The Pool

She always loved watching out her bedroom window down to the pool. It was not a scenery thing to her. It was where she watched her older b*****r clean it every week. She would sit beside her window and watch him for the whole duration. It had become her ritual. She looked forward to it every Thursday. Nobody knew she watched him either. She would close and lock her room door and just enjoy it. It was her little secret.

Dressed in nothing swimming trunks, she could see his muscles bulge in his arms as he swept the net over the surface water of the pool. He was tanned and trimmed and the sun beating down on his torso accentuated everything she loved about her b*****r. At times, he would apply sun tanning oil which only made him even manlier; even sexier in her eyes. She could actually sit there and watch him forever if she had the chance, but it did not matter how long it actually took him to clean the pool. Even though she loved watching him the whole time, it was what he did after having cleaned it that she enjoyed watching more. And just like clockwork, he did it again.

She knew it was wrong to be watching her twenty-five year old b*****r in the way she was anyway, but she looked forward to this moment. He always did the same thing. First, he would stretch his muscles. Secondly, he would walk over to the pool’s side, kneel down and splash some of the water on his face. Then finally, he would stand back up, take a few looks around, and remove his swimming trunks, exposing his nude body. Yes, that was the view she longed for the most.

He was smooth all over, just like her. Not a single hair on his body except for what was on his head. That made his manhood stand out more. She could see the full outline of his soft long cock with all the smoothness around it. Even his smooth balls that hung low caught her eyes. Her b*****r was the first guy she had ever seen hairless. Not even any of the guys she dated shaved their cock and balls. It was just another thing that made her b*****r even more of a man and even more sexier in her eyes.

She watched him jump into the pool and glide underwater. His body so graceful as he swam. The water flowed over him as he took a few laps and then swam to the side and got out. She watched him, his back towards the window, his body dripping. He ran his fingers through his wet hair and turned around. She almost fell backwards from what she saw.

It was the first time she had ever seen his cock rock hard. It was beautiful. All smooth and shiny, she watched him, the water from the pool dripping off of him and his erection, painting a very sensual picture. The water sheen off of him in places also where he was smooth. He was a very erotic sight and she knew it was wrong for her to be looking at her b*****r in that way. She also knew it was wrong wanting his cock in her twenty-two year old pussy. However, that was all she could ever think about every time she watched him. Especially now since he was fully aroused.

He saw his younger s****r looking. He knew she would be. He saw her looking every week he cleaned the pool; she just did not know he knew she was looking. He loved having her watch him though. He knew that he was driving her crazy. He could feel it inside him. And today, it got the best of him, and he was not ashamed of showing it.

So, when he turned around and knew she would see his erection, he became harder, so hard in fact, that he could actually feel the veins popping out as they pumped the bl**d to keep it up. He could tell when she saw it. He saw how she almost stumbled. Having her see his erection sent even more bl**d to it and made it throb even more. He wanted to touch it, watch her while he touched it, see how aroused she would become, but he knew that if he did, he would not stop. So, he just left it in her view.

She sat there, soaking her panties, as she gazed at the size of his erection. Her pussy was watering for it to be inside her. The tingling of arousal began its trek from the wet spot between her legs all through her veins. She could feel the heat move through each vessel. She could not take it anymore. She stood up, felt the release of more fluid form on the lining of her panties, pulled the curtain back and opened the window. Slowly, she leaned out, looked around first before she decided to yell to him, and satisfied, yelled, “I’m Ready!”

He looked up and she motioned him to come up to her room. He could not turn around fast enough to grab his swimming trunks, slip them on, and run in the house up the stairs to his s****r’s room. Adrenaline shot through him as he quickly got in his shorts, but it made him stumble as he ran into the house.

She quickly took everything off and lied upon her bed, which faced the door. She raised her upper body against her pillow, her firm mounds perfectly formed and spread her legs wide, so he could have an eyeshot at seeing both, her perfectly smooth pussy and firm breasts, as he came into her room. She was ready for him. She could feel her pussy lips become slightly engorged and open slightly as she waited. She could also feel the wetness there as her labia parted slowly. When he came through the door, she knew that he would be surprised.

He came through the door and saw his s****r, already naked lying on her bed. His eyes immediately went to her pink spot, already prepared for his entry. He saw how it was partly open, the slight dark spot showing that lead to its depths. He loved how she was completely smooth like him. Then he looked up and saw the pink nodules that poked out on her firm breasts. They were just as tempting as what was between her legs. Even if he had not been hard before, the sight of his s****r would have made him hard for sure. However, he was so happy he never lost his erection.

