Babysitter Part 3

From: A K little s****r Alyssia

Babysitter Part 3

My life as Alyssia continues, please let me know if you enjoy it or have
suggestions or just want to chat. I would love to commiserate with other
writers and readers. I truly appreciated and loved hearing from those who
wrote to me and gave me the courage to continue! Thank You. All rights


Babysitter - First Date

I'm still laying on the couch where I passed out last night after Paul
called when I drift awake. I look down my smooth legs to my ankles still
strapped into the stiletto sandals and try to remember the look on his face
with his trim, sexy body kneeling between my legs slowly stroking his hard
cock as he was about put it inside me. Arching my head back, I massage one
of my tiny breasts, my open palm lightly exciting my nipple as my other
hand slides down my tummy, pulling my skirt up, teasing myself through my
straining silky panties then slowly hump my hips up to massage my still
slippery love ring. Amazing, a man fucked me! until he came! We came
together! I pull my heels up and spread my thighs as I lazily caress myself
trying to remember the feeling of his cock sliding inside of me. In that
half dreaming dimension I wish he was here with me now. And my phone

"FUCK ME!!" Lily squeals into the phone, laughing hysterically. "YOU LITTLE

"Uh,,," I'm so freaked, my heart seems to fall into my tummy which falls to
my feet. She can't know I'm lying here like this.

"I can NOT believe you!! FUCK! OH MY GOD!!!! Paul Lepprel, Damn you!"

I really want to die! This can't be happening!

"My little s****r now? Crap, I'd fuck him in a heartbeat. Everyone I know
wants him, sheesh!

I want to go back in time..... How does she know?

"We have GOT to talk."

"Where's Mom?"

"SHHHH, you're in big trouble s****r!" she laughs wickedly, "mom's out
getting bagels or something, don't worry about her, she can't hear me, she
wont know."

This conversation is decidedly one way, I'm relieved she won't let me say

She speeds along "Susan sent me an email this morning wondering that why,
if I was home, why didn't I call her and it's ok she forgives me, b e c a u
s e, she happened to see Paul's car pull in our driveway, AND I got out and
led him up to our door, AND we were all over each other, AND she saw me
pull him inside, AND the light in my bedroom was on until she fell asl**p!

"I know you wear my stuff, so it was easy enough to put two and two
together, and mom was here!"

Now I'm in trouble. Susan saw me? With Paul? Now Lily knows!

And my heart sinks deeper as I realize Nicole's dress and shoes are
probably still up there in Lily's room.

"It's ok, don't feel too bad, I've made out with another girl. That's why
Sue better not say anything" she laughs again. "And now I've made out with
Paul! Thanks! And I didn't even get to enjoy it! Shit. You know I love you,
and tell you most of my secrets, well, you are eighteen, and at least you
won't get pregnant!"

She's seems to be having alot of fun with this, and she is my big s****r,
my trusted best friend, the one person I identify most with in life.

But I think somehow I've attained some sort of status. Yeah, Paul made love
to me! And he called me on his way home just to call! So I decide to have
fun with it too. I can't really deny anything anyway. And I'm so proud and
excited to tell my s****r about my experience!!!!

"Well Lil, you didn't really pull him inside, and he was never in your

"Oh my GOD!", peals of laughter, followed by "what were you wearing?, I'd
love to see your cute little ass in....."

"Nicole's little cocktail dress?" I interrupt.

"HOLY SHIT" then for the first time today she's totally speechless.

Then I take it and run...

"He's here now!"

"AAAAAAAAA" she screams.


"Lil? you ok? I'm joking, he's not here. But the I still have the dress!"

"I just can't fucking believe you!. Bad enough you wear my stuff, but
hers?... Well, she does have nice things! You have got to tell me all about
it! Did he slap your ass? Pull your hair?"

LILY!! I squeak, I can feel my face turn crimson, "NO!"

"Well s****r, if you want to play like a girl, you will have to learn to
talk about it like one too!" she's laughing again at my embarrassment.

