Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Nine

An original story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 9

Diane's run took on a strange gait as she rushed home. Her cunt was so hot she limped as she trotted. Watching Anita getting fucked by her older b*****r had been the final straw for Diane. She had to get fucked right now, or she knew she would never be able to look herself in the eye again.

Panting with exertion and lust, she burst into the back door of her house to find her father calmly making himself a sandwich. He looked startled by the way his daughter burst into the house and the strange look on her face when she saw him.

"Honey, what's the matter?" he asked, putting down his knife and grabbing Diane. "Are you all right?"

"Where's Mom?" Diane puffed, her eyes darting about, her cunt temperature rising as her father took hold of both her shoulders.

"She's gone out to lunch with some of her friends. Diane, honey, what is it? Is someone after you?"

Hearing that her mother was not at home sent bells off in Diane's brain. This was it! Her big chance!

She moved in toward her father and hugged him. Her heart thudded against his belly and, not knowing what he was getting himself into, John Sager responded to his daughter's urgent embrace.

"Oh, Daddy, love you," Diane mumbled against her father's body. "I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Diane," John replied, touched by his daughter's sudden display of affection.

"No, Daddy, mean really love you!" Diane said, rubbing herself against her father. "I love you more than anyone, more than Mom, and more than Barney."

Barney was the f****y dog.

The way Diane was sliding her small tits back and forth across his lower body was beginning to be distracting for John. While he knew his daughter didn't mean to, he found that she was arousing him. Gently, he tried to push her away.

"That's very sweet, honey," he said.

But Diane held onto him tightly. "I don't mean it to be sweet. mean it, mean it." She took a deep breath. "I mean it to be sexy!"

John laughed nervously. "Did something happen over at Anita's? Something that's upsetting you?"

"Daddy, come on!" Diane whined. "Don't you understand me? I want you!"

Afraid that he did understand, John pleaded innocence. "Diane, now don't know what's gotten into you, but think we should stop this. love you very much, but you have to let me go right now."

"No! Daddy, no!"

Diane clung to him, bouncing herself purposely against his crotch. At first she had felt nothing there but now, bit by bit, she could tell that his hard-on was beginning to form. Encouraged by his body, if not by his words, she ground herself against his surging crotch.

"Diane, please, you don't know what you're doing!" John said, trying to extract himself from his daughter's mighty grip graciously. "Honey, please!"

Diane reached up, straining on her tip-toes, and reached his neck and the open V of his shirt with her lips. She kissed him then, not with the soft, chaste kisses of a daughter to her father, but with the demanding kisses of a woman in heat to her lover. Despite himself, John felt his resolve weakening.

"Diane, you must stop," he said lamely.

Sensing the change in her father, Diane turned it all on. Although she had never done this before, she had imagined it Enough times to now seem very experienced. She kept one hand around her father's neck, while her other one ventured down to whale his rigid prick was. Not exactly sure what to expect, she cupped the big bulge there and then squeezed.

"Diane!" John gasped, increasingly aroused by his daughter's touch. "Stop that!"

But his protests carried no weight at all now. He didn't even try to get away from Diane as he spoke them. His cock jumped under her touch, and Diane curled her unsure fingers around it. She couldn't believe this was really happening!

"Don't send me away, Daddy," she said, her fingers searching for and finding the tab of his zipper. "Don't tell me no. I want to make love to you, Daddy, I've wanted it for a very long time"

John tried to answer, but only gasped instead as her fingers wormed their way inside his fly and touched his prick. He could tell that her fingers were trembling as they encircled his prick-meat. His fingers trembled, too, as he reached down and cupped the back of her neck, bringing his face down to hers for a kiss of agreement.

When Diane's mouth met her father's willing lips, she knew that she had won. In victory, she thrust her tongue into her father's open mouth, tonguing him with all the enthusiasm she had ever imagined. She tightened her grip around his cock-shaft and felt his prick throbbing.

Now, she thought, all have to do is get this inside me --- and fast!

"Come up to my room, Daddy," Diane said, breaking their kiss and giving her father's cock a tug. "Come on, really want you to!"

As if she were the adult and he the c***d, John let his daughter lead him, cock first, up into her girlish pink and white bedroom.

Even when they stretched out together on he r big bed, the reality of what he was about to do didn't hit him. He merely followed Diane's lead and took his clothes off, falling back together with her, both of them stark naked.

Diane reached out and stroked her father's chest. Her eyes ran up and down his body, taking it all in as if she couldn't believe he was real. Then, when she felt his hands reach out to touch her little tits, she sighed, not caring if it was fantasy or not. Anything that felt this good she didn't even want to question.

Her hands went again to his cock, and John rolled over on top of her. Diane was surprised that she didn't feel shamed by her dad's weight. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly, like two adjoining pieces of a puzzle. She opened her legs and let him fall in between them, just as she had dreamed of doing for so very long.

