Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Six

An original story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 6

After fucking her two younger b*****rs, Anita turned her attention naturally to her older b*****r, Rick. While she hadn't given up, or forgotten about, her desire to fuck her father --- and her bet with Diane --- Rick was a constant temptation. She'd never noticed before just what a hunk he was.

So, she flirted with him, hoping he'd take the bait she made of herself. She figured she had enough cunt left to fuck all the men in her f****y and, besides, Anita was sure that Diane was still as cherry as the day she was born. She hardly considered it a contest anymore. As far as Anita was concerned, her father was as good as fucked. It was all just a matter of time.

And so, while she bided that time, she turned her attention to Rick. Although he still lived at home, Rick went to junior college and had a part-time job at a gas station. Like her other b*****rs, he was tall and dark and well-built. For Anita, it was like waking up from a wonderful dream only to find that reality was even better, as she discovered how attractive her b*****rs all were. She found it amazing that she'd never noticed that until now.

One Sunday afternoon, Rick was working on his car in the driveway. Anita had made a plan to go shopping with Diane but, when she saw that her b*****r was planning to spend the whole day around the house, Anita called her friend and cancelled. She told Diane she didn't feel well, that she had her period. Diane sounded disappointed, but Anita couldn't help that. She was thinking only of the erotic possibility of fucking her older b*****r.

"Hi!" she said, turning up beside him in a yellow sun-suit. "Need any help?"

Rick saw his s****r's legs from underneath the car, and shimmied out to talk to her. His handsome face was smudged with grease, and his skin glistened with sweat.

"I could use a cold beer, if you don't mind going in for one."

Anita scampered away and came right back with two beers. She handed Rick one, and took a big pull off the other.

"I didn't know you drank," he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his greasy hand.

"Oh sure," said Anita, trying to sound as if she liked her beer. "I do lots of grown-up things."

"So hear," he said, looking at her meaningfully.

"What do you mean?" Anita asked, moving closer to him.

"You just better watch out that Mom and Dad don't find out what you've been up to."

"Do you think it's wrong?"

"I'm sure Mom and Dad would think it's wrong."

Anita laughed, making her tits shake. "I didn't ask you about Mom and Dad, asked you about you. Do you think what I've been doing with Mike and Chuck is wrong?"

Rick paused, considering his answer carefully. Anita waited anxiously, knowing this was the moment of truth.

"Nah," he finally drawled, looking up at her sheepishly. "I think it's kinda hot."

Anita laughed happily. "Hooray! God, I'm glad you said that. So, ah, you wanna?"

She thrust one hip out and shifted her weight sexily. She and her b*****r just stared at each other, their eyes locked.

Finally Rick got up and opened the car door, in front of where Anita stood.

"After you," he said, motioning her inside. "Welcome to my orgy room."

"All right! didn't think you'd be so easy!"

Rick laughed as she climbed in behind her. "I'm easy but I'm not cheap!"

Anita clambered over into the driver's seat, while Rick settled into the passenger seat. Then he reached across his s****r to click the seat recline button, and Anita suddenly found herself flat on her back.

"Hey!" she exclaimed.

He hit his own button, and then reached into the backseat for a beach towel. This he smashed down into the area between the two front seats, covering the gear knob. Then he reached out for Anita, and took her in his arms. He kissed her long and hard, then broke it off to hold her close.

"No," he said, "I don't see anything wrong with this at all."

Anita reached up and drew his head back down to hers. Their arms entwined around their bodies, and their lips quivered and ground together. Anita put her feet on Rick's side of the car, and together the b*****r and s****r stretched diagonally across the front seats.

When Anita felt her b*****r unbuttoning her sun-suit, she helped him along, wiggling out of the one-piece garment. When Rick reached down to take off her panties, he got an erotic surprise.

"No underwear!" he exclaimed, breaking their kiss, and looking down at her bare cunt.

Anita giggled. "I was hoping you'd say yes."

"I swear, you better watch out ..."

"The only thing want to watch," she said, grabbing his crotch, "is this."

Rick moaned and let the naked little nymph crawl across him and take off his clothes. He had to help her as she pulled down his undershorts and jeans.

"It's great!" she said, staring at his prick. "I love it!"

Rick reached out and brought her hand over to his prick.

"Show it," he said, his voice tight with excitement.

Anita jacked on his cock, her fingers barely reaching around its thick shaft. Great amounts of pre-cum ran from the slitted tip of his prick, and she smeared the pre-cum out and down his entire prick-shaft. Her hand slid up and down his cock easily, greased by his thick fuck-juice.

"Oh, baby," Rick groaned, reluctantly pulling away from her and curling down into the floor of the car, between his s****r's outstretched legs.

"What are you doing?" Anita asked, her wet fingers already missing his prick.

Rick laughed. "I'm gonna eat your pussy out, sit.

"You mean put your mouth there?"

"Sure! like it. You mean you never did this before?"

Anita shook her head, her body jumping as his chin bounced against her tufted cunt-mound.

