A Lodger's Leanings

By - Lucy Roberts

A Lodger's Leanings

I was brought up by my Mum as my Dad left us when I was very small.

Mum and I had a good relationship and, only having a female role
model, perhaps it wasn't surprising that I got into wearing my Mum's
clothes. At least that was where it started but as I entered my
teens I used quite a bit of the money given to me at birthdays
and Christmas to buy my own clothes.

By the time I was about 13 I was used to having the house to myself
while my Mum was at work. As well as being able to have friends over,
it gave me plenty of opportunity to dress.

I would wait to hear my Mum leave for work and then go and have a
nice shower.

Being only 13 or so and slim I didn't have much body hair but I did
have a little round my prick, which I used to trim into a nice triangle.
Then I would go back to my bedroom and lay out the clothes I would wear
on my bed. I would spray some deodorant on and then began the delicious
task of dressing. As I did I would dream that I was a regular girl
getting ready to go out as she did every day.

I would clip my suspender belt round my waist and then slowly and
carefully ease my black stockings up my legs and fasten then to the
suspenders. I usually wore black stockings, though occasionally tan ones.

Next I would pull my prick tight up under me and step into my nylon
panties. They were mostly white because I liked both the virginal
connotations and also the contrast of white panties and black
stockings. With the white panties would go a white bra, which, over
the years, I filled with a variety of things, most often water
filled balloons.

From then on it varied, sometimes a slip or just a cami top and over
that a blouse and skirt or a dress, but never trousers. Why did
girls, who could wear skirts wear trousers?

I would brush out my hair, which I kept long, perhaps add some ear
rings and step into my shoes.

Once Lucy was dressed I would spend some of the day just enjoying
being a girl. I would read a book, watch TV, do a bit of housework.
I liked most of all hoovering because it meant I was moving around
in those wonderful clothes.

I often wondered about going out dressed but I was scared. It would
be dangerous getting out of the house without being seen and then
would I be able to pass?

I must have been about 14 going on 15 when I finally ventured out.
It was about 4pm on a winter's evening. It was getting dark and there
was rain in the air. I reasoned that this was an ideal moment. So I
grabbed a coat, umbrella and handbag, made sure I had my keys and
stepped out and walked quickly away from the house.

It was only a short walk and my heart was pounding so much that I
hardly had a moment to really enjoy it. Back inside I rushed up to
my room and shut the door and took some deep breaths. But I had
done it and tomorrow I intended to do it again.

The next night was dry and so I couldn't hide behind an umbrella.
Once again I stepped out and walked away from home. This time I
planned a longer walked. I told myself to keep calm. I began to
listen to the click of my heels on the pavement. I thought about
how my legs felt, especially above my stocking tops. I looked down
at my legs, cased in their black nylon. This time I saw other
people and made myself walk by as naturally as I could and
found that no one said anything. The further I went, and the more
people I saw, the more I relaxed and enjoyed the walk.

Over the next weeks I went out on occasions and never had any
problems. So I decided in the Easter holidays to try it during
the day.

I thought very carefully about what to wear. I was very tempted
to wear jeans but that would have defeated the object. So on an
April morning I stepped out in a denim skirt with tan stockings
and a blue top with a short jacket on top.

I was reasonably confident that I would avoid being seen by the
neighbours but that was my only confidence. However it proved a
very enjoyable experience and lead on to more expeditions,
even going shopping.

I remember being 15 very well for that was the year that things
moved on greatly for Lucy.

It was when I was 15 that Tom came to stay with us as a lodger.
We didn't need the money but he came to work with my Mum and
needed a place to stay until he could sell his house and buy
one in our area.

Tom was a tall well built man of about 50.

From the start he was very pleasant and I enjoyed talking to him.
He seemed interested in me and in my schooling. Him being there
didn't greatly worry me as he was out at work most of the time when
I wanted to be dressed as Lucy. Though there was one scary moment
when he turned up at home unexpectedly because he was going to visit
the dentist. I was dressed but heard his car arrive and scooted
upstairs before he came in.

