Sex, d**gs and... Part II

She had a serious look on her face and made me promise. She probably had the same uncomfortable feelings as I did about the whole thing.

Years went by and we never did talk about it. I thought about it often, and two things began to bother me: we didn’t have actual sex, and that we pretended the whole thing didn’t happen. Especially after that final warm hug, how could we walk around and live our lives and not acknowledge it once, ever? You mean to tell me it was just a one night aberration? I know we’re b*****r and s****r, I get it, to someone reading this they might be thinking, “Gross!”, but you had to be there to understand. It happened so naturally. There was more to that night that just the physical, there was some emotional bonding there. I don’t know, these thoughts nagged at me.

Five years go by, I was 23 and in my own apartment, a small place, and my s****r calls me up. She lived in an apartment too and was now 25 years old. We hadn’t been talking that much the past year or so, we had our own lives with relationships and jobs and all that. We got into a groove and spoke for over an hour catching up on everything, it was a nice conversation. The mood was right and I wanted to bring up what happened that night. I was nervous and didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, but we’ve been walking around the pink elephant in the room for long enough.

“Remember that night we smoked two joints?"

“Oh jeez..” she sighed.

She sounded reluctant to open up this can of worms but I persisted. We made some jokes about our various stoned shenanigans and she avoided the central issue, ya know, the small detail of us slobbering all over each other in her bed.

“You never told anyone about that right?” she asked.

“Definitely not. It was a great night though.”

“Shut up.”

“It was.”

She was silent.

“I’ll never forget that, especially that one thing,” I said.

“What thing?

“Put it this way, when you sat on the edge of the bed and made me stand up in front of you.” Boom.

“Shut up!”

“Why? No one is listening to us.”

“You never know. I was so high that night I didn’t know what I was doing. Anyway, do you smoke now? I hope not.”


Her attempt to change the subject wasn’t going to work on me and I decided to drop another bomb.“One thing about that night that bothered me though.”


“I was disappointed we didn’t have sex.” Bam. A megaton.

“Oh my god... ”

Silence from her, then she said, “That would’ve been too risky anyway.”

“True. What if it wasn’t risky? Let’s say, hypothetically.”

She laughed, then sighed. “Who knows, I was so gone anything could’ve happened.”

She was trying to blame the weed for everything. “You weren’t that gone. Come on. We were both.... into it.”

“Yeah, but I felt bad enough as it was afterwards... if we did that then...”

“Why did you feel bad?” I asked.

“Hellooo, you’re my younger b*****r. If anyone found out... anyway, we shouldn’t talk about this.. on the phone.”

I decided to listen to her this time and drop it, for now. But I was well aware of the opening she left me.

“We should get together and smoke a joint again... for old times sake, haha.”



“Well, I don’t smoke anymore either but... yeah. Let me know.”

Beautiful. “Alright, I’ll let you know.”

We had some more talk and then said our goodbyes. All in all a successful conversation because the bombs I dropped let some air out of tension balloon, even though she was being evasive and tried to blame everything on the pot. Yes, we were high, but come on, it's not like we didn't know exactly what was going on. The pot actually brought out something that was always lurking inside us both. She initiated a few things herself, like the mini strip show she gave me. Then again, maybe it meant more to me than it did her, and I should get over it already. The fear of humiliation if anyone found out is apparently strong in her. Perhaps that eclipses everything else.

She didn’t seal the door on anything with her open ended answers though, she was cautious but... curious. She had a boyfriend for over a year now and according to her things were “pretty good.” Oddly, after we talked the thought of him banging her gave me subtle pangs of jealousy. As for myself, I was seeing a girl for about 5 months at the time. So, considering everything, at the very least it would be nice to see her and hang out again some night. By the way, later that night she texted me a smiley face :-) which I thought was cute.

We had phone communication the next month or so, but nothing was brewing, we were busy and caught up with stuff. Finally we had a call where the conversation was good and the subject of getting together came up again. We settled on a night when we were both free, boyfriends and girlfriends wouldn’t be around, and she’d come over to my place. I managed to get a small bag of pot too.

The night arrives and she comes over. As soon as she walked in the vibe was strange. You could feel the apprehension in the air. It was great to see her though and she kissed me on the cheek which was sweet. She looked cute as always. She brought over some food and a can of frozen Pina Colada mix and rum. Excellent.

We ate, talked, and drank. I told her I got the pot, and thankfully she didn’t flake out on me and was open to smoking some later. I put on music and the drinks loosened us up. Nobody brought up that fabled night as of yet, we were both a bit stale and.. straight. And now it’s time.

“Let’s go smoke some.”

