Babysitter - Part 2

From: A K little s****r Alyssia

Babysitter - Part 2

I'm a mess in the mirror, well, I think I look sexy too with my hair all
tussled, a little cum rubbed over my cheeks and chin, and a grin like the
cat that ate the canary. The dress has some wet spots and a few small gobs
of his cum. I wash up as best I can and blot the spots on the dress, I
start thinking, Nicole is going to kill me! I might have ruined her dress
and I just gave her man a blowjob. That could be a problem. I still can't
believe it!. He kissed me and I sucked his dick! But I know I want to do it
again.. Did I really want him to fuck me? Do I still? Will it fit? Will it

Does he want to?

I start playing with my hair, and I'm thinking about what Paul asked, what
should my name be? Something sexy? feminine? sassy? foxy? too much
pressure! I know my dad and mom thought for sure I was going to be a girl,
and had picked either Alyssia or Aimee. I try different looks, pull my hair
back, to the side, cover half my forehead, dad wanted Alyssia more I think,
well is Aimee maybe too cute? Is Alyssia feminine enough? I just shake it
all out, really full and tussled, touch up my face and lips and wander out
to see him.

He is sitting back on the couch, maybe dozing off, his shirt is still open,
but his pants are back up. I curl in next to him and he puts his arm around
me, my head on his chest, his heartbeat seems to flow through my body. I
feel so safe, secure, warm. I still can't believe I'm here with him. I am
mesmerized by his muscles up close, and softly trace my fingers over his
chest and stomach as he runs his fingers through my hair.

He kisses my forehead. "That was a nice surprise! You are amazing." he
whispers. "You really are a strange woman."

I melt into him. ""Hmmmm, thanks, I guess, never expected it, thanks for
coming home early!" I think I could stay like this forever "and inviting me
to stay!"

"Alyssia." I whisper. "How does that sound? My dad came up with that."

He softly turns holds my face and kisses me lightly on the lips. "Alyssia,
Very pretty. I like his judgment, he named you well."

I start to think about Nicole, and I'm getting a little bit
uncomfortable. "I think I should go home now, could I borrow this dress? I
really don't want to change, I've enjoyed tonight soooo much. Like a date!"

"Really? Could have fooled me!" he smiles. (I blush) "Sure, I think I
understand. What about your mother?"

Unsaid is what will she say when I come home in heels and a dress.

"Oh, she's gone, visiting Lily, groovin on the college scene I guess. I
stayed because" and I laugh, "I have fun here, tonight more than ever! And
of course you needed me!"

He brings my bag down. "Sure you still want to go? It's all quiet up

"No, I'm NOT sure, but I really think I should."

He has his arm around my waist and I lean into him, just walking to the
garage door and to the car.. He opens the door, and holds my hand as I
slide in, keeping my knees together somewhat, trying to be ladylike, but I
watch him watching my legs as my dress slides up my thighs, tightens on my
ass. Then he just smiles at me. I curl towards him as he sits down and
looks at me. He leans over and puts arm around my neck, pulls me to him and
kisses me, slides inside my dress and grasps my little breast, massaging my
nipple. Kissing me harder, he moves his hand to my knee and gently and
slowly slides his fingers up my stocking on the inside of my thigh under my
dress to the bare skin near my panties, but not quite, and it drives me
crazy with desire for him, (I want to scream "touch me there!" but I want
to remain as feminine as I can and keep my cock somewhat out of the
picture) his hand slides around under my dress to massage and squeeze my

And all this action has me all worked up again, kissing him, having him
feel me, sliding his hand on my knee, my thigh, my ass. Maybe this is what
my s****r feels like on a date? What does she do if she really likes the
guy? Damn, I really like this guy, and what he is doing to me. And how he
made me feel, makes me feel! Should I touch him, reach for his...

He pulls off.

"Whew, now do you really feel like you're on a date? I haven't kissed a
woman in a car in a long time! (I don't say I've never kissed a man in a
car before ever!)

Really want to go?"

All I can do is gasp "Yes, No... I'd better" my body is so excited, I want
him to kiss me and touch me, again, forever.

I pull my dress back down and fold myself sideways in the seat. I caress
his wrist and hand as he shifts, his every movement excites me, enjoying
just watching him. I'm in a constant state of arousal with him glancing at
me, my face, my body, my legs, he makes me feel special, wanted, the object
of his desire? something he possesses?. It is so scintillating riding in
the car in a dress, heels, wish it was daylight, for all the world to see,
my man and his pretty woman. He tells me they have lots of clothes I could
probably have, stuff from before the k**s. Things she doesn't wear anymore,
and will probably just give away.