"Well, I'm glad to hear you don't know everything about fucking. Get ready!"

Anita wiggled back into the seat, her legs spread wide, and her big b*****r crouched between them. Her ass stuck to the vinyl, and she felt tense. She couldn't imagine why anyone would want to put his mouth on her cunt but, if Rick did, she certainly wasn't going to stop him.

He took hold of the insides of her thighs and leaned forward. His face met the hot meat of, her cunt, and he started tonguing and licking immediately. His tongue fluttered lightly over the darker outer lips of her cunt, batting the sensitive skin this way and that.

"Eeeee!" Anita screamed, incredible sensations radiating out from her pussy. "Ohhhhh, that's great!"

Rick looked up over the mound of her cunt, and smiled at her with his eyes. His mouth continued to work, his tongue now licking straight up and down her cunt-gash, the flat of his tongue covering a wide patch of her cunt area.

Anita spread her legs out wider, wanting her b*****r to have all the room he needed to eat her cunt. She tossed her head back, her cunt feeling as if it would come at any moment.

Never had she experienced such direct, erotic stimulation! Pussy-eating was the best! She'd demand it of all her b*****rs from now on!

Rick lapped up and down her cunt-crack, taking down her cunt-juices eagerly. Her cunt was very creamy, and he had to swallow often to keep from drowning in her freely flowing pussy-nectar. His flattened tongue covered a wide portion of her cunt area, and his hands tightened on Anita's thighs to keep her still enough to tongue-fuck. Her little ass was dancing around so much, he could barely get his mouth to keep up with it.

Then, for a change of pace, he curled his tongue into a tube, and began to fuck his s****r with it as if it were a mini-cock. Judging from the way Anita moaned and gyrated, Rick knew he had hit on something good, so he kept it up. His tongue flew in and out of her open cunt-tunnel, reaching in as far as it could go.

Whenever he took his tongue out of her pussy, he flicked the tip of it around her fluttering cunt-lips, making his s****r cry out all the louder.

"Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!" she sighed, her hands clenched into fists of excitement. "Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh!"

Her knee bounced up against the dashboard, her other leg stretched out nearly straight. She fluttered her eyes closed, wanting nothing visual to interfere with the incredibly sensual emotions running through her body. Her cunt clutched and trembled, all the nerve-endings raw with [lust. As Rick trenched her cunt out with his pointed tongue, she felt her heart pounding and her cunt juicing up like never before.

Rick bobbed his face up and down, butting the bridge of his nose against her clit. Anita jumped higher than ever, her cunt trying to grab hold of his tongue and pull it right out of his fucking mouth. His teeth ground into the light circle of hair around her pussy-hole, chewing at the sensitive skin underneath.

Firecrackers seemed to burst in Anita's brain, and she climaxed like never before. Her whole body leaped around, the vinyl seat beneath her wet with cunt-juice and sweat. She shimmied and shook, her orgasm nearly overwhelming her.

"God, oh my God!" she panted as she trembled with orgasm.

Rick munched down her creamy cunt-juices, smacking his lips and kissing her pussy noisily. He could feel, both in her cunt and in the rest of her body, just how intense this orgasm was for Anita. She nearly lost herself in it, her body dancing around madly, her cunt-muscles clutching down on her tongue.

Once he'd gotten her off, Rick started to uncurl his big body and crawl back up into the seats. Now that he thought about it, his legs- as well as his cock-were cramped and killing him. But, as he started to get up, Anita put one of her small, warm hands on his shoulder.

"Do me some more," she said. "I loved the way you tongued my pussy. Oh, come on, Rick, just eat me out a little more! I'll fuck you good later, promise!- Come on, please?"

Her pleading cut him to the quick, and he curled back up on the floor. His cock bobbed up, pointing right at his face. When he looked down at it, he saw that a big blob of his thick pre-cum was clinging to the side of his prick-head. He couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have Anita's lips locked around his spurting prick, sucking his juices out, and then slurping up the mess.

The mere idea made him crazy with lust, and he turned it loose on his s****r's waiting pussy-hole.

This time Anita knew what to expect, and she twined her fingers in her b*****r's dark hair, pulling hard as he touched clothe right places. She humped her crotch up to his face this time, meeting him halfway in the efforts of their tongue-fuck.

"Yeah. that's good!" she sighed. her asscheeks puckering as she humped up and down. "Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!"

Rick blew a stream of hot air into her cunthole. The excited skin of her cunt drew back, curling away from the strange sensation. Then, again, he used the flat of his tongue on her pussy, lapping up and down, and leaving a wide path of tingling pussy-flesh.

Anita rocked up toward him, urging him to fuck her with his tongue as he had done before. It would have been so easy for her to just ask him to do as she wanted, so easy except she was too turned-on to speak. Only grunts and groans escaped her lips, now, and she did her best to communicate with them and the sexy motions of her body.

