A f****y Affair: Dad and the neighbourhood slut.

I’m the youngest in my f****y. I turned 16 just the other day and for my birthday, I was introduced to the f****y fun. My twin b*****r and I both lost our virginities on our 14th birthday with the 18 year old slut next door. Hannah fucked us both all over the house that weekend when she was babysitting us while my parents and our 26 year old s****r were doing something out of State. We didn’t know what that was, and wouldn’t know until we turned 16.

Hannah had a reputation that we all knew about, so me and my b*****r Chris, grinned knowing what was in store for us. If Hannah was going to fuck us both, we couldn’t be to scared to get hard-ons in front of each other so we had been having wanking contests to xhamster videos for months. We were identical down to our erections! There were occasions when we’d sometimes wank each others cocks and we even experimented on giving each other head too. Those xhamster videos were a real bad influence on us!!

The day before Mom, Dad and Erin left for their trip, Mom and Erin were doing some last minute shopping, while Dad was mowing the lawn in the back yard. It was the height of summer and so Dad was cutting the lawn, in just his shorts,. Hannah was next door lying on her sun lounger soaking up the rays, listening to her mp3 player.

After Dad had finished mowing the lawn, he went round the flower beds, with a hose. He was watering the beds by Hannah’s fence when he stopped what he was doing. Chris and I were playing on our Games console, but we heard when he turned the hose off. Dad was by the fence looking through the slats to see Hannah’s now naked body on the sun lounger. His hand disappeared into his shorts and he was clearly wanking or rubbing his cock. As we spied on our father spying on our next door neighbour, Chris and I looked at each other and grinned. Hannah wasn’t only have an effect on Dad, but we were getting aroused too.

We watched as Hannah looked over in Dad’s direction and just smirked, as she started to caress and finger her shaven pussy. I don’t know if she was aware of the effect that she was having on the entire male population in my f****y, but by the weekend was over, she would have fucked all of us, starting with Dad.

“Jack,” she called, grinning wickedly. “ can you just come by a sec, I need someone to rub some sun cream into my shoulders.”

Dad froze when he realised that Hannah had known he was there all along. But realising what was blatantly on offer, Dad gave a small cough, gained his composure and walked around the fence into Hannah’s back yard.

“I take it no one else is home to help?” Dad asked trying not to sound to eager about the wonderful opportunity that lay before him.

“No. Mom and Dad are away on their anniversary. Hope you don’t mind helping out a sweet, innocent girl who doesn’t wanna get burned!” She said coyly.

Looking down at Hannah’s golden tanned skin, Dad chuckled “You are anything but sweet and innocent Hannah!” Dad picked up the sun cream and squirted some evenly into his hands and started to rub the factor 50 into Hannah’s shoulders and back. Dad sat beside her on the lounger as he did a thorough job on her back..

From our vantage point, Chris and I couldn’t see what Dad was doing around the buttocks area of Hannah’s body, but we could hazard a guess , especially as Hannah started to moan! Chris and I started to giggle at this surreal vision, stroking our 8in, soon-to-be14 year old cocks!

“Oh, yes, Jack! Slide your fat fingers into my wet cunt” Dad did this for a few minutes as he shifted uncomfortably, as we assumed his erection was probably straining to be unleashed. Hannah rolled over and sat up on her elbows,. “If you are in a bit of stress Jack, just set him free.” she smiled, “ Show me what you Carter men pack these days.”
Hannah gasped as she saw Dad’s own 8incher. A f****y trait to be proud of, Chris and I thought! Hannah deftly took Dad’s cock in her hands and pulling the foreskin back, she delicately licked the head of his cock, then swallowed the first part his cock and stroked the rest of his shaft.

Dad let his shorts fall to the floor and kicked them to the side as Hannah proceeded to attempt to deep throat our father’s 8in member. Dad gripped Hannah’s head and started to face fuck her. This was enough to send Chris and I over the edge and we shot our loads over the windowsill. (We were almost 14, we didn’t have the stamina!!)

Dad lay Hannah back on the lounger and proceeded to eat her pussy,. God, this was hotter than any xhamster video we’d ever seen. Hannah pinched her own nipples and moaned loudly as Dad went to town on her hot cunt. After a few minutes , Dad stood up and began to feed his length in to the neighbourhood slut! Hannah wrapped her legs around Dad’s back pulling him deeper inside her. This was fucking hot and Chris and I took the risk of running down to the garden and watching through the fence like Dad had been doing. By the time we got into our positions to see the rest of this show, Dad had got Hannah into the doggy position and started slamming his length into her pussy. Chris and I looked at each both wishing that we could feed our lengths down her throat! When we looked through the fence slats, Dad’s pace increased and as he shot his load into her pussy , and I swear to God, Hannah looked straight at me or my b*****r as she rubbed her clit to orgasm.

As Hannah and Dad sat back on the lounger, she bent down and licked his cock clean. While Dad was catching his breath, Hannah chuckled and said “oh by the way your twin boys watched the whole show!”

“I figured they would,” Dad laughed. “That was the other reason, it’s the boys’ birthday this weekend. And while you look after them, I wanted to ensure that the only Carter cock You’d have this weekend was mine! I don’t want my boys having any sloppy seconds from me.” Dad smirked devilishly .

Hannah, shocked by Dad’s change of character, slapped him across the face and told him to get lost. Hannah ran towards the fence, tears streaming down her face. She lent against the tree by fence and sobbed. I whispered reassuringly to her, and Chris and I agreed that we’d have a birthday to remember and that we wanted Hannah to be a part of it!
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3 years ago
Nice. Hope there are more. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
very good & i agree with mrs.m
3 years ago
Story was okay, but I really liked the last paragraph. I love when an author invokes emotion from the reader. I had to blink a few times to clear my eyes. Thank you.