[image][/image“Yes baby fuck your big whores hot ass” I screamed out as my lover plowed his big black uncut 11” thick cock up my white ass. I could feel him clear into my tummy and I could actually feel his cock making my stomach pooch out with every deep hard thrust into my big hot tight ass. “yes, yes shove that big black cock up your tight big white whores ass baby, fuck me harder, harder. Ahhhhh yessssss” I moaned with every thrust.

He started to pound my ass harder and faster as I spoke so dirty to him and I could feel his big black sack slapping my ass cheeks as I begged him to fuck me harder and faster. When he would stop for a moment and just let his huge pole rest inside my ass I would use my ass muscle to caress his long shaft buried deep inside of me. I could feel it throb from the sensation feel it twitch with every beat of his heart. He was almost incoherent when he would speak babling about my tight ass milking his hot black rod.

Finally after almost 30 minutes of brutal ass attack he slowed his thrust and held my hips hard against his soft furry crotch, Shoving my sore ass up in the air I began to pump his cock slowly letting my ass gripe him tightly up and down I knew just what my man wanted and how he wanted it, he started to moan out “yessssssssssssssssss, yessssssss that’s it you fucking whore fuck that big black cock, you fucking slut…Yesss here it cums baby and I thought my ass would explode from the intense heat I felt when he started to shoot his load up my ass one big hard stream at first that felt like it would come out of my tummy and explode onto the sheets. I griped his cock with my ass muscles and milked his cock just as he had ask squirt, squirt his load now came inside my hot asshole in small short burning bust until I was filling up fast.

His load felt like fire up my ass burning my bowel walls with every extreme hard shot deep into my pussy. I had been fucked of course before but this African stud was unloading more baby seed in my big ass than anyone ever had, he came so much it oozed out of my ass and down my legs slowly running down and onto the sheets below. This was pure exctasy!

It was warm spring day in May of 2010 and I had just turned 48 a few weeks before and I was trying to become a little more fit. Time had taken it’s toll I felt like I was no longer attractive and just not feeling good about myself at all so I had started to work out a little at a local gym.

One evening I was working out and a tall muscled black gentleman came up to me and whispered into my ear “love your black lace thong panties, I would love to see the ass there wrapped up in” I was stunned as I am an avid cross dresser I wear womens panties quite often in public under my MALE clothes and I had forgotten to take them off before coming in to do my work out. These were the lacy see thru type with big black lace flowers the ones that when you wear them make you feel like such a feminine woman as they cling tightly to your man pussy entrance and they were so very, very sexy.

After he had made his comment to me he went directly across from me on the rotator machine where I could see his huge bulge in his tight white shorts. He was hard as a rock and I had never seen a cock that size! It was huge and I could see the very veins thru his thin shorts with every beat of his heart the veins would engorge fully I could only imagine what it would look like in person. As he rotated back and forth I could see it moving around freely in his shorts so I knew he did not have on undies of any type.

While I was watching him doing my own exercise my cock began to grow as well but it was confined by a piece of duck tape holding my cock deep up inside my groin so that I looked like I had a pussy instead of a cock down there. But I decided if I couldn’t give him a little show with my cock I could get over on the massage table and give him a good show with my big fat smooth dimpled ass.

I lay down on the table on my belly making sure that the middle section of the table was pushing my hips up and my shorts were pulled up as high as I could get them showing just the cheeks of my ass. As I stretched I made sure to do little humping motions which I hoped would drive him as crazy as I was watching his cock throb in his shorts.

After about 5 minutes of facing away from him I turned over on my stomach and to my surprise his huge uncut cock was peaking out of his shorts the foreskin was pulled back exposing it’s giant dark pink head and there was no doubt I had had an affect on him his cock was leaking noticeably from it’s beautiful head. His cock was perfectly formed almost like a work of art its long shaft lead to that beautiful tight foreskin that griped his engorged pink cock head. I thought to myself I had never seen a hotter cock than this and my own cock was leaking and leaving a huge spot in the front of my shorts.

I got up and walked into the locker room getting undressed my cock was standing straight out in front of me after I had removed my lacy black panties and freed my cock from it’s resting place inside my groin. I was glad it was late and I did not see any other guys getting ready to come into the locker room. So I walked into the showers with my cock swinging in the air slinging pre cum all over my legs as I walked. I lathered up my hair and I got some soap in my eyes which burned like hell while I was standing there rinsing the soap out I felt a hand on my cock and when I peeked out thru the soap there was my black Adonis stroking his own huge cock it looked to be a foot long and so thick and he was stroking my cock with his other hand.

My heart raced at this wonderful sensation of having an Adonis like him worship my cock. He fondled it softly slowly stroking it up and down using my own circumcised cock skin to cover my cock head with it’s stroke off his hand I drifted closer to pure erotic heaven,

He said nothing to me and I him he just kept stroking my cock and his own I was beginning to feel those strange sensations right before you shoot your load and my balls were sucked up next to my groin tightly signaling I was about to cum.

