Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Two

An original Story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 2

Anita rushed home, her school shoes clicking on the sidewalk. Fucking with her dad, that was a great idea! She shook her head, wondering why she hadn't thought about it herself. She pretty much had her father wrapped around her little finger. It would be a piece of cake to get him to take her cherry!

She turned the corner near her house, and came to a screeching halt. Her father wasn't home from work yet! The driveway was empty. Apparently her mother was gone somewhere, too.

"Damn," Anita said softly, walking on more slowly.

Because she had cut herself off quickly at Diane's house, she was still very horny. She hadn't gotten to experience that needed second orgasm, and her pussy nearly smoked as she headed home to fuck her dad. And now, when she realized that she would have to wait for an hour or so before she could get any sort of satisfaction, lust and frustration bubbled up between her legs.

Sadly, she trudged up the walkway, the heat in her cunt making her sway slightly. She was halfway up the heavily shaded walk when there was a war whoop, and suddenly her twin b*****r Mike dropped down beside her from the tree that covered most of their front yard.

"No passem, white woman!" Mike said, grabbing Anita's hair as if he were about to scalp her.

"Cut it out!" she snapped, struggling to get loose.

"This house, Indian house!" Mike insisted, trying to hold her.

Mike was about the same size as Anita, and he wore his dark, straight hair slightly long. Right now, he had it pulled into a small ponytail and he wore only light-coloured shorts His small chest was bare, and Anita could see he had streaked it with something, trying to simulate war paint.

As they tussled, Anita dropped her school books. Mike held onto her with both his sweaty hands, mumbling and hooting like an Indian.

"Stop it!" Anita cried.

He'd caught her so off-guard that it took her a few seconds to really start to fight back. Finally, when she could tell that he wasn't going to just let her go, she hauled off and kicked him in the shin.

"Ow! Shit!" Mike exclaimed, hopping back on one leg. "What'd you do that for?"

"So you'd take your grubby paws off me!"

Anita stormed into the house, with Mike hobbling behind.

"What put you in such a good mood?" he asked, sitting on the couch and rubbing his injured leg.

"I just wanted to talk to dad about something important, and now he's not here, that's all."

"You wanna talk to me about it?"

Anita looked over at her b*****r. Because they were twins and got along very well, she now felt sorry about what she'd done. It was sweet of him to want to help her.

"Thanks, but don't think so. I need a real man, like daddy."

Mike jumped up and slapped his tanned chest. "Me real man!"

Anita laughed and went over to give him a hug. She gave him a short peck on the cheek. "Thanks anyway."

But, when she tried to back away, Mike put his arms around her. In a flash Anita realized that, perhaps, her b*****r could help her. It was her pussy and not her brain thinking, but she relaxed in his embrace and put her lips back against his face.

She kissed the sweaty side of his neck, her eyes closed, some inner f***e telling her what to do. Each kiss she gave him seemed to make her pussy hotter, and she shimmied her legs together.

Mike stood very still and let his s****r kiss him. He hadn't expected her to act this way at all. He'd only held onto her as a joke --- but what was happening between his young legs was anything but funny. He was getting a big hard-on!

Now it was his turn to try and get free. But, just as he had held her before, Anita now kept him encircled with her arms. Her mouth moved back up to his face and across his cheek to his.

"s*s ... wait ..."

But she cut off his protest with her soft lips. Their kisses were tinned at first, neither c***d knowing much about what they were doing. But Anita was hungry for it, and as the lust mounted in her bl**d, she grew bolder.

"Come up to my room with me," she said breathlessly, gripping Mike's hand and pulling him along behind her.

"What for?" he croaked.

But Anita didn't answer. She just rushed them upstairs and closed the door to her room behind them. She whirled Mike toward the bed, letting go of his hand. He landed on the bed and bounced. Then, as he looked up, he saw Anita reach under her short, plaid uniform skirt and pull down her panties.

"I wanted daddy to do this, but since he's not here ..."

Mike gasped as she came toward him and reached for the button on his shorts. Their dark eyes met and shared a look of understanding as he lifted his ass and let her slide his shorts and undershorts down and off.

The naked boy and the girl in the school uniform rolled across the bed. Their small hands explored each other, touching here and there. Anita kicked her legs apart, liking the feel of the cool air on her hot cunt. Her pussy was already very wet, and she touched herself, fingering her pussy open.

They came to rest with Mike on top of her, his naked body between her legs. Anita reached down and gathered up her skirt, baring her pussy. Mike looked down at her dark-tufted cunt-mound and moaned.

"I never did this before," he said.

"Me neither," Anita replied.

"But you wanna?"

"Oh yesssss!" she said, reaching down and taking hold of his cock.

It certainly was not the big cock she had imagined for her first fuck, but it felt good in her hand, and she was sure it would feel even better in her cunt.

"I want to," she said.

