In the Study

I was sitting in the study of our f****y home, my cock straining in my pants, watching filthy videos from the net, so completely engrossed that i was oblivious to the sound of my step daughter returning home from school.

It was until she caught me stroking my cock through my jeans that i realized my mistake.


we were both silent, stunned by the scene that had bee laid out before us, i couldnt find words, a million thoughts crashing through my mind, the most prominent being how fucking hot she looked in her white shirt and thigh skimming school skirt.....

i noticed that she couldnt draw her eyes away from my hard throbbing dick, so..... perhaps i should try and be a little daring......

'do you like what you see?'

i ran my fingers up the length of my pulsating cock, watching her watching me, she didnt speak, she looked bewildered, i walked up to her and put one hand on her waist, i took hers with other hand and brought it to my cock

' touch it' i ordered, she reluctantly stroked the length of my cock, then snatched her hand away and tried to retreat, but i was stronger than her, pulled her back,

' come on' i urged ' touch my cock'

i sat back in the office chair, pulling her to her knees,

' let me show you what a nice juicy cock looks like'

i unbuttoned my jeans, she was transfixed, scared but curious, my hard cock sprang from pants, precum oozing from my head.

' stroke it with your fist'

she tentatively began stroking my hard dick up and down, making me think shed done it before

'thats it baby, stroke that cock.... oh yeah....stroke my dick'

i began grinding my hips to meet her thrusts, my purple swollen cock head glistening with my juicy precum

' lick it...lick my juicy cockhead'

she flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock, tasting my salty cum, licking it all up

' thats it baby girl, suck my dick into your mouth'

following her orders she sucked long and hard on the head of my raging cock, picking up pace as i ground my cock into her face,

' oh yeah baby thats it, thats it, suck on that cock, suck it' i urged, thrusting my hips into her face, she tried to pull away as i thrust harder still, but i grabbed the back of her head with my fists and began pounding my juicy fat cock into her face, fucking it like it was a wet cunt,

' take it, take my fat cock in your mouth, you filthy little bitch, oh yeah suck on the cock' ' oh god yeah, suck that precum from my balls you filthy fucking whore'

i slowed my pace, i didnt want to cum yet, with my cock still in her mouth i ripped her blouse open to reveal her small budding tits, and her dark hard nipples, tweaing them and teasing them causing her to groan

' you like that dont you huh, you like me playing with you titties?' she groaned some more, the vibrations teasing my hard dick, i pulled her to her feet and continued to roughly play with her nipples

' do you want me to suck your tittes, huh, do you want me to suckle on your little titties?'

'yes daddy, suckle my tits'

before she could finish her sentence i drew her small breast to my mouth, suckling on her tight hard nipple while i slowly crept my hand down to her pussy, the gusset of her cotton panties were wet and i sucked harder on her tits, she let out a small moan whilst i began to circle her clit with my fingers, grinding her hips slowly.

' do you like that you filthy little you like me suckling your titties whilst i finger your clit?

' say it' i ordered, forcing her to bend over the office desk

' yes daddy, i like it when you suckle on my dirty little titties, i like it when you play with my clit daddy'

i pulled her skirt up around her waist and ripped her little knickers off her tight round ass, revealing her damp glistening, bald pussy and her tight puckered little asshole.

' oh baby girl, youve got such a tight sweet little asshole' i said, stroking it with the tips of my fingers, moving down to her pussy,

'your a filthy, nasty little bitch...what are you' i asked dipping my finger tips into her wet soggy cunt

' im a nasty filthy bitch daddy' she replied, grinding her hips back onto my hand, i began sliding my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, slowly at first, faster and faster till she was groaning in pleasure, faster and faster making her virgin cunt wetter and wetter, without warning i pulled my fingers from her pussy and began her wet juice all over her little asshole, sliding in a finger, then two then three, stretching her tight puckered asshole open wider and wider,

' oh yeah, daddy, stretch my ass, finger my asshole daddy'

i began roughly finger fucking her little ass with one hand, stroking her juice all over my hard fat cock with the other, priming her tight virgin ass for my dick.

when she was stretched wide i replaced my hand with the head of my dick, still too fat for her tight ass, i roughly thrust with dick, forcing her to take my cock up her ass,

' oh yeah, thats it baby girl, shut your fucking mouth and take that dick, take my fat fucking cock in your tight little asshole, take all of it you filthy whore', i uttered before i began pounding my fat cock inside of her ass, forcing her to take my entire length in one thrusts, her tiny little ass felt so dry and tight around my cock as i pounded her, my fat cum filled balls slapping against her dripping wet pussy, she began rubbing furiously on her swollen clit, desperate to cum.

' oh fuck yeah, you filthy slut, take my entire fucking dick in your ass' i screamed, just about ready to shoot my load up her ass.

' oh yes, cum for my daddy, cum in my tight virgin asshole'

my stepdaughters filthy words were too much for me and my cock spasmed as i shot load after load of my hot sticky cum into her tight willing ass, i pulled my cock from her tight puckered asshole and slapped her hard across the ass

' good girl....good girl for taking daddy's cock...'
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3 years ago
very good but part2??
3 years ago
Good one,jake
3 years ago
an other good one. Did something happened after that?