I'm not paying much attention as I'm feeling so happy that I'm alone with
this man, away from the pressures I was feeling in his house. He must be
attracted to me. He held me when I had an orgasm, and let me take my time,
didn't just f***e his cock down my throat. Treats me like a woman, not a
sex object, though that was fun! Maybe I want him to? (AND not at all like
a guy in a dress either!). I'm debating on if I should invite him in or
not. Maybe he doesn't want to? Well, he probably needs to take the dress
back. And the shoes. And we had fun just playing pool. He kissed me when we
got in the car!

He takes my hand and slides it onto his thigh as we pull in my driveway.

Not much doubt as to what he wants?

"Allow me to carry your bag."

He comes around to open the door, takes my hand and I try to get out like
the girls on the red carpet, and lean into him.

I feel so feminine and light as I take his arm and lean against him heading
up the walkway to our door, I have a bounce in my step, love the feeling of
the cool night air on my legs, my back and shoulders. So excited to be
walking outside in a dress and heels for the first time, as a woman with my
man. Nervous that he won't kiss me, or that he won't want to come in, or
that he does?

How many times has my s****r stood here wanting to be kissed? What would
make her decide to invite him in? I know sometimes, I could hear her but I
just didn't spy. It's my turn now!

"I really do have to get out more, I feel so perfect with you." As I dig in
my bag for my key, he slides his hands up and down my arms, my
shoulders. And pulls me back against him.

"We'll have to do this again." he whispers in my ear, and I just fold back
into him I'm elated that I've had a fantastic evening with a wonderful man,
and I'm on my toes against him and he's kissing me goodnight in front of my
house. His hands slide down my back to my butt and mine around his neck and
I don't want it to end. He makes me feel so complete, but I need more. And
no one is home.

Leaning into him I whisper, "If you want to come in for a sec, I can give
you the dress back."

"I'd come in if you told me I had to stand on my head!"

"Silly." I reply, as he ushers me through the door.

Once inside, I tell him to grab a beer if he wants, and I'll be right
back. I sashay slowly up the small flight of stairs, making sure my hips
and legs move sensuously, the dress tight on my thighs and butt, and look
back to see him watching me, and he smiles knowingly, and I almost faint at
the implications of what we are here for!

I really want to put on her lilac and black teddy, call him up here and say
TAKE ME!! but I'm so freakin nervous. I have a man in my house, and I think
he wants to, I want to, geeze! I shudder. I smile when I remember she took
what she calls her fuck-me pumps. Wish I had those now?.

What if he sneaks out? I peel off the dress, stockings and crusty panties,
and put on a white push up bra and lace bikini panty, modeling in the
mirror. What if he's naked when I get down there? oh man..... White shoes!
her stiletto white strap sandals. What if he comes up here? What would Lily
wear when she wants a man to make love to her? Do I want him to?

I pull on a tight white skirt and matching halter top. I love fastening the
straps on these shoes, makes me feel like a young woman, not a little
girl.... One last check in the mirror...... I change my earrings to silver
hoops, fix my lips and fluff up my hair. I love my tan body in all white,
my shoulders and tummy showing, skirt tight on my hips and butt, lots of
thigh, and sexy white sandals. A subconscious virgin? Giving myself up for
the sacrifice?

"Alyssia, you're lovely!" He takes my hand as I reach the bottom step
kisses my hand, and twirls me around.

"Like Miss America" I laugh. I am all smiles as he pulls me to him, and I
am in his arms, my face up to accept his lips. He is so good looking, my
eyes fascinated with his eyes, his lips.

"God, I love your smile." he whispers and our lips meet. I love his hands
on my bare waist, I arch my hips into him, leaning back as his lips open
mine. I amaze myself and start unbuttoning his shirt.

He picks me up, kissing me hard and lays me on the couch. His hand slides
behind my neck, the other on my hip, leans into me between my legs and
kisses my cheek, my chin, licks my neck. So gentle and firm. He pulls open
my top and tongues my nipple. He brushes my bangs back, looking deep into
my eyes. I close mine and our lips meet again, my fingers caress his cheek,
I nibble his lower lip, his tongue darts into mine, then teasing he pulls
back and I feel empty as I only get to flick his chin with my tongue. Wide
eyed I realize he has me pinned to the couch, helpless underneath him. My
heart races with excitement, fear, anticipation. Surrender! He smiles
warmly but his eyes let me know he has the control. My eyes tell him that
I'm his for the taking.