She could see he never lost his erection. The bulge was eminent at the front of his swimming trunks. She ran a hand over one of her erect nipples and licked her lips and watched him drop his shorts. She watched how the waistband of them pushed his hard cock down and when it was released, how it bounced to its upright position. She immediately felt the flow of more fluid inside her slit. It was from the sight of his size and actually wondering if he would fit inside her. She had always knew that her b*****r’s cock was a good size, but seeing it in its fully erect state, that was a different story. To her, it looked like it stuck out for a mile in front of him.

Neither one of them said anything to each other. He just climbed in the bed with his s****r, all the way up between her legs, and pulled her down so that she was flat on her back. Without even giving her a warning, he spread her legs wider, reached under her with his hands and grabbed a handful of ass, and pushed his long erection in one motion all the way into her.

There was an audible gasp as she felt him consume her empty pink space with his hardness. She felt him sink all the way inside her until the skin of his abdomen touched hers. His balls even banged against her as he buried himself into her wet hole. She took another long gasp of air as she felt her vagina wrap around his thick muscle. She had never felt a cock like his inside her before. The cocks that had been there before him were nothing compared to what she was feeling now. She felt all her b*****r’s erect state. She could feel the ridges of its stiffness as it consumed her. Then he started to thrust. The feeling almost took her breath away.

He could not believe he was fucking his s****r. He had often wondered what it would feel like fuck his s****r, but also knew that it was wrong to have a dream like that. However, when he first caught her watching him at the pool, he knew that it would become a reality some day. Today was that day.

The wet warmth of her crevice surrounded his long stiffness. He could feel the soft flexible pink barrier slide along his cock as he slowly moved in and out of his s****r. He consumed her as much as she consumed him. It was a mutual feeling between them both.

As she felt her vaginal muscle glide with his cock back and forth, she felt the warmth of her own natural juices in response to having him inside her. She had finally acclimated herself to his size, so the gasps of air were not as prominent. Now, she just breathed and sighed in joy of finally having her b*****r fuck her.

The moment was intimately stimulating to them both. He could feel how aroused she was as he ploughed her smooth opening. She could feel how aroused he was by his firmness inside her. He could look at her face and see the ecstasy on it. She could feel his movements and know that he was meaning every thrust. There was definitely no sibling rivalry going on at this moment. Just pure hot and intense i****t.

Suddenly, before she could hold it off, the spasm hit her without warning. As she felt him sink into the warm depths of her God given chasm again, the jolt was unleashed and escaping her. She gripped his cock inside even more and pulled on him as he moved his large hard cock in and out, and felt the orgasm escape her.

He felt her orgasm as he sunk inside. He could feel the spasm of her canal envelope him and pull on his erection. He could feel the wetness escape her even more, the warmth of it surrounding his hard cock. However, her orgasm pulling on his cock, combined with feeling her hot wet elastic walls, was enough to set his into motion.

He felt the jolt form inside him and his cock get harder. He slowed his movement into her as slow as he could go to prolong the inevitable, but his s****r’s pussy felt so good on him, it did not matter. He got only three more pumps and on the last one, he injected her with is hot fluid.

She groaned as she felt his cum coat her inside. She felt each warm spurt that flowed from his hard cock. Each time she felt the hot liquid of his core splatter her inner circle, she moaned with desire. She watched his body jerk as he released his seed into her. Not only did she think it highly erotic that she made him cum inside her, she thought his body was beautiful as he did. She always found a man cumming ultra sensual and positively erotic.

The minute the last volley was released, his cock began its descent. he knew she could feel his cock subsiding inside her. He felt her vaginal walls become more soft also as he pulled his now semi-hard penis out of her. As he did, the leftover sexual juice dripped out of her as well. His cock was shining from her natural lube, a sign of a sexual chore well done.

She felt the drips of leftover desire also as he pulled out of her pink spot. She looked up at him and he was pouring sweat. His cock was now dangling and she saw how it shined with her orgasmic fluid. Her body, having been ravaged by her b*****r, was now sinking into her bed, reeling in the phase of plateau.

This was what she had always wanted. What she had always dreamed of while she watched her b*****r clean the pool. Now, she was enjoying the moment even more, even though it was over. Her body was now complete. Her b*****r actually made her. Little did she know that he, having collapsed beside her, was feeling the same way. He was now complete. She had made him. What had started as a chore every Thursday for him, and as a date for her, had finally culminated in the actual goal they both wanted: each other. They looked at each other as they lied there. Their look said it all. They both knew what would happen next Thursday. Their own second annual b*****r-s****r pool party

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Good stuff!!
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good job
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Wonderfully written and extremely erotic!
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great story!
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Excellent writing and very sensual. Thanks.
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Nicely written
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good writing..nice story
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Good story!