Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Seven

An original story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 7

As Diane approached Anita's house, she saw something very unusual. It looked like Anita and her oldest b*****r, Rick, running from the garage to the house-naked!

Diane stopped short, wondering if her eyes were playing tricks on her. Then she felt her anger rising. It was no trick, she realized, it was indeed Anita-fucking another one of her b*****rs! And she said she had her period!

Fuelled by anger, Diane stormed up to the front door. The door was open, the screen in front of it closed. She was just about to knock when she froze, her raised fist in mid-air. She stared down, her eyes and ears alerted to what was happening just a few feet away from her.

"Oh, God, yessss, put it in!" Anita sighed as she crouched on all fours on the floor in front of her b*****r. "Come on, Rick, I'm so hot can't stand it!"

Diane's big, blue eyes flashed past her naked friend and settled on the equally nude body of her b*****r. Rick was built like a god, with perfect muscles and a shock of dark hair that fell over his handsome face sexily. Diane had secretly been hot for him for a long time and now, watching him about to stick his prick into Anita's cunt, she felt sick with envy.

Part of her knew she should leave for her own sanity. But another part, a stronger part, told her to stay and watch. If she couldn't fuck Rick herself, she could at least enjoy watching him.

"Hurry!" Anita moaned.

Rick knelt behind her, fumbling with his incredibly rigid prick. His cock was so hard with bl**d that he had trouble bending it down so it could fit into his s****r's cunt-mouth. He struggled with it, butting his juicing cock-head around her pussy, and smearing their combined juices all around her cunt area.

Diane looked upon them from the side, their bodies a white contrast against the darkness of the room. She leaned against the door frame, her eyes heavy with lust and envy. She wanted so much to be in Anita's place that, when she saw Rick at last insert his prick-tip into her cunt, she gave a moan of shared joy.

"Yessss, ahhhhh!" Anita crooned.

"Oh baby!" Rick cried, his prick at last buried somewhere soft and warm.

He leaned over her, starting right in on some fast, hard fucking. His cock ached from all the time it had had to wait while he ate her out in the car. But now, unfurled to its maximum length in the depths of her cunt, he worked the kinks out of it and his back by fucking his s****r like there was no tomorrow.

His prick soared into her cunt, slamming against its back wall. Anita arched up, clearing the path for his fucking prick and, somehow, managed to pull a couple more inches of his cock-meat inside herself. Then, just as quickly as he had plowed into her, he jerked his prick back out, anxious to get on with his next forward fuck-thrust.

"Yeah, fuck me!" Anita said, alive with lust. "Yeah, fuck me hard, that's great!"

Rick slammed his groin against her asscheeks, pressing the white ass-globes flat. He fucked his cock into her as far as it would go, and then rolled his hips, holding his prick inside of her and stirring it around. The walls of her cunt suctioned around his gyrating prick, staying with it and keeping it in a tight, sexy squeeze.

Anita rolled her ass around, too, making her b*****r's cock move around inside of her more crazily than ever. His big cock felt like it was pushing aside her organs and moving her guts about. She put her head down and concentrated, rolling her ass around and around and around.

Rick's rutting fuck-strokes were long and sure, poking right into the depths of her cunt. Her cunt closed around his prick whenever he withdrew it, and fucking his prick back into her was like starting their fuck anew with each stroke. The tip of his cock burst into her cunt-mouth, forcing its way clear to the back of her pussy-channel.

Her palms and knees grinding into the carpet, Anita took the dog-fuck like it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She wiggled her ass back at her b*****r, making her tits sway as they hung beneath her.

She felt wonderfully naked. Rick was a great fucker and she slammed her ass back against him, wanting to do all she could to make their fuck the best it could be.

From just outside the door, Diane watched them. Anita wore a look of savage intensity, and Rick looked more handsome than ever as he fucked her. Cunt-juice ran into the crotch of her shorts as she watched, and Diane danced her legs together, trying to bring herself some sort of satisfaction.

Oblivious to the fact that they were not alone, Anita and Rick went after each other with increasing urgency. Although she had come twice already, Anita was still as hot as ever to fuck her big b*****r, and Rick, his cock pounding around inside of her, could not remember when he had fucked a cunt so young and tight and tender as the one he was fucking now. His s****r's pussy-meat felt perfect around his throbbing prick, and he fucked her harder because of it.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" he grunted, his hairy crotch banging against the cheeks of Anita's ass. "Oh Anita, oh, oh, oh, Anita, ohhhhh!"

All along his prick-shaft, he could see her cunt-muscles working his cock-meat over as if they were fingers. The inside of her cunt caressed and massaged his prick so well, that Rick threw his head back and howled. Blasts of lust coursed through his veins, making him fuck her harder than ever.

Anita took all of his punishing fuck-stroke, and threw her ass back for more. She loved the way his cock was fucking her. It was great to feel so completely filled with cock-meat. Rick's prick was even bigger and better than her b*****r Chuck's, and she crooned and sighed.

