At the beach with Grampa

I went to spend a month at my grandparents place in Naples,Florida.

They lived in a beautiful apartment complex that was complete with

swimming pool. An added plus was that it was only a few blocks from

the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. My Grandfather and Grandmother were

my father's parents so I felt comfortable with them, although I hardly

knew them. The last time I had seen them was when they moved here.

They had moved to Florida five years before. when he retired from

the civil service. I had very fuzzy memories of them.

My grandmother was a pleasant woman of 58, small like me, with delicate

hands and features and snow white hair, which he wore perfectly fixed,

not a hair out of place. I took an instant liking to her. She was

an excellent cook, although they seldom ate in, mostly they went out

or ordered in. She also played Bingo three nights a week. It was like

a religion to her.

Now my grandfather was another story. Like my father he was big,

loud, and happy. At age 60 he bragged that he was still able to go

three miles every day, of course, he was quick to point out that nowadays

he walked the three miles instead of running. He was very handsome

and I quickly fell madly in love. He took me everywhere with him,

showing me off to all his cronies.

"This is my favorite granddaughter, Lea." he would say, not mentioning

that I was his only granddaughter. "Have you ever in your life seen

a more beautiful girl?"

As big as he was, of course, everyone agreed with him.

He took me fishing, another first. Showed me how to play golf and

Tennis. He could swim further and faster than me. We went to the beach

and he buried me in the sand. All in all the best grandfather a girl

could want. The first time we went to the beach I wore my very skimpy,

red bikini and his eyes lit up.

"God damn girl," he said. "You are one beautiful little lady. I better

watch that nobody steals you away from me."

I hugged him and thanked him for the compliment, not thinking anything

about it at the time. "Not a chance grampa, I belong to you."

All the way to the beach I could feel his eyes glancing in my direction.

I was very proud of the fact that he thought I was pretty and the

way he was looking at my skimpy bottoms, I guessed he thought I was

a little sexy too.

When we got to the beach I helped him carry our stuff down to the

waters edge and then ran into the surf. It felt so great. I splashed

around in the water for a while then walked out to where my grandfather

had set up our stuff. The cool wind did a thing to my nipples under

my wet top and I felt them get as hard as a rock. I think that was

the first thing he noticed. His eyes fixed on my top and that funny

look came into them. I had seen that look before. I loved that look

that men gave me, but I didn't expect it from someone as old as my

grandfather. Maybe I was mistaken. Maybe he was just pleased with

me and happy that I was here with him.

I sat down in the sand and began excavating a trench that I could

lie in and cover myself up with sand. When I had it deep enough I

lay down in it and my grandfather came and began covering me with

sand. It felt so great to feel the warm sand slowly cover my body.

I was also aware that my grandfather's hands seemed to linger a little over my breasts and

even a little over my lower torso. Naw, just your imagination, I thought.

After a while I slowly crawled out of my burial mound and began shaking

the sand from my body. It was everywhere. In my hair, ears, under

my bikini top, inside my bottoms. I headed for the water to wash it

out. Once in the water I waded out until the water was up to my chin,

glanced around and discovered no one was paying any attention to me

so I slipped out of my bottoms and proceeded to wash the sand from

my body and the suit. I could see my grandfather watching me from

the shore. I figured he knew what I was doing but I was sure that

he couldn't actually see my nakedness.

After getting all of the sand out I slipped my suit back on and went

back to the shore. I was puzzled by the looks he was giving me, not

that it scared me, I was just puzzled. I wondered if he was thinking

of me in a sexual way or was he even able to have sex. I had very

limited knowledge of older people. I, erroneously, thought that after

maybe fifty or so you couldn't have sex.

We arrived back at the apartment and found that my grandmother had

ordered from the local Subway for us and had laid it all out before

going to her Bingo. I love Subway. We devoured it and sat around chatting

for a time before I announced that there was still a few grains of

sand in very sensitive places and I was going to take a shower and

try to get them out.

I got out of the shower, after shampooing my hair, wrapped a towel

around me and went to my room. Two things happened in the same instant.

I dropped the towel to the floor and my grandfather walked in to ask

if I wanted to watch some TV show. He stared, open mouthed, at this

naked girl standing in the middle of the room facing him. As he was

to say later. "She didn't cover herself or cringe, just stood there."

"Hi grampa," I said. Not even thinking about covering my nakedness,

after all my father looked at me naked all the time, and did a lot

more than look.

My grandfather stood as if turned to stone, a hundred emotions running

over his face at the same time. His eyes swept up and down over my

body. I could see his hands trembling.

"Is there something you wanted grampa?" I asked after a long time.

"Uh...........Uh......Yes....UH.... I was going to ask you about

the TV ...uh ......never mind." His eyes never left my body.

I reached down and picked up my nightgown that I had laid out earlier.

"Is it okay if I just wear my nightgown while we watch TV? I got a

little too much sun today at the beach."

He waved his arms in dismissal. "Wear whatever you want."He said,

rather gruffly, a mean looking scowl coming on his face and turned

and walked out.

I was devastated. What had I done to make my grandfather angry? Maybe

he was mad because I had took so much time in the bathroom. I slid

the nightgown over my head, not bothering to even put on panties and

followed him into the living room. he was sitting in his favorite

chair flipping through the channels on the TV. I stood in front of

him, tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

"I'm, I'm sorry that I made you mad, grampa, I didn't mean to." I

could feel a tear sliding down my cheek. I guess I made a pitiful

sight, standing there in my bare feet, with nothing on but a thin,

shorty nightgown.

My grandfather held out his arms and pulled me in. "Oh baby! You

haven't done anything wrong. I wasn't mad at you. I was mad at myself

for barging in on you like that and seeing you naked

like that. I was mad at myself for the terrible thoughts I had when

I looked at you."