I begin to lose it with this sexy man between my legs, his weight on me, my
legs splayed and he slowly begins grinding his pelvis into me. My heels
scrabble on the couch and grab, my hips undulate under him, my heels flat
on the couch, give me added push, my cock is so hard, I feel his on my
thigh, my tummy, between my legs, everywhere it seems. I love his sexy
muscles above me. My little hands slide on his buff chest, his shoulders
his neck, and around his head. I'm gasping, lightheaded, floating, hips
humping up to meet my man's thrusts, . His grinding hips push my skirt up
so it is like a belt around my waist. his shoulder pushing up against my
chin with each thrust of his hips, kissing my neck and sucking my ear and
squeezing my tiny breasts, pinching my nipples. His cock touches mine
through my panties and some sort of shock runs through my whole body, my
legs reflexively grasp around his hips. My mind is just being blown away
with lust for him.

He pulls me to him with his hands under my ass and lifts me as we turn I
feel so sexy in my heels as I straddle his lap with his hands around my
bare waist and we kiss. My ankles stretched against the cushions. He begins
sucking on my nipple again and I feel his hands pulling me closer by my
heels, then massaging up my ankles, calves, then the back of my thighs, on
my bare ass, sliding up under my skirt. I feel so sexy and brave as I rub
his chest, unbutton his pants, and pull his hardening cock out. It feels
bigger than before? Holding it is just still amazing to me, I love stroking
the skin over the pulsing muscle inside, how the head feels in my hand,
stroking it slowly over the rim, my other hand softly massaging his balls
as we devour each other with our lips.

I still can't believe I can get this man so horny, his cock so hard for me!

His hands envelope my ass cheeks, I'm so light in his grasp. My own cock is
really straining against my panties, somehow my skirt hides it.. He pulls
my cheeks apart, looks at me with tenderness and lust, then gently massages
around my "pussy". And I GASP and my hips jerk forward. I lean in to kiss
him, I want to give myself to this man completely. Relax, his eyes tell
me. His hands leave my butt and then they're back, this time his finger
feels slippy. And I try to not do anything and let him work on my nest but
his finger feels so good rubbing me there, kissing him softly, stroking his
cock slowly, and rubbing him right above his balls with the heel of my
other hand. I try to relax as he pushes the tip of his finger inside me, my
eyes bulge out and I breath real deep.

"Squeeze it" he whispers.

I clamp tight around his finger. My own cock seems to grow in my panties,
he smiles.

"Now let go" and I push my ass open and he gently slides it deeper. I clamp
on it and he slides it almost all out, then open and back in........"Relax
and let it happen Lissa" He's touching something in there I never knew
about, and it's uncomfortable but addictive, but soon whole
body seems to be feeling his finger sliding inside me. Wanting it in me.

"Hold it still" I gasp, and slowly push my hips forward, taking his finger
in, then squeezing it as my hips pull back. My hands on his sexy
chest. Staring into his silver eyes. And it feels amazing inside of me.
And I want to move.

And I'm fucking myself on his finger! I lean back holding my heels, humping
my hips slowly, grabbing it and trying to jam it deeper each time I open
up, I can't get enough of it, it feels so good sliding up and down in me
His other hand caresses my breast, my neck.

"Oh Paul, oh Paul....." gasping, his finger becoming incredible in me "can
we do this? I want you inside of me!" "Baby, I've wanted to make love to
you to since I first saw you, such a sexy body, nice tight ass. I can't
believe I'm here with a sexy woman like you!"

He knows what to say for sure, and I melt into him, I'm filled with desire,
ecstatic, he wants to fuck me. I'm sexy enough for him!

He has a condom and lube all ready, And I'm glad he has a condom so I can
put it in my mouth later I think.

Let me put it on, I whisper, kissing him but I'm really too nervous, and
want to play with it first, but I really want to lick it first, and avoid
it, and I'm not sure I want to do this,

Lost in my fears, the next thing I know is he cups my chin in his hand, his
other holding his wet sheathed prick against my "pussy",

"Let it happen baby, slowly, take your time, keep breathing." he pulls my
ankles forward so that I'm squatting over him, heels flat on the couch.

I reach behind me and hold it with him, I'm amazed how hard he is. And how
comfortable I feel that I can touch his cock now. I rub the tip around,
squeeze my ass tight, relax and lower myself onto it. It starts to really
stretch me and finally slide in but I get too excited and squeeze it out, I
feel him put more lotion or whatever on it, then relax again and it's
really stretching me, I think I'm going to split in two, torn apart, but
I'm so excited, holding this man's cock, kind of uncomfortable, but slips
and pops in.