Anita bent his cock downward, butting its head against her tight cunt-lips. But, because her pussy was so wet, her cunt opened to take in his throbbing cock. Easily, she fucked her twin b*****r's prick just inside the eared lips of her cunt.

"Ummmmmm!" she sighed.

"Ohhhhhh!" he moaned.

Anita wiggled her ass around, and his prick slipped into her deeper. Mike wiggled, too, and before the two teenagers knew it, his cock was completely buried in the soft warmth of her cunt.

"God," Anita gasped, "we're fucking!"

Mike giggled. "We are!"

Moving awkwardly at first, the boy drew back and then shoved forward. The results sent incredible tingles of wonderful sensations coursing through his body, and so he did it again-and again. Soon Mike had established a very respectable fucking tempo.

Anita lay stiff as a board beneath him. She lifted her legs up like the women in the pictures had done, but, other than that, she didn't know what to do. Her b*****r slammed down against her, fucking the breath out of her. She tried to time her breathing to his so that she didn't make such horrid gasping sounds. And, once she did that, the fucking was much better.

Her cunt sizzled around his fucking prick. She had known it would feel good, but she hadn't known it would feel this good. Glorious feelings radiated out from her cunt to the farthest reaches of her body. The ends of her hair even felt good!

To show her appreciation, she started moving, too, rocking with Mike, and, although she wouldn't have thought it possible, the feelings got even better.

"Yeah, fuck me!" she panted, her words literally fucked right out of her.

Mike turned out to be a very good choice for her first fuck. He drilled his cock in and out of her, fucking her nicely after he got the hang of it. And, even if his prick wasn't the biggest one she could have chosen, Anita came to realize that her b*****r's cock felt just perfect.

Mike started out flat on top of her, his cock barely covering half the length of her cunt-tunnel. But, as he grew more confident, he pulled himself back and fucked her with long, deep strokes. His cock had never felt so thick and hard, and he used it to their best advantage. The sweaty streaks of his pretend war paint smeared off against Anita's white uniform blouse, but neither teenager cared. All that mattered right now was their wonderful fucking.

Anita used muscles she didn't even know she had as she fucked back at her b*****r. Her uniform skirt was smashed between their bodies, wrinkles being pressed into it by their sweat, but that didn't matter, either. She wiggled her ass around, making whatever motions her body craved. Mother Nature was her fucking guide, and she proved to be a good and eager student.

"Whoa! Take it easy, s*s!" Mike panted as his s****r's frenzied fucking picked up speed.

"I can't help it!" Anita panted in reply, her body never slowing. "I'm so hot!"

"Man, you can say that again!"

"Don't talk, just fuck meeeeee!"

"Is this really what you wanted to talk to dad about?"

"Ummmm! Ahhhhhhh!"

"Anita! Were you gonna try and fuck dad?"

The girl only moaned, pretending she didn't understand his question.


Determined to get an answer, Mike gritted his teeth and jerked his cock out of his s****r's pussy. Anita gasped and grabbed for it, but Mike's hand got to it first.

"You can't have it back until you tell me the truth. Did you want to fuck Daddy?"

"Just you fuck me now, Mike, okay?" Anita whimpered, her empty cunt pulsating.

"Uh-uh, not until you tell me."

Mike's cock throbbed with frustration. He wanted to fuck it back into his s****r just as much as she wanted him to, but he was determined to use whatever leverage he could to get her to talk.

"Okay! Yes, yes, wanted to fuck Daddy!"

Mike laughed. "Have you fucked him before?"

"No, told you I'd never done it. Now, come on!"

"Am I a good fuck?" Anita squealed.

"Yessss! Now fuck me!"

She wrestled his slippery cock out from between his fingers and slipped it back into her cunt. Again both young fuckers moaned with satisfaction. It hadn't been easy on Mike to stop in mid-fuck, but now that he knew the truth, he fucked her harder and faster than ever.

Sighing with renewed pleasure, Anita again relaxed and fucked back at Mike. It had been hell for her not to have his cock inside of her. After wanting something for so long and then finally getting it, she couldn't stand to be without it for even a moment.

"Yeah, yeah!" she cried. "Ohhhh, that's so gooooood!"

Cunt-juice rolled out of her cunt in greater abundance than it did when she finger-fucked herself. It sloshed around in her cunt, popping and snapping as Mike fucked his way through it.

Mike felt like her cunt-juices were basting and cooking his prick. Since he'd never fucked a girl before, he had nothing to compare his s****r to, but instinct told him that Anita was an unusually hot little girl. Her pussy cuddled his prick, alternating holding it tightly and softly babying it.

Anita wasn't even aware of the way her cunt was gripping and loosening around her b*****r's prick. It was something her body did automatically. She had no control over it, and she needed to have none. Her pussy was performing perfectly, left all on its own.