I snuggled up in his lap. "You couldn't have terrible thoughts grampa."

"Oh yes I can Lea, You are a very beautiful girl and I am a man."

"So?" I hugged him a little harder .

"Well, when men look at beautiful women they have these thoughts

and they want to touch them in places that maybe they shouldn't."

"Do you think I am a beautiful woman, grampa?

"Very beautiful Lea, very very beautiful."

"You didn't touch me, grampa."

"I thought about it."

I mulled that over in my mind, trying to find the logic. "Grampa?"

"Yes Lea?"

"Does this mean you won't put lotion on my sunburn?"

"No, of course not. I would be happy to put lotion on you." He said,

kissing me on the forehead.

I jumped up and yanked my nightgown over my head. My grandfather

let out a groan as he looked at my body only a foot away from him.

In fact, considering that he was sitting in his easy chair, my young

pussy was only a foot away from his eyes. Add to that the fact that

it was beautifully shaved, with my clit peeking out.

"Oh my God," he croaked. "What am I going to do with you?"

I smiled a big smile. "If you really do think I'm beautiful you can

touch me all you want grampa."

He reached out a trembling hand and touched my pussy, lightly running

his fingers up and down the slit. His eyes never left my face as he

slipped one finger inside my pussy, then brought it to his mouth and

sucked on it. I felt my pussy twitch as I watched this erotic gesture.

Then it was back, exploring my little slit. There was such a look

of wonder on his face as he gently ran his finger inside me. As he

got up from his chair I saw that he had this huge erection pushing

at the front of his pants. He picked me up in his arms and carried

me to my room. Laying me on my bed, his mouth went directly for my

tiny pussy.

"Oh my god lea," he groaned as he raised his head. " You taste so


"Thank you grampa," was all I could manage.

His tongue explored my pussy, flicking across my tiny clit, bringing

little jolts of pleasure to my body. I felt his teeth gently nibbling

at my clit and I went wild with desire, throwing my legs up around

his head.

"Lick me all over grampa, lick me all over." I begged.

He didn't need any encouragement, his tongue was everywhere. Burrowing

into my pussy, trying to slip inside my ass hole. he gathered some

moisture from my ravaged pussy on his little finger and slid it slowly

inside my tiny ass hole. The feeling was so wild.

"Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! grampa." I whispered as wave after wave of the

most delicious feeling

swept over me. My tiny ass hole was clenching and unclenching around

his little finger as my legs let go of the death grip they had on

his head and waved frantically in the air. His tongue, in the meantime,

was probing the depths of my hungry pussy. Slowly he pushed his finger

into my ass until it was up to the first knuckle. I thought I was

going to die from the pleasure. Ever so slowly he slid his finger

out of my ass hole. I could feel the muscle working, almost like it

was sorry to see it go, I know I was.

My grandfather reluctantly pulled away from my throbbing pussy and

stood up.

"I have to go masturbate darling."

I could see the bulge and understood. I reached out and touched the

bulge. "Let me do it for you grampa, please?" I begged.

He stared at me for a minute, then nodded. "In the bathroom, so we

won't make a mess."

I followed him into the bathroom and watched as he dropped his pants

and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang out from it's confinement

in all it's glory. It was the largeest one I had ever seen. Fully

nine inches long and at least two inches in diameter. I was in shock

as I tried to grasp this magnificent cock in my tiny hands.

My grandfather groaned loudly as my tiny hands went around his cock.

I began to move up and down the full length of it. Then he let out

a gasp as I knelt down and began to lick and kiss the huge head. There

was no way I could get this monster in my mouth but I tried valiantly.

"OH God, oh god, oh god." He kept muttering as his orgasm approached.

I could feel his body tense and knew he was close. Then, with a mighty

groan, a huge glob of cum spurted out. I was moving my hands as fast

as I could on his cock and watched in awe as spurt after spurt of

white, sticky cum flooded out of this monster of a cock.

My grandfather's knees buckled and he nearly collapsed from the release

of all the tension. he reached out and pulled my naked body to him.

I was still holding his now softening cock in my hands. Even soft

it was large.

"My God Lea." He said. "I have never cum that big in all my life."

I smiled proudly. "Did I do good grampa?"

He hugged me tighter. "You did marvelous my darling, just marvelous."

I grinned back at him. "You did pretty good yourself grampa."

After we cleaned up the mess in the bathroom I put my nightgown back

on and we went into the living room and I snuggled in his lap.

My grandfather cleared his throat. "Uh, Lea?'

"Yes grampa?" I replied sl**pily.

"Uh...What we did.....uh."

"Yes grampa?"

"Well we can't tell anyone about it or I will get in serious trouble

with you gradmother."

"I know grampa, I won't tell anyone ever. I promise. But grampa?"

"Yes my love?'

Can we do it again the next time grandmother goes to Bingo?
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4 months ago
Very well written story, very mature, had everything you would want to read about except the sex act itself which would make a great part 2 when Grandma goes to bingo again. She made a reference to Dad seeing her naked and doing more. Got a feeling she would go further with Grandaddy. Great story, thank you for sharing it with us.
4 months ago
Great story, well written, very mature. I'd love to be grandpa, that's for sure. I think she made reference to Daddy seeing her naked and doing a lot more. Would be really great if we got a part 2 when Grandma goes to bingo so we could see some fucking. Great, thanks for sharing this story with us.
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such a pretty dirty girl!!!
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VERY hot
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very nice ("Lick me all over grampa, lick me all over." I begged.)I love it.
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great story
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great story!
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the sweet naughtiness
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great story. loved it
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Grndpas can be sooo naughty! Lea needs a mature mouth and cock in her cunny!
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Loved it, I do hope they get to fuck.
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Fantastic story!
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Excellent...Very Hot!
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