The Fishing Spot

When I was in my late teens, I used to spend many a summer's day fishing for trout beside the river that circled around the outside of the town. My favourite spot was a 30 minute bike-ride from home, in a clearing down from the parking lot and bike path. It was great exercise getting there and back 3 or 4 times a week, kept me in good shape and put a healthy tan on my skin.

There were a number of regulars like myself who I would see from time to time and we were all on a somewhat friendly basis. We would always make eye contact and give a nod and a smile, and some would stop and make small chat about the weather or if the fish were biting. There was one older guy in his late 60's or early 70's who was a little friendlier and a little chattier than the rest. His name was Lawrence, but everyone called him Laurie for short. He would smile a great toothy grin and was quick to laugh at his own jokes, his eyes scrunched up behind his thick spectacles. His hair was salt and pepper and he wore a very thick bushy beard. Despite his age, you could tell he still had a lot of energy and life in him and he carried a little extra weight on his big frame. As it would turn out, I had a huge crush on Laurie and didn't even know it.

One day when I was out fishing, I heard Laurie call from the bike path. I turned around and saw him emerge from woods and walk down to the bank where I was fishing. I particularly loved this little spot because it was so secluded and private, hardly anybody else ever fished there and no one else would have a reason to be there. Without an invitation, he unrolled his blanket and set it down beside where I was sitting on the rock and made himself comfortable. "Catch anything?" he asked with a wide cheeky smile on his face.

"Nothing yet, but they've been nibbling at my bait all morning" I replied. Laurie often fished up the stream and I was kind of curious what he was doing down here, especially without his fishing rod, so I asked him. "I was bored and there was nobody else around. I saw you pass by on your bike earlier, so I dropped my gear off in my car and thought I would come down here and keep you company." What I had noticed about Laurie before, was that every time I talked with him, he was very "touchy-feely". He would put your hand in both of his, lay a hand on your shoulder or arm as he spoke...that kind of thing. This time as we sat and talked, he would put his big hand on my knee for emphasis, and then kind of leave it there a little longer than it should have been. I was a little uncomfortable....but in another way, I enjoy the contact and the excitement I was feeling. On one occasion, he gave my knee a little squeeze and bl**d shot up my leg and right to my cock making it twitch with excitement on arrival! He was so casual about it while my heart was racing, I didn't know what was happening.

I think he sensed this because he scooched over on his blanket and invited me to sit. For some reason, I just put down my fishing rod and silently complied. As I nervously arranged myself beside him, he asked me if I was bothered by his touching. "No, not at all" I managed to stammer, not know what or how or why those words escaped my lips. "Good" he said "I've been watching you for quite some time now Jay. You're a very handsome young man. Lie down on your back. Relax, you're in good hands with me. If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say so. Now close your eyes." I did as I was told, stretching out on the blanket, quivering nervously as I awaited what was to come.

After a few moments, he gently placed a hand on my flat stomach, softly rubbing me before slipping it under my shirt, pushing the fabric up and exposing the white flesh underneath. The summer air was warm against my skin. With slow deliberation, he inched back down until his hand reached the waistband of my shorts until I could feel his fingers start to run through my pubic hair. I was hard as a rock, my penis fully engorged and straining against my cotton briefs. Laurie's breath was hot and moist as he exhaled before placing a wet kiss on my belly button. I squirmed with delight and excitement under his administrations.

I lifted my head up slightly to get a look at this handsome old man kissing and licking my skin. He was kneeling next to me, one hand in my underwear with the other stuffed down the front of his trousers, stroking his cock. As if he could read my inner thoughts, he reached down deeper and fished my cock out from the leg of my shorts, gripping it firmly between his fingers and thumb, stroking it up and down. Our eyes met for a moment and he asked if I was enjoying this and if I would like to go further. "Yes!" I said.

With my enthusiastic encouragement, he straightened up and began to unbutton his plaid shirt. I sat up and started undoing the buttons from the bottom, eager to help. He smiled at me as we worked together. His belly was big, round and hairy, a very masculine figure of a man. I pulled my shirt over my head to match him. He pulled me up so we were both standing, facing each other. I closed my eyes and tilted my head forward, lips slightly apart giving him all the invitation he needed. He kissed me passionately, tongue probing into my mouth, searching for mine, fighting mine as he held me in his arms. Our bodies crushed into each other, I could feel his erection grind into my groin.

He put his thumbs down my waistband and pulled my shorts and briefs down to my knees, freeing my cock from their confines. I fumbled anxiously at his belt before undoing the button of his trousers and unzipping the fly. We broke our kiss, taking a moment to examine and admire each other and then stepped out of our pants. He took me by both hands and guided me back down onto the blanket where we reengaged our mouths. I sat down in his lap, straddling him as we kissed, his hands all over my back. I looked down and saw what was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced before. His cock was beautiful. It was much thicker than mine but about the same six inches, but his was hooded in its foreskin where mine was not. I took it in my hand and peeled it back exposing a purple head, stroking it up and down in the same way I did to myself almost every night. Laurie moaned with pleasure and I was so happy that he was enjoying me touching him as I was to touch him. He reached between us and took my cock and his with one hand and rubbed them together. What a feeling! We kissed like this for a few minutes, oblivious to anything else in the world.

