Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Five

An original Story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 5

When Anita told Diane about fucking with her middle b*****r, Diane was positively green with envy. She tried to sound enthusiastic, laughing as she reminded Anita that she didn't win their bet by fucking b*****rs. But, as the two girls spoke, Diane was very glad they were talking on the phone, so it was easier for her, to hide her real feelings.

She congratulated Anita one last time, and then hung up her private phone and leaned back against her pink and white pillows. Now Anita was two boys ahead of her --- and her own b*****rs, yet! How would she ever catch up? And, more important, how would she ever manage to fuck her father, when she couldn't even interest the twelve-year-old from down the street in fucking her?

"I'll probably die a virgin," Diane moaned, rolling onto her stomach and hugging her faithful bear. "What has Anita got that I haven't got?"

She flopped her bear up so he was sitting on her lap and she could address him directly.

"So do you think I'm pretty?" she asked, making him stare into her face. "Would you want to fuck me if you had a cock?"

His black, beady eyes looked at her blankly.

"I'd sure fuck you if could," she said, stroking his fur. "Right now, I'd fuck just about anything!"

She put the bear flat down on her chest, humping up against him as if he really could fuck her.

"God, I'm so horny!"

She let the bear slide off of herself, and then turned over onto her side. She wore shorts and a simple, button-down summer blouse with short sleeves. Her long legs were bare, her blonde hair loose around her face. As she turned, she put her hand between her thighs and pushed it against the mound of her cunt. Just that diffused pressure made her pussy tingle.

"Why won't somebody fuck me? Daddy, why won't you fuck me?"

Lying on her side, she humped her hand, bouncing her pussy mound against it. Even through her shorts and panties, she could feel the contours of her cunt area, the button that was her clit, the cleft that led to the hole of her cunt. She cupped herself, the warmth of her hand radiating out to excite her pussy.

Diane sighed and closed her eyes. She was tired of fucking herself with her fingers. Tired of wondering what fucking was all about. But she already felt that familiar ache between her legs, and she knew she would have to have some kind of relief. Even if it was only the kind she could give herself, it would, again, be better than nothing.

With a sigh, she shimmied out of her shorts and panties, and unbuttoned and shrugged off her blouse. She wore no bra-her budding tits didn't really demand one anyway-and soon she was gloriously naked.

"That feels good," she said softly, stretching out long on her bed.

She arched her back, working the kinks out of her shoulders and back. Then she formed herself into a big X, her limbs pointed to the four corners of the bed.

She then drew her feet up, following the line her legs had begun. When her heels met the cheeks of her ass, her thighs were spread wide, opening her cunt up to plenty of the warm, afternoon air. But compared to the temperature of her hot cunt, that air felt cool and refreshing, and Diane scissored her legs together and apart a few times to stir up an erotic breeze.

Her legs rocking, she brought her hands up onto her tits. Immediately she thought of Anita as she touched her small tits. Diane was very aware that her body was slow in developing, especially compared to her curvy friend. She pinched her nipples savagely, punishing them for being so c***dish.

"Ough!" she cried, the hurt zooming up to her brain.

Her hands worked independently, one massaging her right tit, the other, her left. She rolled her nipples around and around, pushing down on them with the tips of her fingers. Despite their size, her tits were very sensitive, and she could feel the sensations she created within them radiating out to other parts of her body, especially her cunt.

The way her legs were working opened her juicing pussy. Already, Diane could feel the wetness gathering there along the furry crack of her cunt and ass. She shifted her hips, the heat in her loins mounting.

Her hands ran down her front, her fingers just touching the top of her blonde pussy-triangle. She scratched her fingernails through the kinky hair there, arousing the sensitive skin underneath it. She fluffed up her cunt-bush, making what cunt-fur she did have stand up tall and thick.

Then she ran her hands back up herself slowly, letting them make tingling trails along her skin. She raked herself with her fingernails, liking the way she was making herself feel.

Briefly she wondered how much better fucking with a real man would be. For a moment, she remembered what it had been like fucking with Anita, but then she pushed that embarrassing thought from her mind. She didn't want to turn into a lesbian, and she made herself promise never to let Anita do anything like that to her again, no matter how horny either of them got!

But, whatever she wanted to do to herself with her own hands was fine. It didn't offend or embarrass her in the least to get herself off. In fact, she liked it.

But, she thought sadly, she would gladly have traded it for just one really good fuck-session with her father.

"Oh, Daddy," she sighed, "I just have to fuck you. just have to!"

She cupped her tits again, squeezing them in frustration. The little white handfuls of skin turned pink, and then a bl**dless white as she gripped them very tightly.