And I see stars!!! He's inside me!! Not sure if it hurts or feels good, but
both? my whole body seems to become my love ring tight around his cock with
the head inside me!

Arching forward, eyes wide open mouth softly moaning, :"Holdmeholdmeholdme"
His cock inside me is just too much, even though it feels like I'm almost
split in two, just the thought of having him inside me, sharing my body
with him.......I'm not sure if I'm cumming in my ass or my panties or just
overwhelmed with emotion, with his arms around me, kissing me softly,
whispering something in my ear, caressing my back and holding my butt, my
whole body shudders, an earthquake overtakes me starting from his cock to
every corner of me, my fingers and toes, I open up and slide a bit more
down on him, then it instinctively clamps tight..

"Hold it there for a little, let it happen" I slowly lift myself up,
sliding up his cock, squeezing him tight, his cock jerks in me and he moans
softly "kiss me baby, you feel so good" And I feel so warm and feminine as
I kiss him tenderly, I feel so sexy in my heels and skirt, my breasts
exposed, squatting on my man, his hands on my ass and he's enjoying my
body, his in mine. I feel like he's coming alive inside me and taking over
as he slowly pushes up into me as I open my love and try to lower myself
slowly on his cock, my hands on his muscular thighs. I think these heels
are just the right angle for fucking, my ass is perfectly aligned with his
cock, even though only a little of it is inside me, I'm just filled, and
any movement now strains at all my senses. It slips out and I feel empty,
incomplete, alone....

He somehow rolls me over on my back, a pillow under my ass, watching his
handsome face and muscular body as he strokes his straining cock, knowing
he's going to put it inside me and fuck me is just about the sexiest thing
I've ever seen. I shiver with desire, anticipation? lust? surrender? Hurry
I can't stand it!

and he slowly enters me again, a little easier this time, and I just go
crazy, all my senses haywire as he slowly pushes into me as I open myself
for him, working with my "pussy" pulling back and my love ring doesn't want
to let it go.

and he's between my legs, my hands on his chest, his cock sliding in me,
and he's slowly gently thrusting into me as I accept him deeper, knocking
the breath out of me, and I hold him tight, his sexy body on me, in me,
part of me, my hips trying to match his slow sensual thrusts. even though I
can't take it very deep my "pussy" clutches and releases, milking his cock
as it slides deeper inside me with each thrust and he's grinding his
stomach on my own cock and his weight on my little body, my heels on the
couch, my heels in the air, my nipples come alive against him. With each
thrust the sensation he gives me builds and builds until I'm screaming and
moaning for more that I can't possibly take.

He softly moans, "Make me cum Allie, be my woman, cum with me.". and I just
explode from everywhere, my hips grind as my pussy grabs at his cock my
arms around his neck and he grunts and jerks sliding and growing inside me
and I'm holding onto him, and he's thrusting and I'm spurting and he's
moaning and I'm gasping, my eyes roll back in my head. And.....

I love him. Every fiber, every nerve in my body for that magical instant is
poured out to him as he releases something inside me and becomes part of
me! I have no Idea how long it lasted, but my body shook and orgasmed from
everywhere forever it seemed.

Our hips slow down, he's still hard in me, but spent, we're all sweaty, and
I feel so wonderful under my man as he holds my face and kisses me
softly. then strokes my face. my hips and legs. My body is still buzzing
all over as he slips out of me, like a part of me missing now, but that
I'll always have and I collapse in absolute joy! He turns me on my side and
holds me tightly from behind, I slowly drift off, floating in his
embrace. I never want him to let me go.

Too soon but maybe forever he tells me he has to get going, leaving unsaid
where or why or what he is going to. I try to stand up, but fall into him,
one of my heels is askew, hanging on by the strap.

"I did that on purpose!" I laugh. He holds me as I lean down, fix it and
walk with him to the door, pulling down my skirt, I look around, but he
says it's all taken care of. "Oh Paul, That was wonderful!.

"You are, Alyssia, we are" He leans down and brushes my lips with his "I'll
call you, soon, I promise!"

I hold a finger to his lips, take his head in my hands and kiss him
hard. "I know, thanks" and watch him and he keeps turning his head to look
at me as he walks out the door and down to his car.

I grab my bag and I'm spent, and still euphoric from the action, ignoring
the emptiness that he is gone, maybe forever, but so happy that he was with
me, took me, made himself a part of me. I grab a blanket and crash on the
couch. But my phone rings, and it's him.

"I promised to call my strange woman!" And I have to smile and sigh.

"Thanks, silly."

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6 months ago
what wonderful writing! so sensuous!
9 months ago
well thataso sensual andI came again