your s****rs friends that would spend the

night. I found myself rubbing my thighs and playing with my nipples then

rubbing my balls and cock gently it was such a turn on to be doing this out

in the open with no one around. My cock was soon leaking precum all down my

legs I got it some on my fingers and I tasted it savoring it's salty


Then as I was getting turned on I started to finger my big asshole feeling

my fingers probing my tight man pussy made me so fucking horney. I was

leaking like crazy then I got this bright fucking idea that since I had my

camera and tripod with me I should take some photos of myself doing these

nasty things in a public open place so I sat it up to where it would

actually video tape the whole thing and I could just download snapshots of

the hottest parts to keep.

I started out by lying on the blanket and jerking off my now rock hard cock

slowly, while I played with and squezzed my balls then I lay on my stomach

exposing my big ass to the camera and shoving 2 fingers deep inside of my

man hole and I was leaking so bad it was now just dripping onto the blanket.

I rolled on my back and closed my eyes pumping my cock faster and faster

knowing it was not going to take long to shoot a big load in this condition

I was fisting my cock frantically when I heard a rustling sound I just

assumed it was a small a****l it was not that loud and went back to my self


Just as I was reaching my peak I heard a louder sound but it was to late

Ummmmmmmm oh fuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk I moaned as I started shooting my load high into the air it burned my skin as it landed back onto my own chest and even hit me right in the eye and face landing on my lips. At this point

I had forgotten the noise and licked my lips savoring my own salty cum.

Suddenly I heard a voice say "well that was one hell of site there, not only did I get to see you jerking off plumb naked but I have never seen a man eat his own jizz before" There in front of men with a huge assed hard on was a young man about 25 years old just staring at my naked body before him. He looked me over for a moment and then said if you don't mind the taste of jizz how about trying some of mine I could use a good blow job and I have heard about you faggots. I would have responded violently but his cock looked tasty beneath his camofloge pants. So I just got on my knees and motioned for him to step forward,

He was already pulling his hard cock out as he approaced and when He got close enoughI could see his cock was uncut and the foreskin was so tight around the head it looked like it would pop any moment and I knew if I had my way it wouldn't take long until it was popping in my mouth unloading it's sweet salty load down my throat. I dove my mouth down onto his hard cock he was so fucking thick my mouth barely fit around his shaft and he was about 9 inches long a huge cock and a nice looking guy to boot. I went wild on his cock sucking and licking and jerking all at the same time he was moaning yeeeeeeeeessssssss that's it you fucking fag eat my cock eat that shit up you faggot you like it don't you? I just muttered over his now pulsating cock uh huh.

I was now getting a little more use to the size of his big rod and was getting about 5 to 6 inches down my throat he was holding my head and now starting to face fuck me I was starting to gag hard on it spitting up saliva and cum and almost throwing up from his abuse he started slapping me in the face with his massive monster cock and pinching my nipples so hard it made me yell out "ouch". I reached around and having taken some saliva from my lap put it on my finger and as I sucked him I shoved it up his muscled ass. This drove him wild he started to fuck my face harder I was gagging making horrible sounds as he pounded my face like a fat juicy cunt..And soon he started to shake and I could tell he was close and as he got ready to shoot He was yelling out YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS you beautiful faggot your better at sucking this cock than my wife ever was..Take it you little Faggoooooooooootttttttttttt takkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeee my load and he started to shoot off all over my face "Here it cummmmmmmmmmsssssssssss faggot boy here is my loaaaaaaaaaaaadd was landing on my tongue as I kept it out in front to catch the dropping load onto my tongue....But most it was shot into my hair and all over my chest and face...

When he was done he just stood there with almost a shocked look on his face and he said man i am no fag I have never done this before and I said well I am not either I have only done anythig with another man a few times but as you can tell I was pointing at my rock hard leaking cock I really enjoyed servicing your big cock and well I would love to have you put that big cock right up my ass as far as you can shove it..I don't care if it tears me apart I need to feel it inside my ass. I want to shoot my load again with you inside of me making me your little faggot bitch are you up for it.

I need not have even ask the growing stiffness of his cock was my answer. I had no lube at all and I knew without lube this was going to hurt but I had many times shoved my 10inch thick dildo up my ass so I was pretty sure I could handle him except for the dryness. But I was sure as hell willing to give it my best shot...

I bent over on all fours and said looking over my shoulder "come on baby fuck your fagot bitch's ass like a real man" With that he got behind me and I spit in my hand to get me as much lubrication as I could as He placed his cock to my asshole entrance I could feel he was leaking and I knew this would help alot but as he began to push in I could feel my ass muscles stretching out as far as they could go he was much thicker than my dildo and it was already beginning to hurt me but I was not going to stop him and I don't think I could stop him if I had wanted to.

After a few short gentle thrust he just started moaning and and shoved his whole cock up my now burning asshole screaming out "take it you fucking fag bitch take this big cock,ummmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh your so fucking tight" I pushed back onto his cock instinctivley as he was pumping my hole like mad man he was possessed oh it felt so good and hurt so bad all at the same time.."yes fuck your little faggot bitch whore, give it to me you big fucking stud, Ram my ass with that log" .

Those words set him over the edge as he started to grunt and moan "yessssssssss baby that's it use those ass muscles to milk my cock,,,,ummmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss here it cumssssssssssssssssssss you fucking whoreeeeeeeeeeeeee take this loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddd!!! And with that I could feel his cock pumping shot after shot of hot man cum up my man pussy...It felt so good inside my bowels I started shooting my own load all over the blanket as he started shooting up my ass...

When he was finally done we collapsed on the ground he with his cock plopping out with a disgusting suction sound and I could feel his hot load running out of my ass down my legs he leaned forward into my ear and said "thanks baby that was a better blow job or fuck than my wife has ever given me" I would like to have some more of that hot ass I work at the Country Mart in doniphan if you ever want some more cock just look me up. With that he buttoned up and walked to his truck.

I on the other hand was not done I just lay there basking in the hot sun stroking my cock and feeling his load run down my legs and I would repeat this several times over the next couple of hours hoping yet another big cocked hillbilly would come let me service them perhaps I was a little fagot whore. But hey I can accept that if it means getting that much cock that good...

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2 years ago
Fantastic great story made me cum in my pantiews
3 years ago
Tell where that was i would like to get serviced that good too thanks
3 years ago
A good fuck can be hard to come by.
3 years ago
Oh shit that was so good had to jack off to that one thanks