"There!" she gasped, at last letting them go, looking down to watch the bl**d rush back into the abused areas.

Gently then, Diane stroked herself, working out the pain she had created in her tits. Her nipples stood up stronger and straighter than ever, as if the worse she treated them, the better they liked it.

Although her lower body was calling her, her cunt starting to clutch and demand the touch of her experienced fingers, Diane concentrated on her upper body. She knew that the longer she made herself wait, the better it would feel when she finally allowed herself some stroking.

But, still, her pussy began to sizzle with need, her lust growing.

Her hands went up and down her sides, her fingers clawing and groping. She touched the tanned parts of her belly, and the small bit of white skin that showed the shape of her bikini. She crossed her arms over her chest, pulling them back across her front, her nails leaving narrow stripes of tingles.

"Ummmm," she sighed, her eyes closed as she enjoyed whatever her hands did to her to the utmost.

While she played with her tits, her legs still moved in and out, in and out, pumping the juices up from far inside her cunt. She butted her heels against her ass, kicking herself slightly to jar loose even more cunt-juices. Her pussy was gulping in air, and Diane could tell that her cunt had gotten very juicy.

Slowly, she let her hands travel down toward her crotch. But, just before they got to the eagerly awaiting tangle of her cunt-hair, they split apart, one moving down one thigh, the other hand caressing her other thigh. The skin there broke out in goose-bumps of anticipation, as her fingers touched parts of her that had long gone un-caressed.

With her bent knees pointing upward, she could reach clear to her knees, and all up and down her thighs and shin. She massaged herself, her fingers bringing good feelings to wherever she touched. When she grated her fingernails up toward her aching cunt, along the insides of her thighs, Diane could feel her entire cunt area contracting, the sensations very intense and very arousing.

When she reached her cunt, it took all of her strength to make her fingers reverse their motion, and back down away from her eager pussy once again.

"Oh, you tease me so good," she sighed, her head tossed back, and her half-smile one of lust and longing.

She raked her fingers up and down her inner thighs a few more times. Each time she came near to her cunt, her body grew tense, and the tendons in her inner thighs tightened up.

Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore. Her cunt was already clutching and throbbing without her fingers even touching it. She couldn't put off what she really wanted a moment longer. Her body demanded some kind of relief, and she was just going to have to give in and satisfy herself now.

Both hands crept down over the curves of her inner thighs, toward her cunt. The skin there was sweaty underneath the soft covering of cunt-fur, and her fingernails rustled through it. She scratched her way toward her pussy-hole, feeling the heat rising and the humidity increasing.

"Yes, touch me, Daddy!" she said softly, her fingers arousing yet another sexy vision of her father.

What would it be like to have him touching her this way? she wondered. Would his big hands be soft or hard? Would his touch be tender or demanding? Would he maybe want to put his face between her legs, and eat her out before he fucked her? The erotic questions and possibilities drove her almost crazy.

At last the tips of her fingers touched the outer lips of her cunt, approaching them from both sides. Diane was surprised at how sensitive they were. Just the barest touch from her fingers made her jump with emotion.

"Ow!" she gasped involuntarily, her hips; bucking upward as her finger first made contact with the sizzling skin of her cunt.

Gently, she massaged her outer cunt-lips, pushing them in together and then drawing them apart. Wet, smacking sounds came from between her legs as she peeled her pussy-lips away from each other. The heat from her aroused cunt had all but fused them together, making Diane feel as if she were halving an orange when she opened her cunt up.

Her fingers slid inward, passing ova the hairy part of her outer cunt-lips and touching the hot, slick cunt-meat inside. She pried herself open farther, feeling a cool blast of air against her insides. The sensation made her suck in a gulp of air herself, it was so intense.


Still holding her cunt-lips open and apart with one hand, Diane began to stroke herself with the other. She used the very tip of one finger, probing gently, keeping her touch light and erotic. After only a few seconds, she had herself squirming around, her body reacting to the feeling she was conjuring up with one finger between her legs.

Lust shot out from her cunt, lighting up her whole life. Her finger circled around the pink, inner meat of her cunt-mouth, not going far inside, but treating the mouth of her pussy to a barrage of tingling strokes.

Then, with the insides of her cunt already crying for it, Diane slipped her probing finger inside herself. Like magic, her cunt drew back away from it, opening her pussy and welcoming the long-awaited intruder.

Her finger disappeared into her cunt, as if it were made of butter. Her cunt just seemed to melt around it, sucking in her finger, and then closing down around it as if it would never let it go. Her finger went in all the way, gliding forward on a slick sheen of fresh cunt-juice until the palm of Diane's hand was flat against the gaping mouth of her cunt.

