Jenna's Gift for teacher part 1

It was everything Jenna could do to keep from moaning. She was practically biting her tongue off to keep from screaming out as her fingers slammed into her soaking cunt. Sitting at the back of her English class she knew no one could see her, but if she let out even a squeak someone would look back and see her huddling over her desk, red-faced and sweaty. Almost every day she found herself caught in this battle to maintain balance. Fore- and middle fingers probed her dripping pussy as her thumb stroked her clit, and if she was caught again; well Jenna didn't want to think about what would happen if she was caught again.

She looked up at the front of the class at the source of her torment, Ms. Sarah Tails, her English teacher. Only her second year teaching, she was young, fit, and fucking sexy. She was blonde and thin, with the perfect round tits, just big enough to stretch the tight t-shirts she wore every day. Though she normally wore jeans or business pants, today she had this tight skirt barely half the length of her creamy thighs. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail that fell down to her shoulders, but she left bangs of golden blonde hair dashing her forehead above bright green eyes. She was sitting on an empty desk at the front of the class reading a book. Every time she shifted position, she would accidently flash cotton white panties making it even harder for Jenna to contain her pleasure.

Jenna continued to finger herself. Her long fingers sliding through her wet lips. Jenna could feel an orgasm coming on and knew if she didn't get out of the class fast, she'd be dripping her juices all over the floor and then everyone would notice. Her free hand shot up as she slipped her other one out of her jean skirt, trailing through the small patch of blonde hair, about an inch square crowning her pussy.

"Yes Jenny?" asked Ms. Tails. Jenna almost exploded right there. Only Ms. Tails called her Jenny and it sounded like a pet name for a lover.

"I need to use the bathroom, can I go?" she squeaked.

"Sure, be quick, we'll begin discussing the book soon."

"Okay." Jenna said as she grabbed her purse and slipped out the back door to the class room. The front door was closer to the bathroom, but she didn't think her legs would carry her that far. She was right. Not five steps down the hall, her trembling legs slipped and she fell against the lockers. She released a heavy sigh, more than half moan, as she picked herself up and all but ran to the bathroom.

All the girls' bathrooms had body length mirrors, and Jenna stood in front to check her makeup and straighten her skirt. She was around 5'7 and skinny but not in a bony way. She was wearing a purple zip-up hoodie without a t-shirt underneath, which was only half way zipped, exposing a bit of her bra and her perfect y-shaped cleavage. It was barely long enough to cover her hips and if she breathed too deeply her belly, and top of her panties, would be exposed. He jean skirt was short, really short, showing off tanned and defined legs. She adjusted the hair band holding back her thick yellow mane, leaving a fringe she pushed off over one eye. Her eyes, a dark blue with bright green flecks were big and made bigger by her eye shadow. She definitely showed off her makeup, but it wasn't overdone.

After fixing herself she slipped into a stall with her purse and slipped her old wet panties off. The little red thong was dark with her juice and she stuffed them into a zippered pocket on her purse. She pulled out a fresh pair and pulled them on. Adjusting her skirt again, she stepped out of the stall and washed her hands before heading back to class.

The rest of class droned on as Ms. Tails lectured about the metaphors or similes of whatever book they were reading. Despite the intensity with which Jenna hung on every word, she had no idea what was being said. But the way Ms. Tails mouth formed every word and the way her bangs shook with passion for the novel charged Jenna once again. It was good because Jenna needed courage for her plan, a week in the making.

Class ended and all the other k**s filed out into the hall. When the class was empty Jenna shuffled over to Ms. Tails' desk.

"Uhhh, Miss Tails?" she asked meekly.

"Yes Jenny, what can I do for you?"

"Well, it's about that test last week. The one I failed. I was wondering if there was anything I could do, you know, to make it up. I really need the marks."

"Well, I can schedule a rewrite for you; do you have a spare period?"

"No, I'm full every day. Is there something I could help you with, or give you?"She shifted her weight before pacing behind Ms. Tails' chair.

"Well if you wrote an essay for Friday, I would gladly mark it." Ms. Tails looked straight up at Jenna's face, and they stared, blue eyes into green for what felt like hours. 'Now or never," Jenna thought.

"I was thinking something more immediate." She closed her eyes and dove in for a kiss. Here she was giving tongue to her teacher who probably thought she was getting ****d. But Jenna didn't care, she had wanted this all year and she fully committed. And to her surprise Ms. Tails did too.

Their tongues danced and their lips worked against each other. Jenna reached down and rubbed a firm tit through Ms. Tails' shirt. Ms. Tails grabbed Jenna's head and f***ed her into the kiss even harder. 'She has a tongue ring,' thought Jenna as she felt the metal stud tap against her lip ring.

After an eternity they broke off staring at each other while their lips glistened with each other's saliva. Big eyes stared at each other, cute little noses not an inch apart. Ms. Tails cheeks were read and Jenna felt hers were too.

"Ms. Tails-" she started, heart racing.

"Shh. Call me Sarah. You've earned it with that bold move." She giggled and Jenna's heart raced even more. "You're a naughty little girl, mhmm." She turned her chair around and kissed Jenna again. Jenna quickly broke it off and fell to her knees.

"I'm serious about that mark, Sarah." The name tasted so good. "So please, let me earn a better grade." She hiked up her teachers skirt and dove in. Her mouth massaged and sucked at Sarah's panties, while her fingers danced around the edge. She shoved them over and was greeted by her teacher's glistening pink pussy, beautifully shaved. Her tongue explored its edges and her right thumbed flicked at the little clit.

Sarah tangled her hands in Jenny's hair and pulled her in tighter. Her breathing quickened as Jenny let her left hand explore her tight stomach and inch its way up under her shirt towards her heaving chest. She could feel her oozing juices being lapped up by Jenny, who was insatiably tonguing her hot cunt. The hot smell of sex was being to waft up to her nose and she reached down and deftly stroked Jenny's chin bidding her to come up and share the nectar with another passionate kiss. Jenny looked up with those giant blue eyes framed with a thin edge of black eyeliner. As she broke off from Sarah's cunt the cool air of the room filled the empty space bringing a new level of enjoyment. As Jenny slowly made her way up to Sarah's face as the door slammed open.

"Sarah? You in here?" Came a male voice. Jenna ducked under Sarah's swinging chair towards the area under her desk, as Sarah picked up a piece of paper and swung around to face Mr. Anders, the other English teacher.

"There you are. I was coming to tell you about the English department meeting tonight after school." He continued. Sarah was too flustered to speak so she just nodded. "It shouldn't be too long, 15 minutes or so. See you there!" He slipped out of the room closing the door. Sarah and Jenna both heaved massive sighs of relief.

Sarah looked at the trembling girl between her legs looking up questioningly.
"He's gone. But that really ruined the moment." Sarah helped Jenna out from under the desk, "How about we continue this after my meeting, at my place where we can explore each other in peace?"

"That sounds wonderful." Jenna couldn't believe her ears. She had never expected to actually eat out Ms. Tails, but to go to her house and continue. It was a dream come true!

"Meet me here around 2:30, I should be done then." Sarah smiled, nodded and walked out the door.

"Okay." She slumped in to the chair her hands racing all across her still shaking body, grabbing, squeezing, scratching ever inch of her sensitive flesh. Her eyes flashed wider, she had to tell her friend Ally what just happened!

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