Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter One

A story originally [user][/user] edited and broken down into chapters by me.

Chapter 1

When Anita Loper touched her drippy little pussy with her warm, soft fingers, her whole body jumped.

"Ohhhh," she sighed to her friend, Diane Sager, "I'm so horny I could run out and fuck the first cock I see!"

"Really," Diane agreed, her own fingers massaging her own aching cunt-mound. "We gotta figure something out. If we don't start getting fucked soon, we might have to start fucking each other!"

"Oh!" Anita exclaimed, jabbing her finger deep into her cunt. "Don't be gross, Diane! But, ohhhhh, I just gotta get me some cock!"

The two teenagers were sprawled on Diane's big, double bed. Their school uniforms lay in crumpled heaps beside the bed, their white panties coiled on top of them. Anita still wore her regulation navy-blue knee socks, but Diane was totally naked, her young tits small peaks on her chest, her pussy covered with light blonde cunt-hair. Diane's hair was long and straight, her bangs feathered back away from her simple, attractive face.

Anita rolled from her back onto her belly, her stocking-clad legs bent back behind her. Her hand was trapped beneath her, her fingers clawing at her young pussy.

Although she had never been fucked, Anita just knew that it would be wonderful. She'd seen a lot of pictures of people fucking in the magazines her older b*****rs sometimes read. And, once in a while, when she was very lucky, she got a glimpse of a real cock when one of the boys was passing to and from the bathroom. Nowadays it seemed to Anita that all she ever thought about was fucking. It was all she wanted, all that mattered, everything she dreamed of.

She just had to lose her cherry soon or she was going to go crazy!

And her friend, Diane, knew just how she felt --- at least Diane thought she did. Diane had never been fucked, either, but she knew from her own feelings and from watching and listening to Anita that fucking would be the best thing in the world. Sometimes Diane felt a little embarrassed at the things Anita said about fucking and the photographs she showed her, but usually she just tried to act grown up, and usually she ended up feeling very hot --- like now.

Outside, in the rest of the house, the Sager f****y came and went, but in Diane's bedroom the two girls were alone and safe. They could say and do anything they felt like. They could fuck themselves in private and share their dreams of real fucking.

"I want a man with a nice big cock," Anita said as she humped her hand, her fingers scratching at her cunt-mound. "Yeah, I want my pussy stretched real good the first time. I wanna feel it and maybe bleed!"

Diane giggled. "Oh, Anita, with all the finger-fucking you do, there's no way you've got any cherry left to bleed!"

"But if he's got a real big one --- like a telephone pole or something, I'd bleed then."

Diane laughed. "You'd die, then, if he tried to fuck you with anything like that!"

Anita laughed, too, drawing her creamy; fingers out from the depths of her cunt and smearing their slippery coating all around her; darkened cunt-lips.

"Yeah, but I'd sure have a smile on my face when I went out!"

The girls dissolved in a gale of laughter, and Anita rolled over onto her back. Her tits were larger and more developed than Diane's, and when she turned, they rolled across her chest. Where Diane was long and blonde and simple, Anita was dark and cuddly. Her hair was cut in a modified pageboy, accenting her dark eyes. A thick, tuft of cunt-hair decorated her pussy.

Anita lay on her back with her knees bent and her legs drawn up. Her knees were parted, and both her hands went down between them to try and coax some kind of satisfaction out of her frustrated, young pussy. She rolled her fingers around and around the oozing mouth of her cunt, making her cunt tingle and pour out more of the erotic-smelling juices.

At the other end of the bed, Diane lay in a similar position. The young blonde rested on her back with her legs curled up alongside her smallish tits. Her cunt was up off the bed, and she had fingers sawing in and out of it.

Diane's tender pussy gripped her slender fingers tightly. She pulled her fingers out slowly, feeling them tug the inner walls of her cunt-tunnel. Then, when she soon fucked them back in, it felt like her cunt-walls were folding in on themselves, scrunching back up inside of her cunt. She bore down, flexing open her cunt-hole, and feeling her asshole flare open.

"Ummmm!" she sighed, feeling alive and touched by fucking.

Juices ran out of Diane's cunt and she felt them tickle her asshole. She tried to pretend that it was jism and that some handsome man, like her father, maybe, had just fucked her. Whenever Diane fucked herself, she almost always thought of her dad. She'd never even told Anita that but, whenever she got horny, her father was the first man to enter her thoughts.

Anita, on the other hand, had no clear picture of any man in her mind as she got herself off. She was getting so desperate she didn't care anymore who her first fuck was. All she knew these days was that she needed to find someone willing, and fuck him like the devil as soon as possible.

Anita's feet were tucked up against the rounded cheeks of her ass, her heels flat against the bedspread. Her knees fell open, parting to allow her hands full access to her aching pussy. She used both hands, now, to spread open the wide mouth of her cunt and stroke the soft, pink skin inside. Then, gasping, she bent two fingers and slithered them over the slippery edge of her cunt and into the dark, sensitive cavern below.

