Sex, d**gs and... Part I

I have a s****r 2 years older than me, and there’s always been occasional sexual tension between us. It came and went over the years and didn’t amount to anything significant, and dissipated as we entered our late teens and I became interested in girls and she got a boyfriend or two. However, it never truly went away completely and was lurking dormant in the background, until one night that is when she was 20 and I was 18.

My mother and father stayed the night at my grandmothers so we had a rare occasion when we had the house to ourselves. My s****r and I had nothing to do so we milled around the house and eventually settled in to watch tv together. We talked a lot; I consider my s****r a “cool chick” and I enjoyed hanging out with her, although it happened less as we got older. Late in the evening our conversation heated up and drifted off into the subject of marijuana. At the time I occasionally smoked pot with my friends, and I decided to tell her about it. She was shocked, and I admonished her not to tell mom and dad.

“Don’t worry, I wont.”

I trusted her, we were good about keeping secrets and looking out for each other. She admitted to smoking pot a few times herself and I was surprised as well.

Little did she know I had two joints in my room leftover from a recent night with my friends. I got a crazy idea... how about we smoke one? It’ll be sneaky and fun. At first she was reluctant because she thought it would be weird being high in front of me.

I said, “Oh, come on, live a little!”

After some convincing, she relented and so as not to stink up the house we went out to the shed in the backyard. There was no light so we brought a flashlight. We lit it up and smoked it. Passing a joint back and forth with my s****r was unique, it felt like a small bonding experience.

When we got back in the house her face was red and her eyes were squinty. We were nice and stoned and we laughed a lot. After some wandering around my s****r decides she wants to play the card game Uno for some reason. So we go up to her bedroom to listen to her radio and CDs and we sat on her bed and played Uno.

Okay, I looked at my s****r sitting there and I became intrigued. She had on snug blue jeans and I liked the way they defined the private curves between her legs depending on her position. Being high made the sight even more desirable and I kept glancing over there. She was wearing a regular t-shirt and I was even getting aroused that I could make out her bra straps. I think she caught me checking her out a few times.

When I’d win a hand she would lightly punch me on the shoulder or leg. I detected some flirtiness to these little punches. I started doing the same to her. For awhile there was a lot of stoned laughing, punching, and me glancing at her boobs and hips. We got bored with Uno and she walked around the room looking at her stuff. I was sitting on the bed crossways and leaning my back against the wall. Suddenly she jumps on the bed like a little girl would and plops down right next to me, and pushes me with her shoulder. I pushed her back. Hmm, she’s in a playful mood, this is the most physical contact we’ve had in a long time. I was fascinated by all this and getting aroused.

I pushed things further and started poking and tickling her. She kept telling me to stop but it was one of those half-hearted “stops”. She poked me back and “accidentally” went dangerously close to my cock area a few times. I looked at her tits pushing against her shirt and I got the overwhelming urge to touch them. They’ve grown to a nice size, not big, average sized, but ample and inviting. I took a risk and lightly poked the side of her tit.

“Hey! Don’t touch my boob!”

She didn’t say this in a mad way but in a teasing playful way. She pretended to fight me off and appear shocked. Now I wanted to grab the whole thing. Should I cross this line? It’s my s****r! This is crazy, but the forbidden aspect made it fun. Might as well try it at this point, my hand was aching for it. I waited for an opening and put my whole hand around her tit and squeezed a bit. My s****r’s tit! Felt great, so soft and round. She opened her mouth in feigned horror and swatted my hand away.

“Oh my god!”

She gets up to escape my out of control hands and goes to her closet. Damn, maybe I went too far and the games were over. I was waiting for her to lash out at me but it didn’t happen, she was still smiling and seemed to be enjoying this cat and mouse game as much as I was. I was horny now and wanted to keep it going. We were still high as kites. I watched as she faced away from me looking in her closet.

“Turn around, I’m gonna get changed” she said.

I didn’t listen and she takes off her t-shirt anyway. I was stunned and my eyes were like laser beams on her beautiful back.

She unhooks her bra! She’s giving me a show of some sort, this is awesome. She takes it off and I couldn’t see anything from my angle except a glimpse of side boob. I sat motionless staring with my jaw hanging open. She puts her hands on her tits to cover them and spins around! Holy shit. What a sight. She kept spinning around and then turning back quickly. She looked so hot in her jeans, no shirt on and her wavy brown hair resting over her bare shoulders. She gets a long pajama shirt out of the closet and puts in on, and unbuttons her jeans and slides them down. A smooth, sexy move, and I watched her slender legs shake free from her jeans.

She makes a comment like "Did you like the show?” Nothing like this ever happened with us but with the weed and everything we were in a rare mood. In the past we played a few subtle sexual games, but they were quick and fleeting, tonight, the sexual tension in the room was thick.

She runs and jumps back on the bed and sits next to me, cracking up the whole time. Oh, this is gonna be good, I had easier access now. I had conflicting f***es coursing through my mind and body, resistance and fear because it was my s****r, but that same forbidden fact also increased my desire.

She wanted to smoke the other joint, but I didn’t want to ruin it and leave this position. She insisted and we went back out in the shed to smoke the rest of it. During our smoke session I made a bold move and stood behind her and grabbed her hips. I didn’t think and just did it.

“Uh, excuse me” she said playfully, but to my surprise she didn’t move.

