Jenna's Gift for Ally (part 2)

Jenna slipped out of Ms. Tails English class and almost sprinted down the hall towards the cafeteria. Weeks of waiting, hoping, making plans, and scrapping them had finally paid off. Not only had she kissed her favourite teacher, she had made a meal out of her succulent cunt. If only that dipshit Mr. Anders hadn't came in at that moment. But her anger died in the face of a tidal wave of ecstasy when she remembered Ms. Tails' invitation.

"Meet me here around 2:30, I should be done then." Sarah smiled, nodded and walked out the door. Jenna looked at her watch, 11:58 AM. Two and a half hours. At least she had Ally to look forward to.

Jenna and Ally were best friends, had been for six years since Ally moved to town. They hit it off instantly and were almost never separated. Ally knew all of Jenna's secrets. Her first kiss, her first fuck. It was Ally who taught Jenna how awesome another girl could be. And while they each had had their share of boyfriends, and even girlfriends, they always came back to each other. Most of their peers, and their more down to earth teachers knew about their "secret" relationship.

Jenna was lost in thought about one episode with Ally when she ran into Principal Somers.
"And to where are you going young lady, and at such a hurried pace?" The prick always talked like he was some sort of old English headmaster. He was tall, mid-50s, and physically fit for his age. Only a small amount of fat hung on his once well toned frame.

"Just getting to lunch, Mr. Somers." She kept her eyes to the floor. After their last meeting she couldn't look at him.

"Well, I do hope I shan't have need to discipline you again Ms. McInnis." He smirked openly before letting her pass.

"I bet you wouldn't." Jenna said quietly to herself. Thinking of last Friday's events brought her good mood crashing down. After being caught masturbating over a supply teacher in her math class she was sent to Mr. Somers office. Somers decided that such a heinous offense warranted expulsion, unless she could convince him otherwise. She gladly took his dick to avoid ruining her life.

Jenna, still fuming over her encounter entered the cafeteria and looked around for Ally. She found where she always did, over by the pop and candy vending machines. Ally was a serious sugar addict, but a love of sports and a lucky set of genes meant she never lost her figure.

She was alone now, with a root beer and some text book or other. Wearing a tight black t-shirt of some metal band Jenna wouldn't know, and tight blue jeans really outlined her gorgeous body. She was tight and fit, with the perfect amount of curves in her chest and hips surrounding a tiny waist. Her black hair was loose, hanging to her breasts. All of Jenna's bad moods and problems would melt away at the sight of her best friend. Ally was always happy, and she made the feeling so infectious, no one could resist smiling in her presence.

Jenna sat across the table from Ally and stared with her big blue eyes at Ally's concentrating face. Ally held up a single finger, as her eyes finished flashing across the biology book's pages. She slowly closed the book and look up at Jenna with her startling emerald eyes.

"So, what do you look so pleased about? Fingering yourself in class again?" For all her accusing tone, Ally smiled, she masturbated more often than Jenna, and for less reason.

"Even more." Said Jenna, giving a smoky look. She wanted Ally to drag every word out of her so she could relive the sensual experience again.

"Oh?" Ally cocked an eyebrow, "did Somers give you another ass fucking?"

"Fuck you. He didn't get anal that one time, and I didn't go fuck him today. You're such a bitch you know." Ally laughed, and blew her a kiss. "You know that bombshell of an English teacher, Ms. Tails?"

"The one you moan for in your sl**p?"

"The very same," Jenna giggled, "Well, I got her alone after class, and I kissed her. And then she kissed me. And then I ate her out. And then we were rudely interrupted. And now I'm invited to her house this afternoon." She finished by folding her arms under her breasts.

Ally's eyes grew with every word and her mouth dropped open at the last sentence. "Fuck you. I don't believe it."

"Every word is true. I swear."

"Oh my god, but that's incredible, I'm so happy for you, maybe now I'll be able to get some sl**p when we get together."

"Ha ha, very funny. But here's the thing, I have to wait until 2:30. I'll explode if I wait that long, and I don't have enough panties to get through the rest of the day, so how about we head to the nurse's room and get me off?"

"You know you never have to ask me!" they both laughed and head out of the cafeteria.
The second floor nurse's office was always empty. It had a sink and some emergency supplies in case some moron spilt chemicals on himself in a science class. More importantly, there was a bed in case of a sick k**, a couch and most importantly, a shower for big spills. It was the perfect playground.

They made it to the locked door and Jenna searched her purse for the key. She blew the janitor for it about three months ago. Ally was leaning against the wall her chest heaving in anticipation. Already she had a hand shoved down her pants. She was sucking on Jenna's neck moaning for her to hurry up. Jenna fumbled the key into the lock and slammed the door open. They slipped in and closed the door behind them.

Without hesitation the two girls were on each other. In a tight embrace, their lips met and tongues explored each other's mouths. Ally moaned as their warm mouths worked together. Jenna's hands found Ally's ass and squeezed hard on the firm flesh making her squeak. She unzipped Jenna's sweater throwing it off, and exposing Jenna's small firm tits in her black lacy bra. Jenna's hands continued to work Ally's ass as she kissed her way down Jenna's neck to her chest. Hurriedly unhooking Jenna's bra she attacked a bare breast with her mouth, hands groping and squeezing both. Jenna laughed excitedly as Ally tickled her nipples with her tongue, nibbling and massaging them with teeth and lips. Ally worked the perfect tits, each round and firm, not sagging at all. The small pink nipples were hard with excitement and the cool air.

