BDSM - My First Experience

First off let me say that my girlfriend can not get enough sex. We have to fuck at least 2 times a day minimum. But it seems that recently she has been letting all of her fantasies out and she is demanding we try them all, and let me tell you they are very hot! At first I thought I wouldn't be able to do any of her fantasies, because they involved me being totally subservient, and I am usually the dominating one, but with her sexy talk and walk I gave in.

I guess I should describe what she looks like so I can give you a good image of what she looks like. My girl is a small girl yet somehow God gifted her with the nicest set of tits. She is 5 feet 2 inches, 105 pounds, wavy dishwater blonde hair, green eyes, and a perfect set of 34D's. She is always tan, and she is always trimmed down there, with just a little landing strip of hair.

At first her fantasies were mild, like handcuffing me spread eagle to the bed and teasing me with her tongue and when I couldn't take it anymore she would lower her sopping wet pussy onto my hard cock and ride me until we came in unison. But as soon as we tried that one she laid it all on the table and told me her ultimate fantasy and that we were going to do it the next weekend I begged her to tell me what we were going to do, but she just smiled and told me to be patient.

Finally the weekend was here and I was so excited. On Saturday morning she told me to go to the sex shop to pick up some "supplies" and I agreed willingly. Her list was quite intriguing. It contained some of the usual, lubes, oils, some candles, but the one that really got me curious was the strap-on she requested. I started thinking that we were going to have company tonight and I got really excited!

I paid for my supplies and raced home. When I got home no one was there and there was a note on the kitchen table saying, "Meet me at the Motel 6 up the street and go to room 269. Don't bother packing anything because I have already packed for you, so all you need to bring is yourself and the supplies. Love ya and get here quickly for we have a very full night planned!"

I raced out the door and arrived at the Motel 6 in just mere seconds. I ran up the flight of stairs and found the room. I knocked excitedly, and she answered wearing a robe. She ushered me and threw the robe off onto the bed. She just stood there in the sexiest leather outfit I had ever seen. Her nipples were exposed, and so was her well shaven pussy. She had on thigh highs and 6 inch fuck me heels. I was hard immediately. She took the bag of supplies out of my hands and ordered me to strip. I was naked in a flash and then she ordered me to my knees. She placed a dog collar around my neck and said I was going to do whatever she said all night and if I refused she would never fuck me again. Well, of course I agreed! She then dragged me to the bathroom and told me to crawl in on my hands and knees. When I was in she finally told me her plan. She was going to dress me up as a woman, completely, with full make up and shave my body down. I was to be her bitch for the entire night. She started a bath and filled the tub with warm water and some other liquids. She told me to get in and wash myself. When I got in it was so warm and as I started to wish my skin I noticed the hair was falling out all over my body. Soon my legs were completely smooth and I had no pubic hair either! My arms were smooth and my arm pits were to. She then ordered me out and started shaving my face really close. She had me wash my hair, and when I was done, she started applying make up to my face I looked in the mirror when she was done and I was amazed!

She then put a wig on me and I looked completely like a woman, well except for the clothes. But I didn't have to worry about that either because out on the bed was my outfit all laid out for me. She had bought me a black lacy thong, a black garter belt, black silky thigh highs, black 4 inch heels, a black bra, with fake tits to put in them, a short black leather mini skirt. I asked if there was a blouse to go with this out fit and she said no. She then helped me dress and told me the only thing I could take off all night was the thong, other than that I must stay fully dressed all night. She told me to stand up and she looked me over. She started licking her lips and told me to get on all fours. I complied and she thrust her wet pussy onto my face and I started licking. She started rubbing her clit and came all over my face. I lapped up her juices and she pulled away from me. She told me to get on all fours on the bed. I did and she came up behind me and pulled my skirt up. She started spanking my ass and pulled down my thong. She started licking my ass and spread my cheeks. I was so hard and was begging for her to suck me but she refused and spanked me harder. She got up and retrieved the lube and squirted some on my asshole. She started rubbing around my puckered hole and pushed a finger in. I let out a loud moan and that just made her shove another finger in my ass. She started fucking my ass with 2 fingers and I was so turned on I was moaning like she did when I fucked her ass. She pulled her fingers out of my ass and told me not to turn around. As I stared straight ahead, she put the strap-on on and came up behind me and started rubbing her new cock on my asshole.

I started to moan and she started to shove it in. I thought she was going to go slow but she shoved it all in. It hurt so bad yet felt so good. I squealed with delight and she started thrusting her cock deeper and deeper in me and spanking me. She then told me to tell her how bad I wanted it and if I didn't she would fuck me deeper and harder and make it hurt. I started screaming, "Fuck my ass baby! Fuck me with your cock. Please don't stop, please fuck me!!!!" I was so hard and soon I could feel her body trembling. She was actually cumming from fucking my ass! She pulled out her cock and told me to fuck her ass. I lubed up my cock and thrust it deep in her ass like she did to me and with only a few thrusts I shot my biggest load up her ass. I pulled out my cock and laid down beside her. God I love her and her new found fantasies! I loved being dressed up and especially loved her fucking my ass! Well she kept fucking me all night and I kept fucking her ass right back. Now we don't go out to hotels anymore, we just play at home and I get to be dressed up whenever I am home!
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good to know i am not the only one who enjoys this sort of play. thxs for sharing.