GAY encounter part 2

We had just finished sucking each others cocks. i sat down next to him on a blanket we spread on the floor to be more comfortable.

i stroked my cock as he watched me, and i watched as he stroked his cock. my dick if you dont remember is shorter and less girth than his so his dick was like a monster to me.

i said "im can make myself cum at anytime, he told me "Dont cum." he grabbed my dick with his hand, and placed my hand on his. we could feel each other being supper hard.

we started rubbing each other at first it was slow, but soon it became hard to hold in my cum. he kept stroking my dick, and i kept stroking his. i could tell he was close to cumming. we did this for a good five minutes before he decided that our dicks have taken enough hand to hand pleasure, and decided to try sucking again.........AGAIN

he moved me into position as he licked my dick once from the base to the tip...and stuck the whole thing in his mouth. it was the best feeling in the world. his hot mouth enjoying my pre-cum juices as he sucked my dick slow at first but soon it became faster and faster. i put my hand on the back of his head and he kept sucking me, with his hand at the base on my cock, he would stop only for a breath, stroke my dick, and back to sucking..

he stopped sucking me and got into position for me to fuck him.

at this point my dick is incredibly hard, so i licked his asshole a little bit, stroked his dick a couple times and kissed his balls. i was ready.

he grabbed the pillow he was holding and i put lotion on his ass cheeks. i moved forward and pushed my dick in slowly. my was quiet and didnt want to say anything. soon i found myself balls deep inside my friend....

i couldnt believe my dick was inside my friends asshole!

i leaned forward, bending over him...w****d my arm around his waist and grabbed his dick. i started to stroke it as i Fucked him from behind. in and out i made his asshole bigger. in and out my balls clapped against his ass everytime. i felt i was about to cum so i told him but he told me to keep going. i fucked him harder and harder until...

i came in his asshole.....

i pulled my dick out of his ass and let the cum run for a second, then i grabbed a tissue and cleaned his asshole for him. after all the cum was gone with the tissue ii gave his asshole one more lick for good measure.

he turned around and put his dick in my it was my turn

his dick in my face i only had one thing to do. So i decided so suck his cock.

his dick was a lot bigger than mine so it was hard to fit it all in my mouth. so i started to stroke it first while licking him....and tasting him. i sucked his head first and the started to suck as deep as i could go, knowing i couldnt go far i used my tongue to reach his base. So i sucked him for a good 10 minutes. way too long but i couldnt help myself it just tasted so good....

after his dick was wet and ready to burst. i moved into position, putting my legs in the air as my back was on the blanket. He bent down and licked my hairy asshole 3 times before fucking me. he pushed slowly into me. i had never had any asss play before so no training. it fucking hurt! he told me it would feel better so i let him continue. he grabbed my legs and pushed his cock all the way inside me..

i couldnt believe my friend was inside my asshole.

he started to fuck me. slow at first but before i knew it he was fucking me as hard as he could.
i didnt realize it but i was moaning so loud, but we didnt care.. he fucked my asshole so good and for so long idk what Happened next but he came at least twice. inside. but he didnt care because he wanted to cum again so he kept fucking my hole until he was anouut to cum, and i pulled him out of me and stuck his dick in my mouth....

i could taste my self and him on his hard turned me on so much. i started stroking my own cock as i sucked his. it didnt take long before he came in my mouth, and when he did i swallowed it all. and i loved the taste so much

i kept sucking him, so he turned me around on top of him and we started to 69 eachother. sucking our dicks. he focused on the shaft of my cock. but i could tell he came too much already so stroked his cock while i licked his balls, they where all sweaty and had some of his cum on it from when he was inside my asshole. we must have sucked eachother for a good 30 minutes, not trying to make eachother cum but just enough to arouse us...

what i didnt reaize was this was a sl**p over....we were just getting started

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5 months ago
good story