"But really, what's he like? Was he mean at all? Do I have to come home and
kick his ass?"

I sigh dreamily, remembering...."No, he's really fun, nice. I guess he's
patient? I dunno s*s, it was all just really just wonderful!"

"Are you in love?

"I don't know. Not sure how it would work like that. but I really want to
see him again! Plus there's Nicole...."

"Fuck her" she giggles "She's a dyke, that bitch. That's probably why he
let off steam with you!"


"Oh yeah, everyone knows, rainbow bracelets and everything before she got

Yeah, I think, but s*s, I guess I'm gay too, I sucked Paul's dick, and
loved it when he put it in me! And I want to do it again!

"Seriously though, he's not one to fuck everything he sees, even before he
got married, though he could have had any one of us, so consider yourself

And that makes me want him more, I do feel special.

She continues, "You have got to come up for a weekend. Soon! I'd love to
spend some time with you. I've been wanting to talk with you about my
clothes anyway, maybe help. I've always wanted to see how gorgeous you
could be, get all pretty with you! It'll be soooo much fun with you as my

"Go out with the girls maybe"

I'm thrilled, but really, this last night has been overwhelming.

"Damn, mom's back, gotta run, want me to tell her about your boyfriend?"
she laughs, "I'll call you when she leaves tomorrow night. Love you."

"Thanks Lil, really, it's a relief, I wanted to tell you how happy he made
me feel, but wouldn't have known how."

"Thank Sue!" she laughs, "but I know the feeling! anyway, we're going out
shopping, maybe one day you can come too!"

"Not sure I'm ready for that. Love ya Lil, bye" smiling I think I hope she
doesn't tell mom anything.

Oh God I hope he calls!

For some reason I feel really feminine and complete walking up the steps
carrying the shoes by the straps. I walk into Lily's room and there is
Nicole's dress is laying on Lily's bed where I peeled it off. I will never
know what it is to really be a woman, but I'm overcome that I was able to
make myself pretty enough for a man like Paul to want to kiss me and make
love to me! I really need to take a shower, wash my panties, I laugh, two
pairs, this skirt and top, and Nicole's dress. I break out the
Woolite!. Hopefully he wants it back soon.

He does call later that afternoon. I spent the day in a ribbed sweater
dress and white pumps, (sometimes!), laying on Lily's bed studying. Every
time my phone sang, or a car went by I got excited, or worried that if he
stopped in Susan would be watching. What if she saw me through the window?
I kept getting incredibly horny thinking about his face, his lips on mine,
my nipples seem more sensitive since last night. I want to feel his hands
on my waist, trying to remember how his cock tasted, his cum tasted!. And
the feeling of his cock sliding inside me I just couldn't quite get a
handle on, but I know I'm feeling empty down there. I had to text some of
my friends about school, and really didn't want to get together with any of
them just in case he called, just so I could wear this dress, these shoes
and think of him being here. Although I wondered what would they think if
they knew I was laying here texting them in my little push up bra, lacy
panties and
pretty dress. Would they run away? Maybe want to kiss me? Would they look
at me differently if they knew I sucked Paul's cock, and he fucked me? What
would I do if one of them came to my door? Would he want to fuck me too?

"How's my strange woman?

I'm so elated, hearing his voice, I'm speechless. uh... I want to blurt
that I want to see you sooo much. Right now!

"Alyssia? are you ok?

"Oh yes! sorry, I'm just so happy you called!"

And I am! I'm just melting, smiling so much, lifted into the clouds.

"I couldn't wait, I've been thinking of you all day! Been running around
and didn't get the chance till now, but everyone has left me"

"Oh Paul, me too!" I've really felt empty, alone.... "I've got to get you
that dress! I've washed it, and the shoes."

"I know" he laughs "I forgot them on purpose!, but you really didn't have
to wash the shoes."

That makes me blush and really smile. "Oh really?" I sing.

"Yeah, had to make sure I saw you again!"