We went to my car because we didn’t want to stink up my apartment. It was brisk out. We passed the joint back and forth and it was pretty cool sitting in the car with my s****r...kind of..romantic.

The stonedness set in, we went back inside, and she made more Pina Coladas. Now I was feeling nice. A song she liked came on and she casually danced in the center of my living room, nothing dramatic, just some sexy hip and arm swaying, but enough to know she’s feeling nice too. I sat on the couch and watched her with a smile on my face like Mr. Cool Guy. She sauntered over and danced in front of me for a moment. Hot, now things were cooking. She sat back down when the song ended.

“So.. you were disappointed, huh?” she said.

“Disappointed about what?”

“You know.”

“Um, no, I don’t know.”

We were cracking up now, being high the slightest thing set us off.

“That night,” she said.

“What about it?”

“Oh jeez. What you said on the phone recently.”

“What did I say?”

Cracking up some more. I was playing coy on purpose, it was fun.

“You don’t remember the conversation we had on the phone?” she asked.

“Yeah, I remember... you told me about a new dish set you bought... what else..”

“Haha... no..... I mean about...that we... ugh forget it.”

“You mean that we didn’t have sex?”

“Shhh!” Her eyes widened. “Yeah that. You said it.. bothered you.”

“Yep. What about you?” I asked.

“Mm... like I was too risky.”

“And like I asked, what if it wasn’t risky?”

No answer..



I laughed. “Yes what?”

“Yes, it bothered me too.”

“That we didn’t have sex?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Phew. Finally. Finally! It’s like pulling teeth. She’s my s****r but she’s a typical girl, it’s so funny, charming too.

“I know,” I boasted.

She smirked. “Anyway, too risky.”

“That’s what condoms are for.”

“You’re crazy.”

We got quiet. The sexual tension was rising.

“I’m your s****r.”

“You’re not just my s****r though.”

“What does that mean?”

I was reluctant to spill the beans about this. I didn’t want to sound too corny and vulnerable and ruin my ‘alpha cred’. So I said “forget it.”

“No, what? Tell me.”

“All right, that night.. actually specifically.. right after the, ahem, blowjob... I felt like, affection for you.. or love or something.” I internally cringed, I was afraid the feelings weren’t mutual. She got quiet for a moment to contemplate.

“Psh. That was probably just post blowjob love.”

I laughed.

She said, “You know when I felt that?”


“When we were in the shed smoking, and you stood behind me and put your hands on me. On my hips. It was cute.”


We sat in silence and basked in our pleasant moment of shared emotional honesty.

“Let’s do a shot.”

She got the rum and I got two shot glasses and we did a shot together. Sweet. As we were standing there I looked her up and down and made it obvious. She smiled, shook her head and pushed me as she walked away. Man did she look good. Now, the sexual tension was through the roof. I can’t believe this is happening again, I swear I thought it never would, but here we are. Then again, she really isn’t k**ding, it is risky, not to mention wrong, taboo, we’re both with someone etc. It’s so bad, this.

I went over to my radio and was looking through my CDs. She joined me and we discussed what to put on. She playfully pushed me with her shoulder when I made her laugh. I waited for her to look at me, when she did I slowly leaned in to see what she would do. She didn’t move. Our lips met. After some moments of wonderful light kissing, we opened our mouths and started tonguing. It was beautiful, I got lightheaded. First time kissing my s****r, and there's nothing like it. We stopped and looked at each other until she turned her head and walked back to the couch and sat. I followed Ms. Hard to Get, sat down and put my arm around her. I surveyed her body and she looked like a hot juicy steak again. Desire burned inside my body.

I decided to throw her a curveball.

“Don’t worry babe, I don’t want to have sex with you.”

She looked at me surprised. I called her ‘babe’ for one, which was odd.

“Me neither... like I said...”

“I want to do something else.”

“Oh yeah, what?”

“Let’s take a shower.”

She gasped.

“It’ll be fun, come on.”


“Haha, yes together.”

I prodded and nudged and held her hand.

She was speechless.

I let that sink in for awhile and she says “wait...wait...” she goes to the bathroom and closed the door. After an eternity she opens the door with nothing but a towel on, a red face and a big flirty grin. She disappears back in. “How do you start this shower?”

Yes! I went in and turned on the water and got it set to a good temp, meanwhile she was standing next to me in a towel driving me crazy. Yes!

“All right let me get in first and... I’ll let you know.”

“All right.”

I grabbed a towel, got undressed in my living room and was losing it with anticipation.

I sat on the couch and waited. Typical, she was taking her sweet time.

“All right,” she yelled out finally.

