s****r Grows Up! Part 2

s****r Grows Up Pt. 2

I woke up after called easily be described as the best week of my life. I’d come home from school to find that in the two years or so that I’d been away, my little s****r had grown up to an absolute stunner. So much so that I’d seduced my s****r and fucked her brains out every day for the last week. Or had she fucked my brains out? i****t seems such a dirty word to the outsiders, but I discovered that in my f****y home it was considered normal. My s****r Cassondra, had told me the morning after we fucked for the first time, that she and Mom had as close a relationship as Cass and I had suddenly developed.

Cass said that it started soon after I had left for university. Cass had gone through my room (as little s****rs are known to do!), and had discovered my peephole behind the bookshelf. Plus she discovered one of mom’s panties hidden behind one of my books. Initially, Cass admitted that was a little bit freaked out about what her big b*****r was getting up to and if I had been spying on her. I reassured her that it was only since coming back that I had discovered her beauty anew. She replied she knew that, and continued her story.

Cass heard the shower running and Mom turn on the cd player to a Michael Bublé album. Mom was singing along and my s****r was peeking through the peephole to see mom shaking her ass in time to the music and using the shower gel bottle as a microphone. Cass giggled at moms singing, but then stopped when she suddenly caught her own breath as she saw just how sexy mom was. Having two k**s hadn’t done much damage to her body as it affects most moms. Her body was tight, her boobs weren’t even close to sagging. Cass rubbed her eye and made herself comfortable as she resumed watching the show. Mom and taken a sponge and started to lather herself with it. With the water cascading over her body, Mom bent over and sponged her calves thoroughly, unwittingly giving Cass a fantastic view of her blonde hairy pussy and backside. Mom sponged her thighs and lathered her groin area. Then, turning around she leant against the wall and picked up her shaver. Cass watched in fascination as Mom carefully shaved the hair around her pussy lips. u*********sly, Cass had also started to rub her own 13 year old pussy through her panties.

While Cass was telling her story, I realised that I was getting hard, and that made my s****r chuckle. “Let me help you with that” she said, as she sat beside me and took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it up and down.

Resuming her story she said that in the mirror, she saw Mom reach to the side and picked up a vibrator. She started teasing her clit and with the combination of her own pussy juices and the water from the shower she inserted the plastic cock into her pussy and moaned. Cass had slid her hand into her panties and rubbed her own virgin unused hole for the first time as she watched her mom fuck herself.

As Cass was wanking my cock, I slid a finger then two into my gorgeous s****r’s hot young cunt, as the tale of her story started to turn us on.

In the shower, Mom was fucking herself harder and faster with her vibrator as the music was playing, hoping that Michael’s crooning vocals was drowning out her orgasmic moans, unaware that her teenage daughter was also fingering her own pussy as she watched. Mom then put her vibrator momentarily to the side and using the handle end of her shaver, started to fuck her own asshole. Cass let out a quiet gasp at the latest turn of events and then moaned a little louder when she saw mom reinsert the vibrator back into her and proceeded to double fuck herself in the arse and cunt. Cass tried to match pace with her mom, but came minutes before her mom did.

With my cock at full war strength, Cass climbed across my waist and lowered her self onto my cock. Her cunt still as tight as ever, as she slid up and down my shaft. My horny s****r proceeded to give me the first fuck of the day.

“So then what happened?” I asked.
“Well, I was watching her over several days and one routine was so fucking hot that I actually moaned a lot louder than mom did, and I was too busy fingering myself to realise that Mom was now in the doorway to your room, watching me fuck myself against your bookcase!”
“So then what happened?”

“I taught my daughter how to lick pussy”
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1 year ago
Very hot lucky brother
2 years ago
pheeeew! hot
2 years ago
Surprise, surprise, surprise
3 years ago
oh i like the ending! i like it alot!
3 years ago
very hot...
3 years ago
excellent you have to do a part 3, 4....