Fucking Chuck had been good, but fucking Rick was even better.

Leaning over her back, Rick eased his hands around her to cup her hanging tits. His cock shifted around in her cunt-hole as he moved, and Anita moaned. The new direction his prick took on, and the way his hands started playing with her tits, added another dimension to her fuck-lust.

Rick mauled her tits, pulling them up tight against her chest, and then letting them fall. Their own weight made them swing sexily, and Rick took hold of just the nipples. His big fingers twisted them around, making Anita squeal with pain and pleasure. Sizzling sensations ran from her abused tit-tips right down to her cunt area. There, the passion her b*****rs coaxed from her nipples exploded and multiplied, coming back around to Rick via Anita's urgently fucking cunt.

His hands slithered down her front, leaving her tits tingling and abandoned. For an instant, he flashed them between her legs, slicking his fingertips down with their mingling fuck-juices. Then Rick let his fingers walk back up his s****r's belly, leaving a sticky trail of milky lube that led right to her pointed nipples and dangling tit-globes.

"Ahhhhh!" Anita sighed as he creamed her nips with his load of finger-smearing cunt-juice.

Slick and slippery, her nipples rolled through his fingers. Rick twisted her nipples harshly, and caressed them lovingly. He used the fuck-lube he had brought to his best advantage, making Anita moan and sigh as he covered her tits with it.

As the boy played with his s****r's tits, he did not forget about her cunt. His cock fucked downward into her now, hitting against the bottom of her cunt-tunnel and then glancing back upward. His cock-tip grazed along one side of her cunt, poking at Anita's sensitive pussy-meat, and making both teenagers cry out with excitement.

Diane wanted to cry out, too. Watching her friend getting so fabulously fucked only made her more frustrated than ever. She knew, now, that fucking was everything everyone ever said it was.

Why was she the only person in the world who wasn't getting any?

She sighed, partially with sadness and partially with lust as she leaned heavily against the door, her cunt on fire, her eyes glued to the sexy sight.

Anita rocked forward and back, fucking Rick with her whole body. Her tits moved, even underneath Rick's clutching hands. Her nips pointed against his sweaty palms as he pressed against them. More sensations were wrung from her tits, urging her to fuck her b*****r with all her might.

Just as Anita's tits shimmied and shook, so did Rick's balls. They bounced around, stirred about by their wild fucking. Rick could feel that they were heavy with fuck-cream, and he wanted to let them go, filling Anita with his hearty load. But he also wanted to keep fucking her. It felt so good to send his prick all the way into her cunt, time and time again.

It was a terrible choice to have to make. Either decision was a pleasant one, and so he decided to have both, more fucking, and then a glorious climax.

Although she wasn't aware of the choices her b*****r was making, Anita was glad he did what he did. She would not have wanted their fuck to end just yet. She was really enjoying herself, her cunt wonderfully stretched and her tits passionately pawed. She wanted to keep on fucking just as long as her b*****r could manage --- and then some.

Cunt-juices snapped and popped at the union of their fuck-parts, and the smell of sex was all around them. Anita's cunt was so ripe, and her b*****r's prick so aroused, that Diane could smell them from where she stood. She inhaled deeply, letting their scent intoxicate her.

God, she longed to combine her own tastes and smells with those of her father!

As Diane watched her friend getting fucked, she tried to pay close attention so that, when she did get the opportunity to fuck her dad, she would know what she was doing. She didn't want her father to think she was a dumb virgin or anything. Mentally taking very sexy notes, Diane took in Anita's every move, the way she fucked back at Rick, and the way she wiggled around sexily, making her body twist and turn.

Again Diane was reminded of the afternoon Anita had fucked her with her hand. That had been rather instructional, but this was much better!

"Ohhhh, that's so gooood!" Anita sighed, her ass bouncing all around. "Keep fucking me, Rick! Keep fucking me!"

Rick straightened back up, leaving her tits all on their own again. As he took his hands away from them, a rush of cool air hit them, making her nipples stand up as tall as ever before. Anita grunted, her nips taut with lust, and her b*****r's cock again shifting around in the hotly clutching confines of her fabulously fucked cunt.

Rick put his hands on the cheeks of her ass, their tanned, slightly greasy skin an exciting contrast to the whiteness of Anita's ass. He looked down at them curiously, watching, too, the way his cock pulled out of her cunt-hole, and then bored its way back in. Each time his cock was pulled from the small circle of her cunt it was nearly squeezed white, all the bl**d fucked out of the top layer of skin. Then, when he fucked it into her and it lounged in the soft nest of her pussy-tunnel, the bl**d returned, rushing to fill his prick anew.

"Oh baby, oh honey!" he panted, fucking her with jarring strokes, watching his cock go in and out of her.

Anita could feel her b*****r's eyes boring into the exposed hole of her cunt. At first she was a little embarrassed, after all, he was her b*****r! But then she warmed up to the idea, and it turned her on like crazy, especially since Rick was her b*****r!