She bit her tongue to keep from crying out as her fingers fucked her. She didn't even think about her remark about wanting to fuck a telephone pole as she whimpered and shifted her ass around, making room for the intrusion of her own fingers.

The warmth inside her body travelled up Anita's arms and over into her brain. She pushed her fingers in deeper and felt the contour of her inner cunt-tunnel. Then she pulled her fingers back out, feeling as if her very being were going with them. As the tips reached the flowered lips of her cunt, she reversed their direction, burying them in her cunt's depths once again.

"Oh man!" she sighed, wiggling around, licking her lips, her whole body excited. "That feels so good!"

Diane turned her head and smiled at her friend, hen own fingers working their own kind of magic. "Yeah, it's the best!"

"Mmmmmmm," Anita moaned, "not the best --- that would be real fucking. But, ohhhhhh, it sure beats homework!"

Diane chuckled, knowing that was what her f****y thought they were doing. Wouldn't her mother just shit if she knew the truth!

Diane brought her knees in so they were directly over her curled body. She rubbed the backs of her knees back and forth over her spiked nipples, feeling new and different sensations roar through her. She didn't understand why touching her tits made her pussy feel good, but it sure did. She twirled hen finger around just inside the mouth of her cunt, the combination of sensations marvellous.

Tingles ran directly from her gaping cunt right to her stimulated nipple and back. The more she pinched or poked or jabbed at one erogenous zone, the more the other reacted. A complete circuit of erotic current ran through her, seeming to intensify with every revolution.

Oh Daddy! she thought, plunging her finger back deep up inside of her. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! she chanted silently, fucking herself to hen internal rhythm.

Anita pulled her dark-tufted pussy wide open, one finger hooked on either side of her soft, squishy cunt-hole. Her cunt was so tight it didn't give much, but Anita imagined opening herself up for that big cock she'd been dreaming of. Cool air rushed into the opened hole of her pussy, and Anita felt a little cunt-juice trickle out to meet it.

While she pulled her cunt apart, her index finger hooked in the dark cunt-hole, her thumbs met at the bumpy juncture of her clit. They gripped the pink clit between them and pushed, smashing it just right. Pleasant feelings of pain-tinged pleasure rushed up Anita's spinal cord and exploded at the base of her brain.

"Oh fuck!" she grunted, shimmers of an orgasm bursting all around her. "Ohhhhhhh fuck!"

Diane again turned her head to watch her friend shuddering with orgasm.

Anita's face darkened with the intensity of her orgasm. She sputtered, and her lower body jerked uncontrollably. She bit her bottom lip, her fingers still applying plenty of pressure to the sensitive nub of her clit.

On the inside and on the outside, Anita could feel the convulsions of her climaxing cunt. Her pussy-tunnel fluttered, and she could feel it all along the strong-muscled tunnel buried deep inside of her body. But she could also feel the shudders of excitement on the exterior of her cunt, where her thumbs kept up their erotic torture of her clit.

Envious and more excited than ever, Diane stepped up her own finger-fucking. Like Anita had, she began to fuck herself with two fingers instead of just one. Immediately she could feel a difference when her arousal level jumped several notches.

"Oooh!" she whimpered, and Anita looked over and smiled at her.

"Good, huh?" Anita asked, her own face still glowing with orgasm.

"Yeah," Diane sighed, her voice tense with lust.

"Just think how much better it would be if you had a real cock inside of you right now."

Diane closed her eyes. Immediately a very erotic image of her father, stark naked, his prick standing straight out from his groin, popped into her mind. Her cunt lurched, and she gave an involuntary groan.

"Yeah, it would be great, wouldn't it?" Anita mused, still stroking her shivering cunt, stirring up a new batch of erotic sensations. "God! Where are those boys when you need them?"

But Diane didn't answer. She didn't want just any boy, she wanted her father. His was the first cock she wanted to feel up inside of her. She didn't care about any of the boys from school or even movie stars. All she wanted was her very own dear old dad.

Diane fucked her two fingers in and out of her uplifted cunt rapidly. Her pussy tingled around them, and each time they disappeared inside of her and then pulled out a fresh helping of her rich cunt-cream, she felt herself move a little closer to orgasm.

Anita began fingering herself again in earnest, too. When she was as hot as she was now, her first orgasm only served to better her second orgasm. One come was never enough. She needed at least two, sometimes more.

This time Anita formed one of her hands into a wedge, all the fingers gathered together. She then wormed her cunt open, coaxing the beginning of her tremendous fucking tool up inside her cunt.

Diane couldn't see just what her friend was doing, but she could see the satisfied, then pained, expressions that passed over Anita's face. Her own pussy was heating up. She continued to fuck two fingers in and out of herself, her tight cunt creating a satisfying drag on her insides.