Mike's cock jabbed at one side of her cunt-tunnel and then the other. Pre-cum smeared the insides of her cunt, although Anita didn't know it, making her pussy juicier than ever. Her pussy felt deliciously stretched and, briefly, she wondered if her little cunt would even have been able to take a cock the size she imagined her father's prick to be.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Mike grunted, slamming his hard-on through the tight ring of her cunt-mouth and into the equally tight pussy-channel beyond. "Yeah, s*s, this is great!"

Anita wanted to agree, but she was too caught up in their fucking to speak. Instead she threw her arms around her b*****r's back and held him tightly. When Mike bowed his head down toward her in a gesture of thanks, she kissed the side of his face, her lips soft and trembling.

Their young bodies moved as one, all the awkwardness of their first fuck forgotten. Now they soared and dipped together, lost in a cloud of lust. It was as if they had never done anything but fuck. They were meant for it, just as they were meant for each other.

Anita felt hot all over. Her body temperature rose along with her arousal. She no longer had complete thoughts or finished sentences in her mind. Her b*****r was fucking her sense right out of her. Her entire world shrank down until it contained only herself and Mike, with their thrusting, gripping fuck-parts at the very center.

"God? oh God," she gasped, sweat rolling down her sides, underneath her dark uniform.

Mike was very sweaty, too. His war paint was a dark mess, and wherever her hands gripped him, Anita felt them slide. But the girl found this strangely sexy. Her b*****r's masculine scent mingled with the familiar smell of her own aroused cunt, and the combination went right to her head. She inhaled deeply, sucking in the sweetness, getting high on it.

Mike's balls bounced against the cheeks of her upturned ass, and each time they hit her, the boy felt as if he might go through the roof. He'd never been so hot, and he didn't know how much longer he could stand it. His s****r's cunt was driving him crazy! Fucking was fantastic!

"Yeah! Go for it!" he said. "Yeah! Do it!"

Anita rolled her head from side to side on the bed. Her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead and cheeks, but there was nothing she could do about it now. Her ass pumped off the bed, time and again, her energy level never fading. The harder and faster she fucked back at him, the harder and faster she tried to go. The more fucking she got, the more she craved.

"Ohhhhh!" she mewled, her face tense. "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!"

Strange feelings started to circulate in Anita's body. It was like she was going to come, but it was different than usual, better, more intense. She concentrated her feelings on those sensations, coaxing them together, making them more defined and exact.

"Oughhh! I think I'm coming!" she mumbled, her body tight and stiff. "Ough! Look out!"

Mike nearly jumped away. He wasn't sure what happened when a girl came. But, even if he had wanted to get away, his s****r's arms would not have let him. Anita held him tightly, her cunt thumping toward and away from his crotch. Her orgasm grew stronger, and she urged it to come together at last.

"Ugh! Ugh!" she grunted, working to make it happen.

Mike timidly kept fucking. He could feel the way her cunt was starting to jump around on the inside, and it thrilled him. It was like small earthquakes were rumbling through Anita's body, making his cock shake and shimmy, too. He fucked her harder, and heard her cries of lust. Afraid he was hurting her, he held back, but she quickly grabbed him and begged for more.

"Don't stop! Don't slow down, Mike! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me!"

Obediently, Mike did as he was told. His own fuck-parts wanted it that way, too. His cock felt buffeted by the growing storm inside of Anita's cunt-tunnel. He tried to keep fucking straight in and out of her, but it wasn't easy. Her cunt was already convulsing so strongly that, at times, he could barely f***e his cock back up inside of her.

Anita whimpered and whined. It sounded to Mike as if she were in great pain. But the look on her face told him differently. She loved whatever it was she was feeling, that much was clear even to this inexperienced, young boy.

Then, all at once, Anita seemed to go to pieces. She cried out and clawed at him, her cunt clamping down harder than ever.

"Iiieee!" the girl exclaimed, her body jumping. "Keep fucking me, keep fucking me!"

Mike did his best, but the convulsions inside of her were just too much for him. His cock responded to them in a most natural way, and suddenly Anita's cries stopped as she tried to figure out what that new, strange sensation between her legs was.

"You're coming!" she gasped, realization setting in. "Oh my God! You're coming inside me!"

Again Mike tried to pull away, worried he had done the wrong thing. But, again, Anita held him right where he was. Her cunt kept on pulsing around his climaxing prick, milking out as much of his fuck-load as she could.

As soon as her orgasm passed, Anita started humping again. If one fuck could feel this good, then two fucks could only be better.

"Wait a second," her b*****r said when he caught his breath.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing, my cock just needs a minute."

"You mean you can't just keep going?"

"I will in a minute. It just hurts a little now."

"It hurts?"

"Well, not really, forget it. Let's fuck!"


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Lucky brother.
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woo tingly.. I like this chapter a lot.
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Great story, very gripping
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Very nice. Shows the right amount of desparation