Then my Adonis surprised the hell out of me he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down towards his now rock hard cock and I just obeyed getting on my knees I looked up at him he must have been well over 6 feet and that cock was a monster up close. It’s huge pink head peaking out of that sexy tight foreskin, the veins were bulging and full of bl**d that you could see become even larger with each hard heavy beat of his heart. I had only sucked a few cocks in my time being a cross dresser because for the most part I was straight but every once in awhile I craved a good hard fuck and suck from a male.

As I licked his cock tentatively using the tip of my tounge to test the tip of his cock he pushed my head down harder on it holding my long blonde ponytail in his hands he pushed my hot mouth onto his now dripping cock, I took a little more into my mouth it felt like a hot poker upon my lips and it tasted so fucking good sweet and sticky then he shoved his hips forward and his cock slide halfway down my throat making me gag my throat contracting from this sudden motion made it even more exciting for him he moaned out loud “yes white whore suck that big black cock, gag on it show me what a great little cock sucking whore you are” I was choking and gagging and could not breath he was still shoving my head down yelling out while he fucked my face like a little whore “breath thru your nose he snapped keep sucking me baby” .

I had never sucked that many cocks and I sure as hell did not deep throat but here I was taking orders from this big ass cocked black Adonis like a good little whore and he had shoved about 8” down my throat and I was gagging and almost throwing up and he kept saying “yes you fucking white whore suck my cock, suck it good make me cum down your throat. My throat continued to contract making it difficult for me to breath he was being brutal and yet I was so turned on by his rough ways my own cock was leaking all over the shower floor. As my throat gripped his entire rod. He just kept fucking my mouth like you would a whores ass. I wondered if I passed out if he would continue his brutal assault on my mouth and throat.

I had never swallowed anyones cum at all ever and just as I was about to complain he pushed all 11” down my throat and I could feel him tense up and his already huge cock expand inside my throat and mouth making him moan loudly and thrust his hips into my face and mouth harder then suddenly I felt his cock head get larger deep inside my throat his entire rod grew longer and thicker and I felt the burning sensations of his load shooting down the back of my throat. It burnt all the way down until it landed deep inside my stomach where his seed now rested inside my body. We were now officially connected one and the same his seed of life inside my warm body. I could not swallow fast enough and I had cum coming out of my nose and I was gagging but he would not let up he kept my head shoved down onto his huge cock until he had unloaded all of his seed down my throat.

He had been so brutal my mouth ached my throat was sore and the only saving grace of it all was how warm his load had felt shooting down my throat some what easing the burning from that brutal face fuck. Yet my whole being was excited and wanted more of him in any way he wanted to give it to me. I had officially for the first time in my life really become that little cross dressing man whore I had always dreamed of becoming. Taking his huge cock like a pro savoring every last drop of his seed as it dripped down my throat, out of my nose and down my face.

I almost passed out from this experience and was almost limp on the floor when he bent down picked me up and as I was standing savoring his taste and yet trying to catch my breath he got on his knees in front of me and started sucking my now soft cock but with his expert manipulation of my cock I was hard in seconds and he was sucking with great ease clear to my balls I loved deep throat and this bastard knew exactly what he was doing he was even licking my balls with his tongue while he sucked my cock like a mad man, now I am no little boy about 8” and pretty thick but it was nothing for him. You could tell unlike myself he was an experienced cock sucker easily letting my cock slide down his tight throat and I was loving it.

With in a few minutes I was moaning out loud “oh yes lover that’s it suck my cock make me cum in your hot fucking mouth, yessss I love it baby and I started to shoot into his mouth I felt it began deep in my balls burning as it came up thru that tiny slit then out of my cock head into his waiting wanting mouth. I shot volley after volley of my own hot seed down his throat and he swallowed evey last drop or so I thought at the time when I was done he arose and started to kiss me frenching me he slipped my own cum into my mouth moving all around inside my mouth you could taste it’s chalking like texture all inside our mouths and we wrestled our toungues around inside each others mouths until every last bit of cum was gone.I actually shot another load all over his legs from the excitement of this act of snowballing I had heard of it but never done or seen it. It was so fucking erotic and hot…

Without saying he word he just turned and walked out of the showers I just stood there not even thinking about getting his number or name for that matter.

14% (11/66)
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luv cock in panties
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Omg one of the hottest things I have ever read! Halfway through I had to pull out my cock and pump out a fat load. Thank you!
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I love being a submissive sissy white boi who absolutely worships BIG BLACK MONSTER COCKS
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Wow that did it made me cum again I'm so horney I can't stand it great story
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Very hot story i had gone through like this once.When i was brutally mouth fucked by a bunch of black guys .
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