Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Four

An original Story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 4

After a few more fucks with Mike, Anita felt ready to begin her quest for her father again. She'd enjoyed fucking with her twin, and she had gotten to be pretty good at it. But it was her father's cock she really wanted, and only her father's cock that would win her bet with Diane.

Anita thought about the best way to seduce her father a lot. She considered many options, but decided she needed to wait until a weekend, when she had a better chance of catching her dad in a good mood, with nothing better to do than fuck her brains out!

One Saturday morning she awoke to the sound of the shower in her parents' bathroom. Knowing that her mother always showered at night and her father in the morning, Anita was automatically excited.

She jumped out of bed wearing her short, summer nightie, and did a quick check of the house. Both cars ware gone, so that meant her mother and probably her oldest b*****r, Rick, was out of the house. Mike had baseball practice every Saturday morning, so she knew he was gone. She checked her middle b*****r Chuck's room, and he seemed to be up and away, too.

Thrilled to the bone, Anita ran a quick comb through her hair and ran to another bathroom to brush her teeth. She thought about changing clothes, but then decided there wasn't time for that. She wanted to get to her father while he was still in the shown.

God, what he must look like all wet and naked! Anita thought, her little cunt bubbling.

The bathroom was clouded with steam when Anita opened the door and let herself in. In a matter of seconds, her white nightie was stuck to her body, showing off her dark nipples and the tuft of dark hair on her cunt. She wore no panties, and her nightie stuck into the crack of her ass as she gathered her courage and went over toward the shower stall.

The stall had bubble glass, and through it, Anita could see a tall, well-proportioned masculine form. She hugged herself.

This is it, she thought. I win, Diane, I win!

"Daddy?" she said, hoping he could hear ha over the roar of the shower water. "I have a present for you. think you're a very sexy man, and love you very much and, well, if you want to, thought that maybe we could, uh, we could, well, you know what mean, don't you, Daddy?"

Anita could tell from the way her father was standing that he could hear her. She wished he'd just open the door and take her right into his strong arms!

"Don't you want me, Daddy?" she asked, starting to feel panicked. "Here, maybe if you can see all of me you'll like me better."

With that, Anita whisked her nightie up over her head and tossed it across the room. She then pressed her naked front against the glass shower panel, giving her father a two-dimensional view of her tits and belly.

"Open up, Daddy, please? I want you!"

From inside the stall she heard a muffled groan, and then she saw his hand reach for the latch. She pulled away, and got ready to toss herself into her father's arms.

But, when the door opened, Anita's sexy look went from lust to shock. The person inside the shower was not her father at all, but her middle b*****r, Chuck!

"Chuck!" she exclaimed, too shocked to move or cover herself up. "What are you doing in there? That's Dad's shower!"

"Dad got up early and went to play golf, so I decided to help myself. And now, boy, am I glad I did!"

Before Anita could get away, her b*****r had reached out and grabbed her. His grip was sure and strong, and his fingers dug into the soft flesh of ha upper arm.

"I guess Mike wasn't lying, the little shit," Chuck said. "He told me about you, and what you two have been up to, but didn't believe it."

Anita whimpered and tried to get away. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

"I think you do," Chuck laughed, slowly pulling her into the shower with him. "Come on, it's okay. I may not be Dad, but sure could use some head."

Anita was no match for ha big, brawny b*****r. Chuck pulled her into the shown and closed the door, holding her captive. The water was very loud in her ears, and he pulled her tight against him and gave her a big, watery kiss.

The girl still struggled a little bit, but, as he kissed her, his lips seemed to take the fight right out of her. And, when Anita realized that the mighty hunk of something that was pressed between them was actually his cock, she gave in completely and even let ha fingers travel down to touch his prick. It was huge!

Chuck broke their kiss with a laugh. "You are a hot one! Dad is a lucky man, to have a cute little piece like you after him."

"Who says I'm after him?" Anita said softly.

Chuck laughed harder. "Well, that doesn't matter anyway. You're mine now."

Anita had a hold of his prick with both hands, now, and she would not have left that shower even if her b*****r had asked her to. This was, the big cock she had wanted, this was the sort of cock she had had in mind for her first fuck. His cock filled her hands with hard, solid warmth.

"Take a closer look," Chuck said, pushing down on her shoulders, and forcing her to her knees in the shower.

Anita went down, never letting go of Chuck's prick. She looked at his cock from very close up, going cross-eyed. His prick bobbed right up into her face. She'd never really looked at Mike's cock, she'd only fucked it. But now, eye-to-eye with Chuck's big cock, she got a whole new perspective on things.

"Kiss it!" Chuck said, his fingers tangled in her dark, wet hair. "Yeah, ahhh, that's right."