That gives me the butterflies, and a little tingle!

"Silly, well, maybe I'll just keep it? Wait, that wont work" I laugh

I don't know how to approach this, but I take the plunge...

I'm um, pretty much free till tomorrow night, though...."

"Me too, they all went to her mother's. I'd love to come and pick you up!"
and I think I'd love to ride with you again, kiss and touch me in your car
again! But I'm frozen with the thought of Susan seeing me with him again.

"Though what?"

"It might be better if I drove over? Then we could take your car if you
want to go anywhere."

And I have to ask

"Did you get in trouble?"

"Oh no, I just went out for a beer after I took you home early" I can
imagine him winking! "everyone was still asl**p anyway."

"Oh, um, good?" And I almost tell him about Susan, but decide against it,
afraid he'll get paranoid and not want to see me ever again.

"I think I understand, I could leave the garage open, like that you mean?"

"Yeah. maybe around nine?" As soon as it gets dark, I'm on my way!!!

"Cool! Alyssia, one more thing. What are you wearing?"

I'm floored. "Uh, now or tonight?"


"A little sweater dress, tonight I'll try to surprise you!"

"mmmmmm. Wish I could come over right now! Yes! I can't wait!"

Me too, and me too!

Now I'm so nervous again, I call Lily to borrow her car. And she knows
exactly what I'm using it for!

"So, what are you going to wear? Oooo this is so fun, my s****r has a big
date! There's that red one shoulder set he'll just love you in, gives you a
little hip, more than enough thigh. Wish I could see your cute little ass
in that!"

"I'm so nervous Lil, between you, and going to see him"

"Relax, that's what s****rs are for! We're going to have so much fun
together! I'll get you looking good. What about your tits? Do you have to
shave your legs?"

"Nah, I shaved yesterday, didn't need to though, never really need to" and
I smile "and he doesn't seem to mind my tiny breasts. That top should
disguise it a bit anyway."

"Wear that white bustier too, that'll give you a little shape, she laughs,
maybe bigger boobs! Once he feels that silk underneath, he'll rip off your

"LILY!!!!" I really blush, imagining his hands......

"Look for those strappy red platforms, I'm sure I left them there" she
laughs, "just for you! I know you love them!"

"I do, but can I wear them out?. I mean, they're so delicate"

"Don't worry, they'll take a beating. Going dancing?"

I tell her about my plans for smoky eyes, light pink lips. drop earrings.

"Maybe do a little darker shade lip, dark red nails, and dab a little of
that Vera Wang stuff, lightly though. THAT will drive him wild!"

And I'm not so sure about this anymore. Before we hang up, I have to ask..

"Lil, were you serious about him pulling my hair? smacking my butt?"

"Oh s****r, you are just too cute!" she just laughs.

"Love you!"


I feel incredibly sexy looking in the mirror, my hair full and foxy,
earrings dangling, my bright eyes are glittering with a light gray and
black shadow, cheeks lightly powdered fresh and smooth, my lips pouty and
understated. The red top hangs loose enough from my shoulder, my other
collarbone exposed, and gives me a little bit of hip, a hint of my flat tan
tummy, my legs look so long and sensuous and the skirt looks a little
shorter on my thighs and tighter on my hips and butt. My strapped ankles
stretched by the heels, my toenails red and sexy enhanced by the red vamp
of the half inch platforms.

Imagining myself looking deep into his scorching eyes, light and sultry I
slowly swirl my hips from side to side. Twisting softly on my toes and
heels, I slowly slide my hands up my hips to my breasts then glide my
wrists together rising slowly up and over my head, my whole body undulates
like a sexy red cobra. My skirt rises as I dance, the bustier flashes as I
stretch, radiating my sexuality coiled underneath. I've never felt
prettier. I feel an emptiness inside my body that I need him to fill.

I can't believe I'm getting ready for a man to fuck me.

I'm scared to death!