Pussy-juice rolled out of her cunt, and coated the length of Rick's throat But he liked the taste. To him it was better than expensive wine. His tongue curled up, like Anita wanted it to, and he probed her with it, going deeper and deeper with each and every stroke More cunt-juices poured out to greet him as her cunt showed him how much it liked what he was doing. Rick used his tongue like a straw to siphon down her delicious pussy-juices.

Hungrily, he moaned against the opened meat of her pussy, thrilling her that way. The vibrations his voice made against her cunt-meat sent tingles clear down to Anita's toes. He moaned louder, and she cried out with lust.

"Ouuuuuu! That's-it's-I'm-ohhhhhh!" Delirious thoughts spun through Anita's mind while her b*****r tongue-fucked her pussy. She still wanted his cock as much as ever, but she wanted this, too. This was new, and different, and a real turn-on for Anita. She only hoped that the rest of the f****y stayed away from the house long enough for her to enjoy having the cake of her b*****r's big prick, and eating it, too.

Rick fucked her quickly, his tongue wiggling around deep inside of her. He flexed his tongue, making it change shape while he fucked to the root in her sizzling cunt. The walls of her pussy contracted around it, changing shape as it did, staying with it no matter what Rick did with his tongue.

Then, suddenly, he changed the tactic of his fucking. His tongue-tip only penetrated her cunt-mouth. But, to make up for the lack of size, he hurried his tongue-tip around and around the circle of her cunt-mouth.

Her nerve endings stood up as his tongue went around and around, above them. They were never without oral stimulation for long and, after a few revolutions, Anita lost track of just where exactly his tongue was even touching her.

All she knew for certain was that his tongue was at her cunt, making her pussy cream with delight.

Rick fucked his tongue into her slightly, exciting all the ultra-sensitive nerves there. The tip of his tongue could touch her cunt in ways his cock never could. There was a new kind of tenderness to this kind of fucking, and Anita; learned to like it right away. Her pussy responded to his gentle tonguing mightily, and Rick responded to that.

He was the kind of man who liked to please his woman, and for him to feel his s****r's mounting excitement and lust was the best reward possible. He still wanted to fuck her, but he also wanted her to enjoy herself.

Anita certainly was doing that. Tension was beginning to gather in the pit of her belly again, and she readied herself for another come. She bucked her ass up off the sticky seat, feeding Rick her eager cunt. She clamped her hands over his ears, showing him how to bob his head to bring her the most enjoyment possible.

Rick let her guide him. She moved his head faster, and he did his best to be sure his tongue kept up. He was using it like a cock again, fucking it straight in and out of her pussy-hole. Anita took it with sighs of pleasure, as she bucked her clit against his nose.

Rick breathed through his nose, the two hot blasts firing up Anita's pussy. His Adam's apple bobbed as he sucked down the cunt-juices that continued to pour from her aroused pussy. The harder he tongued her, the more she creamed, and by now the boy was nearly drowning in it. His whole lower face was slick with her pussy-juices, and they ran together to drip off his chin periodically.

"Ohhhhh! Almost! Ohhhh, Rick, ohhhhh!"

Really turning it on, Rick poured it to her. His tongue was like a piston as it slithered in and out of her cunt-hole. He shoved it in until his teeth were pressed against her lightly haired cunt-mound. Then he pulled his tongue back out, finishing each fuck-stroke with a flourish that encircled her clit and lashed it sexily.

Anita was breathing loudly, her grunts and sighs extra-loud in the enclosed car. Her cunt pumped up toward her b*****r's face, her motions exact and demanding. She was working for her second orgasm, going after it in a way that hadn't been necessary the first time. She strained for it, wanting it very badly.

Rick wanted it for her, too. His cock ached with need, and even his patience was running out. He worked his fingertips up into the soggy juncture of his mouth and her cunt, and used them to help bring about her badly needed come.

His fingers seemed to do the trick for, as he clawed at her pussy with them, Anita arched up, her ass lifting up off the seat. Rick craned his neck to keep his mouth glued to her cunt, and then he bobbed his head like a crazed bird as her orgasm hit.

"Mmmnunmnunmmm!" she cried, her brow furrowed with relief and concentration. "Oh yes, oh yes!"

Bubbling cries of lust came from her mouth, without Anita's even knowing what she was doing or saying. All along her cunt-channel, tremors rumbled along, feeding Rick even more cunt-juices. Finally, though, her cunt became unbearably sensitive, and she was f***ed to push his ever-licking, ever-sucking face away. Rick wiped away the slime of her cunt-juices, and grinned.

"You all right?"

Anita laughed. "Do look all right?"

Rick laughed, too. "You sure look all right to me, see?"

He gestured to his prick and Anita gasped. His cock was so swollen with bl**d it was almost purple!

"Here, let me ..."

"Wait," he said, taking her hand before she could touch his prick, "I gotta get out of here, so can fuck you good! Let's go in the house."

"You're not worried about Mom and Dad anymore?" she teased.

"Fuck 'em!" Rick quipped as he opened the car door for them, and pulled Anita along behind him, the two of them dashing in the front door of the house.
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