The smell of cunt was thick in the room as the two young girls went after themselves. Both cunts were ripe, and cunt-juices poured out of them, lubricating the way for whatever might be coming. Unfortunately for Diane and Anita, this time it was only their own small, but skilled, fingers.

"Oh God, I'm still so hot!" Anita gasped, trying to f***e more of her wedge-shaped hand up inside of herself. "Ohhh, come on, want more!"

But, push as she might, her body simply would not open to take her whole hand. She wanted it very badly, and she tried to make herself take it until her cunt was on the point of tearing. Finally, and reluctantly, she stopped trying to fill herself completely, and concentrated on bringing herself what pleasure she could with the amount of fake cock her pussy would allow.

"Yeah, oh, yeah!" she grunted, fucking herself with a rapid, even tempo.

Although she was less vocal about it, Diane was fucking herself straight toward climax, too. But she didn't speak, she didn't think. She simply kept her eyes closed and pictured her father, her sexy, naked father, and all the fun they could have together.

Of course, Diane didn't actually expect to have sex with her own dad. The idea was impossible! It was i****t! But, while she was hot it made a nice, little fantasy, and she took full advantage of it to bring her cunt to the boiling point.

Her whole body was moving with the motions of her fucking. Her knees again rubbed over her nips, but now she hardly noticed the erotic motions. She was only aware of the pleasure it brought her. The actual motion itself was lost in the purple haze of passion that swirled around her.

Little tremors rocked her cunt and she bore down. Her hand picked up the pace, flying in and out of her blonde-fuzzed cunt. Her knees smashed down against her nips, her body curled into some kind of obscene foetal position.

"Mmmm! Hmmmmm!" she moaned, not even aware that she was making any sort of noise.

Diane was aware of very little other than the vibrations taking place inside her cunt. They were coming closer and closer together, their strength and intensity growing. She fucked herself harder, faster, trying to turn the string of sensations into one long, continuous erotic chain.

Now it was Anita's turn to be the observer. She could tell that Diane was very close to coming, so she held back. She didn't want to be so taken with her own orgasm that she missed watching Diane come. She loved watching the sexy expression pass over Diane's face. She couldn't wait for the day when she could see that same look in some boy's eyes while she fucked him.

"Do it! Go for it!" Anita cheered.

But Diane wasn't even aware of that. Her pussy tensed around her fucking fingers, clamping down in a wet, velvety vice. She grit her teeth and set her jaw. Her ass bounced around, the cheeks curled up off the bed.

Then, as if a stick of dynamite had gone off somewhere inside of her, Diane seemed to explode. She let out a squeal, and her whole body seemed to draw up tight and then suddenly relax. Her eyes snapped open and her mouth clamped shut to keep any other loud, attention-getting noises from escaping.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned.

"Yeah, do it!" whispered Anita, her eyes glued to the sight of her climaxing friend. "Work it out, that's right, Di!"

Visions of fucking with her father flew around in the darkness when Diane shut her eyes again. She saw them spinning together, fucking this way and that, just like the people in the pictures Anita had shown her. Her father's prick felt wonderful up inside of her, and that fictional realization increased the very factual event of her climax ten-fold.

"God, that looked hot!" Anita exclaimed. "Can you talk yet?"

"Mmmm," Diane mewled, still dizzy.

"We gotta do something, Diane. If we don't get fucked soon, we're gonna go nuts! Who would you fuck, if you could fuck anyone in the world?"

Her mind still aflame with the wonder of her orgasm, Diane didn't stop to think before she answered.

"My daddy," she said sweetly.

"What!" Anita exclaimed, nearly shocking Diane back to her senses. "You wanna fuck your own dad?"

"Well, I, ahhh, wellllll ..."

"That's a great idea! I bet my dad has a pretty nice cock himself! It'd be perfect! Okay, let's do it!"

"But wait!" Diane said, her thoughts finally forming in her lust-clouded brain. "We can't do that. It's not right to fuck with your own f****y!"

"You said yourself you wanted to."

"Just because want to doesn't mean I'll ever get to. No, come on, Anita, let's think of some other guys to hit on."

"Nope," Anita said, swinging her feet off the edge of the bed and reaching for her panties. "We fuck our dads, and that's that."

"But ..."

Anita pulled her panties up and snapped the elastic around her hips as she stood up.

"Are you chicken?"


"Good," she said, bending down to pull up her dark plaid skirt. "'Cause I'm going home to start working on my dad. I'll bet I can fuck him before you can fuck your old man!"

Suddenly Anita's bossiness annoyed Diane. Even if they had been friends since they were in the third grade, sometimes she just didn't like the way Anita tried to push things.

"You're on!" Diane exclaimed, stretching out nude on her bed and offering her friend her hand to shake. "And may the best cunt win!"
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3 years ago
i want too eat both of you now
3 years ago
Sounds like a prelude into something full of erotic,and passionate seduction ahead for the 2 gurls ,i would say . Bring it on !
3 years ago
That was good. Very explicit