She knew that she was doing and enjoying something most people considered to be very wrong. But, as her pussy constantly reminded her, there was nothing, nothing at all wrong with fucking her b*****r. In fact, it was one of the best things she had ever done!

Shivers of excitement ran up and down her spine as Rick's cock thundered around inside her cunt-hole. Her pussy clutched his prick tightly, juices constantly flowing out to soak his fucking cock. Because of the two orgasms he had given her in the car, her cunt was tighter and more exciting than usual. And, to her advantage, his prick felt even larger as it moved about inside of her.

The juices that he fucked out of them both glistened in her dark cunt-hair. He looked down into them, his cock slithering back out of her cunt once again. The inner meat of her pink cunt was pulled out around his prick slightly as his cock slipped out. Then, each time he fucked back into her, the extended flesh seemed to fold back in on itself, and his cock fucked it neatly up inside of her pussy once again.

From where she was, Diane could see Rick's cock each time he pulled it from Anita's cunthole. She could tell that his prick was very hard, and she was a little intimidated by the size of it. She thought of how small her cunt seemed when she finger-fucked it, and wondered if her pussy would ever be able to take anything so big.

But then she thought of Anita's cunt and how small it looked, too. She guessed that if Anita's pussy would stretch enough to fuck something like that, then her cunt probably would, too. Plus, she thought, she would have done anything if it meant she would get to fuck her dad's cock. She didn't care if his prick killed her, just as long as she got to fuck it once before she died.

"Oh, Daddy, when?" she said involuntarily, her eyes never leaving the spectacle of Anita and Rick.

The sides of Rick's ass-cheeks puckered as he fucked Anita with straight, strong strokes. Diane watched, hypnotized by the motions of the boy's body. His sturdy body made Anita look small and frail, and Diane found the contrast very sexy.

"Why won't somebody fuck me?" she moaned quietly, not wanting either of the happy fuckers to look her way and discover her.

But Diane need not have worried. As the pace and the urgency of their fucking increased, Anita and Rick were aware of very little other than the sensations their fuck-parts brought to them. They had no idea Diane was there, and probably would not have cared if they had known. Their fucking was all that mattered now, and if she wanted to watch, they could not have cared less.

Anita dropped her head down, looking underneath her body to watch her b*****r's swinging balls. She saw the way his thighs tensed and relaxed, propelling his cock forward and back with such satisfying speed. His hairy legs looked so masculine and adult that Anita sighed, loving the whole sexy situation.

With her head down that way, it almost looked to Rick like he was fucking a woman with no head. There was a dip between her shoulder blades, and then nothing. The macabre notion excited the boy in a strange way, and he fucked deeper, filling the creature his s****r had become with all the meat of his prick-shaft.

Straining, Anita reached back and cupped the writhing sack of her b*****r's balls. She rolled them in her hand as if they were dice and she were shooting craps. She pulled them down, stretching out his ball-sac and causing Rick to cry out.

"Take it easy!" he said, his voice high and strange-sounding.

"Ummmmm!" Anita moaned. "Don't you like it when do that?"

She gave his balls a tug to emphasize what she was talking about.

"Sure!" Rick yelped. "Just don't rip 'em off, okay?"

"Oh, wouldn't do that! Then you couldn't fuck me anymore!"

Rick laughed. "Oh, you little ..."

But the rest of his thought was lost as Anita pulled his balls once again. In retaliation, he slammed his groin against her ass, filling her cunt with as many inches of his prick-meat as it could possibly stand.

The new barrage on his s****r's cunt finally took its toll on Rick's cock. With her hand mauling his balls, and the fingers inside her cunt working over his prick-shaft, it all became too much for him, and his balls contracted and then released their sticky wads of fuck-cream.

"Ohhhhhh!" he bellowed, fucking her faster than ever before.

Anita felt his balls writhing, and then felt the stream of jizz filling up her cunt. She squeezed his balls some more, getting all that she could out of them. The warmth of their load filtered through her, and she felt her body starting to react to it. Simmering moments passed, and then her cunt joined her b*****r's cock in orgasm.

"Ricky!" she cried, her body tense and bucking. "Ohhhhh, that's so good, ohhh! Ohhhhh!"

Rick curved one hand around her bent body and held her ass back tight against his thundering cock. Their fuck-parts sealed so well that, until he released her, not one drop of cum escaped the pucker of her cunt.

The convulsions that passed through one body were felt by the other. They shared their climax and then, limp with exhaustion, Rick gently let his s****r go and they stretched out on the carpet side-by-side, their breathing shallow.

Watching the great moment pass, Diane felt almost as if she had climaxed herself. It had been incredible! How she envied Anita! God, now she wanted to fuck more than ever and so, charged with sexual urgency, she turned away from the door and ran home, leaving Anita and Rick none the wiser.
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move over boy let me get my 12 dick in that hot cunt
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Loved it! This chapter was so hot!