s****r Grows Up! Part 3

Mom took off her coat and started un buttoning her dress. As she peeled off the sleek slim red number off her shoulders, I gasped as I saw that Mom wasn’t wearing any underwear, well no bra.. And as the dress fell to the floor, it confirmed the other part of the equation… Mom wasn’t wearing panties either. She looked just as incredible as my s****r. In fact they shared matching suntans. It was clear that both liked to sunbathe naked, and for the first in 3 years, I was going to be a part of it!!

Cass walked over to a now naked Mom, and cupped her mother’s mound then licked Mom’s left, pierced nipple. Mom moaned slightly.

“Hmmm. You’re so nice and wet, Mom.” Cassie purred as she slid a finger deep into her mother’s cunt.

Mom stroked my s****r’s head as Cassie went to town on her nipples, and beckoned me over to her with one of her long fingers. Without hesitation, I started to suck on Mom’s hardening right nipple. Mom was stroking our heads and backs and moaning contentedly as I added my finger to Cassie’s own in our mom’s wet cunt.

Mom suddenly burst out laughing when she caught a reflection of herself and us in the mirror. Cassie and I stopped what we were doing and turned our heads to look up at Mom laughing. She composed herself quickly. “Sorry about that, I just had a sudden flash back to when you both breast fed from me when you were babies.”
Cassie and I smiled at each other and resumed our nipple sucking, momentarily going from sucking a nipple to sucking each other’s tongues, as we kissed. As Mom was getting really wet, Cassie was using Mom’s juices to also lubricate Mom’s starfish.

Getting to our knees, I positioned myself behind Mom, and Cassie knelt in front. Cassie and I gave each other a quick kiss as we then let our tongues work both holes that my s****r had delicately prepared moments earlier. Cassie was licking Mom’s clit and darting her tongue in and out, while I was spreading Mom’s ass cheeks and rimming her gently. I licked around her hole a couple of times. It wasn’t something I’d done before, but at that moment, I was questioning what hangs up I had cos at this particular time they were complete bullshit! I spat into Mom’s anus as I slowly inserted my index finger, which caused Mom’s legs to buckle!

Guiding Mom to the floor, Cassie and I changed positions. I got between Mom’s legs and admired the handiwork Cass had laid before me. Mom’s clit was red and inflamed with lust and poking out from under the little hood, and her pussy lips were large and swollen. I smiled to myself when I noted the irony that Cassie and I were borne from this cunt and (certainly in Cassie’s case) we’d been fucking it for the last couple of years. I was about to taste Mom’s cunt for the first time when I heard Cassie squeal. I looked up to see her sitting on Mom’s face while Mom was tongue fucking her daughter.

Mom moaned, groaned and grunted as I was licking her sweet 40 year old pussy while she was licking her 15 year old daughters cunt. A thought flashed through my head and wondered if Dad knew what a kinky wife and k**s he had. Or used to have before Mom kicked him out the house after Mom and I had caught him fucking my Prom Date’s Mom on the couch, while Cassie and PD’s younger s****r was playing in her room.

After a few minutes of feasting on Mom’s pussy I knelt up a bit after my cock was straining so hard it was practically ready to bore a hole in the floor.
I signalled to Cassie my intentions, as she climbed off Mom’s face, panting with exertion. Mom looked down at me and smiled, her face covered in my s****r’s juices. I kissed my way up Mom’s body and licking all the beads of sweat pussy juice I could see. I kissed mom hard and asked if she was ready for this. I mean, fucking your daughter’s fingers is one thing, but your son’s cock is another. She just looked me in the eyes and said..
“Fuck me, Jake! Fuck your Momma like she‘s never had a cock before!”

Cassie lent over and kissed me then Mom, then sat in the chair beside us and spread her own legs and resumed stroking her own clit.

I slid the tip of my cock up and down the entrance to Mom’s pussy, lubricating the cock head and shaft with her juices. Then slowly I pushed my cock into my Mom’s hot cunt. I’d been fantasising about this moment for years, and now, here I was - fulfilling it. And filling Mom in the process! Now, expectedly, Mom’s pussy wasn’t tight, I knew that, but her pussy muscles were fucking incredible as they were gripping my cock so hard, I could’ve wondered about loss of circulation (!) I pulled out a little and slammed my cock back in making Mom groan, and wanting deeper penetration, she lifted her long legs and let them hang on my shoulders. Mom’s legs was my favourite attribute of hers, although her fine breasts were a close second! Cassie was also moaning loudly in the chair, practically fisting herself.

The air was thick with the musky stench of sex and sweat and now, I was about to add cum into the mix! The intoxicating atmosphere was about to push me over the edge and I went to withdraw my cock when Mom stopped me.
“No, son. Fill me with your come, and Cassie lay down beside me.”
Cassie pulled her hand out of her dripping pussy and let me suck the juices off her fingers as she stepped over Mom and lay beside her. Spurred on the taste of my s****r’s juices on my lips I fucked Mom with half a dozen more strokes before a started spurting my virile young seed deep into my Mom’s hot snatch. I think I spurted about 3 or 4 times when I withdrew my softening cock with a slightly more audible than expected “plop”. As I sat back admiring the view before me, waiting to see my cum pour from my mother’s cunt, I was amazed to see Mom clenching her pelvic floor tightly.

“Help me up, Jake,” Mom said, keeping her knees closed. “Cassie stay there and open wide”
“Yes, Mom” Cassie smiled, then laughed when she noticed my puzzled expression.
“Mom and I have had this particular fantasy for ages and we’d been waiting for you so that we could fulfil it.”
With my help, Mom shuffled next to Cassie’s head, then using as many of her pussy muscles she could, she gripped herself hard as she stepped over. my s****r’s face and crouched down so that her pussy lips were about 6inches from her daughter’s mouth.
I moved around to get a better view and watched in sheer amazement as Mom relaxed her muscles and I saw my cum, mixed with Mom’s juices pour into Cassie’s waiting mouth. My cock was getting a sudden second wind. Cassie swallowed hungrily then licked the remaining remnants of my cum as it dripped from our Mom’s cunt.

“Ok, you two, I suggest we have a shower and resume this, in the bedroom” Mom said looking at her son and daughter proudly. “I wanna use what I bought from Amsterdam on you both! Its time Mommy got some payback!!”
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2 months ago
Hot story, thanks!
6 months ago
luv the series....
1 year ago
Can't wait for part 4,5,6
2 years ago
great!!! please part 4 geat imagination... or are u pullin from xperince,lol that b even better!! thanxx for
2 years ago
awesome 3rd part
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Wow i'm going to tae a nap i've cum so many time reading these stories i need a rest thanks
3 years ago
awesome hope for a part 4???
3 years ago
brilliant...please continue
3 years ago
I can't wait for more. Great story.
3 years ago
Great continuation of the story. i loved it.