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[Story] Screwing my slutty s****r with my b*****r at the l

The other night, after Brian and I got done with a 13 hour day of sealing and stripping parking lots in an Arkansas city, we headed for our dad’s cabin out on the lake. We had two things in mind, get d***k, and forget everything else. We stopped at the pony keg just outside the park, picked up some booze, eggs and munchies and headed out.
Now the cabin is hard to get to, and if you don’t know where you are going, you probably will miss the lane, even in broad daylight, so we were surprised when we pulled up, that there was another pickup truck already out front. I grabbed a gun out of th... Continue»
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[Story] A Special Night with My s****r

"Oh yes, baby, suck my cock. Oh, Rachel, your tongue feels amazing."

This was my daily routine. I woke up and as soon as I gain my senses I can feel my cock start to stiffen. The more I think about it, the harder it gets. My balls start to ache and I need a release. A quick jerk is all I need before I get out of bed. My name is Richard. I'm 24 years old. Rachel, my fantasy girl, is my 19 year old s****r. I felt ashamed when I first started fantasizing about my s****r while jerking off, but I can't help it. I've had girlfriends in the past, but as soon as Tricia turned 18, other girls were n... Continue»
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[Story] A surprise weekend for my wife and her b*****r!

We were all setting around the kitchen table enjoying some cocktails and laughing when the conversation turned to sex. Not too surprising when you think about the four of us. My wife's b*****r and his wife were really close friends and no topic was out of reach, so sex was normally one that came up soon or later when the four of us were together.

We had gotten together for a weekend at the beach but as luck would have it the weather decided not to cooperate so we started to cocktail early at a local beach bar and then headed back to the condo to eat dinner. After dinner we got back into coc... Continue»
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[Story] b*****r and s****r's 1st Holiday

Their parent's holiday in Spain is ruined when their
father breaks his leg. So 18 year old Ryan and his 17
year old s****r Clare go instead. Although they
intended to enjoy the holiday in their own way, the two
find that they want to spend all the time with each
other. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, rom)


"Wow, Clare, this is some apartment," gasped Ryan as he
unlocked and pushed open the door of the timeshare
apartment, between Malaga and Marbella on Spain's Costa
Del Sol.

"Gosh it is super," replied Clare.

The two explored the apartment and discovered t... Continue»
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[Story] Twin b*****rs and A b*****r

Twin b*****rs & A b*****r  - 
by Theo 
     Being a one of the many plant managers, Chip worked odd shifts, to make sure that certain jobs got done.  This was a special job and he was at the end of ten straight days of 15 hour shifts.  He was looking forward to the week he was going to have off.  Just sitting around the house, having a few beers, and generally doing nothing.
     Most people knew he was gay.  However, no one gave him any flack about it because he wasn’t flamboyant, didn’t press his life on others, and was a fair but firm boss.  The only problems he had run across were th... Continue»
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[Story] First time with a guy

This is all true, believe it or don’t, I don’t really care.
I was young when I lost my Virginity, and it was to an older male, and he was my Cousin.
I looked up to Pete ever since I was little, but now I was a teenager, things had changed, I had the racing hormones, the constant hard on's at embarrassing moments an insatiable curiosity, and crushes not just upon girls but on guys.
This worried me somewhat, because we didn't have the word gay back then as a way to describe guys who liked guys, no, the words were more vicious and made you feel somewhat lacking in something, the words puff, an... Continue»
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[Story] Katie's Big Brother

"Ungh, yeah, oh fuck me Billy," she cried to her brother, his body lean and hard on top of her. Katie wrapped her long, slender legs around his ass, scissoring them behind him as their bodies rode together. They were both covered in a fine sheen of sweat as they rode the ultimate ride together.

"Shit Katie, your pussy is so fucking tight on my cock," he yelled back through clenched teeth. The veins were standing out along his arms and neck, and he held himself over her hot body, his hands placed on either side of her chest. His cock hammered into her, hitting new depths and never befo... Continue»
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[Story] My 19 year old s****r has some workout regime!

For years now, I have been attracted to my younger s****r. It’s not only her gorgeous looks but she is so warm and just a great person to be around. I think she feels the same attraction to me as we always have a great time together. As we have grown older, our sexual feelings have become more bold and stMikeger.

I’m the 28 year old b*****r of a beautiful 19 year old sandy blonde haired s****r. My name is Mike and Michelle is my sexy little teenage s****r. I'm about 5' 10", well built, light brown hair with blue-green eyes. Not to sound conceded or anything, but I've been called good loo... Continue»
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[Story] My sister's homecumming weekend

I still can't believe that way it happened. I mean, it was not like it was anything that I had thought about before, or even

really fantasized about. I was attending a small private school in New England on a lacrosse scholarship, and I was in my junior year. I

had a single dorm room on the fifth floor of a coed dorm, and I was lucky enough to have sampled my share of college women, taking strong

advantage of the naive young freshmen women. College was good to me, and it presented me with the most amazing night of my life.

My sister Allison came to visit one weekend, a ... Continue»
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[Story] Fun with Big Bro pt. 4

I love sex with my brother and always want it kinkier. One week I remember he fucked me every day, one the first day he took permanant marker and wrote on my ass "property of big brother" "cum slut" "insert cock here" and it was still there the 7th day. On the 5th day he broke up with his bf so as soon as we got home he fucked me angry, then again before bed. The 6th day he made me keep his dildo in from before school till be fucked me at 8 at night. I was hard almost the whole time and precum ruined my underwear, but I loved it. I always wanted kinkier though, I wanted to be caught in the act... Continue»
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