"Please, please put it in our mouth for me Jay" he said. I had never done anything like this or even thought that I someday might, but I had watched girls do it in XXX videos. I repositioned myself on my knees in front of him, looking at his cock as I stroked it. He was much bigger than I had originally thought and doubts about whether or not it would fit in my mouth crept into my mind. I didn't want to disappoint him, but wanted to please and impress him. I looked up and our eyes met again and I felt reassured by his gaze and his kind smile. I licked my lips and then lowered my open mouth over the head. He braced himself on the blanket and was thrusting his hips, driving his thick member ever deeper into my mouth. My mouth was entirely full of him yet he pushed deeper still. Spit was running down the shaft as I stroked the base with my fingers and my lips ran down as far as I could go and then pulled back up again. "Oh yeah! That's it Jay! Just like that young man, just like that". I worked on his cock with feverish delight. As I built up the tempo of my stroking and sucking he lifted my head up, making a wet popping sound as he pulled out of my mouth. "You're a natural Jay! But I think I can teach you a thing or two. Come up here."

He guided me so that my cock was pointed directly at his face. He got on his knees and placed on hand on my balls and the other on my firm ass cheek. "Now pay attention, you should never forget the scrotum." With that said he began licking all around ball sack, straight up the soft middle divide, and then he took one testicle in his mouth with a great deal of suction, pulling at the tightened little guy until it came away from where it had ridden up before letting it go. Oh my sweet Jesus! My knees almost buckled under me. He repeated the motion with the other and again I nearly lost my balance. Laurie finally did what I had hoped he would and took me into his waiting mouth. My cock slid between his wet lips all the way down to the base. My pubic hair meshed with the hair on his beard. It was true, I had much to learn from this sexy senior. He pulled back to the tip and then slurped me back up again. The rhythm was slow at first and then started to build. And build. And build. I couldn't hold on any longer. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum" I panted. Still, Laurie got faster and faster. I couldn't keep it in any longer and with one big thrust I blew my load into his mouth! I had never cum like that before! After the first big explosion he pulled his mouth off my shooting cock while stroking my penis with one hand and my massaged my balls with the other. Stringy ropes of cum shot out landing on his hairy chest and collected on his fingers around my member. Finally as my orgasm subsided, he wiped his hands on the blanket and laughed with delight. "Was that nice?" he asked. I caught my breath and lowered my lips to his, my kisses were my thanks.

"I hope you were paying attention to what I was doing, because now it is your turn." He stood up with his cock dangling out in front of him with all it's glory. It was at that time that I noticed that it was a deeper colour than his untanned crotch. As instructed, I knelt before him and took his cock with one hand and his low hanging scrotum with the other. His pubic hair was salt and pepper like his head. I held his penis up with one hand, leaving the balls unprotected and licked him as I was licked. I sucked in a testicle and tongued it all over in my mouth before pulling back, letting it pop out. Again and again I did this, stroking his shaft and licking it like a popsicle. Laurie let me know the time for games was over when he took his penis from me, stretching the foreskin back and gripping it at the base. I looked at it in admiration in its full size and meatiness. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue" he commanded. There was a devilish grin on his face like I had never seen before and I became instantly aroused again. I did as I was told, both hands at my side kneeling before him. "Are you going to suck this good? Are you going to make your Master proud?" I nodded with all eagerness. I was his completely to do with as he pleased.

With that, he slapped his cock against my tongue and lips. A couple of quick slaps at first and then a few whammers against each cheek. "Good. Very good, young man. Open wide and suck." I went at it like a hungry dog. I took as much as I could into my mouth and then tried to fit more. He encouraged me with a hand on the back of my head, pressing me further when I thought I was as far as I could go. To my credit, I didn't gag, but fought past until I was finally buried to my lips in his thick, heavenly pubic hair. He guided my head back and forth in a growing rhythm. I used one hand to stroke it back up and down in time with my lips. He was nearing climax now and so he pulled my hand off and took my head between his. Laurie's hips were doing all the work now, I just tried to keep my lips tightly wrapped around his shaft as he pushed in and out with growing urgency. Laurie let out a huge groan as he pulled my head away and started jacking himself off so fast his cock was just a blur before my eyes. And then he came in a giant flood of cum across my face! I was startled and flinched back as the first stream of cum shot hit me on the forehead and down the length of my entire face down to my chin. Another big long one went off to the side, some landing on my shoulder and chest. Laurie shoved his cock back into my mouth as the last spasms of his orgasm were spent. I sucked at the head, tasting a man's semen for the first time. He collapsed next to me, pulling me down and wrapping me under one arm as we shared the pleasure together, kissing each other, tasting cum on our lips.
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7 months ago
very nice great made me nice and hard
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Great story, very hot.
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ooo that was good
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Oops! I did see it a year ago! Well, it was just as great second time!
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WOW, wish I saw this last year. Very well done and hot! Thx
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hot hot hot!
2 years ago
mmm hot story i wish this happen when i go fishing
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I love your story. It certainly gave me a raging hard;on.
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Again a great story.
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Well written!
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Nicely Done!
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Holy shit, this is hot stuff!
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Well Done!
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brilliantly detailed
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lovly storie