A receint trip to the strip bar

So the other day I went to Emperor's in Holiday, FL. It was day shift just hanging out having a few beers. The place was not very crowded about ten guys and at least a dozen girls. I didn’t know any of the girls working that day except for Holly the bartender. Now when I go to the club I tip everybody who gets on stage, a buck for getting up there and two if you get nude, FYI all the clubs in Pasco county FL are full liquor and full nude. I had been there for about an hour, the girls were doing three song sets, so on the third song I'm up there tipping even if you got bullet scars, bad fake tits, or your pregers, after all the girls work for tips. I had gotten through about half the rotation when the DJ called up, let’s call her Sam. She came from the dressing room so I hadn’t seen her before. She was one hot red-haired BBW with a bunch of ink. Long red hair in pig tails, great big tits and an ass to match. By the end of her first song she was completely naked except for some sexy black 8" heals. Nobody was tipping that day except for me, so I jumped at the chance for a closer look. I settled in at the stage and watched her spin on the pole; this bitch was getting me hot and hard. When she climbed off the pole at the end of her second song she crawled across the floor to me and said hi. I tipped her two bucks and told her that she was getting me hot. We chatted for a second and she crawled back to the pole, making sure I got a full view of her wet pussy and cute ass hole. Since nobody else was coming up to the stage halfway through her third song she came back and lied on the floor right in front of me. That’s when it got really hot; she started to stick her fingers in that sexy camel toe cunt of hers. I got hard as a rock, and then she stuck one of her fingers in her ass, not just a tease but all the way in up to her hand. Holy shit i thought i was gonna bust a nut right there, it was so difficult not to start rubbing my cock right there at the stage. When her third song was over she came up to collect her final two dollars, as I stuck it between her tits I told her how hot I thought she was with that she reached over and grabed my cock. When she grabbed it she found out just how hot she made me, she even commented on how hard I was, and how pleased she was that she turned me on.

When she came out of the dressing room she made a be-line for me at the bar. Since there were not any more stools I let her have mine and squeezed in very close to her, she then grabbed my cock again, yes I was still rock hard. She told me how sexy I had made her feel, and that most men who see her don’t have that response. I offered to get her a drink, wile I was trying to get Holly’s attention Sam just kept playing with my dick. I warned her if she wasn’t careful she was gonna make me nut, she just laughed and kept right on playing. When Holly finally came over I asked Sam what she wanted, and she ordered a double tall long island iced tea, I also ordered another beer and two shots of Fireball. Wile I was talking to Holly, Sam had unzipped my pants and was now in direct contact with my dick. She just kept talking and even got out a smoke with her free hand, all the wile she was working on getting my cock out of my pants right there under the bar. She whispered in my ear to just relax and go with it, and as long as I was cool about it know one would ever know. By the time Holly came back with the drinks, Sam was jerking me off at a good pace, and whispering for me to make sure to tell her when I was going to cum.

I paid for the round and tipped Holly so she would move on before I lost it. We did the shots, and I told Sam that I was about ready to cum. She then changed her style and moved her hand just to the tip of my cock and slowly milked the head. I couldn’t take it anymore and came right there at the bar. Sam whispered for me not to move so she could milk every last drop into her hand. She told me when I was done to reach down and put my dick away, before she took her hand off. As I worked my chubby back into my pants she carefully squeezed out every last drop into her palm. When I was back together she showed me what was in her hand then without hesitation licked it into her waiting mouth. When she was done licking herself clean she couldn’t resist showing me how much cum was in her mouth, she then said the magic words Kiss Me, I couldn’t resist. If I had been anywhere else I would have cum again when she pushed my cum back into my mouth, Dam I love a good Snowball.

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1 year ago
Good story!!!!
1 year ago
ever hear of spell-check?
1 year ago
Lucky man !!!!