So we lived side by side without either of us thinking very much
about it until one day.

It was early morning and I had just woken up. I stripped off my
nightie and put on some pants and shorts and went to the bathroom.

As I opened the door I saw Tom in there stark naked just getting
out of the shower.

"Oh sorry," I mumbled, "I didn't realise there was anyone in here."

"My fault," he said, "I forgot to lock the door. Anyway come in and
do what ever. I'll be out of here in a moment."

As he spoke he stood there naked and my gaze was fixed on his prick.
It looked about four inches long, uncut and surrounded by bushy hair.

I walked in and urinated standing with my back to him but very
conscious of his presence. He was still there as I washed my hands
and walked out.

For the rest of the day I could not get the image of his prick out
of my mind. But why?

That night in bed as I lay there stroking my body through the nylon
of my panties and nightie I could only think of Tom and his prick
and found I was getting excited.

For several days I thought about it and always got excited at the
picture of his prick.

Eventually I came to the obvious conclusion that I was attracted
to this man.

At night I began to fantasise about being with him as Lucy.
I found that not only did I get excited at the thought but
that I was cumming regularly with these thoughts in my mind.

One day while Tom and Mum were out at work I decided to go and
spend some time in his room.

First I dressed because I wanted to imagine I was going into this
man's bedroom as a girl.

I opened the door carefully even though I knew I was alone.

I went over to his bed and pulled the covers down. The bed was
still a little warm from where Tom had been lying. I got into
the bed and imagined being there with him.

"Oh Tom what strong arms you have. Kiss me Tom...." I spoke softly
but clearly to myself as my imagination ran wild.

After a short while I got up and walked round the room. Tom's pants
were lying on the floor so I picked them up and felt them and then
smelled them.

Tom's prick, the prick I had seen had been in them. I could feel a
stirring in my panties.

I decided to have a good look round his room and it was in that
search that I found something very interesting.

What I found was a couple of magazines. They were definitely for
male consumption but were of a certain kind in that all the
pictures in them were of schoolgirls in various states of
undress. Most of the girls were in school uniform to some extent.

So that was what Tom was into, schoolgirls.

The photos did nothing for me except to give me an idea.

If Tom wanted a schoolgirl why shouldn't I be that girl?

That night, what was becoming a regular masturbatory session over
Tom, had a new impetus as I thought about becoming a schoolgirl
for Tom to enjoy.

I wondered how I could let Tom know that if he wanted a school girl
I could be one for him.

I decided to try and offer some hints for him.

I had been working on the school play and, using a digital camera I
had taken a number of shots. So one evening I printed a number of
them off and made a bit of a show of showing them to my Mum. I then
turned to Tom and casually asked if he would like a look. When he
said "yes" I showed them to him and made a point of referring to
the girls and how nice they looked. It was very clear that he liked
the look of them. I began to get him to discuss their relative merits.

I pointed to a picture of Sarah, who was a shortish blonde. "Now
what do you think Tom," I asked, "do you rate her?"

Tom was trying to be non-commital, "yeah quite nice."

"Personally I like Kate," I said, pointing to a taller more
brunette girl.

"Yeah," Tom said, "I think I agree. She looks nice and seems to
have long legs."

"Is that what you like?" I asked innocently, "girls with long legs."

"Well yes," replied Tom.

"But wouldn't these girls be too young for you," I said temptingly.

"Well I suppose so but I should think it is every adult man's
fantasy to be with a young girl Ian. But then I wouldn't expect
you to understand that."

I let the conversation go on a bit and let him look some more
at the photos.

So I had made a step forward he now knew that I was aware of his
desire for young girls.

But would he fancy a boy-girl?

A couple of days later I took the next step.

I had borrowed a book from Tom.

I carefully placed the book on my bedside cabinet. In a gap
underneath I had hidden but not too well a TV book called "gay
TV's". I had managed to get it through the post and it had some
graphic accounts of TV's going to parties and getting laid. As I
stood by my bed I practiced picking up Tom's book. He must then
see enough of the TV book below to get some idea. To add to this
I had hung a short grey skirt over my chair so that when he turned
to go out of the room he should see it.