She swayed her hips with my hands on them and we passed the joint like this for a minute. This is hot. Are we going to be embarrassed in the morning and regret this? Who knows, I was too stoned to care that much, but the thought stayed nestled in the back of my mind. I got even bolder and pressed my cock lightly against her ass. Felt erotic as hell. Now, she moved. Oops, too far I guess.

We went back in, completely baked now. We ate something because we had severe munchies, and she disappeared up to her room again. I didn’t follow immediately, but I assumed she was waiting for me. It can’t be over yet, but you know what, make her wait a bit and get worried I might leave her hanging. I can play games too. I eventually went up and her room was dim now, she must have lowered the lights. She was fiddling around with her CDs and I got back in my spot on her bed and hoped for the best. Sure enough she sits right next to me. Okay, here we go. Her tits looked delicious without a bra, and I sized up the rest of her body. She was like a juicy steak dinner and my mouth was watering. s****r or not, a hot chick is a hot chick. She obviously noticed my wandering eyes and enjoyed being the center of attention.

I had an idea.

“Why don’t you flash?”


“Come on, one time.”


She looked down at her tits and cupped them with her hands over her shirt. She held her shirt down tight to make them clearly defined. I watched intently. I was building up the courage to grab them again, and I finally did. She swatted my hand away but I kept going back. Finally, she fake sighed and put her hands down and watched me as I explored the finer points of her luscious tits. Soft and braless they felt incredible, that it was my s****rs tits magnified that a million times. I grazed my fingers back and forth over her hard nipples.

“Having fun?” she asked, obviously a rhetorical question.

She got quiet and her facial expression changed to a more serious look. She was heavily enjoying this. I couldn't believe this was happening.

This went on for a minute until I started feeling her legs. I wanted to feel her mound so bad right now. I expected her to stop me but she only managed a weak “ah ah ah”, so little by little I traveled further up her leg and under her shirt, until I grazed her mound. She lifted up her shirt to reveal her white panties, and when she did that I knew there was no turning back. We were both giving up our resistance and letting it happen. Everything went faster now. She opened her legs a bit and I ran my finger up and down her clit area. She was breathing more heavily now and her pussy was giving off tons of heat.

Surprisingly she gets up and lays on the bed with her head on the pillow, in a way that implied she was waiting for me to take her body. Unbelievable. She had a full bed so there was a decent amount of room. I resumed exploring her body and she reached down and felt my hard cock over my shorts. We were deadly silent, the music was playing in the background however.

I slid off her panties, and every major move I made I was waiting for her to stop me, but she didn’t. She appeared to be shy and embarrassed so she pulled her shirt down to cover herself. I worked my way up kissing her legs, and nudged my way to her pussy. She opened her legs wider and there it was. She was shaved and it was gorgeous. Seeing her clit and labia was startling. My s****r's clit. This is surreal.

I licked up and down her pussy, and she arched her back and began exhaling strongly. Her pussy was soaked and tasted wonderful. I breathed in her intoxicating female scent. I feasted on my s****r’s pussy like it was my last meal, and she pushed her hips forward and buried my face in it. She might have come a time or two, it certainly looked like it as she made noise, squirmed around, and her legs tightened.

Eventually she leans up and tells me to stand up. What’s this all about, could it be? She sat on the edge of the bed and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulls them down with my boxers to reveal my hard cock. It felt weird and erotic that my s****r was seeing me naked. She pulls me closer to her and starts giving me a blow job. Incredible. So good. This wasn’t the first time I got a blowjob but never anything like this. Nothing compares to seeing my cock sliding in and out my s****r's mouth. Which is why I wasn’t going to last long. Being high made the sensations more intense.

As my breathing got heavier she gets up and grabs a towel from the bathroom. I guess she isn’t going to swallow. Oh well, can’t have everything. She resumed sucking, even more passionately now, cupping my balls, stroking, everything, as I held her head and made love to her mouth. This is too much, I started blowing my load. I didn’t tell her and some got in her mouth, but she moved away and jerked me off on her tits. I came like mad, the best orgasm I’ve ever had by far, even better than my first time having sex. She cleaned me up gently with the towel and at that moment I felt love for her, more than s****rly love. She was such a doll. I couldn’t believe it, this is like a stoned dream or something.

She put her panties on and disappeared to the bathroom to wash up. She came back and said she was exhausted and wanted to go to sl**p, but before I left she hugged me for a few seconds, a nice warm embrace. Wow, I didn’t expect that. I left her room and went to bed myself.

The next morning I felt strange and anxious. What a night. If for some reason my mom and dad ever found about it - nevermind the weed smoking, that we could recover from - but the sexual things, forget it. It would be lifelong humiliation.

Later in the day my s****r got me alone and told me, “Don’t ever tell anyone about that.”

She had a serious look on her face and made me promise. She probably had the same uncomfortable feelings as I did about the whole thing.

To Be Continued......

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That was wonderful =)
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Fucking HOT!!! Got my cock rock HARD!!!
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3 years ago
dude.... wow just.... wow ill be waiting for more.
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You lucky guy.
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very good
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That was a really sweet story...I hope there is a lot more to come. Thanks.
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I hope you got to fuck her, dude.
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Excellent can't wait for the rest
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wow! this story was amazing specially with all the details. Nice one!
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Sweet bejeebus. Hot as all hell. Dear lord! Is it true?