I grab a purse, and on second though, toss in an extra pair of
panties.... Driving is an incredible turn on, and I'm so scared someone
will see me, my skirt slides up, my smooth thighs rub together, each
movement on the pedals a reminder of how sexy the heels are, half wishing
that it was daytime, that a guy would give me a double take, trying to peer
inside at my legs as I drive by smiling at him. Sorry, luv, I'm going to
get laid! and I can't stop myself from giggling. What if the door isn't
open? What if I get pulled over? But I feel so sexy and naughty when I
think of where I'm going! I creep up his driveway, my nerves whipsaw from
arousal to fear, and into the bright garage.

And he's there! Waiting! Smiling! Nice striped shirt, nice khaki pants!,
and I'm blushing and nervous and I fumble with the door handle as I'm
admiring him, but he comes over and opens it for me, takes my hand and I
feel his eyes on my body, my legs, my face as he helps me out.

I'm speechless, he looks so handsome and masculine, his smooth face, silver
eyes, perfect smile. trim body, nice pants, I'm so incredibly attracted to

"Alyssia, you're gorgeous, you make that skirt so sexy, love the top!"

"Mmm, thank you, hi Paul!" stammering, blushing, melting.

I'm so nervous, leaning back against the car, looking in his eyes, biting
my lower lip. He leans closer and whispers "You even smell pretty"

I'm dwarfed by him, my hands are instinctively drawn to his chest as he
leans in for a kiss that's too soft and over too soon. Smiling, he entwines
my fingers in his and invites me inside.

As he opens the door, I swing in front of him and rise on my toes, hold my
lips up to his as his arm goes around my waist I kiss him full on his lips,
arching my head back, my hair tingles my neck, his lips tingle my spine. He
pulls me close and I stagger backwards through the door with his arms
around me. "I've wanted to do that all day!" I gasp.

I sit leaning back sipping wine with my legs crossed, elbow on the back of
the couch, his fingers lightly touching my wrist. Our small talk is going
nowhere. He puts his glass down and leans closer, I pull my hair behind my
ear, mesmerized by his eyes, his lips. And close my eyes as he leans in and
his lips cover mine. I arch my body to him. As his tongue tingles mine, his
hand lingers on my bare thigh, then on my hip, sliding up to caress my bare
waist under my top. My breath coming in little gasps as he massages my side
and back through the soft silk of the bustier, his thumb tweaking my
nipple. I feel so small in his grasp.

Then he does. He slips off my top! I feel so dainty and bold as I arch my
breasts forward as he pulls it up over my head. I've never had this much
skin exposed to him, and I feel his heat! And I'm in this sexy lingerie,
and he kisses me harder, his hand on my breast, my waist, his arm around my
shoulders squeezing me tight and leans in to suckle my breast and tongue my
nipple, and I shudder with an increasingly sexual arousal of delight and
passion, gasping as I hold his head to me. I'm in a new dimension with
desire for this man.

I kneel on the couch kissing him, rubbing his sexy chest as our tongues
play, our lips suck and nibble each others. I pull back, smiling, so happy,
he pulls me closer kissing my cheek, my ear, my collarbone as I unbutton
his shirt. I straddle him, my heels heavy over the edge, gasping as he
kisses my neck and squeezes me tight. My exposed tummy and chest against
his bare skin is such a.spine-tingleing thing. I feel so close to him,
feeling the heat of his body, I want to be his woman, to share myself with
him. I hold his face and flick my tongue on his chin, his lips, pull back,
then lean in to kiss his neck, then his shoulder as he runs his hands up my
back, through my hair I get so excited kissing and massaging his pecs and
nipples, I'm straining in my panties, my lips and hair slide on the ripples
of his stomach. His body is so sexy and warm. His hand tickles the back of
my neck as I fumble with his belt. And I know it is growing inside
there. I'm so nervous, but I'm so horny, I can't wait till I see it! And I
have to slide my hand inside. My own jerks in my panties as I grasp his
cock, I kiss him hard as I stroke it and he opens his pants and I pull it
up. I lean back, just mesmerized, my hand is holding his dick! Again! And
its very hard. For me!