When Tom came home from work I was ready.

I was sitting downstairs watching TV. As he began to mount the
stairs I shouted, "by the way Tom, I've finished with your book.
It's on my bedside cabinet do feel free to go in and get it."

He simply replied "thanks," and I heard him go into my room and
a short time later come out.

It was all I could do to make myself wait fifteen minutes. Then
I went upstairs into my room and shut the door.

I looked at my cabinet. I could tell he'd moved the book.
I went to the chair.

Clearly he'd seen the skirt and more picked it up because it
wasn't quite in the position I'd left it.

Over tea I told Mum in Tom's hearing that I was going out that
night to a friends and wouldn't be back before 10pm.

When I did get back I checked the book. I'd left a hair between
two pages and now it wasn't there. Tom had taken the book while
I was out and read through it.

The next day I decided to build on this. When I got home from
school I changed. I out on a lovely pale blue thong I had recently
bought, then a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I stood in front of the
mirror and checked and found that with very little movement forward
a gap would be created between the t-shirt and jeans and the back of
the thong would be visible. I knew that if I sat at the kitchen
table leaning forward when Tom came in he would be able to see what
I was wearing.

So it was that when Tom came home I was sitting at the table. I
was very conscious that my thong was on show and also that he walked
behind me a couple of times and the second time stood there for a few
seconds. I knew he was looking and my heart was thumping. But he
said nothing.

I had now given him a few things to think about and planned next
morning to give him something else.

Next morning I got into the bathroom first. I waited there. I was
wearing just a pair of white cotton panties. They could in no way
be anything than girl's panties. I waited until I heard Tom's door
open and then came out of the bathroom as if just sneaking back
to my room.

I pretended to look surprised and scooted past him into my room
and what I had hoped happened, he followed me in. I pulled a cover
to me as if trying to hide what I was wearing.

"Those panties look nice," he said. "Do you wear them with the skirt?"

"What skirt?" I asked feigning ignorance.

"The grey school skirt I saw on your chair the other day," Tom replied.

"Yes I do." Then I pretended to put two and two together.

"Oh I see," I said, "you like school girls. Would you like to see
me as a school girl Tom?"

"Very much," he sighed.

"O.K. can you come home a little early today?" He nodded a response.

"Fine, then Lucy your dream school girl will be here ready and
waiting for you. But now you'd better go so that I can get dressed
for school."

Once he'd gone I stood still and realised I was shaking. But I was
so excited. This afternoon, with any luck, Lucy would do things
she had never done before.

I decided to keep the white panties on, almost like a good luck
charm because they had brought me what I wanted.

I walked to school as if on air and how the day dragged.

But soon it was home time and I raced home.

I got home at 4pm and Tom was due home at 5pm, while Mum wasn't
due back until 7pm.

I had a shower. There was no hair to remove because I had done
all that before going to school.

I dried off and stood naked looking at myself in the mirror.

I was quite tall and slim, with nice long legs, the kind Tom liked.

I began to get ready, a white suspender belt, to which I clipped
some brand new black stockings, some tight white nylon panties and
a white bra, which I filled out as suitable for a 15 year old girl.
Then I put on a white cami top. Already I felt so good and I
couldn't resist running my hands down my body and especially
over my bottom. I sprayed some deodorant over me enjoying the
feminine fragrance.

I sat in front of my mirror and did my make up. It wasn't too much
or too difficult. I put on some black eyeliner and mascara, along
with some green eye shadow. Then I outlined my lips and filled them
in with lip gloss. I brushed out my hair and fixed it to look as
femme as possible. I thought I looked good. Then I changed my mind
and put my hair into bunches to make me even more school girlish.

I pulled on my white blouse and then put on the short grey skirt.
It just managed to hide my stocking tops but only just. So as I
stepped into my shoes and did them up I was conscious that any
act of bending gave a flash of white thigh.

Finally I tied my school tie and clipped on some earrings.

