Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Three

An original Story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 3

The next day after school, Diane and Anita again headed straight to Diane's house. Anita had called her friend the night before to tell her about fucking with her b*****r, but she hadn't shared any of the details. Diane was dying to hear all about it. She was so jealous she could hardly stand it!

"Come on!" she said, taking Anita's hand to hurry her along.

"Not so fast," Anita whined. "My pussy is kinda sore, and can't run."

"Oh God, it must have been great!"

Anita tried to be casual, but her smile would not be held back.

"It was great, Diane! Oh, it was better than great! It was, oh, don't know. Fan-fuckin'-tastic, I guess!"

Their little asses twitching just as fast as they could, the girls disappeared into Diane's bedroom, slamming the door behind them. Together they dove for the bed, sliding down on their stomachs, their skirts riding up on their thighs.

"Okay, start," Diane said immediately, "and don't leave anything out!"

"Maybe should make you pay me for this," Anita teased, holding back.

"No!" her friend whined, grabbing her arm and tugging on it to prove her eagerness. "Come on, I'm dying!"

Anita laughed and wrestled with Diane a little bit.

"Okay, okay. Well, was coming from here and thinking about my dad, you know? And, like, was still pretty horny."

Diane interrupted her with a gale of nervous giggles. Cautiously, she glanced at the door to be sure it was closed. She couldn't take a chance on her mother hearing this!

"So was almost to the front door, and all of a sudden Mike jumped down out of that big tree and nearly killed me! He was dressed like an Indian and talking all weird."

"Get to the good stuff!"

"You said you wanted all the details."

"Yeah, but, well, just hurry!"

"Okay, so he tried to pretend he was scalping me, and we started to kind of wrestle around and then, don't know why, just got hot for him and kissed him and gave him a big hug. Then, when went to let go, he just sort of held on to me, you know? And so decided to fuck him"

"Ohhhh, can't stand it!"

As Anita told her tale, both of the girls could feel themselves heating up. It was a real turn-on for Anita to remember exactly how it had all happened. Diane was getting hot, too, living through her friend's adventure.

"Diane, it was so crazy. just took his hand and we went up to my room. He was lying there on the bed, and could see this big bump in his pants that knew was his prick. It made me so hot just flipped up my skirt and took off my panties."

"You didn't even get undressed?"

Anita shook her head. "I kept on everything, my whole uniform, even my shoes! But Mike only had on those stupid shorts he always wears, and took them off of him."

Diane shrieked. "You did?"

"Yeah, and his cock jumped right up."

"Was it big?"

"Pretty big."

"God, wish could have seen it! What happened then?"

A devilish twinkle shot into Anita's dark eyes as she looked at her curious friend.

"You really want to know?"

"Yeah! Are you k**ding?"

Anita stood up and began to take off her clothes. As usual, Diane got up to do the same, but Anita shook her head.

"You be me. Just take off your panties."

Diane gasped. "Are you sure?"

Anita let her plaid skirt drop to the floor and jerked off her knee socks.

"This way can show and tell," she said, her young body totally nude in the warm, afternoon sunshine that filled the bedroom.

As Anita flopped back down on the bed beside her, Diane looked at her friend in a new way. She had always thought that Anita was pretty, but now she was more than that. She was a woman, she had been fucked. Her body even looked different, her curves more defined, her tits more bountiful.

Diane felt pale in comparison. She felt like such a c***d.

"So first we kissed a little bit," Anita said, lying very close to Diane.

Slowly, Diane opened her arms and let Anita crawl into her embrace. She felt the other girl's soft, warm, bare skin, and it made her feel strange. Then, when Anita pressed her closed lips against hers, Diane let her kiss her lips.

The kiss was meant to be brief, but once it started, neither girl wanted to seem chicken and be the first one to pull away. Bit by bit, their lips parted, their mouths opening. One girl added a little boldness and the other one followed and went a bit further. Their kiss grew wet and succulent, their lips rubbing together. Then came the tongues, each poking and probing. Anita didn't want to break away to tell her friend it had been nothing like this with her b*****r.

Odd sensations raced down to Diane's cherry cunt. She rubbed her legs together, feeling the sticky wetness in her naked pussy. She felt hot under all her clothes, not realizing that that was just how Anita had felt the day before.

Finally Anita gasped, coming up for air, and then kissed her friend again, this time softly on the cheek. Then, resuming her running commentary, she slipped down Mane's body, kissing along her neck just as she had done to Mike.

"So kissed him like this. There, you do it, you're supposed to be me."

"Are you sure?" Diane squealed, wanting to kiss her friend, yet not wanting to at the same time.

"If you want to learn about fucking, this is the best way. But you don't have to if you don't want to," Anita said.