"Oh Paul!" I'm speechless.

"See what you do to me! I've been waiting for this all day!" He smiles.

"You a****l!" I laugh "but I have too!"

I slowly kneel between his legs, softly stroking it as he wiggles his pants
down. I'm amazed at how much heat I feel from his bare thighs and crotch on
my exposed shoulders and chest.. And I am so turned on, I've got myself all
pretty just for him to be hard for me! I feel so sexy kneeling between my
man's legs, in a tight skirt and pretty lingerie, my elbows on his thighs,
playing with his cock! I think I was in too much of a hurry last night to
really appreciate his it as I slowly stroke it, looking at the veins, the
curvy arrow where the head splits underneath. I lean in to nuzzle and kiss
and lick his balls, I feel kindof slutty with them spread over my chin,
covering my mouth as I caress around with my tongue with his cock up my
face rubbing against my nose. I hold it up to his tummy and lick up the
length to the head. then slide my lips along the side. I'm happy I painted
my nails, my fingers look sexy wrapped around his dick, and lightly
scr****g at his balls. I know I had this inside me, and want to get more
of it in me tonight! But later. I think the drips on the tip are so sexy, I
flick them, and rub the slippery stuff around the head with only the tip of
my tongue, looking up and smiling at his handsome face.

"You look like you are enjoying yourself!"

"Mmmm yes!" I mumble sliding my lips down the shaft. "Are you sharing my

"Oh God yes! Keep going!" And I so enjoy making him feel good, and I'm
getting a strong throb deep inside me.

I love stroking it while rubbing the head on my lips, my chin, my
cheeks. Then I slowly begin to kiss the tip inside my mouth. And as it
stretches my lips I know if I touched my own in my panties I'd just
explode! Little by little I clamp my lips and suck it back out then
deeper. It feels so sexy sliding in and out on the insides of my lips. I'm
shivering and lightheaded and I'm sucking alot of it inside.

I pull off, and holding it by the base near his balls I lick under the head
with my tongue, then lick around the head. As I slowly suck it in my lips
again, I caress his balls and gently sc**** my nails on the area
underneath, sliding my other hand up his ripply tummy and his chest. His
body is so incredibly sexy! He gently holds my head and thrusts up gently I
as try to swallow the head. I love kneeling here, making love to him with
my mouth, basking in the heat of his groin, watching his face as his cock
jerks and throbs and slides in my pretty lips.

"Try sticking your tongue way out" he whispers.

it feels so sexy as it slides opening my throat, but I gag a little, and
try again.

He's my patient teacher, and for a second I think Nicole can get it deeper,
but quickly push her out of my mind, he's here with ME! NOW! And I do love
sucking his cock! I pull back and stroking it quicker rubbing my thumb
underneath the head I suck the head in and out of my lips and he lets out a
soft gasp!

He puts his hands on my cheeks as it slips from my lips, his cock jerking
in front of my eyes, and pulls me up, kissing me. "Paul, I need you inside
me" I whisper, panting, leaning against his bare chest. He turns me around,
kissing my neck and shoulders and I'm just floating away as he slides his
now slippery finger under my skirt and arousing me around my "pussy" and
I'm filled with need for him. I slowly gyrate my hips back to his touch as
his finger slowly enters me! I gasp, arching my head back against his
shoulder, gyrating against him as he works it in and deeper and out and
deeper. I'm so filled with lust for him He sits down and holding me by the
waist, he tells me to how sexy I look. My hands on his strong thighs he
gently guides my entry to the head of his cock. Somehow he's already put on
a condom and it's lubed and it's rubbing against my "pussy" as I push
myself open for him. I gasp and try to breath as the head pushes in, slowly
raising and lowering myself on my heels and down on it, and it pushes in
and then a little more and I'm going crazy. I'm slowly opening my love more
and more and then it pops in! And I'm just about pass out, so much more
sexy than before, but it's still stretching me inside out. He leans forward
holding me as I squeeze the head of his cock in me. Gasping I turn to him
"This is what I wanted all day!"