I was ready and felt hot in every sense of the word. I was so
excited and longing for what might happen.

I walked downstairs to find that Tom had already arrived home.

He heard me coming down stairs and came to meet me.

"Wow Lucy," he said, "you look stunning."

"Is this the school girl you've been dreaming about Tom?" I asked.

"Oh yes," he said, "but I thought it was only dreaming."

"Touch me and find out I'm real." I said.

He did exactly that. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I opened
my lips a little and let his tongue f***e its way into my mouth.
His arms went round me as he pulled me into his strong body. I
felt so frail and girly. His tongue was moving round my mouth and
I started to suck on it. I felt one hand go down onto my bottom
and gently squeeze my cheek.

Tom pulled back from me. "Lucy I can hardly believe this is happening.
You look and feel a real girl. I can't believe I'm holding a real
school girl in my arms. I've wanted this for so long but never
thought I'd have a chance. Can I ask something very odd," he paused
and then went on, "can I just have a good look at you."

"I don't mind," I said. "You go and sit down and I'll walk up and
down and give you chance to look at me."

So he sat on the settee while I simply walked up and down a few times.
Each time as I turned I gave my skirt a flick to make it fly up a bit.

"Oh Lucy," he gasped, "you're wearing stockings. It gets better
and better."

Suddenly he lay down on the floor.

"Come and stand over me Lucy," he said.

I walked over to him and stood with one leg either side of his head
as he stared up my legs at my stockings and panties.

"Lucy I feel as if I've died and gone to heaven," he said.

Then Tom knelt up in front of me and began running his hands up and
down my legs and onto my bottom. It was such a sensual act. I felt
as if my whole body was tingling with excitement and desire.

Finally he stood up and took me in his arms again and began kissing
me. His hands seemed to be everywhere but especially on my cheeks
and he rubbed them and moulded them and then slid his hands inside
my panties.

I, in turn, reached forward and held his prick through his trousers.

"I think you are pretty excited," I said.

"Oh Lucy, I can't believe this is happening. I?ve always had this
thing about school girls but never been able to do anything about
it. Then the other day I saw a book in your room about gay
transvestites and seeing the skirt on your chair I wondered if you
were a TV. When I managed to catch a glimpse of the thong you were
wearing while you were sat at table and I began to hope you might
be gay as well as a TV. Since then I have fantasized about seeing
you as a girl and you being the school girl lover I?d always wanted.
So this morning when I saw you in just your little white panties
well I just had to act.?

I explained how since seeing Tom naked in the shower I had
also been fantasizing and had planned for this moment.

?Although I have never had an experience with a man before I?m
sure I am gay and am really longing for you to enjoy me as a girl,?
I said.

?I've always dreamed of taking a nubile school girl to bed," said Tom.

"Well why don't you?" I suggested.

He took me by the hand and led me up to his bedroom.

He'd no sooner got inside than he ripped off all his clothes.

Once again I saw him naked but this time his prick was standing
erect and what a sight it was.

I immediately went down on my knees. I took his prick in my hands
and looked up at him. I smiled to let him know I wanted this too.
Then I waggled my head to make my bunches dance and remind him that
this was his school girl dream.

Finally I turned my attention to his prick.

It felt good in my hand and I leant forward and gave it a little kiss.
I followed that with several more upon and down the thick shaft.

It felt good in my hands and on my lips but now for the real test.
Could this 15 year old girl/boy really take this man's prick in
her mouth?

There was no doubt in my mind as I opened my lips and let the rod
slide in.

I ran my tongue round the head and then began to suck as I slid my
mouth up and down the prick.

The feeling was exquisite. From the tip of my nylon clad toes through
the tight panties covering my prick, across my pert breasts to my
lipstick coated lips every part of me tingled with excitement and
femininity. It was better than I had dreamed and fantasized about.
I began licking round his prick and balls before giving him my whole
mouth again. I felt as if I were worshipping his prick and indeed I
suppose I was. By now my head was bobbing up and down on his prick.