They worked their way over to a counter as Jenna unbuttoned her lover's jeans. She pulled them down exposing a tiny yellow thong, already soaked through. Ally lifted herself on to the counter top and spread her legs. She pulled off her t-shirt, showing a tiny sports bra barely holding in boobs about the same size and shape as Jenna's, maybe a bit bigger, and a hair less firm. She pulled off the bra and began playing with her tits as Jenna dove in between her legs. Jenna pulled off the thong and breathed in Ally's scent, her tongue explored, tasting the wet lips. She teased Ally's clit with light flicks and kisses never staying long. Her fingers too dove in and out, pinching lightly, pushing in to the first knuckle, and then pulling out again.

"Ohhh, you shaved recently, huh?" Jenna let her tongue and fingers work every inch of Ally's small bald cunt, her juices flowing like nectar.

"Mmm, you fucking tease, get in there already!" Ally whined. Her hands shoved Jenna's face right in and she felt as Jenna's fingers opened her pussy and her tongue began lapping up all her juices, "Fuck!" she cried as her whole body began to shudder. Already she was coming, juices flowing into her best friend's mouth. Jenna broke off from her still throbbing cunt, fingers pumping furiously in and out, and she kissed her, letting her taste her own juices while she came. The sweetest of Jenna's mouth and her own salty come was heavenly.

"You horny slut," Jenna said, breaking off the kiss, her fingers still slowly probing Ally's pussy, "you've been waiting all day for that, you came so fast. Mmm, you're so wet!" she pulled out her two fingers, now dripping with Ally's come she stuck them in her mouth and sucked on them, Ally's eyes still wide and her breath lagging from the ecstasy.

"Well, more time for me to work on you, mmm." She slid off the table and Jenna began pulling her to the couch. Ally stopped her saying, "I've got a better idea," her eyes flicked over to the shower, and Jenna laughed. Slowly Jenna bent over, emphasizing her small round ass as it curved into long straight legs. She pulled her skirt off and slid it down her legs. She paused for a moment letting Ally get an eyeful of her slender body, in nothing but a small white pair of boy shorts. Bending over again, this time giving a full view of her ass, she began working her cotton boy shorts off. Ally pulled off her socks with one hand while her other u*********sly played with her cunt as she stared, mesmerized by Jenna's sultry strip. Once they were both naked they walked over to the shower.

Ally turned it on, and while they waited for it to warm up Jenna reached around and began playing with her tits.

"Mmm, your tits are so soft, my god, have they gotten bigger?" Asked Jenna as she played with Ally's boobs. They were as white as the rest of her with small pink nipples. They weren't huge, but they filled her hands nicely as she massaged them.

"What, since the last time you saw them? Like, last night? No I don't think so." She giggled softly, "Ahhh that feels good though, mmm, you could work my tits forever baby." Ally stuck her leg back about and Jenna began rubbing her bare pussy up and down.

The shower was finally hot, and steam was beginning to rise. Ally broke off from Jenna's embrace and entered the water's stream. Within seconds her body was glistening as water beaded on her soft white skin. Strands of wet black hair framed her face as she beckoned Jenna to join her.

"Let me love you." She said pulling Jenna close. Jenna pulled the tie out of her hair letting her hair fall to her shoulders. Again their lips met, less urgently, more passionately, as their naked bodies came together.

Toned flesh met toned flesh as they made out, hot water streaming down tight young bodies. Hands glided over the moist skin, squeezing here, pinching there, rubbing and massaging all over. Ally's right hand entered Jenna's pussy, moist and hot from both arousal and the shower. Slowly she worked her magic. In and out, in and out her fingers slid, her other hand holding Jenna's head tight to hers, getting tangled in her yellow mane.

Jenna pressed her chest tight against Ally's, perky nipples teasing each other. Her hands explored Ally's young body, grabbing her tight ass, squeezing firm thighs. She worked her way up and down the perfectly arched back of her best friend, her lover, whose small fingers worked excitedly, pumping in and out of her throbbing cunt. She felt them rub her insides, finding her favourite spot, always working around the edges, teasing and tantalizing her.

"Mmm baby, just like that, ohhh" Jenna groaned, the heat and the passion were nearly unbearable.

"Let me get a taste, you're always so sweet." Ally dropped to her knees and kissed her way down Jenna's wet body. She gave each rigid nipple a quick flick of her tongue, and a small nibble, not painful, just a sharp jolt, something she knew Jenna loved. The quickening of Jenna's breath told her she was successful, and she continued her sensual journey. She breathed in the scent of Jenna's moist patch of hair, a small 1 inch square of blonde hair barely noticeable against the pale skin. She looked at Jenna's pussy, her fingers slowly penetrating the small lips, the little clit poking out from its hiding place. Ally wasted no time, her lips engulfed and she began sucking and working her tongue on it. Jenna screamed in delight.

Jenna could barely remain standing so she leaned against the wall. Her friend was attacking her cunt with vigour, pleasure surging from between her legs. Her hands furiously groped her own wet tits, pinching and pulling on the nipples. Hot water streamed down her body, following every curve. Within seconds her body was shaking and she could feel the orgasm raging through her. She wanted to scream again, but her throat was so tight it was little more than a squeak and a moan. She had always been a little bit of a squirter, and today cunt juice sprayed all over Ally's face, mixing with hot water and sweat.

"Mmm, you always get so fucking wet you whore." Ally said as she let the hot water clean off her face.

Jenna stood there, trying to catch her breath, chest heaving. Her legs gave out on the wet floor and she fell to the ground. Ally giggled and gave her another long sensual kiss while turning off the water. Slowly they broke it off, and Ally helped Jenna to her feet. She walked to the counter and picked up her watch.

"Mmm, we have fifteen minutes before history, why don't we just lay on the bed and dry off slowly?"

"What a wonderful idea." Jenna giggled and they lay down holding each other, letting the sheets, and the air dry them off.

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