Then, using all her strength, she began to pull her finger back out. Her cunt stuck to it tightly, staying right with it as she withdrew it. Her finger glistened with pussy-juice, and the breeze through the room felt cool against the wetness. Just the tip of her finger remained in the grip of her cunt, and this she wiggled around, teasing herself once again.

Her own finger was driving her nuts, and there was no time for playing anymore. She drove her finger back into her cunt savagely, drilling it in there and then stirring it around. Her cunt opened up around it, and Diane added another one, doubling her pleasure, and the amount of meat in her cunt.

"Yeah, fuck me, Daddy," she panted, her body responding to her finger-fucking very strongly.

The two fingers were parted slightly, each rubbing against one side of her clasping cunthole. The soft flesh that surrounded them caressed them, coating them with precious fluid, and made them feel safe and secure. In return, the fingers increased their pace, fucking in and out of Diane's cunt in such a way that couldn't help but arouse the girl to a fever pitch.

The same juices that surrounded her timers ran down the crack of her ass and onto her bedspread. Their fragrance excited Diane, and made her fuck herself faster. Her one hand stretched her pink cunt-meat open wide, while the other was a blur as it fucked in and out of her trembling cunt-hole.

Diane humped up toward her hands, increasing the depth of their fuck-stabs. Her ass came up off of the bed, her ass-cheeks tight with mounting lust. She held her ass up in the air, supporting the weight of her body on her neck and shoulders. Her feet were flat on the bed, her bent knees rocking forward and back to add yet another dimension to her fucking motions.

"Come on, Daddy, come on!" she cried, her mind ablaze with visions of her dad, and how; she would fuck him if and when she got the chance. "Come on, stay with me, Daddy, stay with me. God, you fuck me so good!"

Her bridged body gyrated, her hands working quickly. Her fucking hand thrust in deeply, filling her up with as much substance as it could. Her other hand let her cunt-lips go, and they slowly curled back into position around her flying, fucking fingers. Then her hand took up a new post, stroking and thrumming her bl**d-engorged clit.

Saving the best for last, Diane had put off even touching her clit until she knew she was very near to coming. Her breathing was harsh and fast, and she could hear her growing excitement in her own voice. Involuntary whimpers came from her parted lips, and she swallowed often, her spit feeling good along the parched channel of her throat.

"Oh, it's getting good," she mumbled, her words not even registering in her lust-clouded brain. "Ohhhh, that's right! Ohhhh, that's so good!"

She pressed her clit flat, holding it down, and then grinding it around and around. The little knob of her clit throbbed with emotion, easily the most alive part of Diane's very aroused body. Slicing bolts of wondrous sensations raced from her agitated clit, making her body shine with a glow of impending orgasmic bliss.

As she played with her clit, her other hand kept on drilling straight down the tunnel of her cunt. More syrupy juice came from inside her pussy, and she smeared them around the outside of her cunt-hole, coating her pulsating clit.

Dressed in its erotic shroud of lubrication, her clit slid more easily than ever around and around underneath her fingers, and Diane got more aroused than ever before. It felt as if every nerve ending in her body were standing up on end, all of them trained on her crotch.

"Oh, Daddy, almost!" she gasped, feeling her bl**d boiling, and her heart pounding.

Shivers of excitement ran up and down her legs, causing her body to jump and dance. Diane gritted her teeth and kept up her stimulation of her fuck-parts. It was as if she needed to reach inside herself and grab hold of her orgasm, and pull it out of her pussy to the roots.

And, she knew, if that was what it took, then that would be what she would do. She had to come, and come soon, or she feared she might explode with unsatisfied lust.

"Oh my God, oh my God," she chanted, her eyes wide-open, but seeing nothing.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, her body all at once went wild with spasms. Her cunt convulsed wildly around her fucking fingers, which kept zooming in and out of her cunt with as much speed and depth as ever. Her toes fanned out, and her legs bucked up and down, every inch of her taken with the intensity of her come.

"Daddy!" she screamed, drawing the word out with her slightly stifled scream.

As usual, she had to watch herself, ever mindful of her mother discovering her sexy habits.

Then, bit by bit, the wonder evaporated, and Diane cane back to reality to find herself again sprawled naked on her own bed, no fuck-partner in sight. Tears of sadness and frustration feed her eyes, and she reached out for the comfort of her teddy-bear once again.

"There, there," she said to him, cuddling him as if he were the one who was crying, "we'll get Daddy to fuck you soon enough, and then everything will be all right. There, there, Mr. Bear, don't cry, shhhhh ..."

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