He must have worried that he was going too far because he pulled away
and lifted my to my feet.

"Lucy, I want you to come to bed with me," he said.

He turned round pulled down the duvet and lay on the bed his prick
standing upright.

I stood by the bed and slowly undid my skirt and let it fall to the
floor. I could see his eyes run up and down my legs. I turned round
so that he could see my bottom in my tight panties. Turning back I
undid my school tie and then my blouse. Soon I was in just my undies.
If anything his prick was bigger and harder than before.

"On yes Lucy," he gasped, "you look so good and sexy and so virginal
in white."

I edged closer to the bed and took his prick in my hand and gently
rubbed it.

Tom looked up at me his eyes pleading with desire, "get into bed
with me Lucy," he said.

I got onto the bed beside him and he wrapped his big arms round my
tender frame.

"I just can't believe it Lucy," he whispered in my ear. "I can't
believe I have a lovely young girl in my bed who's just stripped
out of her school uniform and now wants me to make love to her."

Then after a moment's hesitation he added, "you do want me to make
love to you don't you?"

"Oh yes," I replied, "ever since I saw your prick in the shower
that day I've been longing to have it in me. I even prepared my
cunt for you so please Tom make me your girl."

Tom's reply was to kiss me with such passion as his hand ran over
the scant undies covering my female form.

He pulled me into the middle of the bed and put a pillow under my
hips. He pulled my legs apart and put one on each of his shoulders.
Then, pulling my panties to one side he positioned his magnificent
prick at the opening of my pussy.

He looked deep into my eyes as if he were giving me a last chance
to back out.

I didn't want to. So much thought and desire had gone into preparing
for this moment. I so wanted to feel him in me to be made a woman and
loved as a girl.

"Please do it Tom," I whispered, "make love to me darling."

He slowly edged his prick into my tiny rosebud. It hurt as we both
knew it would and for a while he remained still, just inside me.
Then he began to slide it a bit further and pull it out. The
lubrication I had applied earlier really helped.

Sensing the pain was easing I began to push towards him and Tom,
in response, pushed more of himself into me. Soon he was fucking
me properly.

After a dozen or so thrusts he stopped.

"Lucy you are amazing. You have all of me in you and you are so
tight. I've never felt anything like this before."

"Don't stop, just fuck me," I urged.

Tom slid his length almost out of me leaving me feeling quite
empty before he slid it easily back into me and filled me up.
It was wonderful.

I let my legs drop down his back and wrapped them round him my
stockinged ankles rubbing against each other. Could anything be
better than this? Could I feel more feminine?

I pulled Tom's head down to me so that I could kiss him as he
continued to love me. I just wanted to give him everything I
could. I clenched my inner muscles to tighten round his prick
and heard his gasp as he felt the effect.

I was glad there was no one else around because in the excitement
I began to utter little gasps of sheer pleasure as our bodies moved
in unison and his prick went in and out of my pussy.

Tom began to speed up his momentum driving me to even greater heights
of arousal and excitement. Then quite suddenly there was a jerk from
his body as he jetted streams of cum into me. Oh how glorious to have
a man's seed inside my feminised body.

All my hopes and dreams had come to fruition and the fulfillment
had been so much better than the fantasy.

Tom let his prick slide out of me and we lay together. I could feel
his cum sliding down my leg but had no intention of moving. I just
wanted to lie in his arms and be loved, caressed and enjoyed.

But after a while I did get up and go and wash and freshen up. I put
my uniform back on, got some drinks and went back to the bedroom
where Tom was lying still naked. He looked so good and desirable.

Tom looked up at me as I walked in.

"Are you O.K. Lucy?" he asked.

"Tom I'm more than O.K. I feel wonderful."

"So you'd like to do this again?" he asked.

"Again and again and again," I replied. "I'll be your school girl
lover for as long as you want."

The smile on his face said he'd want it for a long long time.

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omg that made me sooooo wet yummy spot on my panties now
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come visit me after school please.
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well that made cum all over my panties
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straight to my faves!
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Hot. I had a similar experience!!