Diane f***ed herself to kiss Anita's neck the first time and then it got easier. She wiggled down below the other girl, kissing wherever her lips touched. Anita helped her by moving around herself, giving Diane's mouth a constantly changing target.

While Diane kissed her, Anita reached down between them and pulled up her plaid skirt. She bunched the material up between their naked crotches, and stroked Diane's blonde cunt-mound.

Diane gasped. Her friend had never touched her that way before. No one had ever touched her that way before. Intense sensations shot through her and she licked Anita's neck, her lust rising to new heights.

"Then," Anita said, her voice strangely husky, "I reached down and took hold of his prick with both of my hands. Go ahead, Diane, reach down."

"But Anita ..."

"Just do it ... and pretend."

Almost afraid of what she might find, Diane timidly lowered her hands down to her crotch. It was very hot down there, and she gasped when her fingers touched one of Anita's hands. Two fingers of that hand were pointing up and out, simulating the rigid position of Mike's hard-on. Anita had dipped them in her own slippery cunt, first, and when Diane touched them they were wet and slick with pussy-juices.

"So I took hold of his prick and jacked on it. It was real hard, like a stick or something. But real soft on the outside, like it was covered with silk. And it was all wet, don't know why."

Awkwardly, Diane pulled on the fingers, pretending, just as Anita had told her to. The usual visions of her father were with her now, and it grew easier to imagine that she really did have a man on top of her, his cock in her fingers. She pulled hard and fast, and the prick seemed to strengthen and grow.

Slowly at first, Anita started to make humping motions on top of her turned-on friend. She'd started this little charade for Diane's sake but, as they went on with it, Anita found it very exciting. It was almost like losing her cherry all over again --- or like taking Diane's.

While Diane held her fingers, Anita humped so that their cunt-mounds ground together. Diane was quick to catch on to her rhythm and she began humping, too. When Anita looked into her face, she saw that Diane's blue eyes were closed and a serene look covered her face.

"Ohhhh, Dadddddy!" Diane whispered.

Adding a bit to her script, Anita reached up under Diane's white blouse and opened the front clasp of her bra. Then, her fingers trembling, doing what she had wished her b*****r had done to her, she cupped her friend's tit. The tit filled her palm and she pushed down on it, making Diane sigh louder.

Diane's tits were tight and perky, and Anita toyed with them lovingly. Her own naked tits were nearly in Diane's face, f***ed upward as she lay on top of her friend. Anita looked down at her own rigid nipples while she tweaked Diane's.

Pushing the rumpled, white blouse back, Anita lowered her flushed face toward Diane's chest. Her lips drawn downward by some strange f***e, she kissed first one and then the other of Diane's pointy nipples.

"Ummmm, yeses!" Diane moaned.

Diane lost herself in fantasy. She didn't want to think that this was her girlfriend doing these things to her. She wanted it to be a man, her father, and she dwelled on that thought. As Anita's lips twirled and sucked around her nipple, Diane's head swam with lust for her father.

Down at their crotches, Diane still held onto her girlfriend's fingers. Now the pretend cock was wet with sweat, and dripping cunt-juice. Eager to have this prick inside of her, Diane pulled the fingers toward her cunt, unwittingly imitating Anita's motions from the day before.

Anita felt what her friend wanted and went along with it. When she felt her fingers entering Diane's cunt, she trembled. It was just like fucking her own pussy --- and then again, it was totally different. But Diane's cunt was soft and wet and warm, just like her own cunt, and Anita concentrated on the similarities, not the differences.

Bravely, she shoved forward with her whole body, as if that were what it took to bury her fingers far up inside of Diane's cunt.

"Now I'm gonna fuck you," Anita said, trying to sound macho. "I'm gonna take your cherry, Diane!"

"Yes, yes, oh yes!" Diane said, her head tossing from one side to the other on the bed. "Fuck me, please, fuck me!"

Beginning slowly, just as her b*****r had, Anita drew her fingers back out of Diane's clinging cunt and then pushed them back in. Immediately her hand was thick with milky cunt-juice and, as she drew it out, the scent of ripe cunt came with it.

With her hand between their bodies, Anita found that she could touch her own clit while she fucked Diane. Time and again her two fingers entered Diane, while her bent thumb stayed tight against her own clit.

To make the fucking as authentic as possible, Anita humped with her whole body. She threw herself down hard on Diane, using her full weight to try and crush out her breath as her b*****r had done to her.

Diane wiggled around and parted her legs more to give her fucking father more room to work. She was so sure that he was fucking her, that her cunt almost hurt, stretched by the size of his mammoth prick. Her imagination multiplied the girth of Anita's fingers, and then thrilled to it.

As Anita fucked her, Diane reached up and took hold of her own naked tits. Diane gripped the smallish tit-mounds with both hands, mauling them almost cruelly. As a result, more waves of feelings sizzled down Diane's front and exploded in her cunt like fireworks.

