Taking the plunge

I had been fantasizing about Nils for weeks. I first came across his profile on a free dating site while lurking around, viewing profiles of older men who were looking for casual intimate encounters. My own was your typical minimal effort entry, no picture, very short self description paragraph but with accurate statistics (white male, 25, 5'7", 160lbs, brown hair and brown eyes, looking for women). Accurate, but not necessarily complete. What I left out is that pervy old men are a huge turn on for me.

What attracted me to Nils the most is that he completely understood my deepest desires. I'm not effeminate in the least, but Nils was an alpha male to the max. His profile was an appeal to young men such as myself who have the urge to submit sexually to another man and explore our passive side. In my relationships with women, I was the dominant one in bed, but in all my jackoff fantasies which included men always featured me kneeling before a male of authority and allowing him take the reigns and lead me to do things I could never imagine doing in real life.

On this particular hook-up site, you can click to see which other members have viewed you. Nils must have gotten wise to the fact that I had been visiting his profile every single time I logged on (I totally admit to reading his words over and over again while rubbing my cock thinking about this man) and so he made the first move in contacting me. You wouldn't believe the excitement and adrenaline rush I got when I looked in my inbox and there was his message waiting for me. He had me figured out from the start and played to my aching desires. We corresponded over email a few times and exchanged some naughty pictures. He was in his late fifties with long salt and pepper hair. He was both bigger and taller than I am and wore glasses. The sexy picture he sent me showed his semi-hard cock displayed in the palm of his hand. It looked rather thick and a good seven inches, I guessed, when hard. Despite my sexual yearnings, I couldn't bring myself to actually go out and meet Nils in person, thus acting out my deepest, darkest secret fantasies. I had a couple of gay encounters in the past while travelling, but I was hesitant to have sex with a man in my own city!

After some prodding, Nils got me to agree to a video chat with him on MSN. My heart was pounding as I logged in and opened up the conversation with him. I had a piece of paper covering the camera on my laptop as a precaution until I was sure the person I was talking to was really Nils and not some internet troll. Only when he finally had his camera on and I could see it was truly him did I reveal myself. He was impressed with my good looks and praised my courage for appearing in front of him, exposing the real young man behind the internet persona I had cultivated. Nils was exactly as he had advertised himself to be, a strong confident older man with a steel edge firm authoritarian charisma that I desired and lusted for. Now that he had seen the true me, what was left to hide I asked myself. The answer was nothing. I was free to pursue my sexual fantasy with this handsome older gent. We made arrangements to meet in a coffee shop downtown after work on that coming Wednesday. He said he would arrive there early and save us a seat in a more private section of the store.

Wednesday finally arrived and the only thing I could think about all day was the meeting we had planned. I refrained from bringing myself to climax that week, building up the anticipation and the aching urge for release. Each night since our video chat I masturbated feverishly with the thoughts of what we talked about doing together. I was on time in getting to the coffee shop and my nerves were off the chart! I fumbled with my change paying for my coffee before taking it over to where Nils was sitting. He stood up as I approached and shook my hand with a strong grip to greet me before motioning me to sit down. It was as if he was conducting an interview and I the eager jobseeker applying for a job. His questions were very direct and to the point. Did I find him attractive? Was I ready to submit to a more dominant sexual male? Was I sure that this is what I want from this relationship? Nils' firm tone of voice and strong leadership left no doubt in my mind, I was ready to do all he asked and more!

Without barely taking a sip of my coffee, Nils instructed me to follow him out to his car. I got into the passenger seat next to him. His hand rested on my inner thigh, massaging my leg through my jeans and giving me the most furious erection of my life. I tried to reciprocate the favours he was doing to me, but he slapped my hand aside. We drove in relative silence to his condo not too far away. As we approached his door, Nils turned to me and said "Last chance to back out. After we walk through that door, you become my property for as long as I want you." When he said this, my cock twitched beneath my jeans and I took that as a sign that I wanted nothing else at that moment. I meekly nodded my understanding and walked into his home.