This is it, the big one. I go in the steamy bathroom, drop my towel, and felt awkward being naked. She’s seen me before, but still. I’ve seen her too, but this is different, it’s going to be in a fairly well lit room, in the shower, not to mention we’re still b*****r and s****r and that 'strange' feeling never goes away.

I step in and she’s covering her tits with her arm and her pussy with her hand. She was blushing and looked shy as hell. So cute. She kept glancing at my hard cock. I stood up close to her and gently removed her arm from her tits. I did the same with her other hand, and now she was fully exposed. I stepped back to take it all in. Glorious. My s****r, the innocent girl I grew up with, naked, wet, and stunningly beautiful. This is otherworldly.

I got close again and of course, washed her tits, and she soaped up and stroked me. We switched positions so I could get under the water and get my hair wet. When we embraced she stood on an angle so my cock stayed clear of her pussy. Being in the light and wet made me realize how trashed I was, but not to the point where I was incoherent and sloppy. Enough for something like this to happen. I sucked on her wet tits and she alternated between watching and throwing her head back. She loved it. My cock kept threatening to go between her legs, although I was fully aware that it wasn’t a good idea. As we said: “risky.” But you know what happens when people are fooling around, they lose control.

She went down to blow me. Amazing, she even looked up at me a few times and said, “mmm.” After awhile she got back up and we tongued. I broke down and worked myself between her legs, not inside though, and she let out a few moans. I let it sit there without moving, but I couldn’t hold back any longer and rubbed against her clit as our tongues swirled around each other. Surprisingly she didn’t stop me, so much for all the risky talk. With all my might I managed to not slide it in. No way, now that would be just stupid. I needed to fuck her now though.

“Come on.”

We both left the shower and she dried off and sat on my couch with the towel. She looked ravishing especially with her hair wet.

I got the condoms and decided to forgo my bed, I wanted to screw her right here on the couch. I put it on, leaned in front of her and pulled her forward. "I'm your s****r", she whispers. I looked at her like she was nuts and we both cracked up again. Yeah, as if we were going to stop at this point. She moved the towel, and I ate her delicious pussy to moisten her up and get her ready, I did some tongue fucking and that got her soaked. I slid my cock in slightly and she opened her mouth and exhaled loudly. I eased in slow as I looked at her face. Our eyes met and we had a ‘moment’. I felt love between us.

Finally. After all these years of pent up desire it was happening. After some slow love making, I picked up speed. The faster I went the more her mouth opened and the stronger her breaths got. It got to the point where I was banging her good. We’d periodically check the condom to make sure it was still on. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her toward me so I could fuck her harder.

We needed a new position. I laid her on the couch and went missionary. Now we were passionate. I could tell she wanted to moan loudly but couldn’t because we were in an apartment. She regained enough composure to remind me to pull out when I came. I went slow again because I wanted to look in her eyes as we made love. Our eyes met and it was hypnotic. Hers looked dreamy and glassy, like she was lost in ecstasy. We were falling in love.

I devoured her tits and looked down at her body like a hungry a****l. This put her over the edge and it looked and sounded like she was going to cum. She opened her mouth wide, held my back tight, leaned her head forward, and gave one final big exhale. Magical, I made my lovely s****r cum. I was ready and I pulled out and took the condom off. I leaned over her and she stroked me, and I blew my load all over her stomach and tits. Best orgasm ever, not even close, better than the blow job she gave me years ago.

We embraced for awhile to catch our breath. She said my name.


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


A quick epilogue: My s****r and I met up and fooled around for about 5 months after that, but it was very difficult to manage. We were paranoid about getting caught, so we never met in our apartments and instead snuck off to hotels every few weeks. Trying to do that when we both had girlfriends and boyfriends was damn near impossible. That it wasn’t just about sex caused problems, we were in love, which put a strain our own existing relationships. We talked about it and we couldn’t imagine a life where we became lovers openly. Being shunned by f****y, the taboo, all of it... we didn't want a life like that. We were just two normal people who happened to have a forbidden secret. Well, we considered ourselves normal anyway. So we came to an agreement and decided to end it completely.

We still talk occasionally and still love each other, but we’re discreet and keep it deep in the background. As far as I know, nobody has a clue. She’s been with a guy over 2 years now and they’ll most likely get married. We’re both still young, so it’s possible we might have experiences again, who knows. Judging by the high divorce rate, I’ll probably be the one who has to ‘comfort’ her if that happens, if you know what I mean. If so, I’ll write about it ;)

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2 years ago
what a beautiful story =)
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
Great story. I sure hope she needs some comfort, soon. Y'all could share an apartment, you know, to save money, what with the bad economy and all. Still see others, occasionally, just to keep up appearances. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wish I could do that with my sister. Good story
3 years ago
You should keep on fucking together and have it just your little secret.