"Ohhh, honey," John sighed, his cock drooling against the side of her leg. "I love you so much!"

"I love you, too, Daddy!" Diane sighed, her hair fanned out sexily behind her. "Now hurry!"

As if in a dream, John reached down to his crotch and took hold of his bobbing prick. Thrusting forward, he aimed his prick-head at the hole of his daughter's pussy. The tip of his cock breached the mouth of her cunt and he shoved again, this time sending the first inch or so of his prick-meat into the incredibly tight circle of her cunt-muscles.

"Oh, Diane!" he gasped, nearly losing consciousness because of the grip her cunt put on his prick. "God, you're tight!"

Diane didn't know if that was good or bad, so she said nothing. Whether her cunt felt good to her dad, or not, did not stop her from rolling her eyes with lust as he fucked into her. His prick was the best thing she had ever experienced. The way it filled her up and made her feel all soft and warm inside was fabulous. She pushed down, wanting all of the cock-meat her pussy could possibly stand to take.

John felt her eating up the inches of his prick, and it stewed in his mind. He'd had no idea his daughter was such a hot one. He pushed back at her, trying to match her youthful enthusiasm. His cock felt strangled in the tunnel of her cunt, and he wondered, briefly, if she was a virgin Then he told himself that just wasn't possible No inexperienced young girl would come on to her own father like Diane had come on to him.

But Diane was a virgin, and she thrilled to everything her father did to her. It was all new and it was all wonderful. His cock surged forward and was then drawn back through the ring of her cunt. Diane sighed, loving it. It felt like her whole body was filled up with his cock, and she had never known a more pleasant sensation. Her cunt pulsated with lust, and she wiggled back at her father, not knowing exactly what she was supposed to do.

John drilled his cock into her, feeling how her young, elastic pussy-hole stretched to admit all of his cock-shaft. Her cunt-muscles caressed and massaged his cock-meat, making his prick feel right at home. Each time he drew back, it felt as if the tip of his prick might be kept by her pussy as a souvenir of their first fuck together. He had to strain his back to be sure that all of his cock exited his daughter's clutching cunthole.

Had she been able to keep a bit of her father's cock inside of her forever, Diane gladly would have. Her cunt danced and rocked around his cock-meat, holding it tightly, and letting it go very reluctantly each time he pulled it out of her.

"God, that's great, Daddy!" Diane said, her cunt fluttering. "Am doing okay?"

John exhaled loudly, his words taking a moment to form.

"You're the best, little one. Where did you learn to fuck like this?"

Diane managed to giggle. "I didn't learn anywhere, Daddy, come on! This is my first time!"

John thought his heart would shoot right out of his open mouth.

"You mean you really are a virgin?"

Thinking that her father didn't like the idea, Diane said, "Well, fucked with Anita once, does that count?"

"With Anita?" John croaked, his cock surging through his daughter's pussy at the very idea of Diane and her little girlfriend naked together.

"Yeah, she pretended she was her b*o --- ah, a boy, and she used her fingers to fuck me."

"Oh, good Lord!" said John, imagining the sexy scene. "But you've never slept with a boy before?"

"No, Daddy," Diane said sadly. "I'm sorry. "

"No, no, honey, don't be sorry," John said, speeding up the pace of his fucking and kissing his daughter noisily between his words. "I'm honored to be your first lover. Thank you, darling. It's the nicest compliment a girl could ever pay her father! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Diane giggled under the barrage of her father's silly kisses. She wiggled around underneath him, making her cunt gyrate and dance. His cock kept right on trenching her out, filling her up and then pulling back, taking the insides of her cunt-meat with it.

She started to move with her dad, humping back at him. At first she wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not, but then, when she heard the way her father started panting, she knew it was good. Inspired, she fucked herself at him harder, shoving her cunt up to meet his fucking prick, and then fucking it back out of his cock's reach.

John put one hand on either side of her pretty face and kissed her. His back kept humping, his cock still working around inside of her cunt. And, just as his cock surged inside of her pussy, his tongue probed the inside of her mouth. He licked over her teeth and poked his tongue against the insides of her cheeks. His saliva drooled down into her throat, and he could feel, as he tongued her, how Diane swallowed down his drool.

John found his daughter's mouth almost as sweet as her cunt was on his cock. Gradually he lost himself in her lips and mouth, holding back on his fucking while he kissed her.

Diane felt his cock-strokes slow and then nearly stop as they kissed. His hips still shifted his prick through her cunt a little, fucking her with just his rounded cock-tip. In and out it went through the ring of muscles that encircled her cunt-mouth. But, while his cock moved slowly, his tongue fluttered all around, fucking her mouth and lapping all around her teeth and tongue.