Anita didn't hesitate at all when she first got a taste of her b*****r's cock. She slurped in the big knob of his prick, unable to take in more than that, and she liked the way it filled her mouth and made her lips stretch. She twirled her tongue around his cock-head, and tasted more of his delicious, salty pre-cum, and it made her cunt feel slick and funny.

"Mmmm," she said, "I like this!"

Chuck laughed. "You're not sorry anymore that I'm not Dad?"

"Oh, a little," Anita admitted, lapping at his cock-head. "But not too much."

Chuck's laughter turned into sobbing groans as she went back to work on his cock. Like other things sexual, it didn't seem to matter that Anita had little or no experience. She just let herself go, and the results were guaranteed erotic. She was meant for fucking, and took to it as naturally as a duckling takes to water.

She poked the head of his prick into one of her cheeks, making it contort her pretty face. Then she switched sides and let it slam against her other cheek. She bobbed her head back and forth a few times, massaging his cock with her teeth and the soft, padded inside of her mouth.

Chuck groaned, and leaned against the shower wall. The water hit his chest and ran down his body toward Anita's sucking face. He kept one hand on the back of her head, but it did not have to guide her. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and he certainly had no complaints. His cock felt harder than usual, and her soft lips teased and caressed it with a skill he'd seldom run across, even in girls several years older than Anita.

Water ran down through her fingers as she jacked on the part of his prick she could not fit into her mouth. She pushed her wet locks back away from her face, and f***ed herself forward, taking a bit more of his prick. She felt it hit against the back of her throat and then, like magic, it seemed to bend and follow the curve of her throat right down.

"Jesus!" Chuck grunted.

Anita looked up at him, her mouth filled with his prick. Her eyes were bigger than usual, round and luminous in the dim light of the shower. Her dark hair was darker than ever, plastered to her skull and cheeks. Her mouth was a big oval, her lips stretched pale around the shaft of his big prick.

"God!" he groaned, not believing this was his very own s****r giving him such great head!

Anita pulled back, then she took it all back in again, grating her teeth along it sexily. She liked the feel of his prick in her mouth, but she knew she would like the feel of it even better in her cunt. So, with a sudden decision, she popped her lips off of his prick and looked up at him again.

"You wanna fuck me?" she asked, kneeling at his feet.

Chuck almost choked. Why hadn't he realized his s****r was so hot before?

"Sure," he said, pulling her to her feet. "Turn around and lean against that wall."

"Standing up?" Anita asked, surprised.

"You're gonna love it, promise," he said, twirling her around and grabbing his prick. "Stick your ass out a little bit."

Anita bent her knees and arched her back. She felt her b*****r's hand and the tip of his prick as he fit it into the small hole of her pussy. It felt very big already!

"You ready?" he asked.

"I think so," she said, biting her lip and trying to relax.

Chuck wrestled with his prick, fighting against her resisting cunt-mouth. Finally he got the tip of his prick securely inside her pussy-lips, and he gave a great shove, sensing the first few inches of his cock plowing into his s****r's guts.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Anita cried out, her body flattened against the tile wall. "Oughhhhh!"

But Chuck didn't even ask her if she was all right. It didn't matter to him once he got a taste of her tight, nearly virginal cunt. It felt wonderful to him, and he was not about to let her go even if she wanted him to.

For a moment, Anita did think about getting loose. But then her b*****r pulled back and fucked forward into her again a few times and she changed her mind. Her cunt quickly adapted to his bigger prick, and she began to like it.

It was just what she had always wanted.

Chuck shoved into her as far as he could, losing his prick in her cunt. Surprisingly, she took all of his prick, each and every inch, and her pussy seemed to beg for more. With a buck of his hips, he fucked in again, filling her up and then emptying her out as he drew his prick away from her.

Anita got used to his prick and started to move with him. Her cunt felt so big she wondered if it would ever be a normal size again. She felt like he was rearranging her insides with his big prick --- and she loved it.

"Yeah, fuck me!" she crowed, her voice echoing off the shower walls. "Yeah, all right!"

She fucked her ass in, and then thrust it back out, changing the angle his cock used to enter her. She liked the way his cock popped in and out of the circle of her inner cunt-lips. She lifted herself up on her tip-toes and then stood flat- footed. She shook her ass and she stood still, experimenting to see which motions felt the best to her and got the most enthusiastic response from her fucking b*****r.

Chuck had one arm bent around her waist, holding her tight to him. The other hand he braced against the wall, holding them up and fucking Anita. Water ran down his back, splashing down in waves with his fucking motions.

Anita's ass ground back into his hairy groin as she took all of his prick-shaft. She twisted around in his grasp, adding side-to-side motions to his thrusts.