I begin opening and accepting more of him, grasping it and sliding up, then
jamming back down deeper and deeper with each push and it's so electrifying
squeezing him and pulling up, and then more again, he caresses my hips,
kissing my neck and shoulders, It's so addictive, I'm determined to get him
all inside me. I'm just so filled with lust for him, and it feels so
good. And one more push and it's all in me!! And I can't move, but my whole
body spasms on it's own as he holds me in his arms, impaled on his cock,
his hot chest against my back! I'm seeing stars again, and all the air
rushes out of me but it feels so good! I'm full of his cock, filled with
him! I squeeze his cock tight inside me and slowly rise up a little and
slide back down, and the pleasure is so intense. My own cock is just about
to burst, I feel a hot rush flowing from his cock inside me though my whole
being. My whole body shudders as I slide slowly up the shaft, squeezing it
tight the whole way up in one slow pull with only the head in me and he
moans slowly, softly, "Oh baby, Lissa, that is sooo good" And it is! One
long intensifying vibration rushing through me. And I'm so filled with
happiness that I am giving myself to him, and he's a part of me and
enjoying me.

I slowly squeeze my way back down his cock then up, and soon we have a slow
rhythm going, I know these heels are made to fuck in, my legs at the
perfect angle to accept his cock. I must be a little used to it, but it's
still so tight and thick in me sliding up into me and I'm riding him and
it's making my whole body shudder and shake, but I need to keep going and
pulling up and jamming myself down and my hair is flying and
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man I can't stop, I'm almost there, and can't get there and
it feels better and better and building and wave after wave, but not quite
crashing on the shore. He leans back, pulling me with him, lifting my
thighs, pulling my heels back so I'm squatting. Then his hands on my waist,
kissing my neck and holding my breasts and my whole body is wrapped around
his cock driving up into me as he's pushing me down on it and lifting me up
to grind me down again as I gyrate my hips and he's grunting and it's
twisting in me, and I
turn around to try to kiss his face, but I'm moaning too much as I grind
my hips back and forth and I can't stop moving and a volcano explodes
inside me, the heat slamming from his cock to everywhere then back to my
muscles around his cock, my hips humping with him deep inside me, trying to
get more, trying to wring the cum out of him, clutching at the base as I
push and pull with my hips and my eyes roll back in my head and I think I'm
flying away! .

I know he hasn't cum, and I'm still so hard in my panties, and I so want to
please him, want to let him do anything to me, to fully be his woman.

"Paul take me from behind" I gasp, "I want you so deep."

He slowly lifts me off by my waist, my "pussy" spasming on his cock the
whole way up, and the and I feel so sexy standing in my heels and bunched
up skirt, my bustier against his body..... His body humping against me
slowly as I try to kiss him.

But he's so distracted and whispers "baby.....please...., lick it,
I............. " and as I fall to my knees he pulls off the condom and no
sooner can I open my mouth and grab it with my lips he holds my head and
starts thrusting and I'm stroking it and clamping my lips and licking it
through my lips and rubbing tight on the vein underneath and I rub myself
and he moans "Oh .................Alysssssia!" as his cock pulses up to the
head and he erupts! Into my mouth!, and I'm trying to suck it all out and
stroke more out and it's jerking and he's thrusting and it spurts and he
groans and thrusts and spurts more and more. And it's dribbling down my
chin as I swallow way too slowly because I'm moaning on his cock and
humping my hand, spurting in my little white panties!

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28 days ago
omg these were so hottt
5 months ago
wow Excellent writing and loved the emotions you gave gave the characters. So very well done! When can we see more? Thanks for posting btw~Bri
6 months ago
Love the story. hope there will be more (pretty please)
8 months ago
Great story, I hope more will follow:)
8 months ago
just wanted to say i loved the story so much thank you
8 months ago
this is so fucking romantic I hope you write another chapter