She met his enthusiastic kisses with kisses of her own. Her tongue dodged back around his, sometimes encouraging him, sometimes avoiding him. Her lips were pushed tight against his, her small mouth totally covered by his. She mumbled and moaned, her lust soaring with the intensity of their soul kiss.

Air blasted out of their nostrils as they sucked in air to fuel their long, languid kisses. Diane, who had had her eyes closed, opened them to find her father staring right at her. They looked at one another from very close up.

Almost forgotten in the tunnel of her cunt, his cock lolled around, the warm meat of her insides keeping his prick warm and excited. Even with neither of them moving much, her cunt still puckered and tossed his cock around. The muscles there convulsed involuntarily, fucking his prick despite their inertia.

Diane couldn't stay completely still. Her body jerked involuntarily as her father's tongue created feelings inside of her the likes of which she had never experienced before.

"Oh Daddy!" she gasped, finally coming up for air. "Ohhh, I'm so hot!"

"Mmmmm," John cooed, kissing down the side of her neck and sucking around the pointed tip of her small tit.

Diane arched her back, feeding her father as much tit-meat as she had. Tingles of intense excitement ran from one of her tits to the other, as if they were electrically connected. John seemed to feel the current, too, for he moved one of his big, clammy hands up and took hold of the tit his mouth did not cover.

"Oh, honey, you're so beautiful," he said, his words spoken right to the pointed mound of her tit. "So very, very lovely."

Diane's self-confidence soared as she heard that. Suddenly her little tits were no longer an embarrassment for her. Her daddy said they were beautiful, and she believed him. If her father liked her tits, then so did she.

Happily, she bumped her crotch up and down, fucking her father more than he was fucking her. Her cunt sucked all along his prick-meat, taking in all his many inches. Her cunt creamed heavily, making it easy for her pussy to gulp down the meat of his prick. She shook herself from side to side, fucking that way, too, much to her father's delight.

John puckered his mouth around his daughter's tender tit-meat. Her age really came home to him as he tongued and fingered the budding globes. Her skin was so soft, so smooth. There wasn't a sag or a wrinkle on her anywhere. She was just as perfect as the day she was born.

The way she was fucking back at his cock turned the man on like crazy. His cock roared through the tunnel of her pussy, filling her up just as often as her cunt liked. He felt how she was bucking and writhing underneath him, her whole small body working to fuck his prick. His heart swelled with love and lust. To have a daughter like Diane was what life was all about.

The excitement her fucking body created within her father grew and grew. John was still, holding himself up and letting his daughter fuck him. He loved the way her body twisted and turned, her cunt rotating around his prick-shaft. He kissed her mouth and thrummed her tits. His cock-meat was as rigid as ever, the perfect dildo for his daughter to fuck herself with.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" Mane sighed, lost in sea of lust. "I feel so funny!"

She was light-headed and weightless. The room around her faded until there was nothing in her consciousness other than herself and her father. She fucked at him as if her life depended upon it. She fucked at him as if it was the last thing she would ever live to do.

She fucked back at him as if it was all that mattered to her in the world --- and that was true.

Fuck-cream was dredged up from somewhere deep and dark inside of her, and Diane felt it dribbling down the crack of her ass and puddling beneath her. She fucked her father faster and faster, her cunt lubed by the creamy cunt-sauce from inside of her. Wet, smacking sounds came from between her legs, and she looked down her body, seeing her father's angry-red prick as it came out of her cunt-hole time and time again.

John saw where her eyes were going and trained his down there, too. The mound of his daughter's cunt was barely sheltered by a thin, light-colored spray of hair. Beneath it, he could see the rounded, white skin of her pussy-bump and the sight of his big cock disappearing down under it blew his mind. That, combined with Diane's unceasing fucking, finally got the best of him.

"Hold on, honey," he said, his head turned to the side, his breath hot and excited. "I'm coming!"

Diane prepared herself, although she didn't exactly know what for. Then, as if someone had turned a garden hose on inside of her, she felt the hot stream of her father's come burst forth and wet down the interior of her cunt.

"Daddy! Ohhhhh!" she exclaimed, still fucking him because she didn't know what else to do. "I feel it! feel you coming!"

John only grunted, his orgasm too incredible to allow him the luxury of speech. His cock drew back and then fired forward, recoiling like a shotgun and then bursting forth again and again. Creamy bullets of his cock-cream shot against the back end of his daughter's ever-fucking pussy, and the older man cried out in wonder and joy.

"Diane! Diane, ohhh, Diane!"

The girl wrapped her arms around her trembling father, feeling his orgasm peak and then pass. She wrapped her legs around him, too, holding him as close to her as possible.

"That was perfect, Daddy," she said when he finally came to a rest, "just perfect. Now, let's do it again!"

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