Caught in the act - part 2

Author - Anonymous

"You better stop Ty!", Zooey screamed.

I didn't care if she was my s****r or if she didn't want me to fuck her. She has been teasing me for five years and I couldn't take it anymore. My a****l instincts kicked in and all she was to me now was a hot piece ass with a pussy that I had to have. She tried to fight me off but I was to strong for her. I put all my weight on her to keep her pushed over her the counter, I grabbed her wrist and pinned them down above her head. I licked her legs open so I could have access to her cunt.

"I'm your s****r you sick bastard!", She yelled.

I was to far gone to care what she was shouting. I moved my hard dick up and down her slit, till I found the right spot. I pushed my head into her and she couldn't help but let a moan slip put. I pushed further in, having trouble after only 6 inches, with three still out of her. She was so tight, I didn't think I could fit my whole dick in but It wasn't gonna stop me from trying.

"Please stop Ty!....please!", she moaned.

I guess she realized that yelling wasn't helping but her begging didn't sound all the convincing with all that moaning. I pulled a full inches out and plunged back in gaining another inch.

"Your to big for me Ty...Mhmmm....pull it out!", She cried and whimpered.

That just made me want to shove it in her even more. I was gonna stretch her till I her pussy fit my cock like a velvet glove. I pulled out a few inches like last time and thrust into her harder gaining a more of her tight cunt. I repeated this process until my balls were pressed against her ass. When I finally got my full length into her she started breathing heavy and tensed up. I knew what was happening, she was about to have an orgasm. I seized my chance and stopped moving, she tried to wiggle her hips but I held her still.

"Come on Ty", she begged but I wouldn't move. "Fuck me!", she yelled.

She was getting mad now, that I stopped in the middle of her orgasm.

"What do you want me to do?", I asked.

"Stop teasing me Ty and fuck my pussy!", She tried to move her hips again but I held even tighter.

"Sorry s*s, I missed that, could you say it again", I tell her.

She takes a deep breath.

"Will you pretty, pretty, please keep fucking my dirty cunt real hard with your huge cock?", she asked through gritted teeth.

I could tell it was killing her to beg me to please her and that made me it all the better. I starting to hump her from behind again. Almost right away she went rigid again. Her pussy clammed down on my dick, she tried to squeeze he ass close. The she started to cry out in pleasure.

"Yesss, Oh God yesss......ohhhhh.....harder! she moaned

I did as she said and pumped my dick into her as hard as i could. She squirmed and bucked her ass at me. I let go of her wrist and held onto her ass, no longer afraid of her fighting back. Her juices exploded all over my dick, running down her thighs. I pushed a finger my dick and her pussy got it dripping wet with her juices. I liked her of my finger and loved the taste. I wiped some of her thigh and stuck in her mouth, she sucked on it like a dick. loving her own flavor.

Her pussy loosened its grip on my dick and her legs gave out. She fell but I caught her and laid her down on her back on the cold title kitchen floor. Her breaths come to her hard and sharp. She was spread eagle and I just stood there admiring her soaking wet pussy. I got down and on my knees and moved in between her legs.

"No more Ty", she said in a weak voice

I held my dick in my hand stroking it, her juices made it really slippery. I pulled her closer to me so her ass was against me and even though she had said no more she didn't make any move to stop me. I took my dick and slapped it against her slit a couple of times. Then I rubbed my head against her clitoris. That drove my little s****r crazy. She rubbed her breast, and pinched her nipples while i masturbated her off with my throbbing hoe dick. After she got all hot and bothered again, it was time for me to finish it.

I put her long legs up around my shoulders and she locked them into place, this made her pussy even tighter and all the better for fucking. I slid my cock into her pussy and this time it was ready for me. I dove all the way in, her lips kissing my base. I sucked on her legs as I pumped my dick into her. It didn't take long before my balls tightened and I was ready to plant my seed.

"Zooey, I'm gonna cum!", I warned her.

"No, please not in me. You could get me pregnant!", She pleaded with me and she began to struggle but it was no use.

I started shooting deep within her.

"NOOooo.......eeeeeeeeee!" She screamed over and over as she came to for the second time.

Strand after strand of my hot seamen shoot into her. I ran out of steam and my dick softened and fell out of her pussy. Some of my cum dripped out of her. I sat back looking at what I had just did to my little s****r.

"You fucker! I said not to cum in me", She got up and grabbed a dish rag and stared wiping my cum from vagina.

Over the next week we didn't talk or see much of each other. She started dressing around the house. Mostly turtle necks and jeans, which for some reason just turned me on even more than when she did it naked. After a month, I decided to talk to her about what happened. She was in her room one and I walked in. She was holding a pregnancy test in her hands. I was in shock.

"Don't worry its says I'm not" She informs me.

I sit down next to her.

" Then, what’s the matter?", I ask.

"Is it wrong of me that I kind of wanted it to be positive?", She asks me.

"Not at all", I tell her. "We’re the only f****y we have and if we had a k** then our f****y will be bigger".

She lit up like a Christmas tree and attack me. She was on top of me and her sweater was off.

"Let’s get started then", she said between kisses.
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2 years ago
nice.. the beginning was extra hot
2 years ago
my sister as my mommy liked women better we had only oral sex i ate her
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
outstanding & great finish hope that there is a part 3, 4, 5...???
3 years ago
BIG WOW~~~~~
3 years ago
3 years ago
If you really love him. Then when you chance pregnancy. It will give you the hardest orgasms you will ever have because he is literally becomming a part of you forming a new life. Birth control was a salvation even if not 100%. But abortion is wrong as Casey Anthony.
3 years ago
Wow! I thought the beginning of this part was hot and then at the very end you blew my mind!! I really hope that you'll be writing more about them