Cunt-juice was fucked from the depths of her cunt, and mixed with the shower water at their joined crotches. Squeaky sounds came from the union of their fuck-parts, and Anita grunted softly, taking Chuck's prick time and again.

She felt filled to the brim with cock. Her cunt ran up and down the shaft of his prick, bouncing around it, bit by bit. She sucked in her breath, making her waist smaller, and Chuck held her tighter, encircling her with his one strong, tanned arm.

"Oh, oh, ohhh!" she cooed, fucking back at him, matching his motions.

"You like it!" he panted, leaning over her and putting his mouth near to her ear. "You like my big cock?"

Anita's heart pounded so loudly at his obscene language that she couldn't answer.

"You like it when do this?" he asked huskily, thrusting his cock against one side of her cunt-tunnel and then the other. "Does it make you hot when fuck you like this?" He hammered his prick straight into her.

"Yessss, oh yesss!" Anita moaned, her words shaky as he continued to pound her. "Keep doing it! Keep fucking me just like that!"

Chuck drew his cock back, and then threw it forward. Every inch disappeared into Anita's cunt, and the girl sighed and moaned. She pushed her ass out, silently begging him for more, and Chuck gladly gave it to her.

His prick slammed against the end of her cunt-tunnel, his big, round cock-knob butting to a stop. Each time he filled her with his mighty cock-meat he quickly jerked it back out, filling and refilling her with as much cock as she had ever tasted.

Her cunt clutched his prick, keeping a tight, delicious hold on it. Whether he was fucking his cock in, or pulling it out, Anita's cunt held him tightly, her soft insides making him hotter than a pistol.

"You want more?" he panted, his ass puckering in, fucking her with quick stabs.

"Yes, more, fuck me more!"

"You like it hard?"

"Ohhhh!" Anita sighed, "give it to me hard!"

"Yeah, you take it all, you little father-fucker! You take every bit of my big cock, and like it, bitch!"

Anita moaned and groaned, her body humping faster, too. It turned her on to hear her b*****r say those things to her while his big cock trenched out her cunt. It made her feel grownup and sexy, and she liked it. To show him, she humped her ass faster, making him work to keep up with her, his cock continually drilling forward and thundering back.

The hand that had been around her waist slipped up her wet body until it cut across her tits. One hand cupped one tit, her other tit crushed underneath his hairy arm. His fingers gouged into the soft, pliant skin of her tit, giving Anita even more erotic sensations to enjoy.

"Yes, play with my tit, play with it, Chuck!"

He leaned over her and bit into the side of her wet neck. Cool droplets of water fell from her hair and wet his face. Anita could hear, as well as feel, his hot, hard breathing as he turned them into a fucking machine. All their parts worked to one end-orgasm, the ultimate pleasure.

His teeth dug into her neck, hurting her and making her fuck back at him with even more zeal. She grunted and sputtered, her tit mauled by his big hand, her cunt ravaged by his big cock.

She felt possessed by him, owned by him. She was his to bite and claw and fuck-and she had never been happier.

"Ohhhhh!" she sighed. "I think I'm going to come!"

"Do it! Do it!" Chuck panted, as if daring her to climax. "I wanna feel you comet"

Anita's eyes rolled back into her head, and she lost herself in the sensations he created within her body. Her younger b*****r had never done anything like this to her. Fucking with Mike had been like fucking with a c***d, she knew that now. From now on, she would only spend her time with men.

Chuck aroused her to a fever pitch. His hand twisted her nipple, turning it until she cried out with a strange mixture of pleasure and pain. Teeth marks marred the soft skin of her neck, and her cunt sizzled, alive with her approaching orgasm.

"Come! Come!" Chuck panted.

His words hissed in her ear, and she had no choice but to follow them. She arched her back even more deeply than usual, throwing her ass out and taking his prick in very deeply.

"Now!" she said, shudders already making her body tremble.

Like a crazed a****l, Chuck fucked her madly while she came. Her cunt shook around his prick, making him grunt and then come, too. The end of Anita's orgasm was the beginning of her b*****r's, and then it was her turn to keep up the wild fucking pace.

"Grahhhhh!" Chuck groaned, sounding like a caged b**st as he filled his s****r's tiny cunt giving your permission with his great load of jism.

Their wet bodies slapped together, the droplets flying all around them. Chuck pounded her until he had no more strength, and his cock was a mere shadow of itself, lost now in the tingling darkness of Anita's cunt-tunnel.

Exhausted, the boy finally pulled away. When he let Anita go, she crumpled on the shower floor, her fucked-out body too weak to stand.

Chuck leaned back against the wall and turned off the shower spray, which had at some point gone cold. He looked down at Anita and shook his head.

"What a horny little piece," he said.
And then he opened the opaque door, and let himself out.

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