I walked into the living room where I turned and faced him. Nils took off his suit coat and sat down on a leather chair. "Undress" he commanded me. I pulled off my t-shirt and let it drop to the floor before undoing my belt buckle and sliding my jeans down. My cock had poked through the fly of my boxer shorts, exposing the engulfed purple head. I had to readjust myself before I could slide these too down my legs before stepping out of them. There I was, naked in the flesh before his examining eyes. A sly smile and a naughty gleam in his eye told me that my soon-to-be lover was pleased with what he saw. "Get on your knees." I did what I was told and knelt down on the plush rug. Nils stood up and walked over to me, taking my chin in his hand and tilting my head up so I could look at him. "You've been a very bad young man, teasing me so long with your hard-to-get routine. How dare you make me chase you like that!" With a light slap on the cheek he left me and went to the kitchen table where he got a chair and brought it back to the living room and placed it next to me. He sat down and pulled me by my wrist so that I was bent over his knee. His powerful hand was placed gently against my firm ass cheeks, rubbing and massaging. He raised his hand swiftly and I braced for the impact, but he brought his hand down gently and began to stroke my ballsack and the crack of my ass. I nearly jumped! He continued to tease me like this and whispering sexy talk into my ear, calling me a cocktease and making me beg for him to punish me. Finally I was able to convince him that I should be punished and he gave me a searing slap across my backside. All I saw was stars as he slapped on cheek, then the other and back again. I cried out and begged for mercy and squirmed in his lap. His other hand had a strong grip on my wrist with my arm bent backwards, effectively holding me in place over his knee. I could feel his erection poking me in the stomach and so very much wanted him to let me please him. Nils ceased spanking me and returned to massaging my reddened and flushed derriere, cooing words of solace. "I think that should suffice for today" he said. With that he let go of my wrist and pushed me back onto the floor. I remained kneeling, fearing to anger him again and adopted a submissive posture with my head down and arms at my side.

Nils stood very close in front of me as he undid his belt and lowered his fly, dropping his suit pants and underwear to the floor. I could see his redheaded cock now and was almost delirious from the lust and the burning pain of my asscheeks. He gripped the back of my head and pulled my face forward, rubbing the tip all over my face. It was hot to the touch and I opened my eager and willing mouth for it. Nils let go of my head which I took as permission to begin sucking his beautiful cock. I gripped it at the base and began running my tongue up the shaft from my hand to the tip, wetting it with my saliva. I licked all around the tip and then back down again to his scrotum, taking one testicle into my mouth while I stroked his meat. "Don't play with it, suck it already!" I did what I was told and opened my jaw as wide as I could to accommodate the incoming penis. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it all in. His penis was just too big and I too inexperienced to expertly deepthroat him. I kept up a smooth rhythm, going down as hard and as far as I could while keeping a secure suction on every backstroke. I massaged his large sack with one hand as the other stroked the shaft in time with my mouth. He ran his fingers through my hair and praised the effort I was putting into it. Within a few minutes I could tell he was approaching orgasm as he took my head in both his hands and began to guide my mouth down as far as it would go and then he would thrust even harder trying to push it in ever a little further. Each time he would do this I would have to try and suppress my gag reflex, choking back convulsions from my throat.

I was beating off my own cock in my hand as Nils fucked my mouth harder and harder, my nose buried deep in his red and silver pubic hair. "Oh yeah" he groaned, "oh yeah you dirty little slut! This is how a real man fuck his property!" He was pounding harder and harder at my mouth. Spit was running down my chin which was getting slapped over and over by his swinging balls. I loved each and every single thrust. "Get ready to take this load, take it all!" he yelled before blasting his come into the back of my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and the second shot hit me square on the forehead as he yanked out the last of his orgasm all over my face. This was too much for me to handle and I came without warning, shooting my load onto the floor. Nils collapsed onto the leather chair with his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open trying to catch his breath. After we both had recovered, I was ordered to get dressed and leave. As I was closing the door behind me I asked him if I had done well. "I think you can do better. Prove me right next Wednesday" he said. With that, I shut the door and smiled. Next Wednesday it is!
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1 year ago
keep writing .. I luved it
2 years ago
Loved this story. Hope to read more of your adventures