As I lay on his soft muscled hardened thigh his shrinking penis slipped from my loving lips as the last droplets of his nectar of life dripped down my chin and dropped onto his tight thighs. He gently stroked my long blonde hair telling me how much he loved our time together and how he cherished our soft gentle way of making love. He then reached down and pulled me up to his face where he shared a very intimate soft gentle kiss our tongues wrapping around each other in a loving embrace.

Just moments before I had bent my head down onto his 8" rod and started to suck his thickness softly and gently going as far down on it as I could without gagging. It was not like other blow job sessions I was enjoying taking my time gently licking his shaft tasting his juices and mine together as he had just pulled his nice rod out of my now sore but happy tight hot big round ass. He had taken me like no one else in the world ever had riding my ass from the back while I lay over a pillow gently pushing in and letting his penis rest there deep inside my man pussy I could feel it's heat and it's pulsing motion. He was driving me crazy what a lover he was.

We had only met a few hours before as a romantic couple but I had known him for about 6 months his little b*****r had played baseball with my grandson. That's right it was a Daddy, Son relationship, he was 18 and I was 47 I tried to explain when I had met him that I was not interested but he had figured out I was a closet gay man already he had seen some photos on I had posted and recognized my tatoos. I admitted it was me in the sexy lingerie with the toys and other various objects shoved up my big ass and that I was still not interested in someone of his age and that I had actually only been with a few men my entire life. But he would not take no for answer and everytime I saw him he would tell me hot he thought I was and how much he would like to get to know me better.

Jarrod had came over to help me move a couch and when he arrived he had lovin' on his mind he wore a very short pair of cutoffs and everytime he would bend over his tight young round ass would show itself I couldn't tell but I didn't think he was wearing any undies at all at least they were not showing when he bent over showing that sweet young ass to me and he was doing it a lot. After loading the couch into my pickup we started driving to my friends house to deliver it and he said he was getting hot and tore his t shirt off his young muscled hairless chest. I thought to myself man what a body I really deep down wanted to pull over and start sucking on his dark nipples and feeling his hard six pack stomach beneath my lips. But instead I kept my eyes on the road he said after a while he needed to take a piss but that I didn't need to stop as we were running behind he could just pee in a cup I had in the floor board. I would have argued but I also knew at this close range I would be able to get a good view of his cock as he took his piss.

He pulled down his fly and out plopped this amazing cock he as I had thought had no undies on at all and he was completly shaven not a hair any where making his cock look even better and bigger and that smooth look was so fucking hot I almost shot my load at first sight it was very thick but semi hard already. I knew he was getting turned on as well showing off for me he kept glancing at me to see if I was looking at his cock. I kept talking about something that really didn't matter and yet kept glancing over as he just sat there for a few moments then picked up the cup and let his stream start to fly.

As he filled the cup up my cock was growing to full attention I kept telling myself he was way to young for me but seeing him like this with his shaven cock and body right next to me was getting to me when he was done he shook it off a little longer than he should have and even said "darn look I shook it so hard it's getting hard" I looked over and sure as hell he was hard as hell his boy cock was sticking straight up in the air. "Nice" I said to him and he said " I knew you would like it, I love having my cock free in the car like this and no one but us knows" with that he started to wiggle it around and said "you know I could go for a good jerk about now" and I just looked over as he was leaking precum bad by now and said "go for it, let's see what that big cock can do" with that he started to stroke it slowly up and down the entire shaft.

You could see it throb when he would stop and after several minutes he looked over at my crotch and said "it looks like you could use a good jerk yourself". I could I replied but I have to keep both hands on the wheel "here let me help" he said as he reached over and started to unzip my fly I had on my undies so it was a bit harder to get me out and at around 8 inches myself it was not easy but he finally managed and it suddenly flopped out hard hitting him across the face. I shouted out "ouch, that hurt" and without batting an eye he said "well I guess I should kiss it and make it better huh?" and he leaned down and kissed the head then he heard me moan out loud UMMMMMMM and with that he said "maybe a french kiss would help it better" and he licked the head tasting my precum that was leaking like a hole in dam UMMMMMMMMMMMM I moaned even louder this time.

It was to late I was gone I couldn't help it at this point I didn't care how old he was he was over 18 and legal and I wanted to feel his mouth around my cock so bad so I put my hand on the back of his head and gently pushes his mouth down onto my throbbinb old man rod. He took it easily into his hot wet mouth..l kept moaning UMMMMMM YES BABY BOY that's it suck your Daddy's cock I must have said the right words because he started sucking me like a mad man and kept looking up at my face as he was doing it with loving adoring eyes...YES BABY BOY SUCK DADDY SUCK HIM GOOD MAKE ME CUM IN YOUR HOT LITTLE BOY MOUTH YESSSSS BABY SUCK ME SUCK YOUR DADDY'S COCK GOOD....

Jarrod just moaned and kept right on sucking stopping to lick my balls and stroking my cock he was making it last as long as he could this boy new how to suck a cock better than any man or woman I have ever met to this day. He would bob his head up and down while using one hand to stroke my cock up and down and the other he used to squezze and nead my balls. Making my cock beg for release but just as I was about to cum he would stop or slow down and I would get right to the edge and he would start all over again bringing me to the brink.

Finally after we were almost to my friends I said " do you like sucking Daddy's cock baby boy" he popped his head up kissing me on the lips I could taste my own saltyness and he said "Yes Daddy I love this and I want to be your baby boy forever". With that I told him I needed to cum he was now jerking his own cock and "Said me to Daddy I want to cum with you so let me know when your going to shoot I want to swallow it all for you" Swallow it hell no one had ever swallowed my load they all spit it out or let it run out of there mouths. With that said I started to fuck my hips into his mouth really hard and he was sucking me for all it was worth making these sloppy sexy cock suckig sounds and I started to yell out "NOW BABY BOY NOW I AM GOING TO CUM IN YOUR MOUTH NOW ARE YOU READY TO SWALLOW DADDYS CUM LOAD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BABY SUCK DADDY...FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD BABY BOY YOUR THE BEST COCK SUCKER EVVVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRRR UMMMMMMMMMM...He started to shoot off his own load all over himself and onto my lap as well I reached over and finished stroking his cock for him as I started to shoot off into his hot mouth he was moaning an groaning on my cock and that humming motion felt so good as well...YESSSSS BABY BOY HERE IT CUMMSSS UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and as I shot off into his mouth he sucked and swallowed every drop down his sweet boy throat..Man this k** knew how to suck a cock Damn it was feeling so good when I had finished shooting off my load down his throat he came up and kissed me and did something I had heard about but never seen or did he had a mouthful of my own cum and he let it slip into my mouth it was still hot and so sweet and yet salty we kissed for a moment but it was one of the hottest experiences I have ever had and of course we have did it a lot more than this one time..My Baby Boy is so fucking hot! Maybe 18 wasn't that bad after all...

86% (25/4)
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9 days ago
luv 2 have an 18 yr old suck my cock as long as I could suck his 2
8 months ago
horny story, he could have had 2 daddies.....
2 years ago
Wow I came again now I'm done for the day thanks for your great stories
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2 years ago
OMG that was awasome thanks
3 years ago
Another awesome story to jack off too.
3 years ago
Yes thankyou i just had to jack off ans cum with you butnow i'm going to jack off one more time thanks