Diane twirled her pointed nipples around, making them swell even larger with her hot bl**d.

Anita watched her friend playing with herself. Their faces were very close together, but Diane's eyes remained closed, her expression distant. Anita kissed her mouth again, and Diane responded by thrusting her tongue out and swirling it around eagerly.

Anita sucked on her friend's tongue, poking her own far into Diane's mouth. The girls shared spit while Anita's fingers kept on moving between them, fucking them both, bringing them up together.

"Oh my God," Diane panted, her hand clamped over her young tits. "Oh, that feels so good."

"Yes," Anita agreed, "so good."

Inside of Diane, Anita wiggled her fingers around, fucking Diane in a way her b*****r's cock could never have fucked her. Diane responded by humping up and down faster and harder, making Anita work to keep up with her. Her blonde hair spilled out on the pillow behind her, making her look like an angel, with a halo of light around her pretty face.

Anita looked down into Diane's face while she fucked her. The dark-haired girl wondered if her own face had worn a similar, sexy expression while Mike had fucked her. Diane's face was flushed red, her nostrils flared to take in extra breaths. Sweat sparkled on her forehead, like sunshine on snow. Diane had never looked lovelier.

Pressing harder, Anita stabbed her fingers far up inside of Diane. Diane cried out and wiggled her ass, settling down around Anita's fingers. Her cunt-tunnel held Anita's fingers tightly, closing in around them as Anita pulled them back, and opening up to take them in again when she fucked forward. Anita scissored her fingers open and closed inside of Diane, making her cunt-tunnel expand around them. But, no matter what she did, Diane's pussy-channel remained tightly clasped around her fingers, conforming to their every size and configuration.

As she fucked her friend, Anita did not neglect her own needs. The rounded knuckle of her thumb stayed right on top of her clit, grinding it around against the bone behind it. Cunt-juice drooled from her empty cunt in a long, white, sticky line, and she could feel the heat of Diane's aroused cunt against the opened meat of her own pussy.

She stirred her fingers around inside of Diane's cunt, touching as many nerve-endings as she could. What her fingers lacked in size, they made up in agility, fucking this way and that, poking, probing, exciting. Diane groaned and writhed sexily, her body suddenly starting to shudder.

Unlike her inexperienced b*****r, Anita knew exactly what to expect when a girl came and, more importantly for Diane, she knew how to make it even better. Although she had only fucked with a boy once, she had gotten herself off hundreds of times, and now that experience came in handy. She kept on fucking Diane, and at the same time rubbing her own clit, feeling her heart pounding with her mounting passion.

Diane's breathing was loud and laboured, and it was matched by Anita's gusting breath. The two girls panted as one, Anita's fingers working them both together. Their crotches clashed, their cunt-bones bouncing together with jarring regularity.

"Oh Daddy! Oh, oh, oh, Daddy!" Diane panted, her fantasy never waning. "Ohhhh!"

Little jerks shook her, and then the big one came. Anita had to put her full weight down on her just to keep Diane from jumping right up off the bed. Her body went wild, as if she were having some kind of fit. Anita worked hard to keep her fingers plowing in and out of Diane's shivering, shuddering cunt-tunnel.

"Wheeeeee!" Diane screamed.

Panicked, Anita again covered her friend's mouth with her own, choking off her orgasmic cries. All they needed was for Diane's mother to come knocking on the door, wondering what they were doing.

Diane continued to moan into Anita's mouth as her orgasm passed. But, even when she calmed, Anita kept fucking her. Anita's cunt needed just a few more strokes and then she knew she would be coming, too.

Her orgasm passed, Diane gradually came, back to reality. She opened her eyes and looked j into Anita's lust-contorted face. Now it was Anita who had her eyes shut tightly, her body tense with lust.

For an instant, Diane was shocked and embarrassed at what she and her friend were doing. But, when she felt Anita jump, and heard her whimpers of impending orgasm, she rocked with her, returning the favor she had just given her.

"Ohhhh, arghhh!" Anita gurgled and gasped, her clit smashed wonderfully by her own thumb. She felt the convulsions rush through her, and she hugged Diane, the warmth of another body increasing her pleasure.

Diane gladly returned her embrace, the two girls bucking and humping together. Diane followed her friend's entire climax, doing whatever Anita did, moving with her as if they were dancing. Then, when Anita pulled herself off her, Diane let her go with a smile.

"Thanks," Diane said, pulling her blouse back down ova her tits and smoothing down her skirt chastely. "I think understand a lot more about fucking now."

Anita giggled, still too hot to speak.

"I can't wait to fuck my dad," Diane continued. "If it's half as good as fucking you, know I'm never gonna wanna stop."

"It'll be better," Anita croaked, amused at her friend's innocence. "It'll be a lot better, you just wait."

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