I realy wonder if anyone would miss me if I were gone
(10 days ago)
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I'm:David, 51
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Hi I'm David,aka Cheeta, a nickname given to me by a very close freind and lover. Its not because I'm fast, or have spots, its not the feline at all, its actualy for lieing , Cheeting no good son of a bitch. Luckly, I can be trained and learn from my mistakes. I have become very open and honset with my lovers, so there is never a reason to cheet. Now if I want something or someone I just ask.

Cheeta's three guidliness for Sex:
1. Real is always better then fake, even if there smaller then mine, they still get me hot.
2. If you aint got a shelf your home by yourself, just love a booty on a partner.
3. You don't close the amsusment park just cause the roller coaster is broken, think you can figure out what I mean all by yourself.

I have come to relize that I have to make some changes to my site, first off I left under "seeking" blank cause none of the choices seem to fit, I want to meet almost everybody with the only exception being single guys, and "normal" girls. My ex Jayna took me to places, and taught me things that I just cant replace since shes been gone. Getting laid just wont work anymore, so many nights after I bring a girl home, and make her nut so many times she uses the safe word, (fyi it's Hippopotomus) shes past out in the bed and I'm sitting here surfing nasty porn, and rubbing one out. I used to have trouble getting girls, not anymore. I'm Sexy as hell, Fuck like a porn star, have an above average size cock, get by very well and live in a pool home on the water. I love to eat pussy, and ass. But I have found that trying to find a girl to give me a Snowball, or shove a few fingers up my ass wile shes sucking my cock is next to imposable.

I'm not exactly sure what my sexual orentation is. Jayna always wanted to watch me have sex with a guy, but I'm just not into guys, but a genetic male pretending or living as a girl, I find hot as fuck. I love having my ass played with durring sex, and have had my cock sucked by a few guys, and two transgender hookers. So I guess I'm Bi, over the years I have had, fingers, toys and toungs in my ass but no penis yet.

I'm looking for some fun people to party with. Open for anything, I love to try new things if I dont like it I just wont do it again, unless forced, and sometimes I like to be forced.

Jayna got 2.5 years in FL State Prison. I miss my Dirty little whores rubber ass hole, I love her and always will. I'm reposting some of our viedos as tribute to her, and to keep her in our hearts and minds

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10 days ago
I would miss you if you left. You are a great role model and have awesome stuff here.
21 days ago
ty for the add hun, love the profile
27 days ago
hope you fulfilled your new years resolution hun..:).. and thank you for your words..\m/
1 month ago
My New Years Resolution is to take a sexy transgendered girl out on a date and make every other women in the place wish that they where her, then take her home and make sweet love to her........sweet love yeah right, who Im I kidding ravish her till neither of us could walk right for a week.
1 month ago
Thank you david..:).. and hello to you as well..\m/
2 months ago
very great and so sexy collection , please add me for looking more many thanks
3 months ago
I would love to get your cock down my throat and suck the hot cum out of it! I'm glad to be your friend! Please leave a comment on my profile page if you have not already. I look forward to chatting with you when I have the time!
3 months ago
you again??? lmao!!!!..:)... ill send yu n invite, since you cant send me one.. due to my settings... welcome back...\m/
4 months ago
great video nice profil

4 months ago
Hi, thanks for your invite...gladly friends
4 months ago
The party was great, unfortunatly no picks this time and the sext t-girl from Clearwater never showed, but I did get to fuck this crazy chick from Largo. Luckly for me I scared her off with some of my requests, I did fuck her ass up good though.
4 months ago
no problem at all!!!
4 months ago
Hiya Sexy,
Thanks for adding me, I love your profile, feel free to check my pics out. I hope you have a horny day!
4 months ago
Sure, you need to bring me a playtoy to share with the rest of the class
4 months ago
I would love to be invited to your party if that is okay with you
4 months ago
your very welcome, sexy
4 months ago
Thanks for the invite... Kisses... :) :)
4 months ago
You know its funny I can always find a girl to fuck, its like tonight is ladies nite at the local club, its 3AM she past out in the bed after cumming so many times she had to use the safe word, and I'm in my bathroom checking out t-girl picks and rubbing one out
4 months ago
The answer is: you should've brought both of them home!
5 months ago
Tonight I had my choice of who to bring home: a 25 yr old inked up slim A cup stripper, or a 53 yr old B cuped slim blond spiner. Who should I have picked? ....FYI shes passed out in the bed, and it was great, just needed to rub out one more nut.
5 months ago
Very dirty ... is there a better way?
5 months ago
I tagged a Playboy model this weekend, her name was sam, and she was in Playboy Sisters edition, when she was 19, March 1991...yeah I know do the math, but it still counts on my FUCKIT LIST
5 months ago
5 months ago
Love the new pics...especially Jessie. Can't wait for a new video. Keep up the great work on these sluts.
6 months ago
Why is it all I seem to be attracting latley are Junky's and pill heads.
6 months ago
New pic are of Eve. Watch out for this one boys, girls and t-girls picked her up at Skinny’s, caught her in my safe helping herself to some recreational pharmaceuticals. Before I kicked her out on her ass, I fucked it so good she won’t be shitting, or walking right for a week. I hate a fucking theif, when all she had to do was ask.
7 months ago
Saw them Fuckin Hot
7 months ago
Thank you very much for your friend invite ;-)
7 months ago
I have two new raunchy videos if you're interested dear :) Kisses!
7 months ago
happy birthday

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